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Like Nothing I Imagined
By JCole8


Part 1

"Taking your work home again Miss Stewart?" the gate P.O. asked as he looked down at the stack of files she had in her arms.

"Yes, it seems like I can never get ahead." Helen said as she slid her keys into the return slot, receiving her personal keys in return.

As Helen grabbed her keys her bag slipped off her shoulder and the stack of files began to slide.

"Shit!" She said dropping the keys but saving the files from falling.

"Here, let me help." Tony said as he picked up her keys then moved towards the gate to open the door for her. Helen situated her bag and the files and started towards the gate. Tony unlocked the door and held it open for her, watching her the whole time. He looked forward to seeing Miss Stewart leaving in the evening. She always looked great, even after a long day at the prison. She was always kind and always wore a smile.

"Cheers Tony, have a good night." Helen said as she stepped through the door.

"You too Miss Stewart." as he stepped back into the prison walls.

Helen walked through the car park and unlocked her car. She threw the files and her bag on the passengers' seat and got behind the wheel. As she fought through the London traffic, her mind began to wander. Her job as governor was great, and most days she left feeling like she made a difference. Yes she had problem officers, namely Jim Fenner and fought the old boys network on a daily basis but helping the women better themselves and make the most of their time in prison made her feel pretty good.

Then there was Sean. Sean was Sean. Loving and attentive. Or at least he thought he was. He listened to the problems she had at work, and what Jim Fenner did that day to piss her off.

He always says "Darling, he does your head in but face it, you're stuck with him."

He'd tell her to forget about it, but she couldn't, her mind didn't work like that. On the days when work was especially tough and the problems consumed her mind Sean would realize what was happening. He would get upset, go into the office, close the door, and stay there until she went to bed. For some reason, it didn't bother Helen to be on her own. Did that mean something? Would that be what it was like if she and Sean married? They have been together for over three years now but things had become a bit stagnant.

"It's just a phase." Helen said out loud as she turned onto her street. No sooner had she said that her cell phone beeped to let her know she had a text message from Claire. As soon as she pulled into the driveway she read the text.

Just left the office. Be there in 30 mins. Order food. I'm starved.

Helen laughed. Good old Claire she thought and got out of the car and went inside. She kicked off her shoes in the foyer and dumped the files on the end table in the living room. Helen went through to the kitchen and grabbed the take-out menus from the drawer and went to call. She noticed the light blinking on the answer phone so she hit play.

Sean. He wouldn't be home till dark. He HAD to finish this garden.

Helen sighed and called the Chinese restaurant. Next she went upstairs and changed into jeans and a t-shirt.

"Much better." she said looking at herself in the mirror before heading down to the kitchen.

Twenty minutes later the doorbell rang. Helen opened the door for Claire.

"Hiya." Helen said and hugged Claire. They walked through to the living room and Helen picked up her glass of wine and sat down on the couch. Claire took off her suit coat and said "I hope you have one of those for me."

"On the counter in the kitchen. Help yourself." Helen replied.

Claire returned with some wine and settled on the other end of the couch taking a huge gulp.

Helen watched Claire take a drink and said "Tough day at work?"

"Ugh! Don't even get me started! I got another case today. I think they are trying to kill me." Claire replied as the doorbell rang.

Helen got the food and she and Claire ate and talked about work and the men in their lives when Claire brought up a new subject. "When was the last time you went to a spa?"

"I don't believe I've ever been to a spa." Helen replied sipping her wine.

"Good! Well Friday you're going to experience one." Claire said.

"Claire! I have to work! I can't just take off!" Helen exclaimed.

"Helen, it's two days away. You can arrange the day off. Besides, when was the last time you took a day off?"

Helen paused to think about the answer to the question when Claire cut in. "See! You can't even remember the last time you had off!"

Helen gave in. "So I get the day off. How much is this little day at the spa gonna cost me?"

"Nothing!" Claire replied "One of my clients just bought out her partner and after the legal work was completed she invited me and a companion to enjoy a day at the spa as a thanks."

"A free day at the spa and no Larkhall?! I'm there!" Helen stated


Part 2

Friday arrived quickly and Helen was actually looking forward to relaxing after the day she had yesterday. One of her lifers brought accusations of sexual assault against Principal Officer Jim Fenner and threatened to hang herself if he was not removed from the wing. Everything was resolved peacefully and Jim Fenner was suspended with pay pending the inquiry that Helen decided would wait till Monday.

At 7:40 am Nikki Wade walked into her office at Elements, threw her keys on the desk, and sat down when Barbara, her assistant, walked through the door.

"We have a problem." Barbara said. "We're down two massage therapists and a yoga instructor."

Nikki sighed. "It's my own fault. I fire two people the day I take over, I should have known with my luck two more people would call off sick the next day."

Nikki stood. "Do what you can to cover Babs. I'll cover the yoga class and fill in for massages. We'll just have to make do." she said as she left the office to complete her daily walk through of the spa.

At 9:00 am Helen and Claire pulled up outside Elements. Claire prefaced Helen, "Just relax, enjoy the experience, and no talk of work. Got it?"

"Yes Miss." Helen replied quickly moving through the door to avoid the slap on the arm from Claire.

"Good morning ladies. Welcome to Elements. Can I help you?" the little blonde receptionist said to Helen and Claire.

"Claire Walker and Helen Stewart checking in," Claire promptly answered.

The receptionist typed away on her computer.

"Ah, you're personal guests of Miss Wade. Let me ring her and let her know you're here." The receptionist said as she picked up the phone.

"Nikki here." she answered the phone while stabbing out her cigarette.

"Good morning Miss Wade. I wanted to let you know your guests Miss Walker and Miss Stewart have arrived."

Shit! I completely forgot they were coming today Nikki thought.

"Thank you Rachel, I'll be out in a moment to say hello." Nikki stood, checked her appearance in the mirror and started towards the lobby.

Nikki rounded the corner and immediately spotted Claire and her companion.

"Ah Claire! Welcome to Elements. It's great to see you again." Nikki said shaking Claire's hand.

"Thanks Nikki, it's wonderful to see you too." Claire replied.

For the first time Nikki turned and looked at Claire's companion. She was about 5'3", petite, dirty blonde shoulder length hair, green eyes, wearing khaki trousers and a black button up top.

"Hello." Nikki replied. "You must be Miss Stewart" as she extended her hand.

"Hiya. Please, call me Helen. This is a gorgeous place you have here Miss Wade." and they shook hands.

The moment Nikki and Helen's hands touched something changed. And they both felt it. It wasn't like an electric shock, but something clicked. It was like Nikki's eyes were open for the first time. It was like she was suddenly bonded to Helen. She wondered if Helen felt it too.

Helen felt something, but at that moment she had no idea what it was. It wasn't a bad feeling, in fact, it was the opposite. Nevertheless, it was like nothing she felt before. Both looked at their hands and then straight into each others eyes.

Claire noticed the exchange and thought, well, well, well, what's happening here and cleared her throat, breaking he moment.

"Nikki" Nikki blurted out. Smooth Wade, real smooth. "Please, call me Nikki." as she regained her speech. "Well ladies we have you set up for a manicure, pedicure, and facial. Also, a yoga class and a massage. Also, feel free to use our pool, whirlpool and/or sauna if you so wish to. Anything you want to do, do it."

"Sounds great!" Claire exclaimed.

"Yes" Helen said looking right into Nikki's eyes, "Sounds wonderful."

Nikki gulped. Helen's eyes were like liquid emeralds. I could look into those eyes all day she thought.

"If you follow me, I'll show you to the locker room where you can change into something for your day here."

Nikki showed them to the locker room and told them "Ladies, I'll come check on you throughout the day. Again, please relax, and enjoy your time here at Elements."

"Thanks Nikki." both Helen and Claire replied.


Part 3

Helen and Claire changed and headed to the nail salon and Nikki returned to her office. Nikki grabbed her cigarettes, and pulled the ashtray towards her and sat down. Helen Stewart. WOW, as she lit up. She wasn't Angelina Jolie fuck-me-now, but she was definitely sexy in a tangible, bubbling-just-below-the-surface kind of way. And those eyes. She took a drag and exhaled slowly. Nikki could just sense there was so much behind them. Nikki wanted, no, needed to find out all that was Helen Stewart. It's been more than 6 months Wade, it's about time your sex drive was kicked into overdrive. Then logic kicked in. Hey Wade, you know nothing about her. You don't know if she's gay or straight, single, seeing someone, or even married.

"I guess we'll see." Nikki said out loud to no one in particular.

"You guess you'll see what?" Barbara asked as she walked into Nikki's office.

"Nothing, ignore me." Nikki replied putting out her cigarette. "What's up Babs?"

"You have a massage at 11 am, room 3. I moved people around but you're needed."

"Ok." And with that Nikki walked into the bathroom attached to her office and went to change into a pair of khaki shorts and a shirt with the spa logo on it.

Nikki yelled through from the bathroom, "Barbara, can you have someone bring me a sandwich and mineral water at 12? I want to eat something before the yoga class."

"Consider it done."

As Nikki walked out of her office she turned back to Barbara, "Thanks Babs, what would I do without you?"

"Isn't this place great?!" Claire asked Helen as they walked towards the mud and masque room for their facials.

"It's amazing," Helen answered absentmindedly.

"Nikki has done a great job here. What do you think of her?" Claire asked knowing it was a loaded question.

Helen was pulled out of her reverie at the mention of Nikki's name. Claire noticed the way Helen steps faltered. She has no clue what's happening to her Claire thought.

"What? What about Nikki?" Helen asked because after Claire said Nikki's name, she didn't hear the rest of the question.

"Nikki. What do you think of her?" Claire asked again. Here comes the Helen Stewart politically correct 'I don't really know her' response.

Helen hesitated. She wasn't going to tell Claire that something weird was happening to her ever since she and Nikki shook hands, that the way she felt in that moment was like nothing she had ever experienced before.

"Um…She seems great, although I've only known her for two hours and haven't spoken more than twenty-five words to her. But, she seems to know what she's doing, very professional. I can see why this place is so busy."

Claire smiled. Man am I good. and they walked into the mud room.


Part 4

Nikki didn't mind giving massages every once in a while. It was relaxing to her, it allowed her mind to wander as she released the tension from the client's muscles, and today was no different.

As she began, her mind immediately wandered to Helen Stewart. She wondered what it would be like if she massaged Helen. She began to daydream that it was Helen's back, legs, feet, arms, hands, and neck she was touching. She wondered where Helen's sensitive spots were. Where her neck meets her shoulders? Just below her ear? Maybe the back of her knees. Nikki felt that familiar tingling sensation at her centre, and the room was getting warmer. She imagined kissing Helen's back, dragging her tongue down her spine. She could just hear Helen moan. Nikki imagined caressing Helen's shoulders, kissing her neck before she took Helen's earlobe in mouth and gently rolled her tongue around it. She would turn Helen over, pull the sheet away from her breasts and begin to lightly drag her nails over the mounds before taking one of her nipples in her mouth and sucking on it.

Nikki felt her knees go weak and that brought her back to the present. She looked up at the clock, noon. She was done. She had to get out of this room, it was too hot.

"We're all done here." Nikki said to the woman "I'll leave you to change." And she dashed for the door.

"Excuse me Miss, I just wanted to let you know that was the best massage I have ever had. Thank you." The lady said to Nikki.

"Oh, you're very welcome." Nikki replied and quickly left the room. As she walked back to her office Nikki thought, I should hope that was the best massage you've ever had! I just imagined I gave a massage to woman I want to shag. She felt that throb again. Oh God, I need a cold shower.


Part 5

While Nikki was busy thinking about Helen, Helen was busy thinking about Nikki. Having a facial was not conducive to carrying on a conversation, which left Helen plenty of time to think. She closed her eyes and began to replay what happened with Nikki in the lobby.

What did happened when our hands touched? The more Helen thought about it the more it alarmed her. What did I see when I looked into those big, beautiful brown eyes? It was the weirdest sensation. She wanted to feel that sensation again. What was that sensation? The questions kept coming but she didn't have any answers. Now I'm really freaked out.

Helen tried rationalizing. Maybe they knew each other in another life. Yeah right Stewart. You know you don't believe that for a second. What was this compulsion to make sense of the odd connection to Nikki Wade?

Then it hit her. Attraction. Helen felt like the wind had been knocked out of her. She began to think about the person Nikki Wade was. She is definitely striking. There was just something about the way she carried herself that commanded your attention. She seemed confident but not cocky. It didn't hurt that she was beautiful too. Helen noticed the gray pin-stripped trousers that sat perfectly on her hips and the white button-up blouse that was unbuttoned just enough to show a bit of cleavage but left a lot to the imagination.

Helen had noticed other beautiful women before. She read magazines and watched television. Most of the time she envied things about the women she wished she possessed. But her feelings towards Nikki were much different. She wanted to be close to Nikki

No way am I attracted to Nikki Wade! I'm straight for God's sakes! She's probably straight! More rationalization. I'm attracted to her on an intellectual level. She's about my age, seems well educated, has her own business, yeah that must be the connection.

"Barbara, were you able to get me a sandwich?" Nikki asked as she passed Barbara's desk.

"It's on your desk. Are you feeling ok Nikki?"

"I'm fine, why?"

"Your face is all flushed. Are you sure you're not coming down with something?"

"I feel perfectly fine Babs." Plus there's no medical diagnosis for what I'm coming down with—Helenitis.

Nikki ate her sandwich and tried to prepare herself to see Helen in the yoga class.

She's just another client, she's just another client.

"Yeah right she's just another client" Nikki said as she went into the bathroom to change into her yoga clothes.

Nikki was chatting with a couple of spa regulars when Helen and Claire walked in.

She is definitely not just another client. Nikki thought as she took in Helen Stewart's yoga outfit.

Helen had on a pair of navy blue shorts with three pink strips down the sides, and a pink sports vest that hugged her breasts tightly and came to rest just above her navel. Her hair was pulled back into a half ponytail and bounced as she walked.

Nikki excused herself and started towards where Helen and Claire were standing. Helen's back was to Nikki so she took advantage of the view of Helen from behind.

"Nikki!" Claire said, which immediately drew Nikki's eyes away from Helen's butt.

Upon hearing Claire call for Nikki Helen followed Claire's line of sight and turned around to come face-to-face with Nikki Wade. Helen swore if she were a cartoon character her jaw would have hit the floor. She is gorgeous. How has no man snagged Nikki and absolutely worshipped the ground she walks on?! Nikki had on a black sports bra and a pair of black spandex shorts that showed off her toned stomach and legs that seemed to go on for days.

"Hey ladies. Enjoying your experience so far?" Nikki said with more confidence and cool than she felt. With Helen in that outfit and Nikki being in close proximity to her, she was a bit rattled.

Hey Stewart! Wipe the drool and answer the woman's question! "It's been absolutely fantastic Nikki. Thank you so much for inviting us."

"I'm very glad to hear that." Nikki replied

"So Nikki, you here to take the yoga class too?" Claire asked

"Actually, I'm here to lead it. Due to my letting a couple of employees go and two more of my staff calling in sick, I had no choice but to fill in."

"Understood." Claire said.

Nikki looked up at the clock. Time to start. "And on that note, why don't you ladies grab a mat. We're just about to start."


