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By Ohyjo

"B'Elanna, will you accompany me to the holodeck in four days time? Ensign Kim made some of his holoprogramme's available to me. Supposedly the Ktarian moonrise is very beautiful."

Leaving Sandriens together, Seven's request took B' Elanna completely by surprise. Stopping dead in her tracks the hybrid could only stare at her companion. As did two ensigns from Maintenance who heard Seven's question as well. They were only a bit less surprised then B'Elanna but recovered more rapidly from their shock. Excitedly they resumed their way into the holodeck.

'Ktarian moonrise..?' The Chief-Engineer thought, '... Romantic?'

Seven frowned, maybe she should have waited a while before asking the Lieutenant, but after spending such a lovely evening together the moment felt right.

During the past few days Seven had more then once acknowledged her budding attraction to Voyager's best engineer. Her game plan to 'fool' the engineer had been both affective and very enjoyable. It had surprised her just how enjoyable and not for the amusement value alone.

She had yet to determine all the reasons of why she was attracted to the one person who constantly argued with her. However she was certain she would be able to find the reasons after she had adequate time to research the subject. It would not be an easy task though.

The Lieutenant and herself had discussed many subjects during their two diners. Particurlaly Tom Paris had often come up during their conversations. First of all B'Elanna had demanded that she 'spill her beans' over how she tricked the helmsman. She was eating beans when the engineer asked this particular question and had stone faced asked why she had to spill them. Erupting in a fit of giggles as the brunette looked at her suspiciously and finally joined her.

After she had explained to the Lieutenant just what she done with the Captain Proton programme Seven learned a few things from B'Elanna Torres. Her marriage to him had not been all that great lately and they had been growing steadily apart. After her initial anger was over she had finally confronted her soon to be ex.

She had coldly informed him their marriage was over and without waiting for an answer had turned around. Leaving a speechless Tom behind. Thrilled at the information she had just received and never one to waste an opportunity, Seven decided to act on her own budding feelings for the engineer. So when they left Sandriens and B'Elanna turned to wish Seven a good night the former Drone 'seized the moment.'

It took a while before the Lieutenant came to her senses. Seven asking her out? Making a mental note to make the necessary readings later in engineering to make certain she had not really ended up in an alternative universe B'Elanna finally collected herself. Her brake up with Paris was so recent that she had not thought about much else lately. She wasn't even really angry with him anymore, just disappointed that he hadn't even been able to wait util their marriage was officially over. He had just jumped in the sack with the first person available, but that was just Tom Paris for you.

What she had ever seen in him completely eluded her now. And suddenly Seven was asking her out. She was not hearing things and her imagination was not playing tricks on her.

Unexpected as the request was, it felt good. Exciting and... Good.

"Ktarian moonrise? I am sorry Seven but I don't want to go."

Seven swallowed in disappointment. She had honestly expected the engineer to agree. Not wanting the other woman to see her reaction she nodded: "Very well Lieutenant, good night." At this the former drone turned around to leave for cargo bay two.

"Oh no you don't." B'Elanna exclaimed while grabbing Seven's wrist. Looking around she decided they had spent enough time in the corridor in front of the holo deck. Not giving Seven a chance to protest she pulled the blonde with her. Her initial impulse was to take Seven to her quarters but they still belonged to both her and Paris. Not really a suitable place to discuss ones first date with someone else. Not when he might actually show up there.

The cargo bay might be Seven's quarters but she found them rather impersonal and the mess hall seemed somehow inappropriate a well. Suddenly inspiration hit her, the Hydroponics bay.

While the turbolift carried them towards their destination Seven's disappointment had already shifted to anticipation. B'Elanna's behaviour might be a bit brusque but as the lift rapidly made its way to its destination the Klingon's hand had naturally shifted from her wrist to her hand.

The hybrid did not seem to be aware of the fact they were holding hands until her gaze followed Seven's. She remained silent but did not withdraw it. Instead she looked at her companion with a slight smile and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

On their way to Hydroponics they did not let go of each other in the corridor either. Ensign Wildman was just exiting the bay as the duo approached. This time it was her turn to stop in shock at the image before her.

Seven just barely acknowledged her friend with a nod as together with B'Elanna she entered the Hydroponics bay where they were greeted by numerous plants and flowers.

They were not alone so they made their way to one of the corners off the bay. Voyager's Chief-Engineer turned towards its Astrometrics officer and gently said.

"Seven the reason I don't want to go to the Ktarian moonrise with you is because I went there with Paris once. I will admit when you asked me out it surprised the hell out of me so I reacted a bit stupidly."

"That is the impression I got Lieutenant." Smirked Seven, now knowing the reason why B'Elanna had refused her earlier.

"Yes, to say you caught me by surprise is an understatement. I don't claim to understand why you're asking me but I do know that I would love to go on a date with you. If we went too Ktaria though I would just be comparing things to the time I went there with Tom. That's hardly going to be an enjoyable date."

"Would you be agreeable to let me select an appropriate programme and allow me to surprise you?"

"I can't wait."

