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By sinjenkai


Part 33

While Natalia was waking up to noises of Isabel and Eva laughing and Cristine trying to keep them quiet as she moved pots around in the kitchen, Calleigh was waking up to an empty bed and a very quiet house.

For a brief moment, she thought that everything had been a dream and she was back in her condo, but then she looked around and saw that she was in their bed, in their house, and she was still dressed in her underwear and stockings.

Getting out of bed, she quickly made it before going into the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for the day. Standing in front of the mirror, brushing her teeth it hit her, she was getting married... again. She stood there grinning like an idiot with a mouthful of toothpaste foam. How had she gotten so lucky to find someone that knew her so well, she didn't know. Finally spitting and then rinsing her mouth, she finished getting dressed and went into the kitchen to fix something to eat.

After standing in front of the refrigerator for what seemed like forever, she decided on a bowl of cereal and a banana. Jumping up on the counter, she sat there with her legs dangling over the side.

Looking at the clock, she saw that she had a little over four hours before Chance was supposed to pick her up. Finishing up, she hopped down, rinsed out the bowl, and grabbed her phone.

Calling Natalia, she's surprised when the call goes straight to voice mail.

"Morning my love. Just wanted to tell you that I can't wait to marry you again. I guess that I'll see you in about five hours. I love you Talia."

Closing the phone, she called up Cristine to see where her wife was and was told that she was out riding Adonia. Grabbing her keys and helmet, she went out, got on her bike, and headed toward the stables.

As she pulled into the parking lot, she could see Natalia working Adonia out in the arena. Turning off her bike, she removed her helmet and just sat there watching.

Adonia pranced at the slow pace Natalia was forcing her to move. Natalia just grinned. "Don't worry girl, you know I can't last slow long!" Adonia snorted and ran along the rail in a smooth Marcha gate before moving faster into a trot. Before long, Natalia sent the dapple gray over a few small jumps, then ran her around the arena at a jog, just smoothly easing into the faster pace, doing figure eight's and circles. Both working up a decent sweat. Adonia could feel the calm nervousness in Natalia's body, she wondered what was going through the brunettes head, but she just continued to do exactly as instructed.

Catching a glimpse of gold out of the corner of her eyes, Natalia turned her head to see Calleigh sitting astride her bike in the parking lot, just watching her. "Adonia, it looks like we have an audience. Let's show off, shall we?"

Giving the gentle creature near silent signals, Natalia turned the grey horse to face her love and got her to bow.

Calleigh leaned forward on her bike, slightly draped over the tank. Nodding to Natalia as Adonia bowed, she couldn't help, but smile. How gorgeous she was on top the massive animal. "Truly amazing..."

They stared at each other for a long while, before Adonia pawed the ground a few times, breaking the moment and making Natalia realize that she had to go get ready. With a final look at her bride, she turned the gentle animal towards the barn.

Watching Natalia disappear into the barn, Calleigh reluctantly put on her helmet and started up the bike. With one last glance towards the barn, she pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards the beach. The ride was relatively short as it was mid-morning and the roads were almost deserted. Parking the bike, she swung her leg over and pocketed the keys before walking out onto the sand.

The sounds of the surf, the wind in her face, and the screech of the gulls took Calleigh back to the time before Natalia. To a time when all she did was work and go home and if she wanted to relax, she would come here and stare out at the ocean. The vastness of it always made her feel small, but at the same time it empowered her to do the best that she could to protect both the beach and the people that enjoyed it.

Now she had a life that she would protect with the same intenseness and passion that she had for her work. Calleigh looked down at her hands and the rings on her fingers. Squinting her eyes, she really looked at her hands. These are the same hands that pick up evidence, shoot criminals when necessary, and dry children's tears. Those same hands now caress a very special woman and will one day pack their children's lunch.

Her vibrating phone snapped Calleigh out of her reverie, causing her to swear when she looked at the time on the phone.


"Hey baby girl…. Where are you?"

"Hey Alexx. I'm at the beach."

Calleigh could just see Alexx shaking her head. "Well, you better get your cute butt into gear because if you're late, Natalia is gonna send out a search party. I'll meet you at the monastery to help you dress in an hour and a half. Now go home."

"Yes ma'am." With a chuckle and a broad smile, she closed the phone, and walked back to her bike, put on the helmet and got on. Starting up the bike, she pulled out and headed home. By the time she parked the bike and closed the garage door, she had just enough time to take a shower before Chance picked her up.

After getting out of the shower, she stood once again in front of the mirror in the bathroom, but this time she was drying her hair and putting on just a touch of makeup. Pulling on a pair of jeans and a button down shirt, she went into the spare bedroom and brought out her suit and everything that she wanted to take with her.

She was glad that they had already arranged for some clothes to be delivered to the Shore Club so that they wouldn't have to come back to the house. Taking everything into the living room, she had just carefully placed the suit on the sofa when there was a knock at the door.

Opening the door, she laughed as Chance stood there in a chauffeur uniform, hat in hand at attention.

