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By Widdy

Part 16

Looking in to the gently smiling face of the male standing directly in front of her Seven decided that waiting for the lieutenant to regain consciousness on her own would be the wise choice.

"You will state your designation, and tell me what you have done to Lieutenant Torres?" Clasping her hands behind her back Seven took her usual stance.

"My name is Losiv, there is nothing wrong with Beylanna. The journey here was difficult it took a lot of energy and concentration. Who may I ask are you?"

"I am Seven of Nine Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One."

Chuckling coming from below her interrupted the rest of what Seven was going to say, the child was staring at her as she began to speak "I know you."

"I believe you are mistaken, I have never made your acquaintance." Seven stated while raising her brow.

"Yes we have you wanted to come back with us."

"Us? As in Lieutenant Torres? Are you the entity that took possession of Lieutenant Torres, rendered six members of the Voyager crew unconscious, myself included, and then stole a shuttle craft?"

Looking behind her to the male the child started to explain, "It wasn't as bad it sounds; anyway they tried to stop us from returning... well you didn't Seven you where very nice and tried to help us. I'm Nigh and we have meet before."

Groaning from the floor interrupted what Seven was going to say. "Sweet Kahless that hurt." B'Elanna's breathing was erratic as she gave Nigh a squinted glare "...you could have given me some warning before you ripped my body apart molecule by molecule, this is kind of becoming a recurring theme for us." B'Elanna was sitting up on the floor with one hand clutching her head and the other hand rubbing her chest. Finally opening her eyes fully B'Elanna gazed down at her body "Why in Grethor am I naked?"

Looking at her little clone who was also naked, B'Elanna heard chuckling. Looking up quickly she saw Losiv desperately trying to cover his grin. "You think this is funny? Wait..why aren't you naked?"

"Practise." Was the simple reply she received.

She was about to reply when the voice she heard next made her stop dead, slowly turning round she was greeted with the sight of Seven of Nine staring at her breasts.

"Lieutenant Torres."

Feeling oddly flushed B'Elanna crossed her arms over her chest and snapped "WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT SEVEN? IT'S NOT LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN A NAKED WOMAN BEFORE."

"Aside from myself Lieutenant, you are the first female I have seen naked, and aesthetically we are very different."


"Perhaps I can help both you and Nigh with your state of dress Beylanna."

"Oh yeah and how are you going to do that."

As Losiv closed his eyes B'Elanna felt a tingling sensation start at her ankles; within second it had progressed to her waist and was gradually moving over the rest of her body. Looking down at her legs she could see the material as it formed around her legs and onwards. When the tingling had stopped she was fully clothed in the same style tunic and trousers she wore in the areas.

Shaking her head B'Elanna spoke "I'm not even going to ask."

Tilting his head slightly to the left Losiv raised his hand and ran his fingers through his hair and began to speak. "I am afraid that we must leave you now Beylanna, your ship is approaching the edge of the nebula."

Part 17

Suddenly B'Elanna felt small arms engulf her waist in a bone crushing hug, looking down she could see that Nigh had burrowed her face into her stomach.

"I don't want to leave you Beylanna"

Sighing Losiv reluctantly began to speak, "you can not stay here little Nigh we do not belong in this reality anymore. If we where meant to remain here we would not have evolved into our current state of existence. I understand this is hard for you and I will wait for you outside of the vessel." Not waiting for a reply he continued "Seven of Nine Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One it was my supreme pleasure to make your acquaintance." he bowed in Seven's direction and then turned to B'Elanna "Beylanna meeting you has also been a supreme pleasure. You are an interesting individual with many, many questions." chuckling slightly he continued with a smile upon his lips "I hope I have answered all of them to your satisfaction. It will take you some time to adjust to changes your body has undergone. I suggest you get plenty of rest and relaxation. I hope you have a happy and fore filling life full of love and understanding, I also hope I may call you friend as well."

She couldn't say no he did help her get back after all "Sure we're friends."

His blinding smile was the last thing she saw as his body was engulfed in the red haze; a few seconds later in the place where Losiv was standing was a twisting pulsating figure made of lightning. Suddenly it untwined and struck the bulkhead.

Crouching down to look Nigh in the eye B'Elanna could see that she was valiantly trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill from her eyes at any minute. B'Elanna felt a little out of her depth she had no experience with children at all and goodbyes were not her speciality. Looking up at Seven she noticed she had moved to the rear of the shuttle and was currently scanning the bulkhead from where Losiv had just exited the shuttle, realising she was going to be no help at all she decided to just get it over with.