Looking through the bay Seven's eye caught sight of some white flowers. Quickly making her way to it, leaving the half Klingon to wonder what she was doing, she picked one.

After returning to the Klingon she handed her the flower and bade her, albeit reluctantly, good night. Stating that she would pick the Klingon up in four days time, two hours after Alpha shift.

Touched and a little bemused B'Elanna looked at the flower in her hand. A white rose, didn't that signify something?

However the Delta Quadrant would not be the Delta Quadrant if something did not occur to interfere with the plans of Voyager's crew. After months of relative peace, seemingly out of nowhere two ships appeared. They were engaged in battle and even though they did not directly involve Voyager in their fight the Federation ship was accidentally hit by a weapon of some kind.

The weapon was so strong it went right through Voyager's hastily erected shields. Even though nobody got hurt it fried nearly half the systems of the ship.

The battling ships quickly disappeared from the sensor again.

Thankfully life support systems were relatively unharmed or the crew would have been in worse shape. As it was after three days the biggest problem many faced was that of exhaustion.

As Chief-Engineer B'Elanna Torres was even busier then most. After three double shifts in succession with continues work and mandatory staff meetings she finally had to give in to her exhaustion.

When she got back to her quarters her sleep deprived mind was almost functioning on automatic. Just as she was about to unzip her uniform jacket to hit the sonic shower her eyes fell on the white rose Seven had given her. A rush of adrenaline cleared her tired mind as she slapped her hand against her ridged forehead.

Quickly tapping her com badge she tried to hail Seven. There was no response. Figuring Seven could be regenerating she asked the computer if this were the case.

B'Elanna knew Seven could go as much as three days without needing regeneration. She also knew the Captain had ordered the former drone to get some rest only yesterday at the staff meeting. So at the moment the former Borg should be functioning within established parameters. She definitely knew it was unlike Seven to not answer a hale.

"Computer, what is the current location of Seven of Nine?"

"Seven of Nine is currently on Deck Nine, section twelve, cabin nine."

B'Elanna frowned, that was only two cabins away from her own, and to the best of her knowledge that cabin had been empty since Voyager arrived in the Delta Quadrant.

It did not take the hybrid longer then a few seconds to make the decision to go look for her friend. She had to know if Seven was all right. Trying to contact the woman once more she quick marched to cabin nine.

Again getting no answer she did not hesitate to override security on the locking mechanism without using the door chime to try and gain entry first. Immediately ordering the light on full illumination.

What she saw inside stopped her right in her tracks. The blonde woman was lying on a large bed that was positioned exactly in the middle of the room. The room was otherwise sparsely decorated but B'Elanna hardly noticed this.

Her attention was focused solely on Seven whom suddenly scared the hell out of her by suddenly veering upright. The Klingon was at Seven's side before she realised it.

Looking at B'Elanna confusedly the Astrometrics officer asked. "B'Elanna Torres what are you doing here?"

"I, eh, I got worried when you did not answer me. Are you all right?"

"I was merely asleep Lieutenant." A disgruntled Seven continued "It took me three point five hours to fall asleep and you woke me up."

Confused B'Elanna ignored Seven's irritated tone. "Why? Your alcove was one of the first thing that was fixed, wasn't it?"

Seven started to explain as her sleepy head became a bit clearer and as she realised 'she was worried about me.' It brought a pleasant feeling to the former drone.

"Because sensors picked up signs of the Vessels that damaged Voyager Captain Janeway did not wish to take any chances. She told me that as long as we are in this region of space I could not use my alcove in case this weapon hits Voyager again. Since my alcove was also damaged the last time, had I been regenerating when it hit us I would have been killed. The doctor assured her it would be no problem for me to assume normal human sleeping habits at this point in time. Therefor she ordered me to sleep."

"Ah, okay, I will let you go back to sleep then. Good night Seven." B'Elanna now felt a bit foolish for reacting the way she had. As it was she had used up her unexpected dose of adrenaline and tiredness was once again claiming her.

"B'Elanna why did you wish to see me." Seven practically demanded to know.

"Well our date was supposed to be this evening and I didn't want you to think I was bailing on you or anything, but I am so damn tired I need to get some sleep." By now B'Elanna was so sleepy she had trouble remaining on her feet. Without thinking about it she sat down on the bed beside Seven.

Seven frowned. "Our date is not scheduled until tomorrow B'Elanna. However with the holo decks still out of order we would have to postpone anyhow."

"What, ah hell Seven I must have lost track of time." B'Elanna looked really embarrassed.

Seven looked at B'Elanna closely. The dark circles around her eyes, dirt smudges over her face and uniform, and her general demeanour told her the engineer was tired indeed.

"Lieutenant we will go on our date when the holo decks have been repaired. For now I believe you should go to sleep, we have a staff meeting in six hours."

B'Elanna grimaced. "Yeah, I wanne catch some zzzzz's. Good night Seven, I will see you tomorrow." At this she lay down and promptly fell asleep on Seven's bed.