"Excuse me ma'am. I am here to escort Calleigh Duquesne DuVista to her wedding to Natalia Boa Vista DuVista. I have been instructed to drive you to the monastery at the highest legal speed limit possible to get you there on time. I have also been instructed to take you if necessary over my shoulder and put you in the car. Which I will do with a smile because I really love my new sister-in-law."

Not even trying to keep a straight face, Calleigh was almost doubled over in laughter as she backed into the house so that she could bring out her clothes. All of the sudden she stopped, turned and walked towards the car.

"Come along Chance. You can get my clothes, bag and lock the door on your way out. Hurry up, we must not be late… Hey! Where's the limo?"

Walking out of the house carrying Calleigh's garment bag and a shoulder bag, Chance pulled the front door closed and walked towards his rental car.

"Natalia didn't say anything about driving a limo. She just asked me to show up in a chauffeur's uniform and to make sure that you are figuratively 'at the church' on time, so that's what I'm gonna do. Now get into the car and let's go."

Shaking her head, Calleigh got into the car and they were on their way.

In one of the changing rooms, Natalia was sitting at a small vanity, letting Anya fuss over her hair. She wasn't really paying any attention to what she was say, just agreeing every once in a while, letting her mind wander to her favorite subject; Calleigh. She was curious if Chance had gotten her there yet. She would have loved to have seen Calleigh's face when she opened the door and saw Chance in the uniform.

"Talia! Earth to Talia. What are you thinking of? Oh, never mind. Is this ok with you?"

Looking into the mirror, Natalia saw that her hair was put up in a nice French twist with a few tendrils left to frame her face.

"That's perfect Anya. I couldn't have done better myself. Thank you."

Rising from the vanity, Natalia turned to put on her dress. Carefully stepping into the dress, she slowly pulled it up and settled the straps on her shoulders, letting Anya zip it closed. Putting on her shoes, she went back over to the vanity to pick up a small jewelry box and open it. Inside was the necklace that Calleigh had left for her the night before on her pillow along with a red rose.

It was a delicate platinum necklace that had a diamond and emerald teardrop pendant that was the exact color of Calleigh's eyes. Just looking at the color made Natalia get very warm as she started to imagine those eyes looking down at her while they were making love. Closing her own eyes for a moment to collect her thoughts, she took a deep breath before opening them and putting on the necklace.

Turning back to her sisters, Natalia waited for their reaction and she wasn't disappointed as both pairs of eyes got watery and sighs were exhaled.

"Talia, you look beautiful." Cristine came over to give her a careful hug, not wanting to wrinkle the dress.

Anya wiped the tears that threatened to fall. "I hope that Calleigh knows how lucky she is to get you."

Smiling back at her sister, Natalia replied. "She does, but I'm the lucky one. She is everything that I have ever wanted in someone to share my life with."

She was interrupted by the chirping of her cell phone and when she saw the caller I.D., she had to smile.


"Hey darlin'. You about ready?"

"Yeah, just finished. How about you?"

"Yup. Just wanted to tell you that I love you and that I'll be the one at the end of the aisle grinning like an idiot."

"That's ok babe. You're my idiot and I love you too."

"See you soon my love."

"Yeah, see you soon."

Closing the phone, Natalia had such a goofy look on her face that both sisters said at the same time. "Aww."

"Hush. It is almost time. Where's Papa?"

As if on cue, there was a knock at the door and Alejandro stuck in his head. "Can I come in?"

"Of course Papa. Come on in."

The older man stepped through the door, took one look at his daughter, and smiled. "Ah Natalia. Usted parece tan hermoso. Usted mira justo como su madre. Sólo lamento que ella no pudiera verle ahora." Ah Natalia. You look so beautiful. You look just like your mother. I just wish that she could see you now.

"Ella puede verme papá. Ella mira abajo sobre nosotros ahora y ella sonríe." She can see me Papa. She's looking down upon us now and she's smiling.

Walking over to his daughter, he gently caressed her face. "Sí, ella es. ¿Entonces usted está listo a casarse con la otra mitad de su alma?" Yes, she is. So are you ready to marry the other half of your soul?

Her face breaking out into the biggest grin, Natalia voice broke just a little. "Sí papá, soy. Estoy tan listo a casarme con ella." Yes Papa, I am. I am so ready to marry her.

Holding out his arm, Alejandro waited for his daughter to take it so that he could escort her down the aisle to start the next part of her life. Silently, they made their way down the hallway and out into the courtyard until they were at the opening of the garden.

Turning to Natalia, Alejandro said something that she had always wanted to hear. "You have chosen well, my daughter. Your Calleigh, she is honorable. Did she tell you that she came to me to ask of my permission to take your hand in marriage?"

The shock on her face, answered his question. "Ah, she did not. I figured as much. Well, let us get you married to this wonderful person."

Reaching out, he took a bouquet of white roses and baby's breath from a table at the entrance.

The string quartet began playing in the background and Eva and Cal went down the aisle first, dropping rose petals until they reached the end. Eva went to stand on Natalia's side while Cal went to Calleigh's. Next Isabel and Lee went down the aisle holding small baskets that held the rings and they went and stood beside their siblings. Finally, Cristine, Anya, and Eileen headed down the aisle and after a few moments, the music changed.

"Let us go Natalia. Your love is waiting." And the walk begins.

