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Marking Time
By trancer


Sikozu shifted in her seat. It had been the tenth time in just as many minutes and still she couldn't seem to get comfortable.

"Are we there yet?" She asked haughtily.

Aeryn clenched her jaw. Suppressed thoughts of reaching back and throttling her passenger. "We are no closer to Moya than the last time you asked, nor the time before that. So, I'd suggest you stop asking."

Sikozu leaned back in her seat, folded her arms across her chest. "I'm bored."

"Read a book. Count the stars. Play the 'no more talking because silence makes Aeryn very, very happy' game."

"Can I ask you a question?"

"If I say 'no' will you shut up?"


"Fine, then shall I remind you that the fastest way to get us home is to allow me to fly this primitive ship. A ship that requires all my attention."

"There IS an autopilot," she pulled the book from beside her, waving it by Aeryn's head. "I read the manual."


"C'mon," she leaned forward. Draped her arms over Aeryn's seat. "It's just a question. For a study I'm doing."


"Various species and the number of erogenous zones on their bodies. For instance, small as they may be, Hynerians have a prodigious number of erogenous zones.."

"And, pray tell, how exactly did you come about this information."

A low, throaty purr rumbled from Sikozu's throat as her lips curled playfully. She leaned closer, until Aeryn could feel her breath, hot and wet, against her neck. "Intensive field studies. For instance, on Hynerians, there's a spot just below the.."

"Sikozu!" Aeryn huffed. "Unless you enjoy the smell of vomit in tight enclosed spaces, I suggest you not finish that sentence."

"As you wish," she once again leaned back in her seat. Waited for the silence to fill the air before speaking again, a triumphant grin spreading on her face at Aeryn's contemptuous groan. "Moya has provided me with ample species to study. Luxans, Nebari's.."

"I do know that this ship has an eject button. And I'm not adverse to flinging you out into space."

"But, there are two species I haven't had the opportunity to study. Is it true? What they say about.." she paused, let the question linger in the air.



"No," Aeryn harrumphed. Paused, barely turning her head towards Sikozu. "What do they say about Sebaceans?" She shook her head vigorously. "I can't believe I'm asking this. WHY am I asking YOU?"

"Virile, vigorous, with a multitude of erogenous zones always bubbling under the surface. I've heard it explains your affinity for peacekeeping, all that pent up sexual aggression and nothing to take it out on."

"Are you suggestion Sebaceans are sexually repressed? I am NOT sexually repressed."

"But you are aggressive."

"We are not having this conversation," she nodded her head in Sikozu's direction. "I am not having this conversation. Do you understand me?"

"You sound defensive."

"I am not being defensive."

"Are they wrong about Sebaceans?"

"This has nothing to do with the sexual prowess of Sebaceans, this has everything to do with.."

"Then let me count them."


Sikozu shifted to place her mouth teasingly next to Aeryn's other ear. "Your erogenous zones, let me count them."

"In case you haven't noticed, I'm flying a ship. A very small, very tight, very cramped ship."

"Is that a 'yes'?"

"No, that's a.." Before she could finish, Aeryn found herself watching Sikozu clambering over her. Her unique physical attributes, the one that allowed her to change her center of gravity, combined with a lithe graceful form allowed her to squeeze into the tiny cramped space as if the seat were five wide.

And Aeryn found herself staring into playful green eyes, Sikozu's face so close the crimson tresses tickling Aeryn's cheeks. "Sikozu.."

"I believe the auto-pilot is here," she turned her head to face the controls, enough to leave Aeryn with a noseful of her hair. Unable to do anything but inhale the scent of her, earthy and exotic, a feat considering the many species Aeryn had come in contact with. Sikozu pressed the auto-pilot , the controls beeping and locking on to their desired location.

"There," she purred, turning again to face Aeryn. "No need to worry about the ship. Unless, of course, you have something better to do."

"I'd like to clean my gun."

"Don't let me stop you," she leaned in close. Gently pressed her lips against an earlobe. "One."

"Read a book."

"Two." Her lips brushed the line of Aeryn's jaw.

"Count the stars."

"Three." Then, caressed the corner of Aeryn's mouth.


"Is that it? Three."

Aeryn could feel the fever-heat building inside her. The curse of a Sebacean, to feel heat, to crave it, but always ever in danger of dying from it. And Sikozu seemed to know exactly which buttons to push. Lips, soft and sensual, mapped the terrain of Aeryn's neck, while her hands found the zipper of her shirt, fingers slipping easily into another tight, cramped space, cupping her breasts and doing wonderful things to her nipples.

"Sikozu.." Aeryn licked her lips.

