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It's Disgusting
By ralst


It's disgusting, the way Jemma is fawning all over Agent Hill; laughing at Hill's pathetic jokes, flipping her hair at the end of every sentence and bringing out all her best science geek toys to impress the woman. I get it, I suppose; Maria Hill is some kind of super-agent or something, spoken of in the same breath as Romanoff and Barton, and not exactly hard on the eyes, but that's no excuse.

Fitz blushes every time Hill asks him a direct question, but that's Fitz, and besides, he does that with any halfway attractive woman that isn't Jemma or May. I've never seen Jemma like this before. She's normally friendly, I'd even go so far as to say bubbly, at least when she's explaining something science-y, but I've never seen her smitten until now; I've also never used the word smitten until this very moment and that's Jemma's fault too.

"Why the frown?" Coulson's question is innocent enough, and delivered in that special Coulson-way that keeps me from jumping out of my skin at the intrusion, but I just know he's considered every possible scenario that could explain my sour mood of late and has come up with an array of kooky theories. So I can't help but be irritated.

I brush him off with an, "It's nothing," that I know is guaranteed to pique his interest the second it leaves my lips. "Just thinking," I try instead, but it's already too late.

"Jemma and Agent Hill seem to be getting on well." Sometimes, with how nice he is and everything, I forget that he can be just as much of a bastard as everybody else.

Walking away, and ignoring his far too casual comment, is definitely the right course of action but it has the unpleasant side-effect of forcing me to enter the lab. Hill acknowledges me with a nod and half-smile but Jemma hasn't so much as turned in my direction. Not that I care. I'm sure discussing isotopes and radiation fields is far too compelling to spare a moment to acknowledge the existence of one of your closest friends.

"What are you two kids up to?" I didn't plan to interrupt but I can't stand her not looking at me; I mean, I don't care if she looks at me or not, but if she's ignoring me on purpose I want to know why, and if it's just because she's so wrapped up in Perfect Little Miss Agent Hill, I'll... I don't know what.

"Oh, Skye, I didn't see you there." Jemma looks as sweet and obliviously charming as ever but I don't buy her excuse for a second. I'm sure she's been ignoring me on purpose. "I was just explaining to Agent Hill about the breakthrough we had last month while dealing with that pesky little non-corporeal being."

"Pesky? It almost tore Ward's face off." I can't believe she's downplaying it for Hill's benefit; not only did Ward nearly die but Jemma and Fitz were seconds away from being blown sky high when May rescued them.

"Yes, well, it all turned out right in the end." That's all right for her to say, she wasn't the one sitting on comms waiting to hear if she was alive or dead; if she and Fitz were alive or dead, I mean. "Did you need something?"

Both Jemma and Hill are looking at me with concern and I can feel Coulson watching me curiously from where he's leaning against the entrance to the lab. "No!" Jemma is the only one who looks puzzled at the force of my denial; Hill looks amused and, as I turn to leave, I can see a look of understanding settle onto Coulson's face.

The sooner the bus is in the air and Agent Maria Hill is back where she belongs, the better.

The End

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