The smile on Natalia's face is blinding. The garden is magnificent and a beautiful place to get married. It's filled with all the people that her and Calleigh care about, but she can't see any of their faces.

Then Natalia's eyes lock on flashing green eyes. There! There is Calleigh. She was standing underneath the gazebo.

"Ah Papa, she is beautiful." Natalia tightened her grip on her father's arm as she got a really good look at her bride.

She was wearing a white Armani pant suit with an ivory silk shell underneath which matched Natalia's dress, along with the necklace Natalia had left for her last night. Her hair was loose, cascaded about her shoulders. She was the most stunning creature Natalia has ever laid eyes on. It was like she stepped into a spill of sunlight. She had never noticed before how many different shades of color there were in Calleigh's eyes. There was green, and gold and maybe a hint of blue. Her hair was beautiful too. She liked the way it pours through her hands when she caresses it or the softness of it against her skin when they make love. Even the smell of it when she is snuggled next to Calleigh in her sleep. She was wearing a beautiful shade of lipstick and her lips slightly parted. All Natalia wanted to do is kiss her.

Calleigh really hoped that no one asked her about the wedding, because she knew that she wouldn't be able to remember anything about it other than what Natalia looked like. She was so glad that her mother had hired both a videographer and a photographer.

She is standing at the gazebo with her hands calmly folded in front of her, even though her insides were shaking something fierce. Both Court and Chance were standing behind her as always, ready to back her up.

Watching the kids, come down the aisle brought a huge smile to everyone's face and finally came the sisters and Eileen. And then Calleigh lost her breath and her stomach dropped… Natalia was coming down the aisle.

The gown was floor length and it fit Natalia like a glove. The small spaghetti straps that held the fabric on the other woman's shoulders drew her eyes first and she couldn't stop the fleeting thought that there was no way that those small pieces could hold the woman's body all on their own. From there, her eyes traveled downwards to the almost demure cut of the neckline, only hinting at the round, full breasts that lay under it.

The dress itself, could almost be called plain, with no embellishments or additions, just this fabric, formed into long glowing white, with only strategically placed seams that accentuated Natalia's every curve, but kept her skin covered in the most alluring way. On the woman, coming towards her the dress was anything but plain, it was positively majestic.

Calleigh felt her eyes trek as if on their own will further down, past the point where the fabric clung to her wife's hips, and swayed along with her every step and on to where the white flowed and caressed Natalia's legs as she walked. Behind her, she could almost make out a small train following the taller woman, and she battled to catch her breath as the woman she loved smiled her most radiant smile at her. Her stomach slowly rose back from where it dropped when she first saw her.

Then Natalia was standing in front of her with the sweetest smile upon her face. Calleigh offered her hand to her love, who took it and they walked up to the priest.

The priest gave them a few seconds to get their nerves under control before she started the ceremony. They had decided to have a semi-traditional ceremony, but they had also wanted to say something from their hearts. The priest began. "When two people decide to make a commitment to each other, they also make a commitment to all of the people involved in each other's lives. When a commitment this strong is made by two people, the force of that commitment, of that love, of that courage, reaches out and touches all of us around you, so that our lives are changed and we share a part of your love."

Natalia's thumb strokes the back of Calleigh's hand, raising goose bumps along her arm. What she can do to her with a simple touch. Calleigh ran hers across her palm and thoroughly enjoyed the reaction is gets. She listens to the priest for a moment to see if it's possibly time for her to kiss Calleigh.

"Damn it, it doesn't sound like it."

"You are agreeing to share strength, responsibilities and to share love. I require and charge you both to remember that love and trust alone will be the foundation of a happy and enduring home. No other human ties are more tender, no other vows are more sacred than those you now assume. At this time, your family and your friends wish for you a home, not a place of stone and wood, but an island of peace, a place from which you will receive strength and support that stays and carries with you throughout your daily lives."

Calleigh's lips are slightly parted and she is wearing a beautiful shade of lipstick. All Natalia wants is to kiss her. Looking over to the priest, she thought. "Wrap this up or I'm just gonna cut to the chase."

"It should never be said of either of you that you show more concern for a friend than you do for each other. More kindness, gentleness, and concern needs to be shown in the privacy of your own home than anywhere else. Indeed, your home should be a haven from all the confusion and craziness the world will create. You are now taking into your care and keeping the happiness of the one person in the entire world whom you love best. You are adding to your life not only the affection of each other, but also the companionship and blessing of a deep trust as well. You are agreeing to share strength, responsibilities and to share love."

Gazing into Natalia's eyes, Calleigh was amazed at the warmth that radiated from them.

"So, I have a question to ask both of you: will you both love, comfort and honor, keeping each other forever more?"

The two women were so engrossed in each other that they totally missed the question until Chance leaned forward and in a stage whisper said. "This is where you say, I do."

That drew a laugh from everyone except one person, Eric stood up out of his seat and walked out, but only one person paid him any mind. Grey eyes followed him all the way out, then Jen turned back to the ceremony.

The priest motioned to both Lee and Isabel, who gave her the rings. Everyone laughed when Isabel piped up. "Make sure you give Tia Calleigh hers because Tia Natalia has bigger fingers and it won't fit.