Part 6

Nikki was usually pretty focused and calm during yoga. Today however, was a bit different. She was focused alright, focused on Helen's well-defined body, which in return, had the opposite response of calm. Nikki felt a buzz throughout her whole body whenever she would peek at Helen. Nikki was almost hyper-vigilant of how Helen moved from position to position. She thought Helen was beautiful when she first laid eyes on her but watching play of her muscles in her arms and legs made her even more gorgeous. Helen was graceful and seemed very flexible. Throughout the class, Nikki had to occasionally help Helen with a few poses, but no more than any other first time student, and even though Nikki found herself wanting to watch Helen exclusively, she did help out other students as well.

"Alright everyone, we're going to finish our time with another sun salutation. I will be adding a few advanced moves." Nikki said and then heard a few groans. She laughed, "I know you are all tired, but try your best and I will come around to help where help is needed."

The class began the normal sun salutation but after they moved to the plank, Nikki wanted everyone to attempt an extended side angle pose. Most of the students did not seem to have any trouble with this position. Then Nikki had them move into a variation of the extended side angle pose which require them to lift their right hands off the floor, meet the left hand with the palms touching, and place the right shoulder on their right knee.

Nikki knew this variation was pretty difficult and required good balance. She walked around steadying people or fixing the placement of their arms. Nikki of course took a look at Helen and saw that she had to keep putting her right hand on the ground to steady herself. Nikki walked up behind Helen and put her hand on hip and planned to show Helen the correction position of her shoulder. What Nikki didn't plan on was that she had scared Helen who in turn lost her balance and started falling. Nikki reacted quickly and grabbed Helen around the waist in order to keep her from hitting the floor.

When the proverbial dust settled, what everyone in the room saw was Nikki and Helen laying face down on the floor, Nikki on top with her arms wrapped around Helen's waist. Both Nikki and Helen needed a second to catch their breath and to process what had just happened.

At this point Helen realized that Nikki was on top of her. She could feel the weight and warmth of Nikki's body. She also felt the slick sweat from Nikki's skin on her upper arms, stomach, back, and thighs from where Nikki's body was touching hers. Obviously this was neither the time nor the place for an intimate moment, but in a strange way, Helen felt that it was. For some reason, Nikki's arms felt good. They felt strong and she felt like she belonged. Helen turned in Nikki's arms and looked into her eyes. What Helen saw was fear mixed with love.

Nikki held her gaze wondering why Helen was looking at her in that way. Was she hurt?

Nikki looked away and then started to untangle herself from Helen. Then explanation and apology came rushing out.

"Helen! Are you ok?! I'm SO sorry! I didn't mean to scare you, I, I was going to fix your arm placement. Are you hurt?"

Helen got up slowly. "I think I'm ok. My elbow hurts a bit from where I hit it on the floor, but I think I'll make it."

"Do you want some ice for it?"

"No thank you Nikki, I think it'll be ok," she replied as she rubbed her elbow.

Helen again reassured Claire and Nikki that she was ok and then all three made their way to the showers, Helen and Claire to the locker room and Nikki to the shower in office bathroom.

"Helen, are you sure you're elbow is ok?" Claire yelled from the shower stall next to Helen's.

"Honestly Claire, I'm fine. I'll probably have a bruise but it would have been a lot worse if Nikki wouldn't have caught me." Helen responded while she rinsed the shampoo out of her hair.

In her arms already. Claire mused.

Claire knew that Nikki was a lesbian and could see that Nikki looked at Helen in a "more than friends" kind of way. Claire loved Nikki and her being gay did not bother her the least bit. What Claire didn't know is how Helen would react to the news of Nikki's sexuality. Yes, Helen is "Miss Politically Correct" but Claire knew all the political correctness could, and probably would go out the window if Nikki pursued Helen in that way. Claire was not going to volunteer the information seeing as that topic did not seem relevant for a day at the spa.

Claire also saw that Helen had reacted differently to Nikki than she did to everyone else Claire had introduced to her. Gazes were held longer than normal, and the visible reaction both of them had when they first shook hands. Claire wondered if anything sexual could or would ever happen between Nikki and Helen. She knew Helen would never initiate the encounter and that Helen would probably freak out if it did. Time will tell, Time will tell. Claire thought as she turned off the water.

Nikki stood under the spray from the shower with her forehead resting against the wall and the water hitting her across the shoulder blades. She replayed what happened to Helen again. She didn't mean to scare her. She was just trying to be helpful. I'm such an arsehole! She was glad Helen was not more seriously injured. Nikki decided that she would offer Helen a free month of massages as an apology for the incident.

Barbara knocked on the bathroom door, "Nikki?"

"Yeah Babs?" Nikki yelled from the shower.

"You have another massage to cover in ten minutes."

"Ok. I'll be out in a few minutes"

Nikki finished washing her body then shutting off the water and getting out. She quickly toweled herself dry and put the khaki shorts and Elements shirt back on. She applied deodorant and ran a comb through her hair. As she walked out of the bathroom she ran her hands through her hair to give it that messy, spiky look she liked so much.

"Alright Babs." Nikki said walk towards the door "Which room?"

"Room 1."

"Anyone I know?"

"Actually yes, it's one of your personal guests today, Miss Stewart."


Part 7

Nikki's stomach dropped. Helen. I have to massage Helen. Not even 4 hours ago she had daydreamed of what she would like to do to Helen on the massage table. Now it was about to happen. Nikki was not quite prepared and she was slightly nervous. Nikki thought about the situation for a moment. With every passing hour, she has seen Helen with less and less clothes on. Under other circumstances that would not be a bad thing. Nikki also realized that this was a good time to get to know Helen. Nikki could probably ask some of the questions she was dying to ask.

She approached to the door and took a couple deep breaths, "Here goes nothing."

Nikki opened the door and stepped inside. Helen who was standing looking at a poster of the all the muscles of the body turned a looked at who had just entered the room.

"Nikki! What are you doing here?"

"Hi Helen. I'm here as your massage therapist. Remember when I told you earlier that I was short handed? Well I am filling in here too. I hope that's ok?"

"It's fine, as long as you know what you're doing."

I know what I'm doing, and I know what I'd like to do. Nikki thought and then answered Helen

"I've been a licensed massage therapist for 3 years now. I hope I know what I'm doing."

"I'm glad to hear that I'm in good hands." Helen replied and laughed nervously. Helen tightened the tie of her robe. Helen was apprehensive about Nikki touching her body especially after them shaking hands and incident during the yoga class. What she was feeling did not make any sense to her and that made Helen feel uncomfortable. When it came to Nikki, she was out of her comfort zone.

Nikki walked towards the table with the lotions and oils. She turned around and looked at Helen and said, "I'm ready to begin when ever you are. So go ahead take your robe off, lay face down on the table and cover yourself with the sheet." With that Nikki turned back around to give Helen the privacy of removing her robe and covering herself with the sheet.

Little did the other know, but they were both thinking the same thing—This should be an experience.

Helen was lying on the table and she felt nervous. Why the hell do I feel nervous? It felt like a first date kind of nervous. It's a massage for gosh sakes! You're only nervous because you don't want her to see how out of shape you are! This was definitely a motivator to start going to the gym again.

Nikki was also nervous. Massages are personal, very personal in fact. A therapist touches their client in places and in ways that usually only a lover touches. She was attracted to Helen and had entertained the idea of being intimate with her. Now, she was going to touch Helen intimately and that was unsettling to her. Nikki took a deep breath and approached the table.

Helen was trying to control the butterflies in her stomach when suddenly, she was aware of Nikki's presence close to her. She could smell whatever perfume Nikki was wearing. She liked it; she thought it fit Nikki well. The smell was not overly feminine, it was clean and was not too strong.

Nikki put some lavender oil in her hands and rubbed them together. She hesitated a moment before putting her hands on Helen's shoulders. She did not know what touching Helen would do to her body. She began the massage. She was working Helen's shoulders and she began to calm down a bit.

"Helen, is there any place that you feel is tight or that you feel needs extra attention?"

Helen thought about the question. "Umm, my neck and lower back are usually tense after a long day at work, so I would have to say those two areas."

Work. That's a topic of conversation, a way to get to know Helen better. Go with it Wade!

"So Helen, what kind of work do you do?" Nikki asked as she began to massage Helen's left arm.

"I work for the Prison Service. I'm the Governor of Larkhall Prison."

Holy Shit! Nikki thought. This woman is in charge of a whole prison.

"I am honestly surprised Helen. Never in a million years would I have thought you were in charge of a prison. Please don't take comment negatively. You just don't seem the Prison Governor type. I just pictured a prison being run by some cocky, overbearing, unforgiving, loudmouth tosser."

Helen laughed. "Well Nikki, we only met today, you never know." She turned her head to the side to see Nikki's reaction and then smiled.

It was Nikki's turn to laugh. Was she flirting? I think I just saw her tongue behind her teeth. That smile was to die for! I need a few more of those!

"I don't mean to brag Miss Stewart but I'm usually a pretty good judge of people and you don't seem to be any of those things I just described." Nikki said in a flirty tone.

"Well, with the exception of cocky and tosser," Helen giggled, "I do believe I have been one of more of those adjectives at one point or another. But sometimes that's what the job requires. Sometimes being those things is the only way to get through to the inmates. However, that's not really me."

"I can't even imagine what a day in your job would be like. Stressful I imagine. I'm surprised you're not one big ball of knots!" Nikki said while she got more oil on her hands and switched to Helen's right arm.

"Well, maybe if I come to visit those magic fingers of yours on a weekly basis then I…Ouch!…" Helen exclaimed when Nikki put too much pressure on the elbow she hit on the floor when she fell.

"Oh! Your elbow! I'm sorry, here, let me take a look." Nikki picked up her arm and turned it over forcing Helen to turn onto her side to accommodate the movement.

Nikki took a look at Helen's elbow. As she was examining it, something caught her eye. Since Helen had to turn on her side for Nikki to examine her arm part of Helen's breast was exposed. Nikki could even see part of her areola. She was momentarily mesmerized, and Helen became aware of what Nikki was looking at.

Helen reacted without thinking, she pulled the sheet up and she could feel her face burning. Was she checking me out? Why am I embarrassed? We're both women, we have the same parts. You're flustered Stewart because in some way you're drawn to her. And apparently, she's drawn to you. It was unnerving but kind of erotic.

Busted. Nikki thought. Act quick!

"Well, you have a nice bruise starting, but I think you'll live to see another day."

"Why thank you for your medical opinion Dr. Wade." Helen replied giving a small smile. She didn't know what else to say after what had just happened.

An uncomfortable silence came over the room while both women were trying to think of something to talk about to keep the friendly conversation going. Finally, Helen decided to ask Nikki about Elements. That would keep the conversation light and hopefully avoid another situation like the one that just happened a couple of minutes ago.

"So Nikki," Helen began "Claire tells me you just bought out your partner and that Elements is completely yours."

"Yes, that is true, she's all mine now." Nikki said like a proud parent.

"It must have cost you a lot to be able to do that." Helen replied

"Yes, but I think it's worth it. Plus, my partner's interest in the spa started to decline not long after we opened it." Nikki answered as she began to work on Helen's back.

"Who was your partner, if you don't mind me asking?

"It was my girlfriend Trisha..." Nikki said and she immediately felt Helen tense up, and then sort of relax.

Girlfriend! So she is a lesbian. I knew it, it always felt like she was checking me out.

"Girlfriend?" Helen asked to clarify "As in "girlfriend"?

"Yes, Helen she was my partner. Is that ok with you?"

"It's fine, who you're with is your choice. Who am I to judge? Continue with your story."

"See, we also owned a nightclub down in SoHo which has been up and running for about 6 years when we decided to open a spa. Trisha always said that she'd rather have her own spa to go to than spend her money at someone else's place. So we spoke with some financial planners and such and about a year later, Elements was open. At first we both ran both businesses together, but slowly, Trisha became disenchanted with Elements and was more interested in running the club. So, we decided that I would be in charge of the spa and she would be in charge of the club.

That was ok for about a year, but it began to put a major strain on our relationship. See, I worked days and she worked nights so we rarely saw each other. Then about 6 months ago, I came home early unannounced because I had a migraine and I caught her in bed with another woman. I was not happy, and that's putting it nicely. I ended it immediately. I moved out, got my own flat, and we decided to start splitting everything we had bought together, including the businesses.

"Wow, that's quite a story Nikki. And I'm sorry she cheated on you. Anyone who cheats on you must be out of their mind, you're beautiful, intelligent, hard-working…" Helen trailed off when she realized what she was saying. "How long were you guys together anyways?"

"It's ok Helen, and thank you for the compliment, and we were together for a little over 9 years."

"9 years, wow, that is longer than half the marriages in this country."

"Yes, but everything in life is a learning experience, and I have learned not to regret anything. Experiences make you the person you are and I like who I am. " Nikki said purposefully.

"I couldn't agree with you more on regret comment. I see regret as a waste of time. If you sit back and dwell on the negative things, you'll miss out on life."

"Well said." Nikki replied to Helen's declaration and moved down to massage Helen's lower back.

"Mmmmmm, Nikki, that feels amazing. This massage has been heavenly."

If you think that this feels amazing, you should see what my tongue feels like when it licks your….NO WADE! Focus on what you're doing!

"So Helen, now that you know all about my love life, or lack of one currently, what about you? Do you have a partner?" Please say no! Please say no!

"As a matter of fact I do. His name is Sean, and he's a gardener." As soon as it left Helen's mouth, she regretted it. She felt like she was betraying Nikki, yet she didn't know why.

"Oh, well good for you. How long have you guys been together?" Nikki asked politely.

"Just over three years." Helen responded hoping that Nikki wasn't going to press her for information.

"I see. Is it serious?" Nikki asked quietly.

"He lives with me, so I would have to answer yes." Helen replied knowing that was probably not what Nikki wanted to hear.

Nikki nodded and continued with the massage. She began to analyze the bomb that Helen had just dropped on her. She's straight, she has a partner, and it's serious. Even though Nikki how had all of this information, she couldn't help but think about the way Helen looked at her or the way she felt when she touched Helen. She at least had to know if Helen felt what she felt when they touched or looked into each other's eyes.

Helen could read Nikki. She could tell that Nikki was hurt by her news. Their conversation had died quickly and she could tell by Nikki's silence she had moved into a contemplative state of mind. She felt bad; she didn't want to hurt Nikki. Even if she wasn't with Sean, it wouldn't matter because she wasn't a lesbian. Then again, never in her entire life had someone, let alone a woman, make her feel the way she felt today when she met Nikki. Did that mean something? Helen knew that Nikki felt something for her by the way she reacted. Was this how a lesbian relationship started? Was this nothing new to Nikki? Helen had all these questions but was too scared to ask them.

The rest of the massage was quiet. Both women thinking about what this day had brought them and how it was not going to turn out the way they wanted it to.

Nikki finished and said, "I'm all done Helen. I'll wash my hands while you put your robe back on." And she turned and walked to the sink.

Helen got up from the table and put her robe on. "Thank you Nikki, the massage was very relaxing."

"You're welcome Helen, and I wanted to tell you earlier, I have arranged for a month of massages as an 'I'm sorry' present for scaring you and causing you to fall."

"Oh Nikki, you really didn't have to, I'm fine."

When Nikki didn't reply Helen walked over to her and put her hand on Nikki's shoulder, "Nikki?"

Nikki slowly turned around and looked deep into Helen's eyes "Helen, please answer me honestly, did you feel something when we shook hands this morning?"

