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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Being the immature individual that I am, I thought it would be interesting to write a short story about Billie and Sara and all the possible places where they did "It!" This is a purely a "Fluffy" piece of fiction that I wrote while I was bored, no plot, no 50 cent words, just a bunch of dumb dialog, bad grammar and writers block!
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By Tygris

"Billie's late again" Van commented glancing at his watch.

"What's this...twice this week now, and it's only Tuesday" Deaq added.

Both men glanced at the door expecting to see Billie, but instead were greeted by Nat and Jarod.

"What's wrong with you?" Deaq asked Nat.

"Eat another lemon?" Van pressed nudging Deaq chuckling.

Jarod grinned. "She's pissed. She's been mumbling about nothing but this since I met her in the parking lot."


"Yeah humor us" Van added.

"I walked in on them." Nat mumbled.

"Huh?" Van asked somewhat perturbed.

"They were doing IT." Nat grumbled.

"I'm sorry...IT" Deaq pressed.

"Yeah....you know....IT" Nat said cautiously.

"IT?" Van repeated.

"Yeah IT." Jarad added smiling.

"Please tell me you guys had your talks with your moms!" Nat snapped.

"She walked in on Billie and Sara having sex!" Jarod burst out laughing.

Van and Deaq let out a few whoops and cheers.

"You guys are so male! What is it about two girls making out?" Nat hissed.

"Where were they?" Van asked with a childish grin on his face.

"I saw them doing IT in the parking lot yesterday morning." Deaq shot out inturupting.

The guys let out more whoops and cheers.

"Whose car?" Jarod asked.


"Front or back?" Van quizzed.

"Back, they had the whole Titanic thing happening if ya know what I'm saying!" Deaq slapped Jarod's back ignoring Nat's pissed off look.

"Oh Oh! I saw them doing IT on her desk!" Van ran over to Billie's desk and hopped up on it "Man with one sweep of her hand, Sara had that desk cleared!" He mock demonstrated.

"No Man not the desk! I can still hear her from the last time "Doing the dirty on my desk" I still don't know whether she was mad because I was about to do IT with Alexa instead of her doing IT with Alexa!" Deaq laughed.

"Hey, hey...I walked in on them at Billie's apartment, Dudes....the kitchen counter!" Jarod announced. "You should have seen those two move when I caught them in the act! Sara hid behind the counter and crawled into the bedroom hoping I wouldn't see her and Billie was in nothing but some sexy black matching lace bra and pantie set! Damn!"

The three men cheered again.

"When was this Bro?" Deaq asked.

"Two weeks ago, Billie invited me for dinner with Sara, hell I arrived in time for dessert!"

"So..where did you catch them doing IT?" Van asked still laughing.

Nat mumbled something.

"What?" the three men asked in unison.

"I said the shower!" Nat barked.

Again more cheers and applause.

"I spent the night last night at Billie's, and her and Sara....God it was bad enough that I had to hear them most of the night but to walk in on them first thing in the morning?" Nat grumbled.

The guys didn't care about Nat's pissed off look as more cheers and applause rang out.

"Hello! Don't you MORONS get it?" Nat snapped.

"Get what?" Jarod asked giggling.

"Jarod, they were doing IT on the same counter that they were preparing your food on! Van they were doing IT on the same desk you are now sitting on! And Deaq, they did IT in the same back seat you sprawled yourself out on last night when Billie and Sara drove you home! God knows what...well....you know....kind of mess they made" Nat rolled her eyes and shifted her feet incomfortably.

Van slowly eased himself off the desk as Jarod wiped his mouth. Deaq's mouth simply hung open.

"Well, you took a shower in the same shower as they did IT in." Jarad stated plainly.

"Hate to burst your bubble pretty boy, but I never stepped foot in that shower at all! Just the thought of it....EWWW!" Nat shook her head disgustedly.

"Dudes, Billie is seriously one sick puppy you know that?" Deaq mumbled.

"She and Sara are becoming rabbits!" Van added.

"She's getting more than me" Jarod mourned.

"We know!" Nat, Van and Deaq said in unison.

"Morning!" Billie sing songed holding a cup of coffee as she entered the room.

Nat shook her head and stomped out of the room towards the door giving Billie a shove on her way out. "God you're sick!" She spat.

Billie watched Nat barrel out the door "What's wrong with her?" She questioned the three men standing there staring at her.

"She's right, you are sick. Dude, now I have to bleach my jeans! God knows what I got in It!" Deaq sauntered off to the upper level to work out.

"Man, I ate your food! Ugh! I can just imagine what was in IT" Jarod shook his head and went off to join Nat.

Billie still remained miffed as Van added, "Um.... I sat on your desk."

"Yeah, and?"

"I just ah...sat on your desk, and, I just...um... won't ever sit on IT" again." Van sprinted off to some of the cars.

Billie shook he head. Everyone was acting so....weird, and what was up with the word "IT" anyway? Well it didn't matter, she was meeting Sara for lunch, and boy was she looking forward to "It."

The End

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