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By sinjenkai


Part 22

The next couple of days, they took it easy, just resting, watching movies, and making preparations for wedding. Each called their family and let them know the happy news along with the date and location of the event. They also came to the decision to change their last names to DuVista and called Calleigh's lawyer to set that in motion.

They were sitting out on the deck, having a light breakfast as Natalia made a list of things that had or needed to be completed while Calleigh finished up a phone call.

"Ok, we should be back in Miami in a few days, and we'll stop by to sign the papers then. Thanks Roger, we'll see you."

Closing her phone, Calleigh took a bite of her salad before relaying her news.

"He said that the name change could take a couple of weeks, but he didn't expect any delays. I also told him to be prepared if the department raises an issue with us working together. I'm not going to let them break up the best team just because of us."

Natalia agreed. "As long as we do our jobs, I don't know why they should have a problem." Looking down at her pad, she ticked off the things that they had completed. "Your brothers have already called and reserved their hotel rooms. My parents are going to be staying with Cristine and her brood, so that they can spend time with the girls. The church is all right with having the ceremony in the gardens, and the caterer is aware of everyone's allergies. The only things we have left to do is to find something for us each to wear, and that should be about it. Is there anything that I missed?"

"Other than buying you a wedding present, that's about it." Pausing for a moment, Calleigh reached out to take Natalia's hand. "I talked with Horatio earlier and he had some news about Jethro and Stetler."

Inhaling sharply, Natalia scowled. "What do those two have to do with each other?"

Calleigh calmly continued while lightly running her fingers over Natalia's palm. "It seems that Stetler knew that Jethro had the building bugged, and that was where he got all of his information from. And no, Stetler did not know what Jethro was doing in regards to the women. It seems that he walked in on Jethro watching a video of a conversation taking place in the break room and blackmailed him into getting dirt on people. Stetler also had him falsify evidence to use against people who wouldn't go along with him. When the investigators went through all of Jethro's computers and hard drives at home and work, they found so much dirt on people that four more investigations have been started so far."

Shaking her head, Natalia took a couple of minutes to get her emotions in check. Looking out at the peaceful setting, she concentrated on the setting and not the tiny little Jethro voice taunting her in her mind.

"See, I told you. You're letting me back in."


Closing her eyes briefly to end the inner turmoil, Natalia finally said. "It's sad to see what lengths people will go through to get what they want. They don't care how many people that they hurt as long as they're happy. What has Stetler said to all of this?"

Calleigh shook her head. "He's actually being very forth coming, and that scares me. I trust that man about as far as I can spit, hell not even that far. I'm sure that he will try to use this to his advantage. He's too slimy not to."

Mentally and figuratively shaking her head, Natalia changed the subject. "What do you thing about driving into Key West for an afternoon? I want to buy gifts for our families and take you to dinner."

"That sounds like fun. You'll have to give me some hints of what to get your family."

"Not a problem babe, just return the favor for your brothers and we'll call it even."

Getting up, they changed clothes and took off. On their way, they decided to get necklaces for the women and wristbands for the men. Now for their work family, they planned to get Eric a new regulator for scuba diving that he had been gushing about, get Ryan a new laptop since he dropped his last one, and Horatio was getting some new shades with a new tie from Mallory. For Alexx they decided a weekend at the beach with her family would be perfect as she always said that it was hard for them to get time together.

After purchasing and arranging for the gifts to be sent to their home in Miami, they took a casual stroll down Duval Street, just window shopping and pointing out interesting items to each other. A sandwich shop came into view at the exact time that Calleigh's stomach decided to voice its displeasure of being empty so they walked inside and took a leisurely lunch.

During lunch, they agreed to each go their own way for a few hours so that they could get each other's gifts. Calleigh asked their server about an internet cafe that and was told that there was one just around the corner so she said that she would be there for at least an hour in case Natalia wanted to go there after her. Natalia said that would be fine by her as she saw a couple of stores that she wanted to check out.

They parted at the door and giving each other a quick kiss, then Calleigh headed off to the cafe with Natalia going in the opposite direction.

Entering the cafe, Calleigh paid for some time and quickly got online. She confirmed an item that she had already ordered, and then got in touch with a friend up in the northern part of the state for something special. After negotiating with him for a bit, she logged off with a satisfied air. Her bank account was going to be a lot lighter after all of this, but oh, was it going to be worth it. Then she got on her phone and made a very important call.

