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Meant To Be
By Ann


Three whole days. I hadn't had three days off since I first reported to China Beach. Sure, I'd been promised weekend passes time after time, but something always came up, but this time, nothing was going to stand between me and a private suite at the Da Nang Hilton.

"Colleen, I need you to stay with Sergeant Waters tonight. It's going to be touch and go, so call me if you need me."

Doctor Dick was dreaming if he thought I'd be doing anything other than heading off to days of soaking in the tub, ordering room service, drinking at the bar, and having as much mindless sex as I possibly could. No, not even a guilt trip was going to stop me now.

"Sorry, I'm on my way out. I'll see you Monday." Smiling, I strode through the doors, leaving the shell-shocked doctor behind.

I tipped the bellman and closed the door. Walking to the king size bed, I fell, face first, onto the soft mattress. I couldn't decide what I wanted first, a nap or a soak. My heavy eyelids closed, making the choice for me. A few moments later, I was sleeping like the dead.

Slowly, I came awake, stretching like a cat on the down comforter. The instant realization of where I was brought a smile to my face as I turned towards the clock on the nightstand. Six hours? I'd slept for six hours. Damn, I must've been tired. Yawning, I pulled myself from the bed. I'd be damned if I was going to sleep away this rare opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life. I'd probably be paying for this little getaway for years, but it was going to be well worth it; for that, I'd make certain.

Jumping from the bed, I grabbed my purse and headed for the door. A stiff drink was just what I needed to start my weekend. Of course, finding a potential one night stand to ply me with drinks would be even better. Hell, if he or she was willing to pay my bar tab, I'd be more than willing to repay them for the remainder of the evening.

A shiver ran down my spine at the thought, and I found myself hoping that my benefactor would be female. I'd really missed the soft feel of a woman's skin. China Beach was definitely not the place for a practicing lesbian that's for sure. Damned place had turned me into a bisexual. After three weeks in that hell hole, I'd turned to whoever would offer me temporary asylum in their arms. I'd gotten to where I could actually orgasm by pretending the guy was some butch, drilling me with her strap-on. My feelings of ecstasy were only temporary though; when he'd come inside me, it always brought me back to reality in a hurry.

Staking my place at the end of the bar, I ordered my first drink and scouted the area, looking for the first fuck of my weekend tour. Several scans turned up no potential candidates, so I turned back to the bar and sipped on my drink. Surely, someone would come along soon.

Five rather stiff drinks later, I was still alone, but I was definitely feeling no pain. I guessed I'd just have to be content with sleeping with Jack Daniels on my first night, and I had to admit he was the perfect date, warming up my insides and removing all the horrible memories of China Beach. Yes, ol' Jack was a mighty fine substitute.

Standing unsteadily, I slid some bills onto the bar and turned to head back to my room, only to find my ass planted firmly on the floor. I must've drank more than I thought I had, although, I couldn't help the grin that formed when I found myself nose to knee with the most gorgeous legs I'd ever seen. Well, except for . . .


... KC, except for KC. I slowly worked my eyes up the sexy legs to focus on a set of amused blue eyes, proud of myself for not staring at the firm breasts which were straining to free themselves from KC's tight dress.

"KC?" Oh, how brilliant of me, especially since I'd already established that the woman I'd been secretly lusting after was standing over me.

Dizziness swept over me, and I quickly closed me eyes, not certain as to why I'd suddenly felt faint. Was it because of the drink or the startling realization that it hadn't been some nameless, faceless butch expertly wielding the strap-on when I'd easily achieved orgasm all those times? Oh my God, it'd been KC.

"Colleen, please tell me you've got a room."

KC's words brought my eyes from tightly closed to widely opened in nanoseconds, adding nausea to my list of ailments. I'd never had my hearing affected when I'd imbibed too much, but I could've sworn I heard KC ask . . .

"Damn it, Colleen. Do you have a room or not?"

Yep, that's what I heard alright. Somehow I managed to answer KC, although, I never moved from my spot. First things first.

"Why do you want to know?"

KC squatted down in front of me, and her dress was much shorter than I'd first realized.

"Because some asshole general stood me up, he canceled the room and never bothered to call me. I'm stuck here until Sunday evening, and I need someplace to stay."

My brain swirled with the different possibilities, and I found myself risking another bout of dizziness to scan the room, looking for a hidden camera. I didn't realize 'Candid Camera' traveled overseas.

"It's a simple yes or no question, Colleen. Do you or don't you have a room?"


The next thing I knew, I was being hauled upright and pulled from the bar. Damn KC's a lot stronger than she looked. I concentrated on the movement, trying to help by shuffling my feet in tandem with hers, but judging from her cursing, I'd say I wasn't very successful. We finally made it to the elevator, and she pushed me inside.