Surprised Seven did not know what to do for a few seconds then a tender smirk appeared on her face and she lay down as well. Without realising it sleep claimed her within moments.

Seven woke up several hours later, to the sound of the computer voice, surprisingly recharged after sleeping in the traditional way. She was relieved falling asleep had not proved to be as impossible as she had feared.

She looked at B'Elanna who was still dead to the galaxy, not having been awakened by the computer's call. Seven doubted the engineer had seen much of her bed in the past few days. Obviously no one had thought to order her to bed, despite the fact everyone was aware of the hybrid's working habits. Undoubtedly the Klingon had made sure everyone on her team had gotten enough rest but neglected to take care of herself.

Half an hour before the scheduled senior staff meeting was supposed to begin Seven walked to her console. Checking the engineering reports she saw that most of the important information was available and had been read by both the Captain and Lieutenant Carey. That would probably mean Lieutenant Carey was fully aware of the ships current engineering status.

Tapping her com badge the Astrometrics officer contacted the Captain.

"Seven, what can I do for you?" asked the harried sounding Janeway.

"Captain, I am with Lieutenant Torres. She is currently sleeping after neglecting to do so for an appropriate amount of time during the last few days. I would recommend letting her sleep and ask Lieutenant Carey to attend the senior staff meeting."

"Let me check with Carey for a moment Seven."

Twenty-five minutes later Seven was on her way to the senior staff meeting herself while Voyager's chief-engineer continued sleeping in her bed.

Several hours later Seven returned to deck nine, just in time to see a rumpled, grumpy looking chief leaving her quarters.

When she saw B'Elanna in her current state a smile almost automatically appeared on her face, even as she got ready to do battle.

"Why the hell didn't you wake me Seven?" B'Elanna demanded when both of them met at B'Elanna's cabin door.

"I made certain you got some sleep Lieutenant." Seven answered calmly, not at all intimidated by the hybrid's glare.

"Seven, you damn well know I've got a ton of work to do. You should have woken me." B'Elanna was finding it extremely difficult to remain angry with Seven. Especially when she smiled that beautiful smile of hers like she did now.

"No I should not, you needed to sleep B'Elanna. The Captain agreed with me."

Since this was true the hybrid let go of her anger. The truth was that even after sleeping for nine hours she was still exhausted.

"Okay, well I don't know about you but I am going to grab a shower and get back to work. I'll see you later Seven." At this the hybrid engineer started to enter her quarters but Seven's next words made her turn around again.

"No you are not Lieutenant." Seven's words were even said in an even tone of voice but her smile deepened.

Confused B'Elanna asked. "What do you mean?"

"All major systems have been repaired, there is nothing that requires your direct attention. The Captain has ordered us both to take the rest of the day off. You are not allowed to return to duty until the beginning of Alpha shift tomorrow."

"What?" Seven's smile turned into a smirk as she waited for the Klingon to continue. She was certain the Klingon would erupt at this latest bit of news.

Instead the hybrid only sighed. After nearly seven years on board this vessel she had learned it would be no use to argue the orders she had just gotten from the Captain via Seven.

"In that case will you join me for breakfast. You could have lunch."


After finally having showered Voyager's Chief-Engineer was feeling much better. As a matter of fact she could think of many worse things then having an afternoon in the company of the woman who was currently setting the table.

"I hope you will enjoy your gagh, B'Elanna, Neelix has shown me the recipe for it."

The half-human did not fall for it this time. "I hope you've made them big and wriggle Seven. Just the way I like them."

"Of course."

They bantered like this all through their meal. Time flew by without them realising it until suddenly they seemed to run out of things to talk about. They cleared the table in companionable silence, happy to be in each other's company.

Seven finally broke the silence by saying. "I regret that we have to postpone our date, B'Elanna. However it will be several days before the holo decks are functioning again. After this we will have to wait several more days before we can use it as several others have all ready reserved holo deck time before us."

"What programme did you select?" B'Elanna asked. "Or don't you want to tell yet."

Initially the Borg woman was indeed reluctant but then she thought better of it. She decided to be a bit bold. Putting her arm around the Klingon she gently guided the engineer to her couch. Sitting down so B'Elanna was leaning into her. The hybrid did not resist.

"First we would have gone hiking through the mountains in a country called Austria on Earth until we reached a chalet on a plateau. In this chalet we would enjoy a nice diner after which we would go dancing. I was looking forward to our date very much." This last was added in a wishful tone while she tried to gauge B'Elanna's reaction.

B'Elanna's reaction was to order the computer to play a selection of her favourite songs. "Computer play musical selection Torres three."

As soft music started to fill the rooms B'Elanna got up from the couch and offered her hand to Seven who was looking at her expectantly. "Will you dance with me Seven?"

Seven gladly accepted. Shortly into the second song B'Elanna pulled her close and they danced like this for a long time. Simply enjoying each other's company.

After a while Seven whispered. "I am enjoying our first date B'Elanna."

"As am I Seven."

Eventually they stopped dancing. Both knowing without saying they would have their second 'date' the next day right after Alpha shift.

The End

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