Helen looked down at the floor. She froze, she opened her mouth but nothing came out. Her head was telling her to tell Nikki she did not, but her heart was screaming for her to say yes.

"Yes." Helen replied so quietly that Nikki wasn't sure she heard her.

"What did you feel Helen?" Nikki knew she was pushing, but she had to know.

"It was a new feeling, I haven't felt anything like it before. Whatever it was, I couldn't stop thinking about all day." Helen replied knowing Nikki deserved the truth.

Nikki touched Helen's arm "I felt the same way. Helen Stewart, I don't know what you did to me when we shook hands but whatever it was I think I want more."

Helen began to panic. What does she mean by 'more'?

"Nikki, if we're being honest, today and what happened between us has totally thrown me for a loop. I am so confused. I don't know what I actually felt today, and I don't know what you want from me."

"I'm willing to take whatever you're willing to give to me." Nikki answered sincerely.

"I need process what happened today, I'm sorry I can't give you the response you want or deserve." Helen said and went to the door.

"Helen wait" Nikki said grabbing Helen's arm and turning her around. "Your needing time to process is understandable, even admirable. Just promise me you'll come in next week for one of my massages."

"I promise I will."


Part 8

On the ride home Claire chatted away but Helen wasn't really listening. Helen was busy thinking about Nikki and the events of the day. Nikki had confirmed that something did in fact pass between them when they shook hands, she had felt it too. So Helen felt connected to Nikki, but what did that mean? This was all overwhelming.

Claire pulled into Helen's driveway and put the car in park.

"So you had a good time at Elements?" She asked Helen.

"Yes, I did, it was lovely."

"I wish I could afford to go there all the time" Claire wistfully replied.

"Well, once a week for the next month I'll be going"

"What?!" Claire exclaimed, "Please explain"

"Well, Nikki gave me a month of free massages as a way to say sorry for what happened in the yoga class."

And as a way to ensure herself that she'll get you naked on the table again. Claire thought

"Well that was nice of her" was the response she gave Helen.

"Well Claire, thanks for inviting me along today—it was a much needed break. As always, you're a star" Helen said and then both women laughed.

"Take care of yourself" Claire said leaning over and giving Helen a hug.

"You too" Helen replied and got out of the car.

Helen walked into the house and closed the door.

"Hels, is that you?" Sean yelled from the lounge.

"Hiya babes" she replied as she walked towards the lounge where she found her boyfriend sitting on the couch watching a football match on the telly. She gave have him a quick kiss and then walked through to the kitchen to make some tea.

"Did you have a good time at the spa?" Sean asked as he followed her into the kitchen.

"Lovely, it was very relaxing—I didn't realize how stressed I was" Helen said.

"Why don't we make it a stress-free evening as well? I ran into Susan on my lunch and she asked if we had plans for the evening. I told her I didn't think we did so she invited us to go out to dinner with her and Mark. What do you think? You up for it?"

Helen thought about it. She really didn't want to go out, but at least she'd be occupied and not constantly thinking about Nikki Wade.

"Sounds like a good idea" she told Sean and then went upstairs to take a shower and get ready.

The rest of the evening was good. Dinner was great but Helen found herself thinking about Nikki. She wondered what Nikki was doing at that moment. Helen wondered if Nikki was thinking about her. It got so bad that when she sipped her wine, she wondered what kind of wine Nikki liked. What is happening to me? After that she made a conscious effort to not think about Nikki, pushing the thoughts aside when they entered her mind.

When Helen and Sean got home, Helen went upstairs and got ready for bed. About thirty minutes later Sean found her sitting up in bed reading. He stripped down to his boxers and got into bed next to her. He snuggled up to Helen and began kissing her neck. Helen closed the book. She turned her head and began to kiss Sean. This is what she needed to assert her heterosexuality. Sean moved on top of her and she could already feel his erection on her thigh.

Twenty minutes later, Sean kissed her goodnight and rolled over to go to sleep. It was a Wham, Bam, thank you Ma'am. Sean got off, but Helen didn't orgasm—didn't even come close. Helen laid there thinking about her and Sean's sex life. Lately, sex was dull. She usually felt unfulfilled when it was over. There was no foreplay, no sense of anticipation. She didn't think that a bit of foreplay and feeling fulfilled was too much to ask. So many times, she felt like a robot, going through the motions and doing what she was supposed to do as a girlfriend. Is this how it would be if she married Sean? Would she constantly be left feeling unsatisfied with sex?

Again her mind moved to Nikki. She bet Nikki was a caring lover, putting her partner's needs before her own. Obviously Nikki had to be doing something right to keep a lover interested for nine years. For a moment, Helen began to wonder what it would be like to experience being loved by Nikki. She had a feeling that it would be intense, if their encounter today was anything to go by. Nikki probably was the type to make the feelings and sensations last as long as possible, to make Helen beg for release. How much different was sex with a woman compared to a man, aside from the obvious equipment difference? You got it bad Stewart. Never before have you even thought about what sex with a woman would be like but here you are making assumptions about a specific one and actually entertaining the idea. "Shit" Helen whispered out loud.

Helen realized that Sean was asleep when he began snoring lightly. She lay there and listened to him snore, unable to sleep. After a while, she got up and went into the bathroom, and turned on the shower. She waited until the water was warm then stepped in. Fifteen minutes later she put on a pair of short and a vest and climbed into bed.

Across London, Nikki was in the middle of a wet dream starring Helen Stewart. Nikki had Helen pushed up against the wall in the shower, her thigh pressed against Helen's centre and her hands on the wall on either side of Helen's head. The kiss, which had started as a soft exploration, had spiraled out of control and became almost animalistic as tongues fought for control of the kiss. Nikki took her hands off the wall and put them on Helen's breasts and began kneading them. Nikki then pushed Helen's breast together making the distance between her nipples as small as possible. She began to move her tongue back in forth over both nipples, stopping only suck on the hard buds.

"Mmmm, baby, that feels so good—I'm so fucking hot for you. You better make me cum soon, I can't handle this" Helen said in a moaning tone.

Nikki was more than happy to comply with Helen's request. She pulled Helen toward her, maneuvered Helen towards the bench at the back of the shower and sat her down. As Nikki knelt before Helen and spread her legs, Nikki looked up and asked Helen

"Are you ready to be fucked like you've never been fucked before?"

Helen moaned and pushed Nikki's head into her pussy. Nikki licked and sucked Helen's clit like there was no tomorrow.

"Uh, uh, uh, right there baby! Don't move, don't fucking move! I'm almost there." Helen cried out.

Nikki knew what it would take to send Helen over the edge so she did it. She took three fingers and penetrated Helen quickly and swiftly. Not even 5 strokes later, Helen started screaming.

"Oh fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhh…ooooooooo…oh my god! As she came.

Nikki woke up in a sweat. That was probably the most real dream she had ever had. She could feel her clit throbbing and her panties felt damp. She touched herself to see if she really was that wet and her thoughts were confirmed as she pulled out her soaking wet fingers. She knew there was no way she'd fall back asleep after that dream so she got up and took a shower. A cold one.


Part 9

The rest of the weekend was quiet and uneventful for Helen. Saturday, Sean had to finish a patio so Helen got caught up on some paperwork she brought home since she didn't go to work Friday and Sunday was a quiet day of lounging and reading.

Nikki's weekend was a bit busier than Helen's. She spent all day Saturday at Elements catching up on the bookkeeping and completing staff evaluations she had been meaning to do for about a month. Nikki pushed herself to get a lot done today because she was trying not to think about Helen. When Helen told her she had a partner AND it was a guy AND it was serious, Nikki was more upset than she probably should have been. Helen was different--Nikki could feel it. For some reason she and Helen were brought together, for what she wasn't quite sure yet. Nikki was glad she asked Helen if she felt something when they were together. She was even more thankful that Helen had the courage to answer truthfully. Only time would tell what would happen between them. Nikki couldn't wait till Helen set up a n appointment-it would give her a definite date and time that she would see Helen again.

Sunday, Nikki had a lie in and then met her friend Yvonne for brunch. Nikki loved spending time with Yvonne. Yvonne was always honest and straight-shooting with Nikki which is why she was hesitant to tell Yvonne about Helen. But it didn't matter, Yvonne cold pick up on Nikki's pensive mood.

"Out with it" Yvonne stated.

"What?" Nikki asked as she lit up her cigarette.

"Out with whatever you've been deciding to tell me since we sat down."

"You think you know me so well."

"I do. Spill."

Nikki took a deep drag on her cigarette and then blew out the smoke before talking.

"Did you ever meet someone…but there was someone else?"

"Yeah, of course."

"So what do you do?"

"Do about what? Darling, why don't you explain your situation, and then I'll offer my expert advice"

Nikki spent the next half hour telling Yvonne about Helen, the hand shake, the yoga class, the massage, and that Helen was heterosexual with a live-in boyfriend.

"I don't know how to explain it Yvonne, but there is just something that draws me to Helen. I have never had such an immediate, strong connection to someone after just meeting them. I could tell she felt it too—I could see it in those gorgeous green eyes and she told me she felt it. Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"I never thought I'd see the day Nikki Wade spoke of love at first sight." Yvonne laughed as she pondered Nikki's question. She had never seen Nikki talk about someone with such a passion before, not even when she started dating Trisha. Yvonne knew her answer would have a major influence for how Nikki would proceed with Helen.

"I think it's possible. It has never happened to me, but I think that if you truly believe in love--you at least have to believe in the possibility of love at first sight."

Nikki nodded, taking in Yvonne's response. "What should I do about Helen?"

"Honestly Nik, I think it's a bit too early to tell. I think you need to wait and see her again when she comes in for the massage. You both are going to have had time to think about what happened. Time can be harmful or helpful, you'll just have to wait and see."

On Wednesday, Helen realized that things couldn't possibly get any worse. Since Monday she had been conducting the alleged sexual assault inquiry against Jim Fenner. There had been rumors about Officer Fenner and this inmate for some time now, but she didn't have anything concrete to link him to sexual assault. It seems that all the inmates knew something about what was happening between Fenner and this inmate however no one was willing to divulge any proof or information. It was the inmate's word against his. He was gonna get away with something else. Damn.

On top of the inquiry and job stress, Helen was not sleeping well. Three out of the past five nights Nikki Wade had invaded her dreams, last nights being the most unsettling. Helen dreamt that she and Nikki were walking down a path that followed a river and on either side of the path were beautiful wildflowers. Nikki stopped and picked a yellow flower and a blue flower and then walked back to Helen. Nikki held the flowers out and Helen took them. Nikki tucked a strand of hair behind Helen's ear and then leaned in and said "I love you Helen Stewart" before kissing her softly on the lips. Nikki then took her hand and led her down the path. When Helen woke up, for a second she thought the dream was real. She swore she could feel the sun on her face, and Nikki's lips on hers.

After an induction meeting with a new inmate, Helen sat down at her desk and rubbed her aching neck. As she rubbed her neck she remembered she needed to schedule a massage appointment. She pulled the Elements business card out of her wallet and called the number. The sweet secretary answered the phone

"Good Afternoon, Elements Spa, this is Rachel, how can I help you"

"Ah yes, I'd like to schedule an appointment:" Helen replied

"Ok Miss, your name?"

"Helen Stewart."

"One second Miss, while I pull up your name" after a moment the secretary says "Ah yes, you have a one month complimentary pass to the spa. What kind of appointment did you need?"

"I was hoping to schedule a message sometime before the end of the week."

"Miss, can you hold on one moment?" Rachel asked.

"Sure" Helen said slightly annoyed. I only have a prison to run.

After about a minute, an all too familiar voice came onto the line.

"Hello, Helen? This is Nikki."

"Hiya Nikki" Helen replied absentmindedly as she was in a bit of shock that Nikki had picked up the line.

"Rachel tells me you wanted to schedule that massage."

"Yes, I was hoping to get in sometime before the end of the week." Helen answered once her brain re-engaged with her mouth

"Well, it looks like I can fit you in tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm. Is that too soon?" Nikki asked. Because it's not soon enough for me.

"That sounds perfect. Boy do I need this Nikki, it's only Wednesday and it's already been a horrible week."

"Well, don't worry I'll fix you right up tomorrow" was Nikki's flirty response.

"I'm gonna hold you too that" Helen smiled as she answered

"Deal, and Helen?"


"I hope the rest of your day goes better." Nikki said sincerely

Helen pulled up and parked in the Elements car park. She sat there a minute, she was nervous to see Nikki. She had thought about her all week—but she didn't know how she would feel when she saw Nikki face-to-face. She pulled down the mirror and checked her hair and make-up. She reapplied her lip gloss and got out of the car.

Helen walked into the lobby and gave the receptionist her name.

"Ah, Miss Stewart, Miss Wade is finishing up a meeting. She wanted me to escort you to her office—she should only be a few more minutes."

"That's fine" and followed the secretary to Nikki's office.

Helen stepped inside Nikki's office and looked around. It was simple but elegantly decorated. The walls were a light lavender with a display of black and white photographs on one wall, the other wall had a door to where it led Helen didn't know, with a beautiful display of exotic plants sitting in the corner near the windows. Nikki had a huge glass-topped desk with a lap-top, phone, and file folders sitting on top. Nikki does have great taste.

Helen sat down in one of the large, overstuffed, black leather chairs sitting in front of Nikki's desk. She felt like she was invading Nikki's privacy by being in her office without her. She was too nervous to sit so Helen got up and walked over to the wall of black and white photos. They were pictures of two women's various body parts intertwined in a field of wildflowers. Nothing scandalous, just feet, legs, arms, torsos, hands, it was beautiful.

"They're beautiful" Nikki said from the doorway and then moved to stand next to Helen.

Helen turned towards Nikki "Yes, they are indeed."

Both women stood there looking at each other, eyes locked, neither of them moving.

Nikki had a chance to get a good look at Helen when she noticed her from the doorway. Helen had on a black suit with a pale, v-neck, green shirt, which now that she was facing Nikki, offered a great view of her cleavage. Nikki thought she looked amazing. She had subtle make-up on and her hair was silky smooth with part of it tucked behind her right ear.

Helen wouldn't have noticed she was being checked out because she was too busy taking in the view of Nikki Wade. Nikki had on a black pin-stripped suit, the kind with the long coat that came down to around her knees. She had on a white dress shirt that was again unbuttoned just enough to leave you wondering what you would be able to see if you unbuttoned another button.

Helen reacted first, turned back to the photos and asked Nikki about them.

"Where did you buys these—you can actually feel the intimacy between the two people."

"It's a local photographer—and that is the exact reason I bought the collection. I could feel the love flowing between the two."

Nikki turned and looked at Helen who was already looking at her. Whatever they both felt last week was still there and just as strong. Nikki broke the moment.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting, I was in a board meeting. I thought it would have been over a lot sooner, but I had to assure the board members that I'm capable of running this place on my own."

"Oh Nikki, it was fine. I was a couple of minutes late myself."

"Well, why don't we head down to the whirlpool sit in there a bit and then I'll give you that massage. It's a better massage if your muscles are warm and loose."

"Sure, sounds good to me." Helen replied

Nikki grabbed what she needed from her office bathroom and they left.

Nikki and Helen walked into the locker room, put their stuff down on a bench and began to change. Both women turned their backs to give each other privacy.

Nikki turned around first and watched Helen finish changing out of the corner of her eye. She is gorgeous, absolutely perfect. Nikki thought as she hung up her suit in a locker.