"Where's your key?"

I made the attempt to reach into my jeans pocket, but missed on my first two tries. KC harrumphed and slapped my hand away.

"Let me do it. I don't think you could find your ass with both hands right now."

KC dug around in my pocket and smiled when she finally fished the key from its depths. I smiled, too, but not exactly for the same reason. She glanced at the key and pushed the button for the floor indicated by the room number. I just kept smiling; KC had played pocket pool with me, minus the balls, of course, but she proved to be a very good player.

The chime of the elevator signaled that we'd arrived at our floor, and KC once again pulled me along behind her. She propped me against the wall while she opened the door, and from the look in her eye, I was fairly certain that she'd actually contemplated leaving me outside, but instead, she grabbed the front of my shirt and tugged me inside, closing the door behind us.

"Holy shit, Colleen; this room is great. Are you rich or something?"

I never had time to answer as KC pushed me forward and onto the bed. I lay looking up at the ceiling while she fiddled with my shoes, finally removing them with a grunt. My smile suddenly turned into a frown when I realized she was now working the zipper of my jeans.

"What are you doing, KC?"

"Colleen, you're drunk on your ass and need to sleep it off. There's no way you can undress yourself."

"Okay." Damned if I was going to argue.

KC made quick work of my jeans and pulled me to a sitting position, tugging my t-shirt over my head. The workings of a smile started at the corner of her lips, but she managed to keep a straight face while she removed my bra and underwear.

"Shit, Colleen. You shouldn't hide that body of yours under those baggy fatigues."

My reply was cut off when she shoved me back onto the bed and reached for the covers. Pulling them back, she ordered me to roll towards her, and being the good drunk that I was, I complied without a sound. Very gently, she covered me with the soft comforter.

"Now, go to sleep."

KC immediately reached back to unzip her dress, and I watched mesmerized as she slowly pushed it down her body. There was no way I was going to sleep and miss out on this. KC seldom hid much of her body, but seeing it first hand proved that she shouldn't hide hers under anything either. Wow...

Blue eyes fastened onto mine, and KC smiled smugly. "Why Colleen, I do believe you're staring."

I just nodded my head in affirmation, afraid that my drool might escape should I try to answer. KC allowed the dress to fall to the floor and reached back to unfasten her bra. Um, did I mention that she wasn't wearing any underwear?

Not making any attempt to cover herself, KC walked slowly towards me, like a panther stalking her prey, but I didn't mind. She could eat me up and spit me out for all I cared, just as long as she ate me up.

"You know, I probably should pay you for my share of the room. Since I don't have much cash on me, I guess I'll just have to pay off in trade."

She threw the comforter to the side and climbed on top of me, skin on skin, breast on breast, and um, well you get the drift. KC palmed my nipple, and it immediately sprang to life, standing up at attention as if a superior officer had entered the room.

"You just lie there and let me do all the work, okay?"

Once again, I nodded dumbly; I needed all my strength to keep from passing out. There was no way I was going to allow my drunken stupor to keep me from my dream. KC bent down to kiss me as she slid her hand between our bodies, and I drank from her lips as thirstily as I'd drunk from my glass earlier. Holy shit, I was wrong; Jack Daniels wasn't a decent substitute at all.

KC slowly pulled back and rose up slightly on her arms, pushing against me tightly with her lower extremities. Smiling, she began to slowly jog her hips back and forth, and let me tell you, this feeling far exceeded any of the times I'd imagined she was fucking me with a strap-on. The real KC didn't need an apparatus of any kind to bring me to orgasm time and time again.

The morning light filtered through the window, hitting me directly in the face. I grimaced and made a move to roll over, but I was unable to move an inch. Someone had their leg thrown over my hips, keeping me anchored to the bed. Shit, I guessed I'd succeeded in finding someone last night. Too bad, I didn't show them the door before we both fell asleep. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, hoping the other person would leave before realizing that I'd awakened.

"Mmm, morning Colleen."

Well hell, the person knew my name. At least I'd managed to find a female. Too bad I couldn't remember very much about the encounter. I would though; I always did manage to recall things after I'd had time to wake up more fully.

The leg gripped me more tightly as the person pulled me against her with a strong grip around my waist. A tongue slowly began to work its way around my ear, and I couldn't help but shiver. This person seemed to know all my weak spots as she slid her hand down between my legs.

"That's what I like about you, Colleen. Always ready."

Oh wow, I'd found someone who sounded just like KC. I eagerly turned my neck, inviting the woman free reign to yet another one of my sensitive spots, and a chuckle sounded in my ear.

