Assisted Living PG Jemma/Skye A parasitic alien life form overtakes the plane and it’s up to Jemma Simmons to save everyone. Complete

Tomorrow G Jemma/Skye Skye can't sleep in the aftermath of the alien virus that led to Jemma jumping out of the plane. And she isn't the only one. Complete

Kristina K

Vicariously New PG-13 Jemma/Skye A leather jacket trumps every piece of clothing Jemma has hanging in her closet. Complete

The one with German desserts and minimal amount of violence New PG-13 Jemma/Bobbi Jemma looks at Bobbi the way she would look at a big piece of Black Forest cherry cake. With extra whipped cream on the side. Complete


It's Disgusting PG Jemma/Skye   Jemma/Maria Hill Skye is not happy with how much time Jemma is spending with Agent Hill. Complete