Helen had also finished, turned around, and began folding her clothes. Her eyes were drawn to Nikki. Nikki had on a bikini with boy-cut bottoms, which showed off her perfect breasts and beautiful, long, toned legs. At that moment and before she could stop herself, Helen looked over at Nikki and said

"You're beautiful."

"So are you Helen" Nikki replied shocked that Helen had made such a confession.

Shit! Helen thought. Way to go Stewart, you probably just weirded her out. But it was the God's honest truth—Nikki was beautiful.

Nikki could tell Helen was flustered after both of their confessions so she tried to ease the situation.

"This way to the whirlpool" and began to walk away.

Helen followed Nikki trying to calm down the hormones that were racing through her body. This was attraction. Helen could not deny it. After spending all week thinking about Nikki—she didn't know if she wanted to deny her feelings. No one but Nikki had ever provoked the feelings she was having right now just by looking at her.

Both women got into the whirlpool and closed their eyes and relaxed. Helen was glad she had taken the rest of the afternoon off, she wanted to delay going back to Larkhall as long as possible.

"So, how is work going this week?" Nikki asked breaking through Helen's thoughts.

"Ugh, positively horrible Nikki. I can't ever remember having a worse week at work. Last week, one of my lifers brought accusations of sexual assault against a Principal Officer and threatened to hang herself if he was not removed from the wing. Well, this week I'm conducting the inquiry into what happened and I actually believe this inmate is telling the truth. Not only that but the officer is a pathological liar and there have been rumors about this inmate and the officer before but no one is willing to come forward with evidence or information. So I have no concrete evidence this man has been acting unprofessionally and it's going to be an officer's word against a inmate's word and the officer will definitely win."

"Wow, that is some predicament you're in."

"I can usually handle work, but Fenner, the officer, I swear is out to get me. He resents the fact that I got the job he was in line for, that I'm a woman, and that I don't have the 14 years experience he has. He is always making my life as difficult as possible."

"This Fenner guy sounds like he's jealous of you, sounds like he is going to do whatever he can to get you to quit or get you fired."

"I know that is exactly what he's doing, the problem is, he has friends in high places that will take his word over mine. So no matter what I do, I won't win." Helen said as she looked down so Nikki couldn't see the tears that were welling up in her eyes.

Nikki placed her hand on top of Helen's hand that was resting on the side of the tub.

"Helen, I know you'll beat this guy, sooner or later the truth will prevail and Fenner will get what's coming to him. I believe in you Helen." Nikki stated honestly and squeezed Helen's hand.

Helen looked up at Nikki "Thank you. You don't know how wonderful it is to have someone who listens and believes I can make a difference."

"Not only do I believe you can make a difference, I'm going to help you make sure things change." Nikki said in a flirty tone, trying to brighten the conversation.

Helen laughed. "And how do you propose I do that?" returning Nikki's tone and turning to face her.

"Well…" Nikki began

Over the next 20 minutes they discussed different ways to deal with Jim Fenner. Helen was surprised to hear some of the ideas Nikki had that Helen never thought of and suggestions to improve ideas she already had. Helen felt like a ton of weight had been lifted from her shoulders after talking to Nikki. Sean never made her feel this good after they were done talking.

"Well, I don't know about you but I'm beginning to resemble a prune" Nikki said as she looked at her hands.

Helen looked down at her hands and laughed when she saw the state they were in.

"Look how bad mine are" and she held them out to Nikki

Nikki examined them and laughed, "I guess that means it's time for that massage!"

And she got out of the whirlpool first. She offered Helen a hand for balance as she got out. Once Helen was down the stairs Nikki held onto her hand a bit longer before letting go. Nikki didn't want to let go of Helen's hand. What she really wanted to do was entwine their fingers and walk back to the locker room hand in hand. Nikki didn't know how long she could wait before making a move on Helen.

Helen noticed that Nikki held onto her hand a bit longer than was necessary, but she was ok with it. Helen felt even more connected to Nikki after the way Nikki listened to her. She was able to share her work concerns and receive suggestions in return. It was something new for her. Something Sean never did.

Helen changed into a spa robe and Nikki into khaki shorts and an Elements top and they made their way towards the massage rooms.

"We're gonna be in room number 5" Nikki stated as they turned down the hallway. Helen found room #5 and went to open the door only to find it was locked. As soon as she tried the handle she felt Nikki's hand on her hip, Nikki's front pressed up against her back and Nikki whisper in her ear

"It's locked"

Helen didn't move but watched as Nikki's free hand unlocked the door and pushed it open.

"Thanks" Helen said quietly and walked into the room. Helen's breathing was heavy and her body felt on fire from where Nikki had touched her.

Nikki walked over to the counter allowing Helen to take off her robe and get onto the table. Nikki smiled as she thought about their encounter at the door. She could have waited for Helen to move out of the way, but moving in close was more fun. She got to smell the kind of shampoo Helen used, and if Helen felt half of what she was feeling, she too got a rush down there from them being so close.

Nikki began the massage and could tell that Helen was tenser than last week. Work really must have gotten to her Nikki thought as she continued the deep tissue massage.

Helen didn't say much so Nikki concentrated on doing a good job. She wanted Helen to have the best massage she could possibly get. She had Helen turn onto her back and she sat on the edge of the table while she massaged Helen's hands.

"You have such soft hands for a prison governor" Nikki teased Helen.

"Well, that's the nice part about being in charge, you don't have to do the dirty work" Helen retorted.

"This is just my personal opinion, but you're far to beautiful to work in a prison. Your beauty should be seen by law-abiding citizens, like myself, not by cons." Nikki said simply.

"That's it! I'll put my resignation in. 'I can no longer work for Her Majesty's Prison Service because I am far too beautiful" Helen said in a snobby tone and then giggled at the ridiculousness of the statement.

"Thank you for the complement Nikki, but I happen to like my job, as difficult as it may be some days. You'll just have to settle for seeing me on nights and weekends."

"I guess that will have to do" Nikki said in a downtrodden tone before laughing. Suddenly she got serious and stopped the massage "Helen Stewart, you are stunning, I want you to know that." Nikki said then pushed a strand of hair off Helen's forehead and caressed her cheek. Nikki took her hand away from Helen's face and continued the massage. Neither of them said anything until Nikki was done.

"Well, I'm done. I hope you feel a bit more relaxed than when you came in earlier" Nikki said as she turned around to the counter to clean up.

"I do Nikki. You fingers have worked magic on my tight muscles. Thank you." Helen replied as she got up and put her robe on.

She started towards the door, but then stopped and turned around. She had to make sense of the situation they found themselves in.

"What is happening between us?" Helen asked

Nikki stopped and turned around. She looked at Helen and could see that she needed to make sense of their situation.

"I don't think I can give you a clear definition of what is happening between you and I, but I will tell you what I feel when we're together." Nikki took a deep breath and continued. "Helen, when I see you—I just have to be close to you. I don't know what it is but it's like you're gravity and I'm drawn to you. Ever since we met, I cannot stop thinking about you. You have invaded my everyday thoughts and you have been a part of my dreams. I want to touch you; I want to take care of you. When you told me about your trouble at work, I wanted to gather you in my arms and hold you till the pain went away."

Nikki took her finger and put it under Helen's chin lifting it until Helen was looking at her.

"Never in my entire life have I felt connected to someone like I do to you Helen."

Helen gave a slight smile and then looked down at the floor as she tried to gather her thoughts so she could tell Nikki what she was feeling.

"Nikki, bear with me please. I am going to try and tell you how I feel but this is all new to me and it might come out all wrong. But I owe it to you and to myself to tell you what's going on inside of me." She took a moment and then looked into Nikki's eyes

"Nikki, when we met, and shook hands—the moment our hands touched, something in me changed. I don't know exactly what changed, but all I know is since that moment I can't stop thinking about you. I wonder what you're doing at work, I wonder what kind of wine you like, I wonder what it would be like to kiss you…" and her voice trailed off. "Then the logical part of my brain kicks in 'I have a boyfriend, I'm straight, being involved in a lesbian relationship would most likely destroy relationships that I have worked hard to create and maintain.' But then I stop and think—no one has ever touched me the way you have touched me. You touch me on every level—physically, emotionally, intellectually, and that is something I cannot ignore. That is something no one else has ever done, and I would be crazy not to want to pursue someone who touches me so deeply and on so many levels. When I think about it like that, it seems so simple. But what is difficult for me is what becoming involved with you means to everyone else in my life. What I do affects Sean, my family, my friends, even my job. Does that make sense?"

"Yes Helen it makes very much sense. I am shocked that you have become so clear on the subject in such a short amount of time. Most people would be in complete shock and in denial about their feelings, it seems you have thought long and hard about how you feel." Nikki moved closer to Helen and put her hands on Helen's shoulders. "Helen, I respect you, I will not push you into anything you don't want to do, I want to get to know you, I want us to grow closer. I want you to feel safe with me. There will be a moment when you'll know what you want and you'll feel safe enough to go there. I just…"

Nikki couldn't finish her sentence because Helen's lips were pressed up against hers. Nikki moved her hands from Helen's shoulders to her face and continued to kiss her. The kiss was soft, slow and explorative. Nikki could not believe Helen had kissed her just like that. Not that she was complaining but it was not expected. It was the most sensual kiss she had ever experienced, she literally went weak at the knees. The kiss continued a bit longer and then Nikki pulled away. She didn't want things to get too heavy and be too much, too soon for Helen.

"I'm sorry, I…" Helen began but Nikki silenced her by putting her finger over Helen's lips.

"Please don't say anything, let's just leave it at that." Nikki said and then pulled Helen into a hug. They stood wrapped in each other's arms for a few moments both taking in the moment, neither wanting to move. Nikki finally pulled away and walked over to the counter and wrote something on a card. She walked back to Helen and handed her the card.

"This is my business card. On the back is my cell phone number. Please call me sometime this week, I would love to take you out to lunch or dinner."

Helen looked at Nikki 'I will definitely call you."

Nikki leaned in kissed Helen on the forehead and then left a lingering kiss on her lips.

"I hope to hear from you soon. Goodbye Helen."

"Goodbye Nikki." Helen answered and then turned and exited the room.

As she walked towards the locker room, Helen thought about what had just happened. She touched her lips. She had just kissed another woman. It should have felt wrong, but it didn't. When it came to Nikki, she didn't see gender; she just saw love, and understanding. Simply, she just felt safe with Nikki. That was something no man had ever allowed her to feel. Helen had no idea what was going to happen from here on out, but she knew she couldn't stop whatever happened, and she didn't think she wanted to.


Part 10

Helen drove home completely oblivious to everything around her. All she could think about was Nikki. She walked in the door, dropped her bag and walked into the kitchen. She needed a drink to process the events of the afternoon. Helen filled a glass with ice and poured a good amount of vodka over the ice. She took the glass and the bottle into the lounge and stretched out on the couch. She took a long sip of the clear liquid and relaxed.

Nikki had quickly become the biggest contradiction to her life. Helen couldn't believe her whole life had changed in the matter of a week. Being attracted to a woman, let alone Nikki was something Helen never would have thought would happen. Was this a temporary loss of sanity? Was this just another phase? Was it just lust? Would she be over Nikki in a few months? Before Nikki, Helen felt love was something that you got comfortable with. Love grew on you. At least that's how she felt about Sean. She had grown to love and care about Sean. She had fallen into this comfortable relationship with him, but never felt completely satisfied with him. Was that what love is all about? Was there more to it? People had told Helen that they knew after 5 minutes that they would be with that person for the rest of their lives. Was Helen's other half out there? Was Nikki that person? Helen had all these questions and no answers. She poured another glass of vodka and got up and turned the stereo on. While Sarah McLachlan played, Helen went into the kitchen to get dinner ready.

Halfway through the third glass of vodka Sean came home. He dumped all his stuff in the office and came into the kitchen.

"Hi there" Sean said and gave Helen a kiss

"Hi babes" Helen replied.

"Starting early?" He said and pointed to the glass of vodka.

"I've had one crazy day" Helen replied and turned back to the stove. You have no idea how crazy.

During dinner, Helen heard about Sean's new projects and Helen informed Sean that it didn't look like the inquiry against Jim Fenner was going to produce her intended outcome. Helen rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher, she grabbed her drink and went into the lounge and sat on the couch with Sean.

Helen was pretty tipsy by this point and most of her inhibitions were gone. Sean had some home improvement show on when Helen turned to him and didn't hesitate to ask,

"Sean, do you love me?"

"You know I do babes, where did that question come from?"

Ignoring his question, she asked another, "When did you know you loved me?"

Sean stopped and thought about the question. "I can't remember an exact moment, but after a few months I knew you were going to be very important to me."

Helen nodded and took a drink. She didn't know what she expected to hear from Sean, but what he said to her was not all that reassuring.

Helen stood and took her glass to the sink and walked back into the lounge.

"Darling, I'm going to bed."

"I think I'll join you" Sean replied and he turned off the telly and lamp and followed her up the stairs.

Helen changed into a vest and shorts and went into the bathroom used the toilet, washed her face, brushed her teeth and went and got into bed. Sean used the loo and then climbed into bed.

"Goodnight Hels" and he kissed her on the cheek before turning out the light.

"Night" she mumbled half asleep. Once again Helen's dreams were full of Nikki Wade.

Friday came and Nikki couldn't wait for the weekend. She had the next two days off and she planned on making this weekend about her. She was going to have a nice lie-in, work on her garden, and hopefully she would hear from Helen and get to spend some time with her.

Speaking of Helen…Nikki thought and picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Hi yes, I'd like to place an order…"

Helen was in a meeting with her senior staff when she got a call from the front gate saying she had a delivery. She asked for it to be brought to her office. She was just finishing up her meeting when a gate P.O. walked in carrying a dozen roses, each one a different color.

Helen took them from the P.O. and put them on the corner of her desk. She was completely surprised to see some had sent her roses, but she had a pretty good idea who they were from.

"Well, well, well, someone is thinking of you" Sylvia Hollamby replied in her usual snobby tone.

Helen read the card and smiled. Can't stop thinking of you. –N She then put the card in her pocket.

"Not gonna tell us who they're from" Fenner sneered.

"Nope. That will be all" Helen said and opened the door to her office as if to tell everyone to leave.

Helen closed the door after everyone left, pulled the card out of her pocket and read it again. She couldn't help but smile. She looked at the roses—they were gorgeous; yellow, pink, white, purple, red, each one was different.

Helen walked to her desk and sat down. She pulled her purse out of the desk drawer, took Nikki's card out of her wallet, and picked up the phone.

"Good afternoon, Elements Spa, this is Rachel, how can I help you?"

"Is Nikki Wade available?" Helen inquired.

"May I ask who's calling?"

"Helen Stewart"

"Ah, Miss Stewart—hold on a moment."

"Helen" Nikki's voice came onto the line.

"I just got a really embarrassing display of roses" Helen said with a huge smile on her face.

"Ah yes, I was wondering if I'd hear from you" Nikki flirted.

Helen, got serious. "Nikki, thank you so much for the roses. I have never seen a more beautiful display, truly."

"You are very welcome, it was the least I could do, or want to do" Nikki replied.

"Is that so?" Helen flirted.

"Yes." Nikki hesitated "Have dinner with me tomorrow night."

Helen hesitated "Ummm…"

"Tell your boyfriend it's a girl's night out" Nikki pushed.

Helen already had her answer; she knew she couldn't stay away from Nikki. "Ok, where and when?"