"If I suck your neck anymore, you won't have any blood left in it."

I suddenly recalled firm lips attaching themselves to the body part in question, and I began to wonder if she was right. I did remember quite a bit of suckage going on last night. Sighing loudly, I invited other images to make themselves known, but when the mystery woman pinched my nipple, I shot out of bed. I was awake now, and I knew exactly who'd held me in her arms.

"KC! What do you think you're doing?"

"Honey, if you don't know, then I guess I've been doing something wrong. But, I gotta tell you, the way you moaned and screamed my name last night, I'd have thought I was doing everything right."

"Yeah, well that was last night."

"Oh, c'mon, Colleen. You don't have to pay for it this morning either. After all, I did promise you a free pass this weekend."

The breath almost left my body. Here I was feeling guilty about taking advantage of KC, and to her, I was just another business transaction. I should've known, so why did I feel like someone had punched me in the gut?

"You can stay here for free, KC. There's no need to pay me."

Suddenly, I realized I was standing naked in the middle of the room. Folding my arms over my chest, I quickly walked over and grabbed my t-shirt, pulling it over my head.

"Hey, what's wrong with you? With the things we did to each other last night, you've become shy all of a sudden?"

I looked down at the floor, embarrassed beyond reason. How was I going to go back to China Beach and face KC on a daily basis now that we'd slept together? This was just one more thing she could hold over me, and there was no doubt in my mind that she would use it to her advantage someday. She always called in her markers.

"What do you want from me, KC?"


"What will it take to buy your silence? I want to get things squared away right now."

"Oh, so you think I'm going to use this against you?" KC gestured between us. "Colleen, me staying here with you is the payoff. I told you that last night."

"Yeah, but something will happen somewhere down the line, and you won't hesitate to use this against me. I want to be sure that you won't. Promise me now, KC. Promise me that you won't come after me later."

"Oh, so you believe me if I promise, but you won't believe me when I say that we're already even."

"KC, if there's one thing about you that I've always admired, it's your word. If you promise something, it's as good as gold."

She looked down at the sheets, running her hand along the smooth material. If I didn't know better, I'd say I'd just embarrassed the ever unflappable KC Kolanski.

"What would it take for you to believe me without my promise?"

I couldn't help but chuckle; however, the hurt look KC gave me had me swallowing the light guffaws. Shit, why did we always do something to hurt the other? Why couldn't we just get along?

"I'm sorry, KC. That was rude and uncalled for. It's just that I've watched you operate for so long that I don't know if I could ever really trust you without a promise."

"Okay, what if I was to tell you something you had no idea about?"

"Like what?"

"No, you have to tell me that you'll believe me before I tell you what it is."

"For God's sake, KC; we're not twelve."

She folded her arms over her naked chest and glared at me. Okay, other than the definitely over twelve body, I'd say I wasn't far off the mark.

"Alright. What is it?"

KC smiled brightly. "I knew you were here."


"I knew you had a long weekend, and I knew you were coming to Da Nang."

"What?" Don't hold my replies against me, I was truly dumbstruck.

"I overheard Dr. Dick complaining about you leaving and sticking him with having to watch a patient all night."

"Why?" Okay, so at least I moved to a different one word reply.

"There wasn't a general. I came here with the intentions of spending the weekend with you."

"What?" Hmm, back to square one for me.

"Colleen, I wanted to sleep with you ever since we had our first fight. There's something about you that gets under my skin."

"You set me up because you wanted to fuck me?"

"No! I mean, yes. I mean, damn it. Would you come over here please?"

I stared at KC, and she stared right back. The difference was I was shooting daggers and she was exuding nothing but calmness. Sighing, I moved over to the bed, taking a seat on its edge. Her touch on my hand startled me almost as much as her whispered reply.

"Colleen, I'm attracted to you. What we did last night wasn't fucking, and believe me, I do know what fucking is. I'd like to think that we made love. You're the first person I'd wanted to sleep with in such a long time, no strings attached, no money exchanged, just make sweet love together. Although, I would've preferred you be a little more sober."

Could I believe her? Was she actually telling the truth? How could I be sure?

I looked into her eyes, and she looked back at me with such intensity, it was frightening. I'd never seen her look at anyone like that before. Dare I take a chance?

She squeezed my hand as if knowing I needed some sort of reassurance, and I squeezed right back, letting her know that I was considering her words. Endless minutes passed with the two of us just staring at each other. Finally, I made my decision.

"Well, I'm sober now."

KC smiled brightly and pulled back the covers, inviting me in.

The End

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