DISCLAIMER: Star Trek is the property of Paramount, this story depicts a loving relationship between women....This story is set a few months after my previous story Speechless, all you need know from that one is that B'Elanna and Seven are together, and Tom is a nice guy *but then who could write him as anything else*

Jealous Much?
By ralst

Head high and heels clicking rhythmically throughout the corridor Seven made her way towards the turbolift. She had exactly four minutes before she was due in the conference room for the weekly senior staff meeting, and tardiness was not something ex-Borg engaged in. As the doors to the lift opened Seven was met by the amused eyes of B'Elanna Torres, the engineer was leaning against the rear of the lift a data pad now forgotten by her side. "So you getting in or what?"

Without a word Seven entered the turbolift and took up her place immediately infront of the doors, her back to the other occupant.

"Oh, ignoring me now are you?" B'Elanna's voice held a barely restrained laugh.

"I was not ignoring you Lieutenant." Back stiff Seven didn't bother to face B'Elanna as she spoke. "I do not believe we have anything to discuss."

"So we're back to Lieutenant now are we?" Moving forward B'Elanna finished her sentence with her cheek resting comfortably against Seven's upper arm. "I thought you said you liked calling me by my name?"

Before Seven could give her answer the doors to the turbolift opened and both women were met by the smiling face of the Captain. "Seven, good to see you've kept your record for timekeeping." Janeway finally notices B'Elanna who was slightly hidden by her position nestled into Seven's welcoming back. "B'Elanna, good, now we're all here we can start the meeting." She greeted her chief engineer, then with a smile a little less exuberant turned and made her way to the conference room.

"Looks like Janeway's still pining for you." B'Elanna whispered as she passed Seven, the ex-Borg simply ignored the comment and strode into the conference room her head still impossibly high.

When the three women entered the room the male members of the senior staff had yet to take their seats, preferring instead to gather at the base of the room and listen to Tom Paris describe his latest date. The reason his description was garnering him with so much attention was that the person he was dating, Ullira, was an exotic Delta quadrant alien whose gender was as yet unknown to anyone, including him.

B'Elanna stopped by her ex-lover and asked in a conspiratorial fashion, "So Tom, figured out if Ullies a boy or girl yet?" She accompanied her question with a friendly poke to the ribs.

"I never kiss and tell." Saying that Tom blew a kiss to B'Elanna, earning a round of laughter from his friends, turning they then prepared to take their seats around the table.

It was at that time B'Elanna noticed Seven had uncharacteristically chosen the seat on Janeway's right. Trying unsuccessfully to cover her smile B'Elanna made her way to the seat next to Seven, managed to brush most of her body against the former drone as she reclined into her chair. Her actions were rewarded by a barely discernible groan coming from the stoic blonde. "Sorry Seven, did you say something?"

"No Lieutenant."

"Can we now get on with the meeting?" Janeway interrupted. "Lieutenant Torres, I believe you should have a report for me on the deflector modifications?"

"Yes Captain." With frequent smiles directed at the former Borg, B'Elanna began her report.


"Seven, why don't you come back to.."

"Oh do you have room for another?" B'Elanna questioned, having stopped the turbolift doors closing by the expedience of a well placed foot.

"Yes, of course Lieutenant." Janeway ground out.

Entering the turbolift B'Elanna went to stand next to Seven, their arms touching in a way that wasn't lost on the Captain, her smile dramatically turning into a scowl. The engineer simply smiled at her captain before running her fingers along Seven's nearest arm. "I like this new shirt of yours Seven." B'Elanna's fingers continued to caress the fabric and the skin beneath. "It's so soft to the touch."

"I.." Seven cleared her voice. "I find it functional."

"It is very nice." Janeway concurred, even though she had never had the pleasure of feeling how soft it was. "All the clothes you have decided to wear since discarding your biosuits have been very becoming."

"Oh I agree." B'Elanna failed to remove her hand from Seven's arm, not that the former drone was complaining. "I especially like your bunny rabbit pyjamas." Here the two younger women shared a fond smile before the former drone remembered she was meant to be angry with her lover and allowed a Borg mask to settle over her features.

That last smile, or perhaps the reference to Seven's sleep wear proved too much for Janeway and she soon exited the turbolift, even though it had not stopped on the deck she had originally ordered.

"I think you scared poor Katie off." B'Elanna mused.

"It was not I who was acting like a hormonally charged pubescent." Seven countered, accompanying her words with a move away from B'Elanna.

"No, but you were the one who sat next to the Captain and let her hopes get raised." B'Elanna followed Seven to once again stand touching the other woman.

"I merely took the first available chair."

"Sure you did." Knowing the lift was about to deposit them on their deck B'Elanna decided to have a little fun. "Computer halt turbolift."

"B'Elanna I am not in the mood for any of your turbolift games." Turning more fully away from her companion Seven addressed the lift. "Computer resume course."