"Can I pick you up at your flat?"

"Ok" Helen replied and then gave Nikki her address and mobile number in case she had trouble finding it.

"I'll be there around 7 pm. Wear something smart" Nikki told Helen.

"Where are you taking me?" Helen wanted to know, she hated surprises.

"That's for me to know, and you to want to know."

"Grrr…I'll get you for this!" Helen said.

"I hope so." Was Nikki's quick response, knowing she made Helen blush.

"I gotta go." Helen told Nikki "I gotta go be that cocky, overbearing, unforgiving, loudmouth tosser like you said I was."

"Touche!" Nikki laughed. "Have a wonderful rest of the day, I can't wait to see you tomorrow."

"You too Nikki, I'll see you tomorrow night."


Part 11

Saturday morning and afternoon dragged on slowly for Helen. She did some cleaning around the house, sat outside on the patio while Sean worked in the garden, and she attempted to read a book but kept re-reading the same page over and over again. She told Sean that tonight was girls night out and he told her to go and have fun. He said that he was staying home to watch the United match and to call him if she need a ride home. Helen didn't know if she should feel relieved that Sean did not give her a hard time about going out or feel guilty that she was going out with someone else. It was a bit of both she decided.

Nikki too was feeling anxious about tonight. She spent all afternoon out in her garden, and she checked her watch constantly throughout the day. Every time she looked at it, it was only about 10 minutes later than when she last looked. She thought she might just die before this evening came.

At about 4 pm, Yvonne came walking into Nikki's garden.

"Oi, you down there, do you ever answer your door?!" Yvonne yelled to Nikki

"Sorry Vonne, you can't hear the bell from out here"

"Well, it's a good thing that Helen hasn't come round, she would have thought you weren't home, and then you would have missed out"

"She won't come round today, I'm going to hers tonight to pick her up to go out" Nikki said with triumph in her voice.

Yvonne nodded her head in approval. "Nice Wade"

Nikki cleaned up from her gardening while Yvonne went inside the house and made them both a cup of tea. They sat on the patio and discussed both their weeks. Yvonne told Nikki that it sounded like things were going in the right direction with Helen. Yvonne also warned Nikki not to push Helen too far. The possibility of becoming involved with a woman was something new for Helen, she didn't want Nikki sending her running in the opposite direction.

Nikki looked at her watch—5:45 pm

"Shit Yvonne! I gotta go get ready to pick Helen up!"

Yvonne stood up "I guess that's my cue to leave" she said going into the house, and putting her cup in the sink. "Good luck tonight Nikki" and hugged her. When Yvonne had left, Nikki raced upstairs to shower and change.

A little after five pm, Helen went up stairs to get ready to go. She filled the bathtub and got in to relax and calm the nerves that were already buzzing throughout her body. As she lay there, she wondered what tonight would hold. She didn't want to have too many expectations because truth be told, she had never done this before. She had never gone out with a woman or been unfaithful to Sean.

Eventually, she got out of the tub, dried off and walked over to the closet to decide what to wear. Nikki told me smart. Does that mean a suit? A dress? A nice slacks outfit? After going through half her closet, Helen decided on a black knee-length skirt and a pale green v-neck top. She went over to the dresser and pulled out a matching bra and panties set. Helen knew why she was paying such close attention to her lingerie; she knew it was a very real possibility that Nikki would see it. She got dressed and topped off the outfit with a necklace and earring set that was the same color as the shirt and a pair of medium height black heels.

Helen was in the bathroom applying her make-up when she saw in the mirror that Sean was standing in the doorway.

"Hels, you look great. Fancy night out?"

"Us girls just decided to get a bit more glammed up than usual.. It's fun"

"Where are you guys going?"

"I have no idea. One of Claire's friends is deciding." It's not a lie…Nikki is Claire's friends

"I'm sure you guys will have fun." Sean said and then went back downstairs.

Helen finished her hair and then went downstairs to look out the front window for Nikki. She didn't want Nikki to have to meet Sean, that would be a bit awkward for all parties involved.

A couple minutes after seven a Mercedes SUV pulled into the driveway. That's Nikki's car?! Wow! It's gorgeous!

Helen walked into the lounge and kissed Sean goodbye. "Don't wait up darling"

Helen hurried out the door, and went to meet Nikki in the driveway. She didn't notice that Nikki stopped dead in her tracks and was staring until she was down the stairs. When Helen finally looked up at Nikki, her steps slowed down until she was standing right in front of Nikki. Nikki had on a pair of wide-leg black dress pants, a white spaghetti strap tank top, and a tiny black sweater over top. She had low, black dress shoes on and her hair was messy (purposely) and she had just barely any make up on. Helen thought she was beautiful. Both women took in the sight of the other.

"Hi" Helen said finding her voice first.

"Hi, Helen…Wow…you look…great" Nikki responded flabbergasted.

"Thank you, you look great too" Helen replied and blushed slightly.

"Well, you ready to go? We have reservations at Biagio's for 7:30."

"Yep. Sounds good."

Nikki opened the passenger's door for Helen, then walked around and got behind the wheel. Helen was touched by the small gesture of opening the door. Sean never opens my car door for me.

On the way to the restaurant the conversation was light and easy; current events, the weather, what they had done earlier in the day. Both women were nervous and talking about something more serious could prove to be too difficult. Finally, they arrived at the restaurant and went inside.

Once they were seated and ordered, Nikki asked Helen about work. Nikki wanted to know how Helen was dealing with Fenner and if things were looking up. Helen told Nikki that she was managing with Fenner but as long as he was still working in her prison things would never be great. They went on to talk about different things like music and books and discovered that they had a lot in common.

They were chatting and enjoying their meal when all of a sudden Nikki changed topics.

"You know what's funny? We're sitting here chatting like we've known each other for years. It's crazy! I can't believe that I only met you a week ago. I feel so comfortable around you Helen."

"I know what you mean. When we're together, it's like I don't have to put an effort in, it's already there."

"Maybe we're connected somehow. Maybe we knew each other in another life."

Helen laughed, "It's funny that you said maybe we knew each other in another life. That is exactly what I thought they day we met."

"See, it's fate. I guess we were destined to meet."

"I guess so." Helen replied as the waiter came up to their table.

"Ladies, do you want dessert?"

I want Helen for my dessert. Nikki thought

"No thank you" both women responded and the waiter stated that he would return with their check.

Nikki didn't want this night to be over with just yet. She wanted to spend as much time as possible with Helen. She knew asking Helen back to her place was a bit forward, but she had to at least ask.

"Fancy coming back to my place for coffee?"

Helen began to panic a bit. She didn't know what Nikki was expecting from her. But she was soon put to ease when Nikki picked up on her discomfort the question caused.

"Helen I meant it, just for coffee maybe a movie. I have no hidden agenda; I just want to spend time with you. And I'll take you home whenever you want to go." Nikki stated honestly.

"Ok" Helen replied.

Nikki paid the bill and they went out to the SUV.

They pulled up outside Nikki's flat and got out. Helen was surprised at how elegant Nikki's house looked. It was not large, but well kept. Nikki opened the front door and followed Helen in. Helen was again amazed by Nikki's home. It had a modern theme, very fitting for Nikki, Helen thought.

"Let me show you to the lounge." Nikki said leading the way.

Helen walked through the doorway and took in the room. It was rather spacious, with a burnt orange paint covering the walls. The room had a fireplace on one wall, a rather nice entertainment center on another wall and in the middle of the room was two overstuffed tan suede chairs and a huge matching couch with chocolate and burnt orange accent pillows. However, it seemed the far wall was the focus of the room. There was a huge bay window between bookshelves that went from floor to ceiling. Helen was amazed to see that Nikki had so many books.

"Nikki, your home is beautiful." Helen replied slightly mesmerized.

"Thank you. Do you want something to drink? Tea? Coffee?"

"Tea would be great."

Nikki went into the kitchen and prepared the tea while Helen looked through Nikki's book collection.

Nikki came back into the lounge carrying a tray with their teas. She set the tray down on the coffee table and walked over to the bookshelves where Helen was standing. Helen turned around when she heard Nikki put the tray down.

"We definitely have similar taste in books" Helen stated as Nikki walked towards her

"We have a lot in common Helen" Nikki replied stepping closer to Helen.

Nikki put her hand around Helen's waist and pulled Helen to her. The kiss was amazing. Soft, warm, gentle... incredibly gentle... Helen's eyes sank closed and she parted her lips as Nikki's tongue pressed into her mouth. For a moment everything was incredible. At first Nikki held back, not knowing how Helen would react to such a display of affection. But when she heard Helen moan and lean into her, Nikki knew Helen felt safe in her arms. Hands roamed as the kiss became more passionate.

Never in Helen's entire life had kissing someone had such a physical affect on her. Helen was never more aware of her senses. She saw the desire that Nikki had for her as Nikki took her in her arms. She could smell the essence of Nikki Wade, her subtle perfume, her shampoo. She could feel the tingling sensation down below that kissing Nikki was having on her. She could taste Nikki as their tongues caressed each other's. Helen didn't want to move from this place.

When they finally came up for air, Helen realized that Nikki had her pinned up against the bookshelf with her skirt pulled up a bit due to Nikki's thigh pressing against her centre. Nikki stepped back, allowing Helen to fix her clothing. Helen looked up at Nikki and gave one of those smiles that Nikki loved so much.

"Wow" was the only thing that Helen could find to say.

"Wow, is right. Miss Stewart, you are an amazing kisser!" Nikki replied as she wiped the smudges of lipstick at the edges of Helen's lips. Helen found Nikki's helpfulness adorable.

"Well Miss Wade, you're not bad yourself! If you're good, maybe you'll be afforded the privilege of kissing me again" Helen playfully replied.

"Oh, it's a privilege huh?" Nikki teased

"Yep!" Helen responded and then pecked Nikki on the lips and moved past her. "Where's that tea you promised me? Hopefully the water is still warm." Helen said as she moved to the coffee table and prepared her tea.

Nikki shook her head. She has no idea what she's doing to me.

The two had their tea and Helen was feeling brave so she moved closer to Nikki. Nikki smiled and put her arm around Helen. Perfect fit Nikki thought.

After Nikki put the tray back in the kitchen they turned on the telly deciding to watch the movie Pretty Woman. Helen admitted to Nikki that it was her all-time favorite movie. She stated that she was a desperate romantic at heart and that the movie portrayed everything she though true romance was.

Helen looked up at Nikki and asked, "Do you believe that there is one person out there for you? That you have another half?"


"Yes" Helen replied

"I spent nine years with Trisha and it wasn't until I met you that I believed in soulmates."

For one of the few times in Helen's life she didn't know what to say. She couldn't believe that Nikki felt so strongly about her. If Helen was completely honest with herself, she felt the exact same way. Helen didn't think there was anything she could say that would seem right, so she did the only thing that seemed to make sense, she kissed Nikki.

With the movie forgotten about, Nikki took charge of the kiss and maneuvered Helen until she was lying down on the couch. The kiss that had began as a confirmation of how strong their feelings for each other was quickly spiraling out of control. Helen's hands were tangled in hair at Nikki's hair close to her neck, and Nikki's hands were roaming over Helen's breasts. Nikki moved down and kissed Helen's neck. She kissed a spot just below Helen's ear and was rewarded with a moan from Helen.

Nikki whispered softly into Helen's ear, "Mmm, it's seems I've found a sensitive spot. How many more of those do you have?"

Helen grabbed Nikki's head and pulled Nikki's ear close to her mouth "I guess you'll just find out" Helen whispered before taking her earlobe into her mouth and sucking on it.

"Oh god Helen, you have no idea what you're doing to me" Nikki said breathlessly. She could feel how wet Helen was making her.

Helen stopped sucking "I think I have a pretty good idea" she replied before finding Nikki's mouth and capturing it again.

They carried on for about 10 more minutes before Nikki sat up. This was just too much for her. She wanted to make love to Helen, but she knew that was not an option tonight. Not only did she not want to rush Helen (who was new to this), she knew Helen had to go home. When she would make love to Helen she wanted her for the whole night. She wanted to fall asleep with Helen in her arms. She wanted to wake up with Helen in her arms. Nikki was sure it would happen; it just wouldn't be tonight.

"Honey what's wrong?" Helen asked grabbing Nikki's hand and rubbing her thumb over Nikki's knuckles.

"The fact that it's late, and I desperately want to take you to my bed, but I promised I'd take you home."

Helen sighed, Nikki was right; she did have to go home. For the first time all evening Helen thought about Sean. Sean was at home waiting in their bed. Helen didn't want to go home to her bed, she wanted to go upstairs to Nikki's.

Nikki stood up and pulled Helen up off the couch. Nikki kissed Helen again and in a matter of a minute they were again losing control. Helen pulled away and buried her head in Nikki's chest and wrapped her hands around Nikki's waist.

"Ugh! This is killing me! I don't want to leave you."

"I don't want you to leave."

Reluctantly, the two women moved apart and put their shoes on and gathered their purses. They went out the front door and got into Nikki's Mercedes.

On the way to Helen's flat, Nikki grabbed Helens hand, intertwined their fingers and pulled Helen's hand to her mouth and kissed it. They held hands the rest of the way; neither of the women had ever felt more love in such a simple gesture. They pulled into Helen's driveway and Nikki turned the car off and turned to Helen.

"I've had a wonderful evening with you. There was no where else in the world I would have rather been than with you tonight."

"Well, that and making out like we were teenagers again was an added bonus" Helen giggled but then got serious again "This evening was amazing, I couldn't have said it better myself. I cannot believe the connection we have, it's so strong. You Miss Wade have cast a spell over me."

"Darling, the feeling is mutual." Nikki replied and tucked a stray piece of hair behind Helen's ear.

As the night was at a close Nikki thought about when she would see Helen again.

"When am I gonna see you again?"

"Dunno, when do you wanna see me again?"

"Tomorrow? Every day for the next week?"

Helen laughed. "Well, not too soon…you have to miss me for a little bit. They say 'absence makes the heart grow fonder"."

"How about I call you Monday and we'll set up a massage for you and then we'll go out to dinner?"

"Sounds like a plan" Helen replied.

Nikki leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Helen's lips.

"Sweet dreams Helen Stewart, I will be dreaming of you."

"Good night Nikki, I will be dreaming of you too" Helen replied before getting out of the SUV.

Nikki watched Helen open the front door, and watched as she turned around and waved. Nikki smiled and waved back.

Helen Stewart you have stolen my heart.


Part 12

It was a typical Monday for Helen. She was busy getting up to speed on the events of the weekend; reading reports, meetings with wing governors and officers. She was sitting at her desk rubbing her temples trying to ease the tension headache that was starting when her phone rang.

"Helen Stewart."

"It is so good to hear your voice again" Nikki replied.

Helen smiled and immediately forgot about her headache.

"Hiya-it's good to hear your voice too…I've missed you Nikki."

"Missed you."

"How is your day going?" Helen inquired.

"Busy. Trying to catch up after the weekend. You?"


"So when do I get to see you darling?"

"Whenever you want."

"Lunch tomorrow? Massage Thursday?"

"Umm…" Helen looked through her planner "I could do that."

"Good! I'll meet you at Balcony Bistro at 12:30pm tomorrow."

"I'll be there."

"I can't wait to see you tomorrow Helen."

"Same here. Goodbye Nikki."


Later that afternoon Helen got another phone call—this one from Claire."