"Jill... hey, it's Calleigh Duquesne... how are you doing? I'm doing good, great actually... I'm getting married... Yes, I can hardly believe it, so I'm finally calling in the favor the big man promised."

After giving the details to her friend and doing some catching up, Calleigh closed her phone in a very good mood. Standing, she went to a couple of stores until she found what she wanted, then headed back to the car to wait on her wife.

After leaving Calleigh, Natalia immediately went to the same jewelers that they had used for their commitment ceremony and found exactly what she was looking for. And after having paid for her items, arranging for them to be shipped home, she went outside, and found a shaded bench to sit on to make her phone calls.

"Thomas.... it's Natalia.... how's it coming... really!... cool... no, I've ordered a couple of things to go along with it.... I'll check with Spike in a little bit to see how that's coming… will be back in town in about a week and I'll give you a call then.... yeah, did you get the check?... Great... Ok, talk with you when I get back then... Bye."

Closing her phone, she put it away and leaned back to enjoy a few minutes of quiet time. Absentmindedly, she rubbed her thighs and when she recognized what she was doing, she was realized that there wasn't any pain. Smiling to herself, she looked up just in time to watch Calleigh walk across the street towards their car. Without thinking, she let out a wolf whistle, and grinned when Calleigh looked in her direction. Crooking her finger in her direction, Natalia beckoned Calleigh over, standing as she got closer.

As Calleigh walked to stand a few feet away from her wife, she was smiling and asked. "I hope that you don't always expect me to come when you whistle?"

Taking the couple of steps needed to close the space between them, Natalia murmured loud enough so that only Calleigh could hear. "No, I expect you to come when I use my fingers, my tongue and my lips."

Without warning, Natalia put her hands on Calleigh's waist, pulled her against her and kissed her, long and hard.

Two elderly ladies walked by and one made a comment. "Well, I never."

Calleigh pulled away long enough to say. "You have no idea what you're missing." Then she went back to kissing her wife.

Natalia started chuckling against Calleigh's lips and soon was laughing straight out.

"I can't believe you said that."

"Hey, she was interrupting a great kiss and besides, odds are that we'll never see them again."

Kissing her wife again, Natalia hummed with pleasure as she reached up to thread her fingers through silky hair and slid her lips down Calleigh's jaw.

Clearing her throat while exposing more of it, Calleigh groaned out. "You keep this up and we're going to shock a hell of lot more people. What do you say to heading back to the cabin? Or at least getting into the Hummer and finding a quiet strip of beach?"

Reluctantly pulling away, Natalia muttered. "No, we need to make it back to the cabin. I have plans for us tonight." Grabbing Calleigh's hand, she headed towards their vehicle. "We need to make one stop on the way, and I'm driving."

"Yes, ma'am."

Soon they were on their way back to the cabin with Natalia trying to keep her mind on the road and not on the ever-enticing woman sitting next to her. They started the drive with their hands clasped together, but as time went by, Calleigh began to drag her nails up and down Natalia's arm.

Glancing over to her, Natalia saw that she was looking out the window, watching the scenery zoom by. Reaching over, she grasped Calleigh's hand, bringing it to her lips to kiss her knuckles.

"A penny for your thoughts, babe."

Turning to smile at her wife, Calleigh whispered. "There are so many things that we take for granted and when we lose them, like my sight, you realize how lucky we are when we get it back. And I get it now, I really do. I don't have to be able to see, hear or even talk. I get to do each of those. I am able to do those by the grace of God or whatever force is granting me that privilege."

Natalia brought Calleigh's hand back up to her lips for another caress.

"You are truly a special person, love and I am so lucky that you let me share your life."

Turning so that she was sitting sideways facing Natalia, Calleigh leaned her head against the seat.

"Darlin', we're both lucky in that we realized that we're supposed to be together. Do you know how many people go through life and don't get what we have?"

Nodding her head, Natalia kept her eyes on the road as she tried to get her emotions in check. She did understand how lucky they were and how close they had come so many times to losing it. She also realized that in their line of work that there would always be that chance.

The ride was quiet for a few moments so when Natalia looked over, she wasn't surprised to see that the blonde was fast asleep.

Pulling into the driveway of a specialty market near the cabin, she whispered that she would be right back when Calleigh opened her eyes. And true to her word, they were back on the road within fifteen minutes and soon after, pulling up in front of the cabin.

"Babe, we're back. Why don't you go lie down for a bit and I'll wake you in a couple of hours."