"Well at least I got you to call me by my name." B'Elanna again followed Seven, this time to stand behind her, hands reaching around to encircle the blondes waist. "Computer halt turbolift."

Seven turned around in the circle of B'Elanna's arms. "This is not amusing Lieutenant, please refrain from halting the turbolift."

"I thought you liked it when we got stuck in turbolifts?" B'Elanna whispered into an inviting ear.

"Computer resume turbolift." Seven stepped back breaking the hold on her waist.

Before B'Elanna could order another halt the turbolift doors opened to announce their arrival on deck 8. Pushing past the smaller woman Seven made her way towards astrometrics and her work.

Following Seven's departure with her eyes B'Elanna debated whether or not to pursue her further, she had thought that their argument that morning would have been forgotten about by now, but it seemed she was wrong. Dating former Borg drones was not easy, but it was fun, and with that thought and a smile B'Elanna made her way to astrometrics.

"So what you working on?" B'Elanna enquired in a pleasant tone once she was within sight of Seven.

"I am mapping the surrounding area as per the Captain's instructions." Seven turned to bestow a look of indifference on her Klingon shadow. "I thought you were meant to be in engineering?"

"I'm on a break."


Coming up to stand beside Seven at the console B'Elanna placed her hand over the much paler one as it lay motionless on the consoles surface. "And I thought to myself, who would I most like to spend my break with, and so here I am."

"Why, was Lieutenant Paris busy?" Seven quickly removed her hand.

"Tom? Oh come on Seven I was only showing an interest." Standing back B'Elanna crossed her arms in a defensive posture, if there was one thing she'd been unprepared for when she fell in love with Seven it had been the other woman's jealousy, not that it surfaced often, but when it did she didn't let go until every angle had been examined and reassurances give. Although personally B'Elanna was very happy about the reassurance part.

"Your interest in his sex life was verging on the extreme." Seven spoke flatly, avoiding the other woman's eyes. "Perhaps you regret ending your relationship with him."

"Don't be stupid." B'Elanna blurted, before her mind had time to kick in and advise her against such a condescending statement to the intellectually proud ex-drone.

"I am not stupid." Seven hissed, finally turning to look B'Elanna in the eye. "You were in love with him once, how do I know you don't still have feelings for him?"

"Seven stop that." Grabbing her taller lover by the shoulders B'Elanna forced Seven to meet her gaze. "You are the only person I have feelings for, I love you, not Tom."

With little regard for Starfleet protocols Seven engulfed B'Elanna in a tight embrace, her face buried in brunette hair. "I am sorry for being difficult." She whispered. "I love you too."

"You're not difficult." B'Elanna reassured, then with a grin and tiny kiss to Seven's cheek added, "Just challenging."

Seven raised an ocular implant in a method calculated to arouse. "Indeed."

Momentarily resisting the urge to smother her lovers face in kisses B'Elanna confessed. "I will admit to feeling the odd twinge of jealousy myself when you visit Janeway."


"Slight twinge."

"Is that why you hid my velocity uniform?" Seven asked, a smile edging her lips.

"I didn't hide it." The blank readings on the astrometrics console suddenly became fascinating to the half Klingon. "It was simply misplaced when I cleaned up."


"Yes." B'Elanna ruffled the soft fabric of Seven's new shirt. "With all these new clothes you've been replicating it was no wonder things got misplaced."

Seven raised an ocular implant, "I kept my velocity suit in Cargo Bay 2, but it eventually turned up in the back of your wardrobe one deck away."

"Er, yeah well." Deciding she'd had enough of that particular conversation B'Elanna tried changing the subject. "So are you okay about Tom now? I mean he is your friend as much as mine, and I'm sure he'll be calling round tonight for more advice on wooing Ullira, and you know he looks to you as a dating guru."

"I am not fooled by your change of subject B'Elanna, but in answer to your questions I hold no ill will towards Tom, and will be more than happy to help him in his wooing attempts." Leaning forward Seven brushed her lips against B'Elanna's. "I do believe this is the stage in our disagreements where we 'kiss and make up'."

"Oh you believe so?" A smile of humour and arousal crossed B'Elanna's face, this was the part of their infrequent disagreements she liked best. "I thought you were working?"

"It would do Icheb good to take over the running of the department in my absence." Capturing B'Elanna's lips yet again Seven brought their bodies into closer contact, the feel of the other woman so close was sparking her desires. "We should go now."

"You forgot I'm due back in engineering." B'Elanna watched as her words drew a pout from her lover, not a sight others onboard would have believed, but one she loved to prompt. "I suppose I could take some time off, seeing as this is a special occasion, and like Icheb, Vorik could do with some time in charge."

"Come with me." Seven demanded and taking B'Elanna's hand pulled the unprotesting woman in the direction of the nearest turbolift.

And what happened there is not for public knowledge ;o)

The End

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