"Helen Stewart"

"Helen it's Claire, how are you?"

"I'm doing well, you?"

"I'm good, I was calling because I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages."

"I know what you mean. What's up?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to go to lunch tomorrow."

"I'm sorry Claire, I can't. I'm having lunch with…" Helen stopped short.

"What?! What?! Helen Stewart—you better tell me who you're going out to lunch with!"

Claire had a pretty good idea who Helen was going out to lunch with. She and Helen talked at least twice a week and she had not heard from Helen in over a week. That could only mean one thing; something or someone was occupying her time. She knew it was Nikki but she wanted Helen to admit it.

"A friend" was Helen's roundabout answer

"Uh-huh, and this friend's name?"

Helen hesitated, she knew she could tell Claire anything but telling her about Nikki and what that entailed was not something you did over the phone in the middle of the day.

"Claire, I promise I will reveal all to you. Can we do dinner Wednesday night? Sean has been working late so it will be perfect."

"I guess that will have to do. But if you don't tell me Stewart, I'll find out one way or another!"

I'm gonna find out anyways because as soon as I hang up with you I'm gonna call Nikki!

"I promise, I'll give you all the details Wednesday. But I have to go, I just on my way out the door."

"Ok, fine. See you Wednesday. Bye!"

Later that evening Nikki was sitting on her couch watching the telly when her cell phone rang.

"Hey Claire" Nikki answered.

"Hey Nik, what's new?"

"You know, this and that."

"Does 'this and that' include Helen?"

"Claire, what are you on about?" Nikki replied trying to play it off.

"You can't fool me Nikki. I saw the way you looked at Helen the day we came to the spa. You wanted to rip her clothes off!"

Nikki knew Claire wouldn't give up so she gave in, "Oh Claire, I have so much to tell you. Helen is amazing. I think I'm falling in love with her."

"Ok spill."

For the next forty-five minutes Nikki told Claire all about the things she and Helen had done. She told Claire she had never felt this way about anyone before.

"I can't say I'm surprised. Helen is special. If you really look you can see that. She can take care of herself yet she has this vulnerability that draws you in."

"Are you sure you don't wanna date her?!"

Claire laughed. "Very funny. She's all yours—I don't think Steve would appreciate that."

"Claire, I need you to be honest. Do you think that Helen and I could be together?"

"Honestly Nik, I have no idea what could or will happen. Obviously Helen has never experienced something like this. But I will say that she is one of the strongest people I know. If she chooses to do something, it is usually after careful thought and consideration. She doesn't just jump into something without thinking. But I think you two stand a fighting chance."

"Cheers Claire. Well, I'll keep you informed on the situation, seeing as you are her best friend."

"And that is exactly why you better not break her heart Nikki Wade. You'll have to answer to me if you do."

"Trust me, I don't plan on breaking her heart. I have a feeling it would be the other way around, she would break mine. She has stolen my heart."

Helen was up and to work early because she had a lot to get done before going out to lunch with Nikki. She tried to stay busy to keep herself from counting the hours till she saw Nikki. Today was going well, she only hoped it stayed that way.

Across town, Nikki was also busy. She was completing interviews for the open positions she had. She had what looked to be like one great massage therapist and a new yoga instructor. She was pleased with their experience and seemed to be personable. She was in a good mood while she drove to meet Helen. She didn't think today could get any better.

Nikki arrived at Balcony Bistro before Helen. She was sipping her water when Helen walked in. She felt her heart skip a beat when she saw Helen at the door. Helen looked stunning in that power suit. Nikki just wanted to rip it off her. The waiter pointed Helen to the table and Nikki stood up and waved to Helen.

"Hiya" Helen said and gave one of her signature smiles as she reached Nikki.

"Hello" Nikki replied and kissed Helen on the cheek. She wanted to kiss her on the lips but she didn't think that would go over too well in a public venue.

Both women sat and just stared at each other for a moment. Both could feel the love emanating from the other with just a simple look.

"Do you know what you do to me when you look at me like that?" Helen asked.

"Do you know what you do to me when you look at me like that?!" Nikki retorted.

"At least the feeling is mutual."

"I'm glad you feel that way Helen. By the way, you look absolutely gorgeous in that suit. It makes me want to take you back to my place and take it off of you."

Helen blushed. She wouldn't have minded if Nikki did that. She knew she didn't have the strength to make the first move, but she also knew she didn't have the strength to say no if Nikki pursued her.

"Thank you, you look beautiful yourself. Then again, you always look great."

Lunch went quickly for both women. Helen loved that she and Nikki could talk about everything and anything. Things were never awkward and she loved how they knew what the other was trying to say.

They were so caught up in talking that they lost track of time. Helen glanced at her watch 1:57pm.

"Nikki, I'm sorry but I have to go. I'm gonna be late for a meeting with my G-wing Principal Officers. Trust me, I wish I didn't have to go. I love spending time with you."

Nikki put her hand on to of Helen's. "Helen it's fine. Don't apologize for having an above average work ethic. It's one of the things I love about you---your sense or responsibility. You didn't become Governor of a prison by being late to meetings. Here, let me walk you to your car."

Nikki left money for the bill on the table and both women left the restaurant. They reached Helen's car and she unlocked it.

"Don't forget—Thursday 3pm. We'll sit in the whirlpool and then the massage" Nikki said.

"Sound good. Have a good day---Can't wait till Thursday" Helen said stepping closer to Nikki.

"Will do. Goodbye Helen" Nikki said before giving Helen a kiss that lasted a bit longer than a friendly goodbye kiss.

Helen smiled and looked deep into Nikki's gorgeous brown eyes, "Bye Nikki" before getting in her car.

Wednesday evening came too quickly for Helen. She had to rush home to get dinner ready for she and Claire. She didn't have time to make something really fancy so she decided on Chicken Caesar Salad with garlic bread. Claire said she was going to stop and get some wine on her way over.

Helen was in the middle of tearing the lettuce up for the salad when Claire arrived. She quickly let Claire in and went back to making the salad. After dropping her bag and coat in the lounge Claire came into the kitchen. She poured she and Helen a glass of chardonnay, and then began helping Helen with dinner. Claire was slicing tomatoes and Helen was browning the chicken when Claire decided to ask Helen about her lunch date.

"So how was lunch yesterday?"

Helen rolled her eyes but didn't turn around. She doesn't waste any time Helen thought. "Fine Claire" Helen answered noncommittal.

"Who'd you go to lunch with? Anyone I know?"

"Actually yes, Nikki Wade." Helen replied.

"Nikki?! Why didn't you just say so the other day!" Let's see if she'll admit to everything.

Helen turned and looked at Claire, "I don't know, I didn't want you to get jealous. I mean, you did introduce me to Nikki and I kinda felt like I was going behind your back; like we were leaving you out." Helen answered before turning her attention back to the chicken.

"Right. Is that the only reason?"

This time Helen turned all the way around, looking at Claire, catching the glint in her eyes, "What are you on about Claire Walker?"

"Oh come on Helen, do I really have to spell it out?! You and Nikki. The connection between you to was obvious from the moment you two shook hands."

Helen reached for her wine and took a long drink. Was she and Nikki's connection that obvious? It was clear as day to her, and Nikki, why wouldn't Claire be able to see it?

Helen sighed, "Alright, what do you wanna know?"

"The whole story, your feelings, is it going anywhere?"

"Is this all that obvious?!" Helen inquired.

"It is to me. I know you well Helen; I know Nikki. I was also there when you guys met, of course I can see it."

Over dinner, Helen proceeded to tell Claire about her massages, their date, make-out session at Nikki's and lunch yesterday.

"Am I crazy Claire? If you had asked me a month ago if I would cheat on Sean, let alone with a women, and be considering a lesbian relationship I would have laughed in your face."

"I don't think you're crazy at all. You know me Helen; I am probably the least judgmental person you know. And to be honest, I think you and Nikki are so comparable; you guys have similar worldviews, tastes in music and books. Looking back now, I can't believe I couldn't predict this. But the main question is, how do you feel about her?"

"We have so much in common, she's so easy to talk to. I think about her constantly, whenever I see her I get butterflies in my stomach and I can't stop smiling, I feel the need to be close to her, to touch her, and I miss her terribly the instant we part. I have never had these feeling for anyone before, that's why I'm not sure what I'm feeling."

"Helen Stewart, I believe what you're feeling is called love."

Love. I am in love with Nikki. Helen knew she was attracted to Nikki but she had always dismissed love. Helen's stomach dropped, her heart began to beat faster. It wasn't the thought of loving Nikki that was causing her problems, it was the implications of loving Nikki that had her troubled. She would have to end things with Sean. It would break his heart. What would her family and friends think? Would her father disown her? Probably.

Claire could see that Helen was very much distressed by the idea of loving Nikki. Claire knew Helen, she was struggling with the possible repercussions of choosing Nikki, not actually being with Nikki

"Helen, what are you scared of?"

"Hurting Sean, losing family and friends."

"Do you love Sean? Can you honestly say you feel for Sean the things you just told me you feel for Nikki?"

The answer to Claire's question was easy. "No" Helen answered and put her head down.

"Gender aside, could you see your life without Nikki?"

That answer was easy too. "No."

"Helen listen to me, you need to think about yourself. It's your life we're talking about. You're the one who has to live it for the next 50+ years. Do you want the fairy tale? Do you want 'happily ever after'? You should, you deserve it. I think that you're happily ever, your Prince Charming is Nikki Wade—not Sean Parr."

Helen looked up at Claire, she had tears in her eyes. Claire always knew what to say to get her to see the bigger picture. "Thank you for being such a great friend, I have no idea what I would do without you."

And as far as losing friends---you'll always have at least two, me and Nikki. You just need to take things one step at a time. We'll figure the rest out."


Part 13

Helen was on her way to Elements when her mobile rang.

"Helen Stewart"

"Hey Hels—where are you? I tried your office but they said you were done for the day."

Helen let out a sigh. "Sean, it's Thursday. I know I have been going for massages on Thursdays for the past three weeks. I'm on my way there now. Did you need something? I swear he has Alzheimer's at the age of 35.

"Oh, oh yeah. I wanted to let you know that I'm finishing a terrace and then I have to meet two potential clients so it looks like I'll be home late."

"Ok, fine—I gotta get going, I'm almost there."

"Bye darling."

"Bye Sean". Helen replied then closed her phone. As the days went by, Helen became more and more annoyed with Sean.

Helen parked her car and walked into Elements. She couldn't wait to see Nikki. She hurried into the lobby and was greeted by Rachel.

"Hi Miss Stewart, Miss Wade told me to send you straight through to her office."

"Cheers Rachel" Helen replied and walked towards the offices. She walked in and found an older woman, who she assumed was Nikki's PA.

"Hi, can I help you?" asked the older woman.

"Hi yes, Rachel sent me through to see Miss Wade. She is expecting me."

"Ah, you must be Helen."

"Yes, I am, it's a pleasure to me you…"

"Barbara, I'm Barbara, Nikki's personal assistant. It's a pleasure to finally meet you. Go on in, although I do believe she is on the phone."

"Cheers Barbara, it was nice meeting you."

Helen opened the office door and just as Barbara said Nikki was on the phone. She shut the door and turned to see Nikki with a huge grin on her face. Nikki motioned for Helen to come over to where she was standing. Helen walked to Nikki and wrapped her arms around Nikki's waist. Nikki pulled Helen in close and gave her a hug. When Nikki finished her response she tipped the receiver end of the phone up and kissed Helen. Nikki pulled away to answer whomever was on the other end of the phone. Helen moved her arms around Nikki's neck and began to place kisses along the right side. Helen decided to play a game. She decided to see if she could drive Nikki to distraction.

Helen licked and kissed her way up to Nikki's ear, "Hey beautiful." She then kissed the soft skin right below her ear.

"I missed you" Helen whispered breathlessly before taking her earlobe in her mouth.

Nikki's speech stuttered and she was having trouble remembering what she had to say.

"Get off the phone and kiss me properly", Helen whispered before sticking her tongue in Nikki's ear.

"Dom, I'm gonna have to call you back."

The phone wasn't even back in the cradle before Nikki's lips were on Helen's. Lips and tongues touched and tasted each other.

"Oh Helen, I missed you too. You made me so wet when you stuck your tongue in my ear."

At hearing that she made Nikki wet, Helen moaned and kissed Nikki more passionately.

Nikki had her hands on Helen's ass and Helen's hands were playing with the small curls at Nikki's neck as they continued to kiss. They were so lost in the moment that they didn't hear Barbara enter the office. Barbara cleared her throat pulling both women back to reality.

Helen and Nikki pulled apart. Helen could feel the heat rising to her cheeks. She had just been caught in a compromising situation with another woman. This was a first, Helen thought. Nikki could feel that Helen was uncomfortable and decided the best way to deal with this is to make quick and easy work of Barbara.

"Did you need something Babs?" Nikki asked her as if she didn't just walking in on her and Helen snogging.

"Just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving for the day."

"Sounds good—I'll see you tomorrow."

"Goodbye to you both."

"Bye" was the reply from Nikki and Helen.

As soon as the door closed, Nikki kissed Helen ever so gently.

"Hi" she said as she tucked a strand of stray hair behind Helen's ear.


"Can I ask where you got that little stunt you pulled while I was on the phone?"

"Mmm…not telling. Besides, I had to get your full attention."

"You did, did you?" Nikki flirted pulling Helen close again.

"Uh-huh." Helen replied and nuzzled Nikki's neck.

"Well, I'm all yours—you have my full attention for the rest of the night" Nikki said before leaning down to kiss the shorter woman.

Nikki pulled away first. "Sauna or whirlpool?"

"What?" Helen asked confused.

"Which would you rather do before the massage—sauna or whirlpool?"

"Umm…let's try the sauna this week."

"Whatever the lady wants, the lady gets" Nikki replied grabbing Helen's hand and leading her towards the locker room.

Nikki held to door to the sauna open for Helen, then followed her in. Helen looked around, the sauna was empty.

"Looks like we got the place to ourselves."

Nikki wrapped her arms around Helen's waist from behind.

"Good, I get you all to myself." Nikki said before kissing her neck. Helen leant her head back on Nikki's shoulder giving her better access. When Helen couldn't take it anymore, she turned around in Nikki's arms and kissed her fiercely.

When these two women came together, it was explosive. The rulebook was thrown right out the window. For whatever reason, all their inhibitions disappeared when they were together. All they could see was each other. To both of them, nothing else in the world mattered when they were together.

Nikki pulled Helen towards the bench that ran the length of the back wall. Nikki sat down pulling Helen down to straddle her. Lips wandered over faces and necks. Nikki kissed her way down Helen's chest and pulled apart the top of Helen's robe. She moved the backs of her hands over Helen's breasts and nipples. Nikki thought Helen's breasts were perfect. They were proportionate to her body and her areolas and nipples were not too big or too small.

Nikki looked into Helen's eyes, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

She kissed Helen passionately for a few moments before taking Helen's breasts in her hands and lowering her mouth to Helen's right nipple.

The moment Nikki's tongue touched her nipple Helen could not contain herself and she cried out softly. Helen grabbed the back of Nikki's head and held on tightly as to tell Nikki not to move. Nikki continued to caress Helen's breasts and kissed her way over to the left breast where she continued her loving assault.

"Oh, oh god…Nikki" Helen exclaimed as she threw her head back. Helen could feel the wetness seeping out from between her legs. Nikki made her so wet. She didn't think it was physically possible to be this wet.