Calleigh groggily agreed and was soon asleep while Natalia sat out on the deck and made another call.

"Spike....hey, it's Talia.... did you get it finished?... great, Thomas is ready for it  whenever you get it to him.... did you get the check?... ok will see you in about a week... thanks again… bye."

As she hung up the phone, Natalia literally rubbed her hands together in glee while thinking to herself. "She is gonna love this. I can't wait to see her face."

Watching the dog for a few minutes, Natalia enjoyed the sun before going in to start getting things ready for dinner.

The stars were just beginning to come out when Calleigh rolled over and looked around. The room was empty, as was the deck, so she swung her legs off the bed and started to go outside when she heard the shower running. Turning in the direction of the bathroom, she came to a sudden halt in the doorway.

Natalia was standing under the cascading water, rinsing the soap from her body with her head tilted back and her eyes closed.

Unconsciously Calleigh licked her lips and stared. "Damn, when God made her, he knew that he made perfection so he broke the mold."

Turning off the water, Natalia opened the shower door, reached for a towel and stepped out. She toweled her head, and then turned to catch her wife staring. Holding the towel lengthwise, she held it in front of her body as she walked towards Calleigh. Stopping less than a foot away, she let the towel drop as she took her wife's hand and silently led her back to the bed. Stopping next to the bed, Natalia turned and sat, drawing Calleigh down so that they were eye to eye.

"Touch me." Natalia commanded.

Calleigh reached out and caressed her face, stopping when Natalia shook her head.

Reaching up, Natalia grasped her hand and drew it down to her legs.

"Touch me."

Gently Calleigh ran her fingertips over Natalia's thighs, making her take a sharp intake of breath. Before Calleigh could apologize, Natalia put a finger against her lips.

"No, don't say that you're sorry. That wasn't a gasp of pain. That was a sigh of pleasure. Take a good look at my legs."

Looking down at the bronzed thighs, Calleigh realized that the wounds were completely closed and the cuts were already beginning to fade.

"I've waited long enough to feel your hands on my body, and I'm not going to wait any longer."

Lying back against the bed, Natalia had only a moment before warm hands were ghosting up her calves and thighs, followed by open-mouthed kisses and a very tantalizing tongue. Each thigh was caressed, then teased until Natalia was writhing on the bed, moaning her pleasure. Calleigh licked the light scars, bathing them with kisses, then blowing warm breaths across the rapidly cooling skin.

Her head thrown back and body bowed, Natalia fisted the sheets and lost herself in Calleigh's touch. It felt like she found the part of herself that had been missing for so long with the gentleness of Calleigh's touch, with the strong fine-boned fingers that teased her. Those same fingers touched Natalia all over her body, except for the one place that the trembling woman hungered for.

"Cal… leigh… please…. baby…. don't make me wait any longer." Natalia growled out.

Then just as she was ready to scream in frustration, Calleigh flicked her tongue against her, then slid against the swollen, throbbing flesh, tormenting her until finally she crawled up Natalia's body. She kissed her lazily while slowly teasing her fingers into the welcoming heat and wetness that she knew that belonged only to her.

Natalia moved against her eagerly, straining to dance with the stars that were exploding behind her eyes before she finally came with a strangled cry. Calleigh repeatedly drew tremor after delicious tremor from Natalia's body until she finally withdrew only to place gentle kisses against bruised lips and the throbbing pulse point on her wife's neck.

Looking up at Calleigh, Natalia reached up to trace and stroke the shape of her wife's face, like she was burning it in her memory. The sight of her eyes gone dark with need sent shivers down Calleigh's spine as her fingers traveled farther down, mapping out the length of her before teasing her fingers through damp curls.

Without warning, Natalia rolled the smaller woman under her and smiled down at her as Calleigh's startled laugh rang in her ears. Leaning down, she took a straining nipple between her lips and began to suckle, reveling in the tiny, needy sounds that escaped from her wife.

Calleigh's nails scored against Natalia's back, making her arch against her. Leaning back down, Natalia kissed her roughly, possessively, as she twisted slightly and impatiently delved into Calleigh's softness. Groaning heavily, Calleigh's body tensed and trembled against Natalia, who slid down the still quivering body to torture her aching flesh with lips and her tongue. Murmuring against the wetness, Natalia didn't stop until Calleigh didn't know where she ended and Natalia began. The blonde was totally lost, her head thrown back and eyes closed as Natalia continued her tender torture. Helpless against the sensation, Calleigh's hands clutched at the sheets, trying to anchor herself down even while her soul was trying to fly with the stars. With one final swipe of Natalia's tongue and thrust of her fingers, something inside of Calleigh broke free and exploded behind her eyes.