"Let these rings symbolize the devotion and commitment each holds for the other. These rings, given in love, are a testimony to all who bear witness that Calleigh and Natalia are truly joined together on this day. Repeat after me: with this ring I pledge to you my deepest love and devotion."

Calleigh slid the platinum white and chocolate diamond band on Natalia's finger, proud that she didn't drop it. Once the ring was safely on, Calleigh kissed Natalia's hand.

Holding her breath, Natalia was so glad that Calleigh's hand was steady as she slid on the platinum diamond and emerald ring. She didn't think that she could stand it if she dropped it.

"Calleigh and Natalia, you have stated that you wanted to express your love in your own words. Calleigh, would you go first?"

Turning to her love, Calleigh took a deep breath. "There are good things in this world, and there are bad.  But no matter which covers my path, you always rise highest. The road might not be smooth, it might not be perfect, but you are always there, guiding my path, and helping me up when I falter. You are my guiding light. And for all that I am in this world, for all that I wish I could ever be, I know that you will always love me, just as I am. You led me when I couldn't see, and you stood by me when everything else faltered. You are my north star, you are what leads me, and I will follow you, watch you, and protect you with all that I am. I will put your needs before my own. I would be the luckiest woman in the world, if I could wake up every morning next to you for the rest of our lives. I offer you all of me, mind, body, soul and heart… because without you, none of that exists."

The smile that graced Natalia's face belied the butterflies that were flying around in her stomach as she started. "My world had fallen, my earth had shattered, my sun had disappeared. And then... you were there. And all the things that happened, they didn't matter anymore. You put my world back on its axis, you pulled my earth back together, and you became my sun. You were there, when everything else fell apart, and you were there to put them back together. You pulled me back together, you gave me myself back. And you opened my heart to the most important person in existence, you. My world, my earth, my sun... none of them can ever disappear and fall again, because in you I've found them all. I've found the greatest possible love in existence, and if I never kiss another soul for the rest of my life, I will consider myself the luckiest woman alive. If I can fall asleep with you by my side from now until forever, I will never be anything but complete. And because I can, because your love saved me, I offer you all of me, mind, body, soul, and heart."

Placing her hand over the joined hands, the priest finally got to the point.

"Calleigh and Natalia, we have all heard you vow to share your lives together. We respect the promise you have made. It is not the state or a priest standing before you that makes your commitment real, but rather the honesty and sincerity of your love for one another. On behalf of all present, I acknowledge that you are joined in the eyes of God and your families." She paused before she finally said. "You may now kiss the bride."

Natalia slid her arms around Calleigh and pulled her close. "You make all my dreams come true." Kissing her, the crowd started applauding.

Calleigh is holding Natalia in a corner, away from the crowd, just relaxing for a moment before the reception starts. Nuzzling her throat, Calleigh breathed in the scent that she will always associate with her wife; sandalwood had never been a favorite until now.

"Have I told you how gorgeous you look?"

Happily sighing, Natalia murmured. "You didn't say the words, but your eyes sure did, and so do you by the way."

"Thank you Mrs. DuVista, which by the way I have news for you. I had a phone call on my way over here. We're legally Natalia and Calleigh DuVista now. The name change came through."

"Alright, Mrs. DuVista has such a great ring to it."

Giving Calleigh a gentle kiss, Natalia moaned as her tongue was gently pulled into Calleigh's mouth. Angling her head, she deepened the kiss and pulled Calleigh closer.

A polite cough made them pull apart as Chance interrupted them. "Excuse me ladies, but there's a party waiting to start."

"Why don't you go and get it started, because we're very happy right here?"

Smirking, Chance shot back. "I can see how happy you are, but since you're the reason for the party, ya kinda need to be there."

Natalia turned to her brother-in-law and stuck out her tongue. "Spoil sport." Before turning back to her wife. "Let's go get this party started, but let's make sure that you don't forget where we left off at." And she leaned down and gave Calleigh a kiss so intense that it made Chance sweat.

Coughing, he turned away, fanning himself and muttering. "Too much information, way too much."

When they finally pulled apart, only because they had to breath, both Calleigh and Natalia had very satisfied looks upon their faces.

"Darlin', I'll never forget where I leave off with you, but please, feel free to remind me any time."

Walking out hand in hand, they were met by applause until a shrill whistle broke through the noise. Everyone turn to see Horatio standing on the curtained stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the Duquesne and Boa Vista families, I would like to thank you all for joining us today to celebrate the marriage of Calleigh and Natalia. We know that everyone here wishes them the best in their life together, but first they must have their first

dance. So Calleigh and Natalia DuVista, if you would come take the dance floor, your audience awaits."

Calleigh took Natalia by the hand and led her to the center of the dance floor.

"I hope that you like the song that I picked out."

Looking down into flashing green eyes, Natalia couldn't help but smile."Babe, whatever you've picked is fine with me. I'm sure that it will be perfect."

Calleigh nodded to the DJ and the music starts up right away.

Natalia sighed and pulled Calleigh even closer when she hears the first few notes. It was one of their favorite songs and it is perfect for this day.