"I really don't know what to say kid but, I'll miss you. You're a great friend and I...ah...guess I love you." There she said it, she had told someone that she loved them. She really did love Nigh, the girl was a part of her, and you can not just share someone's deepest and most intimate feelings and not be connected. Their feelings and emotional levels where very different yet also very similar.

Pulling back slightly Nigh looked down at her feet "I'm sorry I just feel a little overwhelmed and sad I guess. You're my only friend apart from Losiv and I don't want to lose you."

"Don't apologise, it's okay to feel sad Nigh everyone feels sad when they have to leave their friends. You're not losing me I'll always be your friend no matter what, and I'm sure you will make new friends."

"I suppose so."

Suddenly B'Elanna realised that Nigh was feeding off her experiences as a child, the names the other children called her, her farther leaving and her subsequent anger.

"You know children can be cruel and so can adults; they ridicule, hurt, and try to destroy things and people that are different or that they don't understand. You cannot let my experiences or lack of rule your existence, but not everyone is like that and you can't judge everybody by the prejudice of a few." Looking into Nigh's eyes B'Elanna could see that she was absorbing the information.

Straightening her back slightly Nigh completely stepped away from B'Elanna, slowly a smile spread across her face "I understand." Stepping forward again she quickly kissed B'Elanna upon the cheek and practically skipped to the back of the shuttle.

B'Elanna just did not get Nigh, one minute she was on the verge of tears the next she looked like she had just bought her a whole starship. Standing up from her crouched position and shaking her head slightly she noticed that Nigh had stopped and was talking to Seven.

"Well it was nice to see you again Seven."

With a quirk of her ocular implant replied "indeed."

B'Elanna almost laughed when Nigh launched herself across the distance separating her and Seven and hugged her with all her might. Pulling away from Seven she smiled at B'Elanna and raised her hand to wave goodbye. Her small body was engulfed in the red haze, within seconds she had also became a figure made of lightning and had exited the shuttle the same way Losiv had.

Part 18

Moving to sit beside the lieutenant, Seven could not help looking at B'Elanna; she appeared to be in good health as she worked to initiate the shuttle's engines.

Feeling Seven's eyes upon her B'Elanna's eyes slowly tracked left "What?"

"You appear to have suffered no ill effects form your abduction Lieutenant."

While frowning at Seven's concern, a sudden wave of nausea washed over her. As she placed her hands firmly on the console her vision began to blur. She could hear voices softly whispering all around her. One voice seemed to be stronger than the others it sounded like Losiv, it was telling her she must leave now and they would meet again. As suddenly as the nausea had risen it subsided, blinking slowly her vision began to clear.

"Lieutenant Torres?"

"Seven, lets get the hell out of here."

"Mr Kim are you absolutely sure that that is the same nebula as before?" Janeway sighed, this was just getting better and better.

"Yes captain they're identical."

"Thank you Mr Kim, Tom try entering the nebula again."

Chakotay knew it wouldn't work, their last attempt at entering the nebula had almost ended in disaster. They had slowly approached the edge and were about to enter when this huge tendril of lighting shot from the nebula striking the shields. It reminded him of a cobra as it raises its body and sways hypnotically in front of its prey and than strikes. The tendril struck the ship again propelling Voyager backwards through space.

Janeway was just about to order Tom to try again when she was interrupted by Harry, "Captain...I have just picked up the shuttle on sensors...it has exited the nebula and is headed straight for us."

"Open a channel Mr Kim"

Harry's hands glided over his consol "channel open captain."

"Janeway to Seven of Nine."

"Seven of Nine here Captain."

"On screen."

As the image of Seven came on the view screen what Janeway was going to say died upon her lips. Sitting next to Seven and very much alive was Lieutenant Torres. The entire bridge was silent, Janeway finally managed to scrape her jaw off the floor long enough to utter a few words "What Seven How?...I ah."

"Captain we request permission to come aboard."

"Permission granted, Janeway out. Harry open the shuttle bay doors, Tuvok assemble a security team and have them meet us at the shuttle bay, Chakotay you have the bridge." Motioning for Tuvok to follow her Janeway left the bridge.