Both women were slick with sweat and were breathing hard. "I want you Helen, I want you so badly." Nikki said

"I know baby, I want you too" Helen replied. Helen started clawing at the top of Nikki's robe trying to free Nikki's breasts. Just as Helen lowered her head to Nikki's left breast both women heard voices coming their way. It was two women talking and it sounded like it was right outside.

"Shit!" Nikki exclaimed helping Helen stand up and fix her robe. Nikki looked down at her own robe and fixed it. Just as the door opened, Helen sat down next to Nikki. All the two women entering the sauna were two other women sitting on the bench enjoying the peace and quiet. Nikki and Helen sat there another five minutes and then decided to leave.

"That was close!" Nikki exclaimed as soon as the door to the sauna was closed.

"Too close!" Helen giggled. "It was fun though. We'll have to do that again."

"Of course!" was Nikki's reply as they headed towards the massage rooms.

"We're gonna be in room two" Nikki told Helen.

Nikki was excited. She had a surprise for Helen. This was the couples massage room. It was a larger room with two tables, candles and ambiance lighting. Tonight they would both get a massage. Nikki had not had a massage in over a month so she was looking forward to relaxing.

Nikki opened the door for Helen. Once inside, Helen turned to Nikki and asked

"What is this?"

"This is my couple's massage room. I figured we both could get a massage tonight. I haven't had one in a while so I decided to treat myself tonight too."

The next hour was relaxing for both women. Both forgot about the stresses of their lives and focused on how good the massage felt and how even better it felt to be with one another.

When they were done, they headed towards the locker room to shower and get ready to go to dinner. Both grabbed their stuff for the shower and grabbed a stall. Nikki desperately wanted to share a stall with Helen but she knew they would end up shagging and this was not the time, nor the place to make love to Helen for the first time.

"Hey Nik?" Helen shouted over to the next stall


"Do you wanna come round to mine? Sean is going to be out late meeting potential clients, and I don't quite feel like going home to an empty flat. We could order take-away and just veg-out in front of the telly or read a good book. What do you think?"

Nikki smiled to herself "Sounds perfect" she replied.

Both women finished up in the locker room, then they stopped by Nikki's office quickly to pick up her bag. As they left through the front doors of Elements, Nikki grabbed Helen's hand. Helen looked down at their hands and then up at Nikki and smiled. They walked hand in hand to their cars.

Nikki and Helen spent the evening with Thai take-away, a bottle of wine, and a good book. They ate the food in the kitchen and together washed all the dishes and put them into the dishwasher as if they had been doing it together for years. They grabbed their glasses and the bottle of wine and headed into the lounge.

Helen told Nikki that she had this new book she was going to start reading only to discover Nikki also wanted to read it. They decided they could read it together. Nikki settled on the couch and Helen sat between Nikki's legs. Helen leaned back into Nikki and Nikki wrapped her arms around Helen as she began to read. Over the next two hours they took turns reading the story to each other.

During one of the times Nikki was reading, Helen thought about their current state. She was sitting on the couch, in the arms of the one person she cared for the most in the entire world, reading a favorite book. I don't think life can get any more perfect.

At about 9:40 pm Helen heard keys in the front door. Helen sat up and turned to Nikki,

"That's Sean home."

Helen quickly stood grabbed the other book that had been sitting on the end table and plopped down into the recliner on the other side of the room.

"Hels, I'm home. Do we have company?"

"Yes, we have company, we're in the lounge." Helen answered Sean.

Sean came into the lounge and kissed Helen on the cheek. Then turned around to meet Helen's guest.

"Sean, I want you to meet Nikki Wade. She is the owner of the spa I've been going to and a friend of Claire's"

"Hello Nikki, pleased to meet you. Helen has just raved about your spa. She said it is a piece of heaven on earth."

Nikki inwardly smiled, I bet she did.

If only you knew Sean. Helen thought simultaneously.

Nikki suddenly did not feel comfortable in Helen's house. She looked at her watch and stood.

"Well, I must get going. I have an early meeting with my staff tomorrow before we open. Helen thank you once again for dinner, it was fantastic. Sean, it was nice to meet you."

"Likewise, have a good evening Nikki" Sean replied and reached for the telly remote.

"Here, let me walk you to the door" Helen said.

Helen followed Nikki to the foyer, and grabbed her coat off the hook while Nikki put her shoes on. Once Nikki had her shoes and coat on she turned to Helen "Thanks again for dinner, this evening has been wonderful."

"I can't think of a more perfect way to spend an evening with someone you care about."

Nikki leant in and kissed Helen softly and quietly.

Helen pulled away in fear that Sean might hear them. "Good night Nikki, call me tomorrow."

"Good night darling. I shall indeed call you tomorrow" Nikki said as she rubbed her thumb over Helen's cheek. Nikki pulled her hand away, opened the door and stepped into the night.

Helen locked the door and walked back into the lounge. She gathered the glasses and empty wine bottle and took them to the kitchen. She threw the bottle in the trash and put the glasses in the sink.

"I'm heading up to bed" Helen announced as she walked through the lounge grabbing her cell phone from her purse on her way up the stairs.

"Ok babes, I'll be up in a bit" Sean replied never taking his eyes off the television.

Once upstairs Helen changed into a pair of shorts and a vest, then got into bed. She grabbed her cell phone off the nightstand and texted Nikki.

Tonight could not have been any more perfect. I miss you already. Call me tom. Goodnight darling Hxx

Not even two minutes later, Helen phone beeped with a text message from Nikki

Tonight was perfect. Miss you too. I will call. Sweet dreams beautiful. Nxx

Helen smiled and then turned her cell phone off. She put it back on the nightstand and turned out the light. That night she fell asleep thinking about Nikki Wade.

Over the next three weeks, Helen's weekly routine was about the same. She had lunch with Nikki one day, lunch with Claire another, and then spent Thursdays at Elements for the massage and then dinner with Nikki either at Nikki's flat or at a restaurant.

Helen and Nikki got to know each other even better, and were growing closer to each other by the day. Both women knew they loved the other. They spoke of a future, places they wanted to visit together; they even discussed how Helen felt about being in a lesbian relationship. When they were together, nothing felt more right; they felt the world could not get any more perfect than when they were together.

However, there was one topic that both women tiptoed around and that was Sean. Over dinner last Thursday night Nikki told Helen how she felt about sharing her with Sean. Helen told Nikki that she understood Nikki's feelings and that they would be together soon. Helen told Nikki that she needed to tell Sean in her own way, in her own time. Nikki was not pleased with that response but she knew Helen was her soul mate, she owed it to Helen to give her a bit more time.

Thursday arrived and Helen went to Elements as she had for over a month. She was never so happy to see Nikki after the row she had with Sean the night before.

They had argued because Sean wanted to have sex and Helen told him she didn't feel well. Sean began acting childish and informed her that they hadn't had sex in over a month. Helen's only reply was 'it would just have to wait another night'. Sean, ignored Helen the rest of the night, much to Helen's relief. Helen knew in her heart that she would never sleep with Sean again and their relationship was as good as over, but she was not going to tell him that tonight.

While Nikki and Helen were sitting in the whirlpool enjoying a good soak before their massages, Claire was taking a call from Sean


"Hey Claire, it's Sean."

"Hey Sean, what's up?"

"Look I need you to do me a big favor. Last night Helen and I had a huge row and I feel like an arse for what I said to her. I was hoping you could tell me the address of the spa so I could show up and surprise Helen with flowers and take her out to dinner as a way to apologize."

Warning bells went off in Claire's head, but she realized she had no choice but to give Sean the address. She only hoped that she would be able to reach Helen in time to warn her that Sean was on his way.

Claire gave Sean the address, he was grateful and quickly rang off. She immediately dialed Helen's mobile. It rang once--twice—Come on Helen, pick up! This is important. Helen's voicemail came on. Damn!

"Hey Helen, it's Claire, I hope you get this before it's too late. Sean called me wanting the address of the spa so he could surprise you with flowers and dinner as an apology for the row you guys had last night. I had no choice to give it to him, he would have been suspicious if I didn't. So he's on his way to Elements…Heads up to you and Nikki. Hope everything is ok…call me later, let me know how things turn out."

At about 5:45pm Nikki and Helen left the locker room, stopped by Nikki's office then headed towards the lobby. Before they left, Nikki needed to give a stack of invoices to Rachel to go through before tomorrow afternoon. They walked into the lobby hand in hand and stopped at Rachel's desk, neither one noticing the man sitting in a nearby chair.

Rachel smiled and said "Look at you two…awww…have fun tonight…don't do anything I wouldn't do!" And winked at them!

Nikki and Helen smiled, "Ha ha Rach, you're so funny" Nikki replied trying not to sound amused. "See you tomorrow."

"Bye ladies."

Helen and Nikki turned around and had only took a couple steps before they stopped dead in their tracks when they noticed Sean standing in front of the chairs with a dozen roses in his arms.

"What the hell is going on here?!"


Part 14

"Sean! What the hell are you doing here?!" Helen exclaimed letting go of Nikki's hand.

"I came here to apologize for last night and take you out to dinner. You still didn't answer my question Helen, what the hell is going on?"

This is the beginning of the end Helen thought.

"Sean, can we go home and talk about this? I don't think this is the place to discuss what's happening."

"What is happening Helen? Sean said ignoring her suggestion.

"You want to do this here, fine" Helen stated "Sean, I didn't want you to find out this way, but I'm leaving you."

Sean stood there dumbfounded "What?!"

"I'm leaving you. I want you to find somewhere else to live as soon as possible."


"Because I don't love you." Helen said bowing her head.

"Helen, since when have your feeling for me changed? I thought we were happy. I've been saving to buy you an engagement ring." Sean replied sitting down in a nearby chair and running his hands through his hair.

"Sean, did you honestly think that everything was ok?"

"I thought we were happy, I thought we were stable. I thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives together."

Helen sighed, she knew she was breaking Sean's heart. "Yes, Sean we were a stable couple, yes I care for you, and yes for the most part, we were happy. But things change. Also, you have to admit, lately we have been growing apart—we haven't spent much time together. We both work long hours and…

Sean cut in, "Yeah you're right—we haven't seen much of each other because you've been carrying on a secret life as a dyke!"

Helen was furious at Sean's implication. "Sean that isn't fair and you know it! Whether you want to admit it or not—things between us have not been good for a while, even before I met Nikki. Lately, so many things about our relationship have left a lot to be desired. Communication, sex…

"So blame me! Sex wasn't good so you went elsewhere, sex isn't all a relationship is based on!"

"Sean, this isn't about sex and I know now more than ever, that there is more to a relationship than sex. I guess it was fate that brought Nikki and I together. I don't know how to explain what I found with her. I feel like I've found my best friend. I found someone who has many of the same interests as me, someone who understands what I'm feeling even when I haven't said a word, someone who listens and offers support when I need it. Nikki is loving, thoughtful, selfless, someone who loves me for me, not for the person I could be or might be."

"So this is it. We're over just like that?"

"I'm sorry Sean, I never meant to hurt you" Helen said with tears in her eyes "Honestly I didn't."

"Well, you did" Then, like a flick of a switch, Sean got mad. "You know what?! Fuck this and FUCK YOU HELEN! Don't come crawling back to me when that dyke can't give you what real man can! And don't worry, I'll be out of the flat by Sunday." Sean started towards the door and then turned around

"Hope you're ready to lose all your family and friends for her. 'Cause we both know that so much of this world does not tolerate that lifestyle, and we both know your father sure as hell won't either! Have a nice life Helen!" Sean said and then stalked out the door."

By this time the tears were flowing freely. Helen walked over to a chair and sat down; she buried her face in her hands.

"Why is this so hard?! I know I made the right decision, I know in my heart I did." Helen stated wiping the tears from her eyes."

Nikki knelt in from of Helen, "It's hard because you care about him; you spent 5 years of your life with him. It's understandable that you're upset. In fact, I'd be more worried if you weren't upset at all."

Helen looked up at Nikki with a tear-stained face. "Thank you Nikki. Never in my entire life have I met anyone like you. You are so special. Everything I told Sean I meant. Nikki Wade, you are all of those things and so much more. I love you."

Nikki took a deep breath—she couldn't be her ears. Helen had just told her that she loved her.

"Helen, I love you too…so much." Nikki stood up, pulling Helen with her. She took Helen's face in her hands. "Helen Stewart, I believe with all my heart that you are my soulmate; my other half, my better half." Nikki said before she kissed Helen ever so gently. The soft kiss continued, as a affirmation of their love.

"Awww—you guys are so cute!" Rachel said peeking from behind the receptionist desk.

Helen and Nikki immediately turned towards the sound of the voice. They were so wrapped up in the moment that they forgot they were standing in the middle of spa lobby.

"Let's get out of here." Helen said quickly.

"Come home with me. Let me take care of you tonight. Let me show you how much I love you."

"Yes, I will come home with you. I too, want to show you just how much I love you."


Part 15

It was a quiet ride back to Nikki's flat. Nikki could feel the tension in Helen. She knew Helen was struggling with her emotions. She had been in the same situation with Trish six months ago. You still care about that person—you don't want to hurt them, but some things you just have to do. Nikki grabbed Helen's and held it the rest of the way to the flat. It was a simple gesture that let Helen know she was there for her.

They arrived at Nikki's flat and went inside. Both women took their coats and shoes off before heading to the kitchen.

"Are you hungry?" Nikki asked Helen.

"A bit, but don't trouble yourself."

"Helen, it's ok, I'm hungry. All I ate today was a bagel with cream cheese. My stomach is screaming 'feed me'!"


Nikki prepared them a simple dinner of sandwiches and a fresh garden salad while Helen set the table and poured them both a glass of wine. Both women sat down to eat neither really saying anything. Finally Nikki broke the silence

"Helen are you ok?"

Helen sighed and put down her fork. "Yeah, I guess--I still can't believe that Sean and I are over. I was totally shocked he showed up at spa. I didn't picture the conversation going quite like it did. I mean, I knew when I told him the truth I would hurt him deeply; but I guess I had to end things for both of our sakes, before we got in too deep and couldn't get out. It all happened so quickly, everything this past month has happened so quickly." Helen looked down at the table and began rubbing her temples.

Helen was making it sound like she was second-guessing she and Nikki's relationship. Was she changing her mind about being with her? Nikki didn't know what to think or how to feel. This was truth time, Nikki needed to know where she stood with Helen.

Nikki took a deep breath and then asked, "Helen, do you regret the past month?"

"What? Nikki, what gave you that idea?"

"Everything you just said. You said things have happened so quickly, that you can't believe you're done with Sean…"

Helen waved Nikki off. "Nikki stop and listen to me" Helen got up out of her chair and went over to where Nikki was sitting and knelt down. Nikki turned her chair to face Helen and Helen grabbed Nikki's hands and squeezed them tight.

"Nikki, I don't want you to think for even a minute that I am second-guessing having met you or falling in love with you. I have never been more grateful to God for bringing you into my life. Nikki Wade, I feel so loved by you. You have given so much of yourself, you have been patient with me, and sometimes I swear that you can read my mind, which is kind of scary…but in a good way. Having you in my life, knowing that you love me and feel the exact same way about me that I feel about you is like nothing I imagined. This past month has been crazy, I admit that, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Claire asked me if I wanted 'happily ever after' if I wanted Prince Charming; and I do want that. In fact, I know I have it. You Nikki Wade, are my Price Charming and being with you is my 'happily ever after'."