When she came back to herself, Calleigh found that Natalia was holding her close, caressing her back and hair. Looking into warm chocolate eyes, she knew that this woman was her other half of her soul. Reaching up, she pulled her head down for a tender kiss.

Whispering more to herself than to Natalia, Calleigh said. "I am where I am supposed to be."

"Yes, you are, and don't you ever forget it."

They smiled at each other for a few moments before both of their stomachs made their emptiness know.

"Why don't you stay here while I get dinner ready? I have something special planned for you and it shouldn't take me too long to get everything together."

Calleigh gazed up at her for a moment before saying. "I don't have any idea how I got through my days before you came into my life, but I know that I will do anything I have to do to protect you, to protect us, and what we have."

Tears came to Natalia's eyes as she  looked down at her love, because she knew what she was saying was true, and that she felt the same. Swallowing hard, she whispered. "We DuVista women protect our own and damn anyone who threatens us or ours." Kissing Calleigh quickly, Natalia got out of bed, pulled on some clothes and went into the kitchen to start dinner.

Laying in bed with her head propped up by her fist, Calleigh watch as her wife efficiently moved about the kitchen getting things ready. After a few minutes of lusty thoughts running rampant in her head, she smiled as something else popped up.

"Hey! Where do you want to have dinner? In here or outside?"

Natalia was busy grilling something on the stove so she didn't turn in Calleigh's direction. "Let's just eat in here. It's too late to set things up on the deck."

"Great! I'll take care of setting things up."

Rolling out of bed, she grabbed her tank top and boy shorts, pulling them on quickly before going into the bathroom to get a couple of bath sheets. After depositing them on the bed, she went into the utility room to see if she could find any flashlights. She found a couple and on her way out spied an extra tiki torch in the corner. Grabbing all three items, she went back over to the bed. Laying down the flashlights, she took the torch and stood it up against the middle of the headboard, leaning it towards the center of the bed and securing it with some twine that she had also grabbed from the utility room. Then stripping the top sheet off the bed, she spread out the towels on the bed and put the top sheet back on the bed, but made sure that it was over the torch.

Taking a step back, she looked at her handiwork, pleased with herself.

Natalia walked up, placed an arm about Calleigh's shoulders, and just stared. "What exactly is this supposed to be?"

Pretending to look shocked, Calleigh replied. "Don't you know a sheet fort when you see one?"

"Oh yeah, now I see."

Slapping her wife lightly on the stomach, Calleigh continued. "I don't know. I just thought that we could have dinner under the sheet. Sorta like our own special hideaway."

Kissing the blonde head, Natalia agreed. "That sounds great to me babe. Just give me about five more minutes and I'll bring the food. Why don't you go ahead and grab a couple of forks and the bottle of wine that I have chilling."

A few minutes later, Calleigh was holding up the sheet so Natalia could get on the bed with a huge plate that was filled with chunks of lobster and scallops, asparagus and cauliflower. She then turned off the light while the flashlights under the sheets cast off a very warm glow.

"I figured that we could both eat off the same plate."

Settling herself down across from Natalia, Calleigh replied. "I kinda figured about the same thing about the wine. We can just drink it straight out of the bottle."

Spearing a chunk of lobster, Natalia offered the morsel to her wife, who leaned forward to bite it from her fork, never taking her eyes off Natalia's.

"Oh Lord! If you're gonna look at me that way with every bite, we can just forget the food right now."

Swallowing quickly, Calleigh took a deep breath before she answered. "I'm sorry darlin'. I just got carried away. I guess that I should tell you something… I.. uh… love lobster.... seafood actually just as much as I love bacon, but for an entirely different reason… um…. it turns me on… I mean… uh."

Trying to keep a straight face, Natalia interrupted. "You are trying to say that it's an aphrodisiac for you."

"Yes, that's what I'm trying to say."

Leaning over to give Calleigh a quick kiss, Natalia sat back, picked up a piece of scallop and placed it between her lips to chew slowly. "Babe, we've been together for awhile now, and I'd have to be dead not to notice what turns you on, and plan accordingly." She held up a hand to stop her wife from launching herself across the bed, into her arms. "Wait! Just wait and let's get through dinner, because I promise you dessert is going to be just as good, if not better."