At last, my love has come along

My lonely days are over

And life is like a song

Leaning down, Natalia gave the blonde a gentle kiss. "You are beautiful."

Oh, yeah, at last

The skies above are blue

My heart was wrapped up in clovers

The night I looked at you

I found a dream that I could speak to

A dream that I can call my own

I found a thrill to rest my cheek to

A thrill that I have never known

Reaching up, Calleigh caressed her face. "No darlin', you're the one that's beautiful."

Oh, yeah when you smile, you smile

Oh, and then the spell was cast

And here we are in heaven

For you are mine

At last

As the music ends, Calleigh pulls Natalia close again and they stand there for a moment, lost in each other's arms. The music starts up again and the party begins around them.

Natalia tugged Calleigh's hand and led her off the dance floor to go sit at their table. For the next few minutes they concentrated on their meal that consisted of mini crab cakes, bacon wrapped scallops, lobster and crab stuffed mushroom as appetizers, then, pan-fried tilapia, crayfish gumbo, lobster and bacon Mac and cheese. The kids had fish sticks and Mac and cheese.

Horatio came and stood by the table. "Ladies, may I sit?"

"Good grief Horatio, you of all people do not have to ask that question."

Sitting next to Calleigh, Horatio placed two keys on the table in front of them. "I do believe that the two of you must share a brain cell or something because you both asked for the same thing. And I do believe that you both wondered why I asked such a low price. It's because between the two of you, I got the amount that I was asking. So I am proud to say that you are joint owners of the cabin in the Keys."

The two women looked at each other and just laughed.


Natalia was sitting in her chair watching Calleigh line dance with Chance, Andre and her two new sisters-in-laws and a bunch of people from work. Her hips were swaying in time with the music and her smile was a mile wide as her laughter rang out. Natalia knew that she had never seen such a beautiful creature before in her life and now she was lucky enough to be married to her and not just once, but twice in less than two months.

She was staring at the group when she felt a tug on her dress. Turning her head, Natalia saw Lee standing next to her with his father Court nearby.

"Hi there handsome. Are you having fun?"

Nodding his head, Lee looks at his dad before he turned back to her. "Dad wanted me to tell you to make sure that Tante Calleigh doesn't wear her boots to bed." Leaning forward he whispered. "But it's ok because I do it too."

Trying hard not to laugh, Natalia leaned over and hugged the one man in the Duquesne family who had as much of her heart as his aunt. "I know it is sweetheart and don't let anyone tell you different."

"I love you Tante Talia."

"I love you too Lee."

"Hello beautiful." Natalia whispers in Calleigh's ear, sending shivers down her spine and all areas south. Calleigh shudders and growls before turning around to face her. Warm chocolate eyes tell Calleigh that she knows what she does to her and Natalia is very pleased with herself.

"Just remember that payback is a bitch darlin'."

"Promises, promises."

The two of them stand there for a moment staring at each other before Cristine walks over.

"Ladies, you're attracting quite a crowd, but that's ok as it is time for the toast and the cutting of the cake."

Turning slightly, they see everyone standing around them with glasses of champagne. Alejandro steps forward.

"Today, I gained another daughter. This one is golden haired and green eyed, but nonetheless my daughter. Please everyone raise you glasses and join me in a toast to the newlywed couple."

Natalia pulls Calleigh to stand in front of her so that she can wrap her arms about her waist and rest her head over her shoulder, grinning in happiness.

Court is next as he steps into the circle. "The most precious possession that ever comes to anyone in this world is a woman's heart. And in this case, you have two. May your days be filled with sunshine and daisies, while your nights are filled with fireworks and love."

Andre stepped up. "We never thought that we'd see Natalia truly happy again, but luckily we were wrong, so to Calleigh we thank you for bringing joy into her heart and love into her life."

Clearing his throat, Horatio glanced down at the floor for a moment before saying with a twinkle in his eye. "Hmm, the 'Bullet Girl' finally got shot by Cupid's arrow fired from a Boa Vista bow. Who figured? May you have a long life together."

Finally it was Chance's turn and he stood close to the couple. "All my life, Calleigh has watched out for me, making sure that I stayed out of trouble, and that was a pretty hard job for my little sister here."

"I'm older and shorter, not younger." Calleigh chastised.

"Hush, I'm talkin' here. And for the longest time, we thought that the closest relationship that she would ever have would be with a gun. Then comes along a DNA expert who shares her love for justice, honor and for the occasional slice of bacon, who steals her heart." Turning to Calleigh, Chance swallowed before he continued. "Squirt, I'm givin' up my place as your best friend to your new best friend Natalia, and I'm very happy to do so." Leaning over he kisses both Calleigh and Natalia on the cheek.

As he leans to Calleigh, she whispers. "I'm gonna kill you for making me cry at my own wedding."

Pulling away, he just grins.

Isabel runs over to Natalia. "Tia Talia."

Kneeling down, Natalia brushes the hair from the little girls face. "Yes sweetie."

"Is it time for cake yet?"

Standing, Natalia laughed. "Yes, it's time to cut the cake."

