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By sinjenkai


Part 21

The early morning light and sounds of gulls woke Calleigh from her sleep and as she opened her eyes was greeted to a wet dog nose next to her face.

"Good grief Mallory! What a wakeup call. Do you need to go out?"

The Golden Retriever began bouncing on her feet so Calleigh got out of bed, taking care not to disturb Natalia and walked over to the glass door. Opening the, she gave the signal for play to the dog and joined her outside on the deck after making sure that her wife was still sound sleep.

Slowly she stretched the kinks out of her body and then leaned against the railing to watch as Mallory chased seagulls. Laughing at the dog's antics, she turned to go back inside to start breakfast, but as she looked at the clock, she found out that it would be brunch.

"Guess that I was more tired than I thought."

Opening up the fridge, Calleigh decided to fix a pot roast for dinner using the crock-pot and fix a fruit salad for brunch. She knew that whenever Natalia woke up that she would be starving and wanted to have something waiting for her. So for the next hour or so, she got everything put together and in the crock-pot and all the fruit chopped and ready for her wife.

Turning to go over to the bed, she found Natalia just sitting up and looking around.

"Morning sleepy head. How are you feeling?"

Slowly swinging her legs off the bed, Natalia grimaced a bit before she answered. "A bit sore, but actually not bad. I feel...clearer. Does that make any sense?'

Coming over to give her a kiss, Calleigh replied. "Yeah, it does, but that's just the first step. I really think that we, not just you, but we should go to therapy to help us deal with everything."

Carefully standing, Natalia agreed. "Yeah, I think that would be a good idea. Give me a few minutes and I'll be ready to face the day."

"Take your time darlin'. I'm going to set things up out on the porch underneath the umbrella so you come on out whenever you're ready."

After a few minutes, Natalia joined the blonde out on the deck as she was putting down a tray laden with bowls of fruit, yogurt and a couple of glasses of juice.

"Babe, this looks great and whatever you've got going inside smells heavenly."

Leaning over to give her wife a kiss, Calleigh smiled and replied. "Why thank you darlin'. I didn't know about you, but I was in the mood for meat and potatoes so I decided to fix a roast. I was thinking that after we finish with this, that we could take a walk along the beach or just sit out here."

Chewing a slice of kiwi, Natalia swallowed before saying. "A walk would be good. And maybe afterwards I can talk you into massaging my legs. They're a bit sore from yesterday."

Raising her eyebrows suggestively, Calleigh remarked. "Talia, I'll massage anything that you ask me to. I am your slave, command me."

Looking up, Natalia's eyes glazed over as dozens of scenarios and possibilities flashed through her mind. Swallowing audibly, she growled out. "Oh lord woman. You have no idea the images that just went through my mind. You are so calling me Mistress."

The look on Natalia's face put a few images in Calleigh's mind, like her in black leather. She dropped her head to the tabletop. "No shit. The images that are going through mine may be the death of me, but what a way to go."

It took both women a few minutes to get their thought in some semblance of order and start eating breakfast again, but when Natalia looked over and watched Calleigh take a bite out of a strawberry, she groaned and shifted uncomfortably. "Babe, unless you want me to find out whether or not Horatio has a pair of handcuffs here, please quit eating so seductively."

Both women looked at each other, shuddered and then laughed.

Leaning back, it took Calleigh a minute to catch her breath. "Ok, that is one visual that I don't ever want to have again. I mean, I love Horatio to death, but… still. And besides, I have my own. In fact, I have two pair."

"Aw babe, two pair?" Closing her eyes, Natalia visualized Calleigh cuffed to the bed at her mercy.

Standing up, Calleigh drawled as she walked over. "Yeah, it's too bad that we can't use them right now. We could have a lot of fun." Moving Natalia's bowl and juice glass aside, she also pushed back Natalia's chair so that she could get between her and the table. "I guess that we'll just have make do."