A look of disbelief came over Calleigh's face. "Gonna be better than this? I can wait." As she settled down, she grabbed a spear of asparagus.

The rest of the meal was spent discussing the wedding and all the plans that they had left to do.

"You do realize you have to get your eyes checked out and cleared before you can go back to work?"

Swallowing some wine, Calleigh nodded her head. "Yeah, I know. I hope that there won't be any problem with that. Things are still a bit blurry when I'm tired, but it's getting less and less. Have you thought anything about therapy?"

"Yeah, I know someone that I can go to. I actually went to her for a while after Nick, but stopped. I don't think that I was ready to confront my feelings at the time, so I quit. If you still want to go with, I think that you would like her too."

"Babe, if you trust her, then so do I." Leaning back on her elbows, Calleigh sighed. "That was a perfect meal. I don't think that I can eat anything else."

Quirking an eyebrow, Natalia retorted. "Hmm, lucky for you, that doesn't throw a wrench in my plans for the rest of the meal. Stay here and I'll be right back."

Gathering up the plate, utensils, and the wine bottle, Natalia scooted out from under the sheet and went into the kitchen. Calleigh could hear her moving about and smiled to herself. Whatever she had planned, Calleigh knew that she was going to enjoy it. Stretching out, she put her hands above her head and through the slots in the headboard. She heard something familiar, but before it could register, she felt metal bracelets being snapped around her wrists, locking her in that position.

"Hey! What's going on?"

The sheet was pulled from the bed, causing Calleigh to blink her eyes a few times to get things in focus. And when she did, her jaw dropped. Natalia was standing at the foot of the bed, stark naked with a bowl of freshly whipped cream and a bottle of honey.

"Well, you did say that you didn't think that you could eat anything else. Now you don't have to. I on the other hand, will take my time with dessert."

Walking to the side of the bed farthest away from the cuffed woman, Natalia put the items and crawled over to kneel next to her. Looking at the now squirming woman, she stated. "I should've taken off your top before I cuffed you, but I guess that I'll just have to make do."

Reaching over, she grasped the hem of the shirt and tugged it upwards until she could take it no higher. On her way back down Calleigh's body, Natalia nipped and teased with warm breaths until she came to a pair of shorts.

"These are going to be easier to take off… and a lot more fun."

Scooting down so that she was sitting at Calleigh's feet, Natalia rose up slightly to pull the shorts from the slightly trembling body, letting her hair drag across the skin as it was exposed. By the time she tossed the shorts aside, Calleigh was whimpering slightly. Crawling up Calleigh's body, she just let her hair tease the skin until she was eye to eye with her wife.

"You have no idea what I've thought about ever since you said you had your handcuffs. And when I discovered today that my legs were almost completely healed, I decided that I didn't have to wait any longer to do what I imagined."

Slowly she moved away from Calleigh to grab the bowl of whipped cream and then turned back to face her. Dipping a finger into the cream, she slowly brought it up to her lips and lightly coated her bottom lip. Her tongue peeked out to remove the sweetness and Calleigh's eyes got darker at the actions.

"Mmm, this is so good… Would you like a taste?"

Dipping her finger once again, Natalia brought it out to offer to her. Just when Calleigh was going to open her mouth, Natalia pulled the offering back.

"Oh yeah! That's right. You're too full. Well, I guess that I had better clean this off."

Slowly she put the coated finger in her mouth and sucked it clean.

"Oh, you just don't know what you're missing."

Taking some of the cream, Natalia placed some on Calleigh's breast. Immediately the cream started to drip down, so she leaned forward to start licking. Calleigh strained up, trying to push more of herself into her wife's mouth, but Natalia was in complete control and backed away.

"Talia… please baby… let me go… I need to touch you."

Reaching for the cream again, Natalia shook her head as a dollop of cream was spread near Calleigh's belly button.

"Mmm, no, I don't think so… I'm not finished eating yet."

Leaning down to lick the sweetness off, Natalia let her fingers tease through very damp curls, causing Calleigh to strain upwards. Using her tongue to get out every bit of cream out of the indentation, Natalia slowly moved down the body until her tongue joined with the actions of her fingers.

"Ooo, this is sweet too, but…. hmmm… I wonder if I can make it sweeter."

Rising up, Natalia moved over to the side of the bed and grabbed the bottle of honey, then scooted back over to Calleigh's side. Holding up the bottle, she tilted it and squeezed, watching as the amber liquid slowly trickle down Calleigh abdomen. Holding her hair aside, Natalia leaned down and swirled her tongue through the slight puddle, humming as she went.