Cristine signals for the waiters to wheel it out and both women are surprised to see a four-tiered cake coming towards them with tiny decorations along the side. As it came closer, they were about to see that tiny handcuffs and little guns had replaced the flowers.

Natalia looked at Calleigh, who threw up her hands in protest. "I knew nothing at all about it, but I like it."

Cristine handed them their wedding knife. "This is from Anya and I. We couldn't resist."

Calleigh looked at her bride. "Quite a family we have now huh? You ready to cut the cake darlin'?"

Carefully they cut into the cake to find that it was a white chocolate and raspberry cake and they each broke off a small piece to feed to each other. Then the stare-off started as they knew that it could get very messy.

Natalia leans in first, offering her piece to Calleigh, hoping that it was going to go over well. Calleigh takes the piece in her mouth and manages to keep Natalia's fingers in there longer than necessary, at least in front of their parents.

When Calleigh offers her piece to Natalia, she takes hold of Calleigh's wrist, making sure that it doesn't go anywhere before she's ready, then she takes her time with the cake and the fingers that are holding it.

"Be good darlin'. Be good." Calleigh gasps, then growls.

Giving a final lick to the fingers, Natalia murmured. "I'm always good. I am always good babe. You know that."

Calleigh actually growled, so Natalia leaned forward and whispered. "I do love it when you growl."

Whispering back, Calleigh assured her. "I'll keep that in mind for later."

Someone in the crowd yelled. "Throw the bouquet."

Looking at her bride, Calleigh asked. "Are you ready?"

Turning to the crowd, Natalia asked. "Don't you think that if I throw the bouquet, that Calleigh should toss the garter?"

Everyone clapped and shouted, so Chance brought over a chair for her to sit down in.

"On your knees, 'Bullet Girl'." The roar that went through the crowd made Calleigh a bit defiant, but she slowly dropped to one knee. "It's up there. Go get it."

Taking a deep breath, Calleigh kneeled down and reached for the hem of Natalia's dress. Locking eyes with her bride, she slowly slid her hands underneath, careful not to expose too much to the onlookers. Her hands glided over satiny skin, up her calf, over her knee to her thigh. Finding the garter with her right hand, her left continued farther up to even silkier skin.

"Careful there stud. You don't want to start something you can't finish." Natalia breathed.

Green eyes twinkled back as she said just as softly. "Darlin', you know I always finish what I start." But she brought out her hands with the garter.

Holding out her hand, Calleigh helped her stand and then they both faced away from the crowd and tossed the items over their shoulders.

They heard a mad scramble for the items and when they turned back around, saw that Anya had caught the bouquet while Chance the garter.

Calleigh couldn't help, but tease. "You know you have to dance with Anya now little brother, and she's your new sister-in-law so show her that the Duquesne men can dance."

Placing the garter around his upper arm, chance went to stand in front of Anya and bowed low.

"Ms. Boa Vista, would you do me the honor of having this dance with me."

Playing along, Anya curtsied. "Why, Mr. Duquesne, I would be happy to."

Holding out his arm, she took if and he led her out onto the dance floor and took the center spot. Chance was so preoccupied with the woman in is arms, that he didn't notice Calleigh walk over to the DJ and request a song.

The first strains of Marvin Gaye's 'Sexual Healing' floated on the air and everyone watched as Chance leaned forward and whispered something to the woman in his arms. She nodded her head and they proceeded to dirty dance the hell out of the song amid, whooping and howling from the crowd. When the song finished, Chance leaned Anya back over his arm and kissed her.

Natalia turned to look at her wife. "The Duquesne men don't waste any time do they?"

Watching the two of them move together, Calleigh came to a decision "Darlin', I do believe that we just got taken. They've had a few days to get to know each other and I think that they may be at the beginning of a relationship."

"That would be great because Anya needs someone solid and Chance is definitely that."

Wrapping her arms around Natalia and peering over her shoulder, Calleigh agreed. "And Chance could always use a little fun in his life, since he spends so much time at school."

Watching them dance a second dance, Calleigh asked. "Are you about ready to get out of here my love? We've got a private beach house waiting for us and a honeymoon to start."

Natalia turned in her arms. "Baby, I was ready to go the minute she pronounced us married."

"Do you think that we could sneak out?"

Looking around, Natalia got a sly look. "Let's give it a try."

Slowly they made their way past the dance floor before they were caught by Alejandro.


Turning back, Natalia quickly answered. "Yes Papa."

"I wish to dance with you and my newest daughter before you leave."

Calleigh stepped forward. "We wouldn't leave before that sir, I promise."

Holding out his hand, he escorted Calleigh onto the dance floor and they danced.

Looking at his daughter-in-law, Alejandro stated. "You are very good for my daughter and she for you I think. Will you try to have children?"

Calleigh was shocked by the question, but answered honestly. "Sir, it is something that we have just started thinking about. I know that I would love to have another little girl that looks like Natalia running around."

Looking at the woman, who he was quickly gaining respect for, Alejandro stated. "I believe that you two would make very good parents and you have my blessing for anything that you decide."

"Thank you sir."

"Calleigh, you may call be Papa or Alejandro. You don't have to call me sir."

