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Love Transcends Reality
By blackrider11


It is far past your bedtime, Susan had you running around all day, muttering something about the impossibilities of the blood from the usual rain of blood that you get every few weeks or so. When you pointed out that you both had class tomorrow, she waved you off and ran toward the science building with her collected samples. You had sighed in dismay but had chosen to do the practical thing, to return to your shared room and go to sleep.

Unfortunately, sleep is not forthcoming. You let your mind drift, trying to get sleep to come to you but the events of the past week keep invading your thoughts.

Monsters, vampires, werewolves. Really? You stopped believing in monsters when you met Susan for the first time. She believed too much and even now she insists on bunking your beds because "there is more of a chance to observe one in its natural habitat." You're absolutely positive that it has more to do with the fact she likes to make a blanket fort on the bottom bunk.

As for vampires, they don't exist at all. Most are all just misunderstood, allergic to sunlight humans. The legends are stories that people twisted to suit their needs and decided, vampire would be the right way to go.

These thoughts come and go, yet still no sleep comes. Then the thought that you dread comes to pass.

What if all these things are real?

NO. NO. You can never admit, you will never admit, that these things are real, that Silas is more than just a university. Because the moment you admit that, the moment you even think that it's a possibility is the moment you have to admit Susan LaFontaine isn't real. That she's just a made up childhood friend, one that you had created to cope with your real life. That the person you've relied on to look after you and for you to care for, the person who is your person. To have to acknowledge that somehow you magically created her from an imaginary friend to a breathing human being. To do that, would break you in more ways than one because you can't imagine living without her. And it would mean that no matter how much you love her, no matter how much you care, no matter how much you wish it.

She would never really love you back.

The End

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