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AUTHOR'S NOTE: It's funny what two people in love do (or where they do "It"). They are completely oblivious to anyone around them, and sometimes, they come up with the lamest excuses when they get caught in the act. The funniest thing is, they actually believe that people actually buy their pathetic excuses! This is one example.
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By Tygris

Billie and Sara were having lunch at a quiet cafe on the outskirts of town.

"You've got that 'I'm thinking about something' look on your face" Sara teased as she plunged her fork into her salad.

"What's IT?'" Billie blurted out.


"IT" Billie said again.

Sara shot her a confused look.

"Everyone was using that word quite a bit when I went into work this morning." Billie said toying with her penne. "Nat seemed pissed. Did you eat her pancakes or something this morning."

"Ummmmmm" Sara eyes shifted uncomfortably about the patio.

"What?" Billie placed the fork on her plate, "What did you do?" she teased.

"It's what we did, I think"

"O.k, well what did we do?"

"I think Nat walked in on us in the middle of...you know."

"What?" Billie asked.

"That" Sara stated.

"That?" Billie asked.

"Yeah, you know, That."

Billie simply stared at Sara open mouthed as Sara's eyes continued to roam about the patio, trying to be discreet in front of the other patrons.

"Sara what the hell is That?" Billie demanded.

Sara cleared her throat, and whispered, "I think Nat walked in on us when we were in the shower this morning in the middle of....um That."

"Oh." Billie simply stated. "You think she heard us last night?"

"Doing That?" Sara asked.

"Uh huh."

"Um, I didn't think we were that loud." Sara whispered.

"Deaq was going on about his pants, you think he us saw in your car, you know....doing That?" Billie asked somewhat embarrassed.

"Impossible, I have tinted windows." Sara confirmed.

"Yeah, but didn't he ask you why the windows were all fogged up when we got out?"

"I told him I had to get my defrost fixed and we were in the back seat fixing That."

"Good call! But Van was going on about sitting on my desk, and never doing IT again. Wonder what that was about?"

"You don't suppose he saw us doing That on your desk?" Sara asked mortified.

"Naw, I just told him you were helping me with with the computer."

"But I tossed it on the floor before we...you know......got into That." Sara grimaced.

"Yeah I know, Van mentioned it was on the floor and we were on top of the desk, so I just told him that we were testing the computer to see how many times we could throw it on the floor before it broke." Billie replied nonchalantly.

"Good one! Did he buy it?" Sara asked hopefully.

"He seemed to." Billie said as she took a bite out of her penne, "But, come to think of it, Jarod was mentioning something about his food.......you don't think he saw us doing That the day he came over for dinner do you?"

"Don't think so, he seemed to buy the story about you always cooking in your underwear and becoming one with the food when he walked in. Do you think he saw me ducking behind the counter and crawling across the floor and into the bedroom?"

"No, you were pretty discreet." Billie confirmed.

"Good, good." Sara took a bite out of her salad.

"God! A girl can't even eat her lunch in peace without you two going on about IT!" A voice shattered the silence.

Billie and Sara turned around to see Nat sitting directly behind them.

"Hey Nat!" Sara greeted.

"Care to join us?" Billie added, both women were totally lost in each other's company, they didn't even register the pissed off look on Nat's face.

"You two are sick!" Nat huffed as she threw down her napkin.

"Huh? I'm actually feeling great! How about you Sara?"

"Never better!" Sara flashed a seductive grin at Billie.

"Come on Nat, at least join us for dessert!" Billie chided.

"Yeah, at least join us for That." Sara added.

"Oh God!" Nat grabbed her bill and stomped back into the cafe to pay it.

"What was That about?" Sara asked miffed.

"Hell if I know. PMS or something?"

"You think she heard us talking about That?"

"Na, doubt it, besides, she's too young to know what That is." Billie glanced at her watch. "Hey, I have to get going, but ah, you coming over later?"

"Wouldn't miss It for the world" Sara said seductively.

"Looking forward to That!" Billie winked back.

And with That, this concludes the sequel to It.

The End

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