"You seem to be saying my name an awful lot," she leaned back just far enough for eye contact. "Tongue tied?"

"No, I.."

"Let me check," Sikozu moved in, pressed her lips against Aeryn's still open mouth. Aeryn tasted of wetness and hunger, if either had a flavor and Sikozu was pretty certain they did. Aeryn was also warm, considerably warm compared to the temperature of her skin. As if all the heat bottled inside was escaping through her mouth. Despite their rugged toughness and bravado, Sebaceans, she'd learned, were delicate creatures. Creatures easily felled by the slightest increase in temperature. "Is it too warm?"

"No," Aeryn panted. "It's not warm enough." She gripped Sikozu by the back of the head, pulling her in to reconnect their mouths. Her other hand sliding across the smooth terrain of Sikozu's thigh, reaching up tp caress the small of Sikozu's back, seemingly finding an erogenous zone of her own, judging by the spastic jerk of hips and pained gasp exhaled from her lips. "You stopped counting."

"Just not out loud," Gold-green eyes, dilated and gazing through hooded lids, twinkled playfully. "Plus, I didn't want to break your concentration."

"You'll have to find a lot more erogenous zones to break my concentration."

"Like this one?" She raked her fingernails down the plain of Aeryn's stomach, felt the hiss of air blowing across her face as the toned muscles trembled under her touch.

"What number is that?"


"That number," Aeryn paused, lifting an eyebrow. "Seems awfully low."

"You are still fully clothed. Well, mostly clothed," she smiled through hooded eyes, her fingers unfastening the button on Aeryn's slacks. She tilted her head curiously. "Do you scream when you orgasm?"

"I think we both know the answer to that question."

"Yes," she slid her hand between skin and leather. "I guess we do."

She watched Aeryn's lips part, caught the groan escaping from the open lips with her own. Inhaled the breath pushed into her mouth as her fingers dipped lower. Aeryn was wet and hot and soft, like ripened fruit left in the sun too long. Clasped around Sikozu's fingers, hips using the tiny space left to arch forward. She pushed deeper, caressing, feeling, examining the slick inner walls, until the heat between them wasn't just from Aeryn.

Her hips found a rhythm, one that increased with the heat building within her. Valiantly, she kept her eyes open. Locked them with the heated examining gaze pressing down on her. Noted, even in the heat of passion, Sikozu couldn't help the arrogance from filling her eyes. Was it a game? An experiment? Did it matter? Because her fingers were inside of Aeryn, touching that spot, as sharp incisors grazed across her pulse point making Aeryn shiver all over. And the heat, the desire, the want, and the looming specter of death exploded from her all at once.

Head snapping backwards, a husky cry erupted from Aeryn's throat, body convulsing jerkily, Sikozu steadily stroking her, as if milking the heat from her body. Until, the entire universe that surrounded them disappeared and the only thing heard, that mattered was the pounding of her own heart and the panted gasps exhaled across her lips.

Eventually, Aeryn opened her eyes. Opened them to see Sikozu still gazing down at her. "Did I pass your experiment?"

Sikozu remained silent, her head tilted curiously as her eyes scanned about Aeryn's face. "It kills you, doesn't it? An orgasm? Not much.."

"But enough. Funny, isn't it? What gives us the most pleasure also brings us the most pain. Too little and the desire drives you insane. Too much.."

"And you cook your insides. Then why risk it?"

"Because," she reached up, brushed a strand of curls from Sikozu's face. "Sometimes it's worth it. Now," Aeryn smiled coyly. "Get back in your seat so I can fly this damn ship."

"Are we there yet?" Sikozu readjusted in her seat.

"No," Aeryn sighed. "We still have another three hours to go, thanks to you."

"How's this my fault?"

"The autopilot you so eagerly turned on? Slowed us down by two hours."

"And you couldn't have mentioned this earlier?"

"You didn't seem to want to listen."

"I.." Sikozu stammered. Folded her arms across her chest like a pouty child. "What am I supposed to do now?"

"Read a book, count the stars or.." Aeryn let her voice trail off, the question hanging in the air.

"Or what?"

"Tell me, how many erogenous zones do the Kalish have?"

"I could tell you," her mouth spread into a toothy grin. "Or you could just come back here and find out for yourself."

Sikozu wasn't the only one who could navigate tiny cramped spaces. Something she soon discovered as Aeryn clicked on the autopilot and quickly clambered into the back of the shuttle.

"Won't that slow us down even more?"

"I think," Aeryn looked down upon the woman, wrapping Sikozu's legs around Aeryn's waist, "we can find something to mark the time in the interim. Now," she leaned in close, her breath hot and wet on Sikozu's face. "Where should I start counting?"

The End

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