When the shuttle touched the floor of the shuttle bay B'Elanna turned in her seat to face Seven "You know I didn't thank you for coming to get me." frowning slightly B'Elanna continued "...how did you find the nebula? And how did you know I would be inside?"

"There is no need to thank me Lieutenant any member of the crew would have done the same. As for how I found the nebula, I believe it was the other way around, I merely noticed some unusual readings while I was on duty in astrometrics. I believe it was a `hunch' that led me to believe you might be inside the nebula."

"Well hunch or not, Thanks."

Seven was once again about to tell the lieutenant that her gratitude was not necessary when she saw Captain Janeway, Tuvok and a security detail enter the shuttle bay.

"Kahless you would think they would be happy to have me back, it's not like I'm gonna start firing laser beams out of my eyes."

Seven raising her eyebrow was the only answer she got "Oh come on Seven it wasn't that bad, besides that was nothing to what I went through." rubbing her chest to emphasise this point she continued "...and you weren't hit with half as much energy as Janeway, Tuvok and security." smiling sheepishly at Seven she couldn't contain her laughter.

"I do not recall you or your `friend' propelling balls of energy at me and for that I am thankful." Seven replied dryly.

"We just reacted to the pain and lashed out, Janeway just happened to be in the way. Anyway I've been gone for about six weeks they could have at least mustered a welcome back B'Elanna over the comm."

"You have been missing for approximately six weeks, three days, seven hour."

"I get the idea Seven."

"The security team is a precaution to ensure your safety as well of that of the crew."

Taking a few deep breaths B'Elanna rose to the feet. "Well lets get this over with shall we Seven."

Part 19

Janeway stood silently waiting for Seven and B'Elanna to exit the shuttle, inside she was seething, she was seriously tempted to throw Seven in the brig for this. Dereliction of duty, sabotage of Voyager's systems, theft of Starfleet property and that was to name just a few of the things she could charge Seven with; glancing to her left she was sure that Tuvok could come up with a few more.

She turned her attention back to the shuttle just in time to see the hatch open and B'Elanna's white clad form emerge closely followed by that of Seven in her usual biosuit. As they both began to walk towards them Janeway could see Tuvok and the security team remove their phasers and target B'Elanna and Seven.

When they were about two feet away she began to speak, "Seven, B'Elanna I would like you both to accompany me to sickbay so the Doctor can get a look at you both."

Looking from Seven to Janeway B'Elanna would swear that the temperature just dropped below freezing. "Sure."

Nodding once in B'Elanna's direction Janeway straightened her back, turned on her heel and walked from the shuttle bay flanked at each side by a member of the security team. Tuvok motioned that they should follow, he waited till they had passed and then he brought up the rear with the remaining member of the security team.

When they arrived at sick bay Janeway called out for the computer to activate the EMH.

"Please state the nature."

"Doctor you have a couple of patients."

B'Elanna thought the Doctor was speechless until he started to fuss around them and usher them to separate biobeds. After he had scanned Seven and found nothing he rushed back over to her, tricorder in hand, and began to scan her. With a slight frown marring his features he started to scan her again.


"Doctor?" a concerned Janeway looked at him for an answer.

"What?" the glare he received from Janeway made him draw the conclusion that she must want an explanation for his little vocalisation "...oh well it seems that the good lieutenant here, is who she says she is, and she appears to be in excellent health. I would like Lieutenant Torres to stay in sickbay while I run a few tests. Wouldn't want to miss anything now would we?"

B'Elanna would swear that the doctor acquired a slightly evil glint in his eye when he mentioned that she stay in sickbay while he prod and poke her for Kahless knows how long.

Frowning slightly at B'Elanna's clenched jaw she just had to ask "What type of tests Doctor?"

"Well, there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the lieutenant but she has been `missing' for over six weeks. So just to be on the safe side I recommend she stay in sickbay for at least a week while I run a full spectrum of test." He replied while smiling happily at B'Elanna.

"What! You can not be serious I can't stay here, Captain?"

"B'Elanna I think that the best thing for everyone right now is for you to remain in sickbay for the time being. When the Doctor gives you the all clear B'Elanna we will talk." Shifting her attention form B'Elanna Janeway turned her focus upon Seven. "Seven I want to discuss a few things with you in my ready room, now."

"As you wish Captain." rising to her feet Seven turned towards B'Elanna and spoke "Lieutenant Torres if I am not detained I will return."