Having the grace to blush, Calleigh explained. "I know that sir, but there is a part of me that is still worried that I'm not good enough for your daughter and I want to make a good impression."

Stilling his feet, Alejandro stated. "I meant what I said. You are now my daughter, and I heard what your father did. I want you to come to me for whatever reason and I will be here for you."

"Thank you sir… I mean Alejandro. It means a lot."

Bowing slightly, he led her back over to his daughter and took Natalia's hand and led her onto the floor. They danced for a few moments before Alejandro started talking.

"I want you to know how proud I am of you. I can't remember the last time that I told you that, but I truly am. You have come a long way from the shy little girl that you used to be to this amazing young woman in my arms."

Natalia smiled and her eyes were bright with tears. "Thank you Papa and I know how proud you are of me. And we want you to know that you're more than welcome to come and stay with us any time that you want."

"Thank you, I will do that in the future. I should also tell you that I asked Calleigh if you were thinking about having children."

Shaking her head, Natalia had to laugh. "Only married a few hours and you're already asking for grandkids. Yeah, we are thinking about it. I would love to have a little blonde haired girl running around. It is something that we would have to do soon as I'm not getting any younger and I want to have at least one."

"Have you asked Calleigh if she wanted to carry a child?"

"No sir, like I said we just started talking about it, but I'll let you know when we decide."

Kissing Natalia on the cheek, Alejandro smiled. "Well, I just wanted to have this talk with you before you snuck out. Now you need to leave with your wife and go start your life together."

Walking back over to Calleigh, Alejandro placed Natalia's hand in Calleigh's and gave them both one final kiss before he walked away.

"Shall we try and escape again darlin', because it looks like this party could go on for awhile longer."

Looking around, Natalia had to agree. "Yeah, let's go."

This time they made it out of the garden and all the way to the limo, where they were surprised to see it was relatively free of decorations, until they looked at the back of the car. There was a 'Just Married' sign with a trail of plastic handcuff, guns and microscopes.

Laughing they got into the limo and were on their way to the Shore Club and the private beach house and the start of their honeymoon.

Once they got to the Shore Club and the beach house; the concierge, Dominic was there to greet them once more.

"Ladies, it is so nice to see you again. Your clothes have been hung in the closets while the other items have been delivered and set up. Your SUV is in the parking garage and the keys are on the kitchen counter. We hope that you will enjoy your time with us this week. If you need anything whatsoever, please feel free to call." He handed them the keys to the house and walked away.

Opening the door, Calleigh and Natalia found an elegantly simple décor, which consisted of rattan furniture with brightly covered pillows and hand painted fabrics while the upstairs teak bed had Egyptian linen sheets and a spectacular view of the Atlantic over the pool wall.

Walking back downstairs, they went into the kitchen area to find a couple of bottles of champagne chilling along with sliced fruit, cheeses and crackers.

Then there was a plate of small, thin brown squares that Calleigh didn't recognize. Reaching over to pick up a piece, Natalia offered it to her with a twinkle in her eyes. Taking a bite, Calleigh's eyes went wide as she realized what it was.

"This is bacon! This is bacon candy!"

Chuckling, Natalia couldn't help, but to lean over and kiss Calleigh on the cheek. "I know baby. Cristine found a recipe and we made a huge batch this morning and it's all yours."

Grabbing another couple of pieces, Calleigh happily munched a few minutes before looking back at her bride. "Ok, I admit it. I have a bacon addiction. Let's walk away before I eat the whole thing, but you gotta promise to keep that on hand. I can take a batch to work and keep it in the vault."

By now, Natalia was laughing full out. "Cal, you're babbling."

Wrapping her arms around the love of her life, Calleigh had to laugh with her. Laying her head against Natalia's chest, she sighed with happiness. They were married, no more hiding. She realized that they would have to be discreet while at work when they were on the clock, but not anywhere else. And that knowledge brought a sense of freedom that Calleigh hadn't felt in a long time and she knew that Natalia felt the same way.

Pulling back so that she could see Natalia's face, Calleigh caught her breath at the look upon her face. Reaching up, she brought Natalia's lips down so that she could caress them with her own. It was the lightest of touches, just enough to entice them both with the anticipation.

"Would you mind staying in your wedding dress for just a little bit longer love? There is something that I want to do and then I'll help you out of it." Calleigh whispered. "Can you give me about a half an hour?"

"Not a problem baby. I'll just sit out here and enjoy the quiet. As much as I love our family and friends, they can get quite boisterous."

Giving her a quick kiss, Calleigh made her way upstairs to the bedroom and found what she wanted to wear, then took it into the bathroom. Taking off her suit, she put it away before she got into the shower. Quickly she got in, bathed and washed her hair. After getting out, she dried off and used a blow dryer on her hair. She was looking for a certain look as she wanted this to be special. Finally getting it just right, she carefully applied a little bit of makeup before pulling on her underwear and then the dress. Sliding it on, she settled it about her hips and then put on the shoes. Carefully looking out of the window, down at the pool area, she could see Natalia standing at the far end of the pool, looking out at the beach.

Making her way down the outside stairs, once she reached the bottom, she sat down on the second step, leaned back on her elbows on the third and waited to be noticed.

