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An Old Mord 'Sith Tradition
By mysensitiveside


Sam was never that good at keeping rhythm, but she finds herself tapping out a steady beat almost everywhere she goes. Tapping her foot, or the pencil in her hand, or drumming her fingers on any surface available.

She doesn't even really notice that she's doing it until Harrison points it out. Even after he does, though, she can't quite figure out what the rhythm is, or why she can't seem to stop.

She doesn't realize until that afternoon, that is, when she makes her daily stop by the hospital.

She's tapping out the beat of Brooke's heart; she's been listening to the heart monitor for long enough that the rhythm is now stuck deep in her head.

So she sits, and she waits, and she taps along to the beeping sound, killing time until the moment when Brooke will finally wake up. Cara had died many times before, but this was the first time that it truly scared her. She wouldn't let it show, obviously, but Cara could feel time stretching out unbearably as she waited and waited and waited for the breath of life to come.

She'd never been scared before, because she'd had nothing much to lose.

But now... Now Cara could barely stand the thought of never seeing Kahlan again.

It couldn't have been very long, but it felt like an eternity before Cara was finally pulled back into the land of the living.

A terrified Kahlan was the first person Cara saw, and without thinking, the Mord 'Sith simply reached up and tugged the brunette down into a searing kiss.

A fierce blush ran up Kahlan's cheeks as the women parted, but she didn't seem too disconcerted by Cara's actions. Cara cleared her throat. "Sorry. Old Mord 'Sith custom. You have to kiss the first person you see after you've been brought back to life."

Cara glared in the direction of Mistress Amelia, apparently the one to bring her back, warning her to play along.

"Yes," Amelia agreed convincingly. "One of our oldest."

Kahlan simply nodded, a shy smile crossing her lips.

Now that the lie was in place, Cara thought... Maybe she'd have to start dying more often.

The End

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