Calleigh twisted her hands in the cuffs, straining to get free. Her body felt like there were hundreds of tiny explosions trying to go off at the same time, but something was holding them back.

"Tal… please… let me free… I'm really hungry."

Bringing up her head so that she could look into Calleigh's eyes. Natalia could tell how much she wanted to touch her, just by the look in her eyes. She slowly made her way back up so that she could look down upon Calleigh's face. There was such love, such want and need shining from the dark green eyes that it almost took Natalia's breath away.

"And what will you do if I set you free? Will you take some cream…. like this?" And she took some on her fingers. "And where would you put it?... Maybe here?" And spread it across her own hardened nipple. Watching Calleigh's eyes grow even darker, Natalia's voice got very husky. "Would you like to lick it off, baby?"

Never taking her eyes off the breast, Calleigh nodded her head slowly and was rewarded when Natalia leaned down and offered her the sweetness. Straining up to draw more into her warm mouth, Calleigh moaned as she curled her tongue around, tasting the sweet cream, but craving more of Natalia.

As Natalia drew away, Calleigh groaned. "I want more please Talia. Please uncuff me."

Reaching over to the side of the bed, Natalia grabbed the key that she had left there and leaned over Calleigh's head to open the bracelets. As soon as she felt one wrist was free, Calleigh pulled her arms free and surged up to wrap her body around Natalia so that she was on top. Bring her head down, She gave her wife a kiss that was hard, hot and hungry, and Natalia retaliated by bringing up her thigh between Calleigh's legs.

As firm muscle came into contact with hot swollen flesh, Calleigh arched and began to slide against it. With her hands on either side of Natalia's head, Calleigh's own head hung down, her hair creating a golden curtain, as she stared into Natalia's almost black eyes. Clenching then unclenching her teeth, Calleigh panted as she raced toward release.

Natalia reached up to fist her hands in golden hair and pulled her down for another kiss, then suddenly she dropped her leg and reached down with one hand to thrust into warm slickness. With her tongue in Calleigh's mouth copying the movement of her hand, Natalia brought Calleigh all the way up to the precipice before changing the rhythm to make her start again.

Growling, Calleigh threw back her head with her eyes closed and ground hand against Natalia's hand. Reaching, straining for release, respite from the feelings that were erupting in her body.



Her name finally made it through the haze and she looked down at her wife.

"Fly for me." And Natalia rubbed her thumb against Calleigh's clit and then, thrust hard and fast.

For a moment, Calleigh went completely still, and then tiny tremors began and as they became bigger, she rolled her hips Natalia's hand, keening the whole time. Just when she was begin to calm down, Natalia would move something just a little, and it would start again. Time after time, would Natalia do this until Calleigh was lying limp in her arms, trying to catch her breath.

Slowly removing her hand, Natalia kissed the damp forehead that was resting on her chest. They stayed that way for so long that Natalia began to think that Calleigh had drifted off to sleep. Then a voice drifted up to her ears.

"Just to let you know: that dessert was less filling, but it tasted great."

Chuckling, Natalia murmured back. "I'm glad that you liked it. I'm also glad that you put down these towels, because we've made a mess."

Weakly raising her head to look into a pair of very warm chocolate eyes, Calleigh argued. "We nothing. I was just the object of your desire."

"Yes, you are, and always will be." Then Natalia captured her lips for another hard kiss.

Finally pulling away only because she had to breathe, Calleigh whispered. "Yes ma'am, I will. Let's get up and take a hot shower because as much as I love being this close to you, I think that things are beginning to stick together."

Raising an eyebrow, Natalia just waited until Calleigh processed what she had just said.

"Oh come on, you know what I meant."

Laughing, they got up and while Calleigh headed towards the bathroom to start the shower, Natalia took the remnants of dessert into the kitchen, then went back and stripped the bed. After starting the washing machine and making sure that Mallory had food, she went and joined her wife in the shower. They washed each other, got out and dried off. After putting clean sheets on the bed, Calleigh laid down and gathered Natalia into her embrace.

"Thank you for a lovely meal."

"You're more than welcome, my love. Thank you for the fort. It was fun playing in there."

Calleigh's eyes opened wide in glee as something came to mind. "Hey! We had fort play and then we had foreplay. Get it?"

Groaning, Natalia gave her a quick kiss and they were soon sound asleep.

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