Natalia had watched Calleigh walk away before turning to face the ocean, looking out at the deepening sky, thinking about the day. It had been perfect, nothing had marred it at all. Frowning, she realized that she hadn't seen Eric and while that was a relief, she hoped that he finally understood that Calleigh would never be his, but somehow she didn't think so. Watching the sky grow darker, Natalia rubbed her arms as she turned around to head back into the house when she saw her and froze.

Calleigh was leaning back against the steps clad only in a completely see though black lace dress that reached down to her knees, a lacy white bra, and black lacy thong. The dress's sheer mesh showed every curve of the woman's toned body, and if it wasn't for a delicate design of flowers and vines, Natalia would be able to see every inch of the blonde's skin as well. With her hair mussed up, looking as though she has recently gotten out of bed, and in a semblance to the infamous Veronica Lake hairdo, her face devoid of makeup save for a bit of black eye liner. Legs, bracing against the steps, clad in black strappy sandals completed the outfit …

Swallowing hard, Natalia almost stumbled as she moved toward the vision that was waiting for her.

Standing, Calleigh sauntered in Natalia's direction, taking pleasure in the look of hunger that came over Natalia's face. She loved how dark her eyes went and how Natalia's pink tongue peaked out to moisten her lips. Walking up to her bride, Calleigh placed her hands lightly on Natalia's hips and in her heels, she was almost eye level.

"My lord Calleigh, you are exquisite."

Shaking her head, Calleigh disagreed. "Darlin', all I am is a reflection of your love. What you see is how I feel when I see you. You have brought a love and understanding into my life that I had been missing for so long." Reaching up, she took out the hairpins holding up her wife's hair until it hung free. Combing her fingers through the caramel tresses until it floated down on to bronze shoulders, Calleigh whispered. "I love the way your hair pours through my fingers like water, how soft it feels against me when we make love or the way that it smells when I snuggle up against you."

Moving her hands down to the straps that held Natalia's dress, Calleigh continued. "As I watched you walked down the aisle, you took my breath away and then I wondered how these small pieces of fabric were able to hold this majestic dress on. And the way that it moved with you, aw baby, it fits you like a glove."

With tears in her eyes, Natalia leaned down to capture Calleigh's lips in a gentle kiss. Pulling away so that she could gaze into cool green eyes, she murmured. "I don't know what to say right now. Seeing you in that outfit and with everything that you just said has left me speechless, but I do know what I want to do with you."

With a quirk of her eyebrow, Calleigh took one of Natalia's hands in hers and turned to walk back inside to go up to the bedroom. When Natalia saw the view from behind with the thong, she gasped. "Holy shit!"

Putting a little bit of extra wiggle in her walk, Calleigh threw over her shoulder. "See something that you like darlin'?"

"You have no idea."

As they walked upstairs, Natalia thought that she might pass out just from watching Calleigh's hips swaying up the stairs. When they finally made it into the bedroom, she found that her wife had lit candles throughout the room and had brought up the champagne and the finger foods.

Turning to her bride, Calleigh ghosted her hands down Natalia's arms and then moved them up her sides until one of them found the side zipper of the dress. Slowly pulling it down, once she had it completely down, she brought up her hands to clasp the tiny straps and pull them off Natalia's shoulders. As the dress dropped down, Natalia's breasts were freed from their constraints, causing Calleigh to gasp at the sight. She bit her bottom lip as she wanted to prolong this moment as long as she could so she continued to help the dress down Natalia's body. As the dress slid lower, it revealed white lace French cut panties, which caused a shiver to run through Calleigh's body. Kneeling to help Natalia step out of the dress, her arousal hit Calleigh like a ton of bricks.

Natalia placed her hand on Calleigh's shoulder to keep her balance and she stepped out of the dress, leaving her wearing only her panties and four-inch high heels.

Standing, Calleigh let her eyes travel up the bronze body, which shimmered in the flickering candlelight.

Swallowing, then clearing her throat, Calleigh growled out. "You are exquisite. All I want to do is to show you exactly how beautiful you truly are."

Reaching for Natalia's hand, Calleigh was surprised when she took a step back.

"Baby, even though I can see almost every inch of your body, you have way too many clothes on and I am so not moving until I can see everything."

"Then take them off."

Stepping forward, Natalia bent her head to suckle where Calleigh's shoulder met her neck as she reached around her to unzip the dress. As she drew it away from Calleigh's body, Natalia's eyes turned almost black as the barely covered skin came into view. After she helped Calleigh step out of the dress, she tossed it aside and undid the front clasp of the bra.

Standing there, Calleigh's hair looked like liquid gold and the candlelight cast shadows upon her skin that accentuated her beauty.

Kneeling back down, Natalia slid her hand down Calleigh's toned calf and slipped off first one shoe and then the other. While still kneeling, she reached up and slowly, too slowly for Calleigh's taste pulled off the black thong. Sliding her hands up the back of Calleigh's calves, thighs and then her ass, Natalia pulled her forward to slide her tongue through the damp curls.

With that touch, Calleigh's knees threatened to buckle and she fisted her hands in caramel hair. She moaned out. "This is gonna be a long... long night."

Part 34

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