Ruby's Maze 18 Cara/Kahlan A mysterious woman seeks to discover who she is after losing her memory. Complete

Necessity 18 Cara/Kahlan Cara is stricken with a powerful spell, and Kahlan does what she must to save her. Complete

The Legend of Slashy Hollow 18 Cara/Kahlan Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

The Foretelling 18 Cara/Kahlan Cara and Kahlan are forced to depend on one another to survive, which leads to revelations about the nature of their relationship. Complete

The Divide, Book 1 18 Cara/Kahlan The New World is threatened by war. The Mother Confessor, Mord'Sith Cara and the Seeker are forced to make hard choices that will ultimately affect their world. Complete


Femslash Island: A Whole New World 1 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Just another adventure on Femslash Island. Takes place six months later. On-Going


Feelings PG Cara, Kahlan, Dennee No synopsis given. Complete


A Long Night G Cara/Kahlan Kahlan nurses Cara through a battle injury. Complete

After the Battle G Cara/Kahlan A tense moment leads to a revelation. Complete


Convertere 18 Cara/Kahlan No synopsis given. Complete


An Old Mord 'Sith Tradition PG Cara/Kahlan Cara introduces Kahlan to an old tradition. Complete

Learning the Rules PG Cara/Kahlan Kahlan teaches Cara to feel. Cara is not a fan of this development. Complete

Something More PG Cara/Kahlan It's amazing, how the prospects of Kahlan's love life have gone from virtually impossible to even worse. Complete

ocean gazer

Ties That Bind PG-13 Cara/Kahlan After the events in "Bound", neither Cara nor Kahlan can sleep... Complete

Rain G Cara/Kahlan A Cara and Kahlan friendship fic. Complete

That Which Does Not Die 18 Cara/Kahlan An AU of "Eternity". Complete

Life Anew PG Cara/Dahlia   Kahlan No synopsis given. Complete

No One Is Alone PG Cara/Kahlan's a fluffy friendship fic...or, put another way, a story with neither a plot nor sex... Complete

Good Things Come PG-13 Cara/Kahlan Good things come to those who wait. Complete

Life Interrupted 15 Cara/Kahlan Against all odds, they've found what they were seeking. But is it too late to save the world? Complete

Life Resumed New 15 Cara/Kahlan They'll always be haunted by the past. But maybe it won't always define them. Complete


True Colors 15 Cara/Kahlan The Mother Confessor returns to Aydindril and something has changed. Complete


Perchance to Dream 15 Cara/Kahlan Cara's plagued by her dreams. Complete

A Sentimental Fool 15 Cara/Kahlan Sequel to "Perchance to Dream". After learning of Cara's dreams, Kahlan's having a hard time processing what she knows and feels about the Mord'Sith. Complete

Tactile Sensations 15 Cara/Kahlan A sequel to "Perchance to Dream" and "A Sentimental Fool" although it could be viewed as a stand alone. Cara has found a way for she and Kahlan to be together. Complete

Wrong 15 Cara/Kahlan When Cara wakes up as the Mother Confessor, she doesn't know whether or not it's a dream. She just knows it's wrong. Complete

Ripples of Undoing 15 Cara/Kahlan Post Season 2. When Cara goes missing, Zedd must face the consequences that the 'Spell of Undoing' did more than return Cara as a Mord'Sith. Complete

The Path of Things Undone 18 Cara/Kahlan   Cara/Dahlia   Cara/Denna   Kahlan/Richard A prequel to "Ripples of Undoing". This is how it all came to be. Complete

Mord'Sith With Benefits 15 Kahlan/Daliah Season 1x22 'Reckoning' AU - There are benefits to being Rahl's favorite. Complete

A Moment of Solitude 15 Kahlan/Daliah A sequel of sorts (could be viewed as a stand alone) to 'Mord'Sith With Benefits'. Dahlia and Kahlan enjoy some time alone. Complete

Mrs. & Mrs. Mord'Sith 1-4 5-8 18 Cara/Kahlan   Cara/Denna Cara and Kahlan are married spies, with a *mostly* picture perfect marriage. But, when Cara's past catches up to them, their lives are about to change in the most unexpected of ways. Complete