As Janeway left sickbay followed by Tuvok and Seven, B'Elanna turned a questioning gaze upon the Doctor "What the hell was that all about? And what did she mean detained?"

Sensing the chance to gossip the Doctor readily supplied B'Elanna with information "Well apparently Seven and the captain had a slight disagreement over you a few days ago and since then whenever they're in the same room the temparature just seemed drop. As for the detained remark I'm in the dark as much as you are lieutenant. Well lie down then the sooner we get started with the tests the sooner we finish."

Groaning B'Elanna flopped back down on the biobed.

Part 20

Seven entered the ready room slightly after Janeway, coming to a halt in front of the captain's desk she watched as Janeway made her way to the replicator and ordered a black coffee.

Sighing Janeway took a seat behind her desk with her nose still stuck in the cup she motioned for Seven to do the same.

"I prefer to stand."

Shaking her head slightly "okay stand if you really prefer to Seven, God forbid you actually do what you're told to."


"Seven I am seriously considering having Tuvok throw you in the brig." Taking a deep breath Janeway regarded Seven; her posture was still impossibly straight and the slight arching of her brow was the only indication that she had been heard. "...but the safe return of my chief engineer works in your favour. Still I really can not ignore the fact that you stole a shuttle, sabotaged ship's systems, abandoned your post and flew into a dangerous nebula." she waited a few seconds to see if Seven would jump in with an explanation. It became apparent after the silence began to stretch out that she better give Seven a little push "...well don't you have anything to say for yourself...an excuse?...an explanation?...anything?"

"I can not excuse my behaviour Captain."

"Well you can at least tell me what happened inside of the nebula Seven."

"Very well. When I entered the nebula the shuttle was struck by lightning which penetrated the shields and the hull. The lightning ricocheted off the interior of the shuttle, I was then able to determine that there was more than one bolt of lightning. The rear of the shuttle was then filled with red mist, when it had dissipated there were three individuals situated at the rear. One was a humanoid male, Lieutenant Torres and a small klingon child."

"What?! Who where they?"

"The male introduced himself a Losiv and the Child's designation was Nigh. The child indicated that she was the entity that took possession of Lieutenant Torres; I presume that the male was also an energy entity. If you require more information I suggest you ask Lieutenant Torres."

"Don't worry Seven I plan to ask B'Elanna all about her little adventure." Before she could say anymore she was interrupted by the voice of commander Chakotay.

"Chakotay to Janeway."

Annoyed at the interruption Janeway answer rather sharply "Janeway here, what is it Chakotay? And couldn't it of waited at least five minutes?"

"I'm afraid not Captain, I really think you should see this."

"I'm on my way. Janeway out."

Sighing deeply Janeway rose from her chair, she tugged lightly upon the hem of her uniform tunic while she walked around her desk.

"We will finish this conversation later Seven. For now I want you to return to the cargo bay."

"I will comply."

Following Janeway out on to the bridge, Seven could see that Chakotay and Harry where looking at something displayed on the ops console, the view screen was filled with the image of the nebula.


"The nebula has started to move away from the ship and it seems to be gradually gaining speed."

Pinching the bridge of her nose Janeway couldn't help but think that God or whatever the hell it was created moments like this just to test her sanity. "Mr Paris maintain a safe distance and follow the ne..."

Janeway was interrupted when a light pink wave of energy swept towards the ship before she could utter another word the wave had penetrated the shields. As the wave passed through her every hair on her body stood on end. Almost as quick as it had begun the sensation had ended, leaving a slightly perplexed captain in its wake.

Looking back at the view screen Seven noticed that the nebula had disappeared, moving over to her usual station Seven began to scan the area. She located the nebula 12 light years away from their current position. When she finally established a visual link with the nebula she could see that its colour had changed dramatically and the almost constant lightning had intensified. Sensors told her that waves of energy were currently rolling off the nebula for 6 light years in all directions. She was about to inform the captain of what was about to happen when the view screen was filled with a brilliant white flash once again.

While looking at the nebula Janeway was suddenly hit with an overwhelming sense of déjà vu, almost everyone on the bridge was gazing at the view screen apart from Seven who had moved to the science station and Tuvok.

"EMH to Janeway."

"Janeway here Doctor, we're kind of in the middle of something here."

"Well as fascinating as that must be for you Captain I require your presence in sickbay immediately, oh and bring Seven with you. EMH out."

Part 21

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