By this time, both women had tears in their eyes. Helen squeezed Nikki's hands and then kissed both of Nikki's palms before leaning up to kiss Nikki.

Nikki bent down to meet Helen for the kiss. When their lips touched Nikki felt a rush. She always felt a rush when she kissed Helen. It was like a first kiss every time. The kiss continued and like always, things quickly became heated. Nikki slid off the chair not breaking the kiss and slowly pushed Helen backwards until Helen was lying on the floor and she was on top.

This make-out session was sizzling hot. Helen knew exactly where this would lead and she was never more ready; in fact, it couldn't happen soon enough. Helen began to kiss and suck her way up to Nikki's ear

"I want you Nikki—I want you so bad it hurts" Helen captured Nikki's lips in a searing kiss as she reached for the buttons on Nikki's shirt and started to undo them. Suddenly Nikki pulled out of the kiss.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Helen asked

"Nothing is wrong. Helen I want you too, real bad; but not on my kitchen floor. This is not what I had in mind when I pictured making love to you for the first time. I want to do this right, I want this to be memorable."

Nikki stood up and put out her hand to help Helen up. Once both women were standing, Nikki kissed Helen gently on the lips once again she put out her hand.

"Come with me."

Helen took Nikki's hand and they made their way to the bedroom. Once inside the room, Nikki stopped at the foot of the king sized bed and pulled Helen tow her. She held Helen in her arms, their lips sealed tightly in a passionate kiss, tongues dancing wildly in each other's mouths, hands searching, exploring.

Helen started unbuttoning Nikki's blouse and Nikki stood there in awe that Helen seemed confident in what she was doing. Once Helen had the blouse unbuttoned, she pushed it off Nikki's shoulders. Helen ran her fingers over Nikki's collarbone, over her left breast down to Nikki's toned stomach.

"You are so beautiful Nikki, and very sexy."

Nikki had about all she could take of being passive during this encounter. She again kissed Helen fiercely and ran her hand under Helen's shirt and in one motion Nikki lifted her shirt and pushed Helen's bra up so she could suck and like Helen's nipples freely. As soon as Nikki's lips touched her nipples Helen cried out and her knees became weak. Nikki could feel Helen's knees give way so Nikki slipped her hands down over Helen's ass grabbing her cheeks in her palms and Nikki lifted Helen off her feet. Helen wrapped her legs around Nikki's waist, put her arms around Nikki's neck and kissed her with such force that it was like Helen sucked the air right out of Nikki's lungs. Nikki broke the kiss to keep from falling down and taking Helen with her. Nikki made her way to the bed then took the backs of Helen's knees in her hands lower Helen to the bed. As soon as Helen was on the bed she quickly removed her shirt and bra giving Nikki and uninhibited view of her perfect breasts.

Nikki stood at the foot of the bed looking at Helen she was mesmerized.

"I can't believe I've got you"

Nikki quickly removed her pants and thong, and then slowly removed her bra giving Helen a candid view of her breasts and toned body. Nikki could see the desire in Helen's eyes. She moved on top of Helen and kissed her on the mouth, trailing kisses down to her stomach where she helped Helen get her pants and underwear off all in one deft movement. They worked in perfect synchronization like they had done this thousands of times before. Nikki leaned forward pushing her thigh into Helen's centre and took Helen's breasts in her hands kneading them softly and brushing the nipples with my palms.

"Yes" Helen hissed as her nipples hardened under Nikki's palms. Slowly Nikki moved her right hand down inside Helen's thighs, then slowly moved upwards. Nikki found the hot, silk that she so desired. Helen was soaking wet, she was ready. Helen threw her head back and a guttural moan escaped her throat when Nikki touched her rock hard clit.

Nikki entered Helen with two fingers. Helen moaned and pushed herself down on Nikki's hand. Helen could not believe Nikki made her feel this way. Slowly Nikki began to move her fingers in and out of Helen. Helen matched Nikki's motion, knowing that it wouldn't be too much longer before her orgasm would burst forth.

"Faster." Helen whispered and Nikki obliged adding another finger. It only took about 8 more strokes for Helen to ride the waves of her orgasm. Helen began to relax but Nikki wasn't ready to let her. Leaving her fingers inside Helen she made her way up Helen's body.

"I want to taste you" Nikki whispered in Helen's ear before making her way down between Helen's legs.

Nikki wanted nothing more than to taste Helen's sweet pussy. The aroma and the feeling of her hot, wet pussy surrounding her fingers was making Nikki delirious. Nikki spread Helen's thighs and slowly kissed and licked her way to her pussy. Nikki could see the glistening nectar on Helen's sex. Nikki slowly and cautiously, began licking Helen's nectar from her outer lips and then her inner lips. Nikki slowly worked her way up to Helen's clit. When Nikki suddenly took it in her mouth, Helen gasped as her entire body spasmed. Nikki kept her hands wrapped tightly around Helen's hips to keep her from bucking Nikki off in a moment of passion. Nikki thrust her tongue deep inside Helen, making her moan and thrash about. Nikki sucked Helen's clit into her mouth and sucked on it until she could feel it swelling in her mouth. With each

flick of Nikki's tongue another spasm was sent through her Helen's body. Nikki brought her right hand up and gently inserted her middle finger inside her. Nikki added another finger and pumped hard and fast until Helen cried out as the waves of passion overwhelmed her. Helen was so hot and tight and wet that Nikki nearly drowned in the waves of my own climax that overtook her without warning. The combination of her fingers inside Helen and the vibrations on her clit from her tongue Nikki came harder than she ever knew she could.

Nikki slowed down and gently lapped up all of Helen's sweet nectar, not leaving a drop to be wasted.

With her finger still inside Helen, Nikki kissed her way up Helen's body to her breast, where Nikki stopped to suck as much of Helen's breast as possible into her mouth and lick the nipple as it popped back out of her mouth. Nikki then continued her ascent to Helen's soft, supple, waiting lips. Nikki kissed her mouth as if it were the last kiss of her life. Helen reached her hand up to Nikki's face and stroked her cheek softly, then ran her finger down the side of Nikki's neck to her shoulder and down to her breast. She took Nikki's nipple in her fingers as Nikki moaned in her mouth. The kiss was so passionate and Helen's touch was making Nikki so hot that she could barely breath. The next thing Nikki knew, Helen's hand was inside her pussy, opening her drenched wet lips to put her finger inside. The instant Helen touched Nikki's inner lips another orgasm wracked Nikki's body. Both women were moaning and breathing heavily as our tongues intertwined in their erotic dance that seemed to only prolong Nikki's orgasm.

With their fingers inside each other, both women thought they had died and gone to heaven. Helen was so wet now that her juices were spilling out around Nikki's fingers. Helen then pulled her hips away and Nikki was left with a very wet finger in the cool night air. Nikki broke the kiss and brought her dripping wet finger to her mouth and licked Helen's sweet juices from it, sucking and licking up every drop, so as not to

waste any.

Both women laid on the bed basking in the afterglow of their amazing love-making. Sex had never been more powerful for either woman. Helen could not believe that making love to someone you really love could be that soul-touching. Helen turned on her side to face Nikki. Nikki, feeling Helen move, turned towards her.

"You're amazing." Helen said as she caressed Nikki's cheek

"So are you" Nikki replied tucking a strand of damp hair behind Helen's ear.

"I love you Nikki. After what I just experienced with you, I know beyond a shadow of doubt that you are my soul mate" Helen then leaned in and kissed Nikki ever so softly on the lips.

"I love you too Helen, I love you too"

Helen then snuggled up to Nikki, resting her head on Nikki's shoulder and placing one leg possessively over one of Nikki's legs. It wasn't long before sleep overtook both women.


Part 16

Helen woke in a bit of a panic because she didn't recognize where she was. When she realized she was at Nikki's flat she relaxed and felt a soft body behind her and Nikki's arm draped over her waist. Helen couldn't help but smile, I wouldn't mind waking up to this every morning she thought. Reaching for Nikki's hand, Helen tucked it to herself and moved closer to Nikki.

Slowly Nikki woke to the feeling of Helen pulling her close.

"Mmmm…so last night was not a dream."

"No, it wasn't" Helen whispered pressing herself further into Nikki.

"Good morning darling", Nikki whispers into Helen's ear and begins small, light kisses on Helen's neck. As always this action elicits moans of please from Helen.

Turning around in Nikki's arms Helen looked deeply into Nikki's eyes. Both women could feel the others'

whole body smiling. They both knew how significant and meaningful last night was. It was coming together of their souls. Soft are both their lips and kisses that follow. Helen's whole body pulls me in as Nikki grinds herself into Helen. Nikki feel Helen's sweet flesh under her own as they moved together, entwined in the sheets. Kissing her deeply Nikki grinded her hip bone into Helen and felt her sweet juices begin to flow as Helen wrapped her legs around Nikki's torso. Groaning loudly Helen jolted as Nikki hit her sweet spot. Slowly and very deliberately Nikki continued the motion giving Helen what she desired.

Holding herself over top of Helen, Nikki bore down hard with her hip into Helens clit and could feel the shock waves course through her tiny body as Helen cried out for more. Gladly Nikki obliged, as she wanted nothing more that to give Helen whatever she wanted.

"Deeper baby", Helen moans as Nikki pushed harder into her now very wet pussy.

Holding onto Nikki's ass, Helen pulled Nikki into herself as her body shakes.

"Oh YES…YES, YES….baby YES", she moans loudly.

Pushing deeply against her Nikki felt Helen's body shake again as she grabbed Nikki in a bear hug.

Slowly Nikki felt Helen's body surrender. Holding her close, Nikki laid her head upon Helen's chest as Helen's breathing slow to normal. Helen's fingers were twisted in Nikki's curls at her neck. Nikki loved the feel of Helen's hands entangled in them and it drove her wild.

"Baby, that's just what I needed this morning", Helen says.

Nikki can't help but to smile, "It' would be a bad way to start every day like we just did."

"No complaints from me!" Helen giggled

"Oi! I better fit into this daily routine somewhere!" Nikki giggled grabbing a pillow and playfully smacking Helen with it.

"Oh, don't worry darling, you do…Let me show you what I had in mind."

By 8:15 am, both women were sitting at the kitchen table in their robes, eating breakfast and discussing how they were going to spend the day since they both we pulling a sickie from work.

"Do you have anything in particular you need to do today Helen?" Nikki asked

"I do actually." Helen stood up and walked over to Nikki.

"Where do you need to go?" Nikki asked as Helen sat down on her lap wrapping her arms around Nikki's neck.

"Anywhere you're going darling." Helen said placing a soft kiss on Nikki's lips.

"Anywhere?" Nikki teased, "So, if said I wanted to go to a lesbian biker bar you would come with me?"

Helen mouth hung open and she tilted her head "Where?! That's pushing it Wade!"

Nikki laughed, "I'm only kidding! But I wouldn't mind going over to the Columbia Road Market to look for some plants and stuff for my garden. I figure we could look around down there and then grab a bit of lunch at one of the cafés. What do you think?"

"It sounds like a wonderful plan. But do you mind if we stop by flat? I really should get some new clothes, I don't think you want to take me to the market in this" Helen said looking down at the robe she had on.

"I wouldn't mind if you went to the market in that. I think you look decidedly sexy in that. But then again I'm biased…and selfish; I don't wanna share you with other people. They're not special enough to see all your bits and pieces" Nikki said as she peaked down at Helen's cleavage.

Helen pulled her robe closed "And what bits and pieces would that be?!"

"How about you join me in the shower and I'll point them out to you."

"Oooo, you're naughty Miss Wade!" Helen said as she got off Nikki's lap.

"I haven't even started Miss Stewart" Nikki stated as she grabbed Helen by the hand and escorted her to the shower.

Nikki and Helen didn't make it to Helen's flat until about 10:30am. The shower took a little longer than anticipated. Nikki did indeed point out all of Helen's bits and pieces and gave her a 'physical' which they joked about all the way to Helen's flat.

Their mood changed quickly when they pulled up outside Helen's flat where they found Sean loading his stuff into his work van.

"I was hoping he wasn't going to be here." Helen said when put the car in park.

"We could always come back in a bit."

"No, I got to face him sometime. Besides, he already saw us, it would make him even madder if we turned around and left."

"Why don't I wait in the car while you go in and change?"

"Don't be stupid, he's a grown man, and he is going to have to accept this, us."

"Ok, if that's what you want. But I'm warning you, he's still angry and bitter. I hope he doesn't lash out at your, or me, or both of us."

"Sean, has never been violent, I don't see him starting now. Come on, let's get this over with."

By the time they got out of the car Sean was back inside gathering another load. Helen opened the front door and Nikki followed her in. They entered the lounge and there was no sign of Sean.

Helen walked up to Nikki and said in a quiet voice, "I think he's upstairs in the bedroom. I'm gonna go up there and get changed, you should probably stay down here. I think I'll pack an overnight bag that way if things do turn ugly I don't have to come back till things cool down."

"Sounds like a good idea."

"I'll be back in a few minutes."

Helen made her way upstairs to the bedroom where she found Sean emptying the top shelf of his closet.

"Do you need any help?" she asked as she made her way over to her dresser.

Sean laughed sarcastically, "Not from you—and definitely not from your little girlfriend downstairs."

"Sean, don't bring Nikki into this she…"

"Helen stop! Don't tell me she doesn't have anything to do with this! If it wasn't for her you'd still be with ME."

"I'm not an object to be kept or lost!" Helen turned around with an armful of clothes and her overnight bag and threw them on the bed.

"No you're not. But, you were mine and now you're not."

"That may be true Sean, but it was only a matter of time before we were over." Helen said as she shoved clothes into the bag.

"It most likely would have been a mutual decision, not you running off to be a lesbian. Do you have any idea what people are gonna say about me when they find out!? They are gonna say I turned you gay!!"

"And I can see my coming out will be incredibly uncomfortable and difficult for YOU!" Helen said in a sardonic tone. "Look I didn't come here for an argument, I'll come back another time." Helen grabbed the bag and started towards the door.

Sean dropped the box he was holding and went after Helen "Don't walk away from me! We weren't through talking!"

Helen was to the stairs when Sean caught up to her. "Please Helen, give me another chance. I'll do whatever you want me to do. I'll be the man you need."

"I'm sorry Sean, I can't do that. I love Nikki, not you." And she turned to start down the stairs when Sean grabbed her by the arm. Helen turned and looked at him. She had never seen Sean look so angry.

"I will never forgive you for this! What you two are doing is unnatural, it's not normal!"

Nikki heard the yelling so she started towards the stairs.

"Sean let go of my arm! You're hurting me!" Helen yelled as she tried to pull away from Sean.

"You make me physically sick." Sean yelled then let go of Helen's arm.

What happened next none of them could have predicted. Helen was already standing dangerously close to the top of the stairs, trying to get away from Sean. When he did finally let go the momentum that she created trying to pull away from him was redirected causing Helen to stumble backwards falling down the stairs.

Everything was like a movie in slow motion. From the bottom of the staircase Nikki witnessed Helen lose her balance and plummet down the stairway.

"Noooooo!!" Nikki yelled, rushing over to Helen whose unconscious body had come to rest about three feet in front of her.

Nikki looked up to Sean who stood motionless at the top of the stairs.

What have you done you BASTARD!?!?

Part 17

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