Slowly she reached down to pull off her shirt and enjoyed seeing Natalia's eyes became darker and hooded as she licked her lips. Sitting on the table, Calleigh leaned back and raised her hips slightly to offered Natalia the chance to pull off her shorts and as they came off, she reached over and snagged a strawberry from Natalia's bowl. Bringing it up to her lips, she swirled her tongue around it before taking a bite and lowered it to her chest, drawing it down lower still.

"Want some?"

Natalia wasn't even looking at Calleigh's face as she knew which expression was on it. Pure Lust. Instead her eyes followed the strawberry as it got lower, it's juices slowly dripping into Calleigh's belly button. Rising from the chair, Natalia went to taste the sweet nectar when she stopped as the fruit traveled even lower to be pressed against something that had it own sweet nectar. Mesmerized, she watched slack jawed as the fruit was slowly stroked against the opening before being offered to her.

"Wanna taste?"

Staring directly in Calleigh's dark green eyes, Natalia gently grasped her wrist and drew both the fruit and Calleigh's fingers into her mouth. Swallowing the berry, Natalia twirled her tongue around Calleigh's fingers, tasting the mix of juices lingering there. As she cleaned the fingers, she slid her own into warm slickness making Calleigh surge up against her. After cleaning her fingers, Natalia kissed her throat, caressing a pulse and feeling the vibration of Calleigh's groan.

Groaning, Calleigh kissed her wife with abandon, tongues dueled as breaths mingled. Thrusting her hips in time with Natalia, Calleigh soon cried out as her nerves exploded and she fell over the edge.

Natalia on the other hand had other ideas, as she wanted to taste Calleigh's own nectar so she kneeled down, and leaned forward to slide her tongue along the slick folds. Drawing on the tiny bundle of nerves, she held onto Calleigh's hips as she bucked up against her thrusts. Then as her fingers grazed against little ridges, Calleigh screamed as she clutched Natalia's shoulders.

Slowly withdrawing, Natalia placed a gentle kiss on each thigh as she stood up. Taking a good look at her wife, Natalia decided that she wasn't finished with her yet, so she reached around and pulled Calleigh towards her, picking her up and making her wrap her legs around Natalia's waist.

Calleigh groaned as her center came in contact with Natalia's abdomen and she pushed caramel hair aside to nuzzle her neck.

Going over to a lounge chair, Natalia slowly released Calleigh, causing her to slide down her body until she was standing on the end of the chair in all her glory.

Calleigh slowly continued down until she was laying on the chair, waiting, anticipating her wife's next move.

Taking a step back, Natalia's eyes raked the vision in front of her, the peaches and cream skin that was begging to be covered in kisses, hair that resembled liquid gold glistened in the sunlight and even the damp curls reminded Natalia of golden rings. Coral lips parted with a tip of her tongue peaking out.

"I want to spend the rest of my life looking at you."

Reaching up to grab Natalia's shirt, Calleigh growled. "Why look when you can touch?"

Kneeling next to the chair, Natalia leaned forward to lick the sticky sweet essence of the strawberry as her fingers slid back into the still slightly throbbing wetness, curling up to find the ridges again. Cleaning the remaining juices from her belly button, Natalia looked up to find Calleigh staring at her with an intense feral look that made her gulp in air.

With her voice rough with need, Natalia demanded. "Don't look away. If you look away, I'm going to stop." Then she began to bring her wife right up to the edge of release, only to slow down and start again.

Soon Calleigh was covered with a fine sheen of sweat and trembling from every nerve in her body, her hands were scratching at the cushion, trying desperately to anchor herself down.

Only when Natalia finally saw the pleading in the green eyes, felt the beginnings of a new wave and heard the mewing coming from panting lips, did she flick the tiny nub and murmured. "Let go baby."

Surging up off the cushions, Calleigh screamed her release as she arched against Natalia's hand and Natalia swore that the sun dimmed as her body seemed to shimmer with the beads of sweat like tiny diamonds as she tried to catch her breath and Natalia couldn't resist leaning forward to catch one as it dropped with her tongue. Everything about Calleigh seemed to glow from within and Natalia knew that this was one moment that would be imprinted in her memory for the rest of her life.

