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Italics denotes conversation over a com-link.

Conversations in a Jefferies Tube
Conversation 6

"They've finally done it!"


"You know... Seven and B'Elanna."

"Are you sure? Section 12 on deck nine has been unusually quiet."

"Quiet yes, but that's not the point."

"Then what?"

"Seven was seen leaving the Chief's quarters this morning, heading for the morning staff meeting."

"So? She might just have decided to jump the gun and demand something first thing in the morning."

"Well, nobody saw her entering deck nine this morning... Only last night, accompanying the Chief."

"You're right. That does suggest a few things..."

"It does indeed. Also, have you noticed how chirpy the Chief was this morning?"

"I wouldn't say that. She still ordered us to do this damned job."

"She would have anyway. Trust me, she was practically beaming."

"If you say so... Actually, come to think of it... Yes. She was rather chirpy this morning."


"They've definitely done it!"

The End

Conversation 7

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