Once A Year G LaFontaine/Perry Under optimum conditions LaFontaine could get Perry to believe in magic. Since Silas does not provide it, they'll have to make their own. Complete

Love Transcends Reality PG LaFontaine/Perry Perry does not believe in the supernatural although Silas is all but screaming it in her face. Complete

Weather Experiment G LaFontaine/Perry LaFontaine asks Perry to help her with an experiment. Complete


At What Cost PG Laura/Carmilla Laura navigates the unexpected challenges of dating a vampire. Complete

Self-Censorship PG Laura/Carmilla Laura catches Carmilla in an unguarded moment thanks to a little help from the Alchemy Department. Complete

Kristina K

How to show off your fangs and be polite about it PG-13 Laura/Carmilla Laura is curious about Carmilla's vampire teeth, Carmilla is not happy about it (or is she), and LaFontaine should, for thier own sanity, learn how to knock. Complete

The one in which Danny quotes Mr. Darcy PG Laura/Danny That entire lengthily monologue about boys and 'shady behavior' her father gave her should have been about girls and how not to lose your freaking wits over them like she has over Danny. Complete

The one in which vampires do cry PG-13 Laura/Carmilla "Please, Mother!" She beggs. "Don't hurt her. Let her go. Kill Me! Kill me instead!" Complete


Daydreaming and Consequences New PG Laura/Carmilla This is just a bit of fluff, taking place at an undisclosed point in time, but let's say after season one. Complete