Standing to look down at her wife, Natalia vowed then and there that she was not going to let anyone control or take her away from this woman.

As Natalia stood there watching, Calleigh's eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at her. Reaching up for support, she pulled herself to a standing position and wrapped her arms around her wife, placing her head against Natalia's chest and listened to her heartbeat. It wasn't surprising to hear that it was in time with her own as she believed that they were meant to be together.

Clasping the damp body to her own, Natalia nuzzled the spot right below her ear, tasting the saltiness and loving it. "I can't seem to get enough of you today." She murmured. "All I want is to feel you. Like right now, all I want to do is to take you inside and continue where I left off."

Taking a step back, Calleigh took Natalia's hand and led her inside to the bed, pushed her down and then crawled up her body until Natalia's hands forced her to stop. She grasped the headboard as a hot tongue slid up her thighs before moving tasting her sweet nectar once again.

Hanging her head, Calleigh looked down her chest as Natalia began to lav her sex and she immediately began to tremble. It was like she was hard-wired for Natalia's touch.

"Talia… Look up."

Warm chocolate eyes flew open to stare up into flashing green eyes. They held the stare as long as Calleigh could with Natalia trying her best to make her shudder her release. Sliding in two fingers, just made her push down harder while trying to catch her breath. Twisting her tongue had Calleigh white knuckled and rocking harder against her.

"I… want… more."

Looking up questioningly, Natalia realized what Calleigh was asking for and suckled harder on the bundle of nerves between her lips. Sliding and twisting her fingers, she added a third and then a fourth only to have Calleigh moan and pant out, "More."

Tucking her thumb into her palm, Natalia twisted her hand slightly and suddenly she was completely inside of her wife, surrounded by pulsating slickness and tightening muscles. Slowly thrusting in and out as not to hurt her, Natalia once more licked her clit and Calleigh's body stopped rocking and started shuddering.

Throwing her head back, Calleigh sobbed out Natalia's name again and again, while digging her fingernails into the headboard as she rode out the pulses. Hanging her head back down, she opened her eyes to see Natalia looking up at her with tears in her eyes. Unclenching her hand from the headboard, she carefully reached dawn, gasping as the hand inside of her moved slightly, and wiped away the tears. Opened her mouth to say something, Calleigh found that her throat was raw from screaming. Swallowing a couple of times, she finally was able to whisper.

"I am yours."

Smiling up at her wife through fresh tears, Natalia replied. "Thank you."

Reaching farther down, Calleigh grasped Natalia's wrist to hold it steady as she pulled up and away, giving a few more shudders as her body released its hold. As soon as she could, Calleigh collapsed next to Natalia and was swiftly wrapped up in her embrace and gentle kisses were being placed against her face.

Natalia reached down, pulled a sheet up to cover them both while her wife snuggled closed and kissed her neck. Soon they were both sound asleep.

It was late afternoon when Natalia opened her eyes to see her wife, sleeping on her stomach with the sheet bunched up around her waist. Her blonde hair was covering her face so Natalia gently brushed it aside and smiled as Calleigh instinctively moved toward her. Carefully she got out of the bed and stretched. Her legs were a bit sore, but overall, she had no pain. She went to scratch her nose and she smelled the essence of Calleigh that remained. Closing her eyes, she barely smothered a moan as desire flared up again. Taking another look at her sleeping wife, Natalia went into the bathroom to clean up.

After finishing that, she came back out and went into the kitchen to see how far along dinner was in the crock-pot. Turning the heat down to low, she walked out on the back deck to clean things up from their interrupted brunch. When she finished with that, Natalia decided to take a quiet walk down the beach instead of waking Calleigh. Giving Mallory the signal to stay, she set out.

The sun was barely touching the horizon when she walked out on the sand and the sky was brushed with pale blue, rose, and yellow tones. The wind gently floated tendrils of caramel hair about her head as she started down the beach with gulls lightly gliding on the air currents. Natalia strolled down the beach, enjoying the quiet sounds of the evening while lost in her thoughts.

She knew that today was a complete opposite of the previous day in regards to emotions and she understood the reasoning behind it. As mentally painful the day before had been, it had been necessary for it to happen. She had to get her demons out into the open before she could deal with them. Knowing that it would be a long process and that Calleigh would be with her throughout gave her so much comfort and eased any remaining worry that she had. Going to therapy would also help her finally get over any remaining issues that she might have leftover from Nick.

Walking up to the water's edge, Natalia shivered a bit as the cool liquid covered her feet. Looking out at the disappearing sun, she closed her eyes and whispered a quiet prayer.

"Thank you for giving me someone who believes in me and who will stand by me through thick and thin. Thank you for letting both of us see that we are stronger together than we are apart. Thank you for showing us both what love came bring into our lives. All I ask of you now is to give us each the strength that we need to get our ghosts, our demons finally behind us."

She was about to say more when she was interrupted by a bark. Opening her eyes and looking down the beach, Natalia saw Mallory trotting towards her. As the dog got closer, Natalia saw a note attached to her collar. Kneeling down, she removed the note to read.

My Love,

If you would care to join me, dinner is served.

Your Love

Smiling, Natalia stood and made her way back down to the cabin.

Gasping as she moved, Calleigh woke up to an empty cabin. Smiling to herself, she felt rested and sated at the same time. That afternoon had been… amazing. She couldn't even begin to think of a better word that could describe it, except maybe, mind-boggling, incredible, wonderful. Laughing out loud at her giddiness, she slowly arose from the bed to go into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

After she dried off and got dressed, Calleigh went out onto the deck to look for her wife. Looking around, she saw her standing down a ways at the water's edge. She couldn't see her clearly, but felt that Natalia wasn't upset. She wasn't sure how she knew that so she just put it down to them just being able to know what the other was feeling. In Calleigh's mind, it was just another point that proved that they were supposed to be together.

Turning to go back inside, Calleigh checked on the roast and found that everything was done, so she set the table, and opened a bottle of wine. Grabbing a piece of paper, she wrote a quick note and went over to Mallory to attach it to her collar.

"Go to Momma Natalia, Mallory. Tell her to come to dinner."

Standing, she watched the dog bound off in Natalia's direction before turning to light some candles and to pour the wine. Picking up the glasses, she made her way onto the deck as her wife walked up.

"Could I interest you in a glass of wine?'

Reaching out to take a glass, Natalia smiled and replied. "I am interested in everything you have to offer."

They toasted each other, and then sipped their wine and without thinking, each leaned in for a kiss.

"Mmm, I think that I like the taste of you with wine."

Smirking, Natalia responded. "More than you like me with bacon?"

Calleigh didn't even hesitate. "Now I didn't say that, I just said that I like you with wine, but I like the taste of you period. I'm gonna hush now before I get myself in trouble."

Natalia put the wine glass down and gathered Calleigh into her embrace. Nuzzling Calleigh's neck, she murmured. "It's ok Cal. I love the taste of you with everything too. Right now though, I want to eat something a bit more substantial. We worked up quite an appetite earlier and I might want a repeat performance."

Leaning back so that she could look her in the eyes, Calleigh laughed. "Not tonight, darlin'. I'm good for snuggling for the next day or so, but not much more than that."

Kissing her wife quickly, Natalia picked up her glass of wine and took her seat at the table. "Babe, snuggling with you is one of life's many pleasures that I don't plan giving up anytime soon."

"That's good, because you are something that I never plan on giving up." And with a quirk of an eyebrow, Calleigh added. "Along with bacon and guns, of course."

"Nice to know that I rank above those two."

Taking a sip of wine, Calleigh retorted. "I didn't say that hun, I just said along with."

Laughing, they ate dinner and started planning their wedding. They decided to have it at the St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church and the reception would be at the same location in the gardens.

Pushing away her now empty plate, Natalia sighed. "Do you think that your family will come."

Shaking her head, Calleigh was quiet for a moment before answering. "My brothers will, but not my parents."

"Why not?"

"Let me just say that they would think that you are a great friend and a beautiful woman, but you would not be their choice as my spouse. They came close to disowning me when they found out that I was bi-sexual."

Natalia then realized that they had never really talked about Calleigh's family. Every time she had broached the subject, Calleigh had avoided talking.

"Tell me about your brothers. What do they do?"

The Duquesne smile came out, full wattage.

"Well, first there is Court. He's an assistant district attorney is Atlanta, married to his high school sweetheart Eileen and has two little boys named Cal and Lee. And then there is my baby brother Chance. I try to call him my little brother, but since he stands at six foot six inches tall, he says that I can't. He's a Law Professor at Tulane, still single, but has been engage to the same girl for two years. She keeps dragging her feet on setting the date so I told him that that it's time to fish or cut bait and to get a move on. They are gonna fall in love with you darlin'."

"Your brothers don't have a problem with your choice of lifestyle?"

Shaking her head, Calleigh laughed. "Not at all, in fact Chance set me up with someone once when he thought that we would be a good match. Needless to say, I knew after the first thirty minutes that we wouldn't and so did she, but we are still good friends. How about your family? Will you parents show up?"

"To be totally honest with you, they already know about you. Not that we've had a ceremony already, but they know that I'm serious about another woman and that I'm very happy. That's all that they are concerned about. And you know about one of my sisters, Anya and I have one other Cristine who has two little girls, Eva and Isabel, who you are going to fall in love with. Now none of the family know about the past couple of months with me being in the hospital and all of this and I want to keep it that way if possible."

Standing, Calleigh reached out to take Natalia's hand in hers and took her over to the sofa. She sat down and motioned for Natalia to lay her head in her lap. Running her fingers through silky hair, Calleigh was quiet a moment before she said.

"So you've already told them about me and they're ok with us?"

Looking up at her wife, Natalia could tell that she was really concerned about that.

"Yes, I told them that I had fallen in love with the most amazing person that I had every met and that you loved me right back. I told them that you treat me with respect and show me love with the littlest gestures. And you do, with everything that you do with me and for me. You are love in every sense of the word."

Calleigh had the grace to blush. "Darlin', lovin' you is the easiest thing that I've ever done and I intend to do it for the rest of your life."

Natalia reached up and pulled Calleigh down for a soft, slow kiss before sighing. "The same goes for me."

Smiling, Calleigh suggested that they see what kind of movies that Horatio had on hand and they were soon watching, 'When Harry Met Sally'. The scene were Meg Ryan was faking an orgasm had them laughing when Natalia suggested that Calleigh should try that in the work cafeteria.

"Can you just imagine Eric's face? The poor boy wouldn't know what to do."

Chuckling, Calleigh shot back. "Now Ryan would just sit back and enjoy the show. I love the songs in this movie. Harry really came into his own with this soundtrack and it couldn't have happen to a nicer guy."

Natalia was leaning against her wife, eating some popcorn and looked over at her in disbelief. "You know Harry Connick Jr.?"

"Yeah, we met while I was on the force in New Orleans. He's a trip and a half. Very funny guy."

"He looks like he loves a good joke and is very down to earth."

Calleigh agreed. "Oh he is. He'd give you the shirt off his back if you needed it."

Barely stifling back a yawn, Natalia sat up straight and stretched. "Babe, I think that I'm ready for bed. You wore me out."

"Me! I didn't do anything. I'm just an innocent participant."

Turning to give her wife a quizzical smirk. "Babe, yes it is true that you were a participant, but you are anything but innocent." Leaning over to give her a kiss, Natalia continued. "And I wouldn't change one thing about you."

Standing up and reaching to help Calleigh up, Natalia amended her last statement. "Well, I might change your obsession with bacon a little."

"Darlin', don't ever get between a Southern woman and her love of bacon. It would not be a pretty sight."

Laughing, they prepared for bed and were soon asleep in each other's arms.

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