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By sinjenkai


Part 6

When the alarm went off at 5:45, Natalia hit the snooze bar and burrowed back into Calleigh's embrace. Strong hands began massaging her back as Calleigh's sleepy voice drifted in the early morning light.

"The sooner you get up and going, the sooner you get to come home."

"I know, I know. I just want to sleep a couple more minutes, ok? Then I'll get up."

"Do you want some juice or something before you leave?"

Natalia tightened her arms about her wife. "Nope, I want you to stay right where you are until I get up. You make a really nice pillow."

"And so do you darlin'."

For the next few minutes, the room was quiet until the alarm shattered the silence once more.

This time Natalia turned off the alarm and got out of bed. Before going into the bathroom, she made sure that Calleigh had on her walking boot and was ready to face the day. After taking care of her needs, she grabbed the items for Calleigh's eyes and went back into the bedroom. They quickly took care of her and as Natalia got dressed, she described to Calleigh what she was wearing.

When she finished, they went into the living room where Calleigh gathered up the phones, putting one in each of her pockets.

"Are you sure you don't want me to fix you some breakfast babe? It won't take me but a few minutes."

Calleigh shook her head. "No, but you can pour me a bowl of cereal."

Natalia went to the cabinet, opened the door and paused.

"Which one do you want? No, wait. You want the one that looks like saw dust."

"Hey, I like my bran cereal. Just fill a bowl half full and pour the milk until you can see it through the cereal."

After doing that, Natalia stood behind her wife and wrapped her arms around her while she ate. Placing her chin on top of golden hair, Natalia just enjoyed the feel of holding her wife.

As Calleigh finished up, Natalia restrained from taking the bowl from her, letting Calleigh wash it herself.

Sliding her hand along the counter, Calleigh made her way back over to Natalia. Reaching up unerringly to tangle her fingers in caramel colored tresses, she pulled down Natalia's head until their lips met. Softly Calleigh nibbled on Natalia's bottom lip and as her lips parted, Calleigh's tongue slid in. Both women moaned and deepened the kiss, Calleigh pressed against Natalia until she had no place to go.

Natalia retaliated by sliding a thigh between Calleigh's legs, making her hips jerk. Dragging her lips away from Calleigh's, Natalia made her way down the peaches and cream neck to the point where Calleigh's neck met her shoulder, sucking lightly.

Groaning, Calleigh breathlessly said. "I don't know why we do this every morning, but it definitely makes it a good morning."

Natalia agreed. "Yeah, and makes me want to come home that much faster. Like I needed any help in that department. Coming home to you is the best incentive that I can ever want."

"Darlin, I'll be waiting here with open arms."

Giving Calleigh another hard kiss, Natalia reluctantly broke away and took a deep breath. Running her fingers through her hair, she reached out to caress Calleigh's face.

"I guess I'd better go. I'll call you around lunchtime, but I want you to call me at any time that you feel something strange is going on. I love you Calleigh."

"I love you too darlin'. I hope you have a good day."

Giving Calleigh another quick kiss, Natalia went out the garage door, got into her car and drove off.

Walking into the laundry room, Calleigh put in a load of clothes that they had sorted the evening before. Making her way back in the living room, she opened the sliding doors to the patio, letting in the morning breeze and the sounds of an awakening neighborhood.

Lying on the sofa, she imagined that activities that matched the noises that drifted in.

A few hours had passed when Calleigh felt a change of air pressure. It seemed to her that someone else was in the room. She kept very still, hoping that she could hear something, anything that would confirm that she was right.

She had almost given up when she heard a tiny scrape of something against wood. She was about to slowly reach for her cell phone when it rang. Sitting up, Calleigh pulled it out of her pocket, flipped it open and answered.

"Hello... Hi Horatio... No, come on by...  About ten minutes ok.... See you then."

As she closed the phone, Calleigh heard and felt movement off to her side as it moved out through the open doors. There were faint footsteps against the patio deck and then the sound of someone going over the fence.

Standing up, Calleigh went over to close and locked the patio doors. Making her way into the bedroom, she found her cane and was on her way back to the living room when there was a knock at the front door. Asking whom it was, Calleigh was relieved to hear Horatio's voice.

After opening the door, Calleigh stepped aside to let her lieutenant in, saying, "Do you have your kit with you? Because I think there was someone else in here a few minutes ago?"

"Yes, I have my kit, but I need to tell you something and I want to wait until Natalia gets here. She should be here in about ten minutes."

After making their way to the living room, Horatio made small talk until Natalia rushed in.

"Calleigh! Are you alright? What's going on? I got here as quickly as I could."

Horatio quietly spoke. "There's something in need to tell you both and I also owe you an apology."

He smiled as Natalia sat beside Calleigh, entwining their fingers together.

"Stetler has been under investigation and observation since Monday. We have video proof that he hampered the investigation at the warehouse by removing evidence. He also endangered a fellow officer by not following a direct order."

Calleigh's voice was hard as she fought to remain in control of her temper. "He's been in our house. That's what I couldn't place yesterday, his cheap ass cologne was stinking up the place and I didn't make the connection."

Natalia interrupted. "I didn't catch it either babe." Looking over to Horatio, she asked. "So what's next?"

"Ryan has been following him since Monday afternoon, so like I said we have video evidence of the warehouse where he picked up a bullet shell and at the location when he ignored Calleigh's instructions."

Horatio went to kneel in front of Calleigh, taking one of her hands between his. "I didn't have Ryan following Stetler yesterday because I neglected to update him that Natalia was going to be at work and that you would be here alone. I didn't think that he would go to this length."

Calleigh hastened to reassure him. "We don't blame you at all, Horatio. Stetler is entirely to blame for all of this and I swear by everything that is holy, he's going pay for it."

"That he will Calleigh. That he will. Now here's what I'd like to do. Natalia, I want to print everything that you think Stetler touched, and you do that, I'm going to set up a video camera in here because I still think that he will be back tomorrow or the day after. He's not finished with you yet. He wants to make you doubt yourself. And that's his biggest mistake because he hasn't learned his lesson yet. He hasn't learned that he should never mess with Calleigh Duquesne."

A fierce voice came out of Natalia that surprised both Calleigh and Horatio. "And he's gonna find out what it means to mess with Natalia DuVista."

Turning in Horatio's direction, Calleigh had a smug look on her face. "That's my wife."

Ducking his head, Horatio smiled at Natalia. "I'm not messin' with her. Forget it."

Natalia began fingerprinting the objects that Stetler had moved while Horatio set up the video camera and audio equipment. Calleigh listened to the activity for a while feeling helpless, so she went into the bedroom and after a few moments, walked back with a towel, hand sterilizer and leather bag. Sitting down on the sofa, she asked Horatio to pull the coffee table close enough for her to set the items on.

Spreading out the towel on the table, Calleigh unzipped the leather bag and drew out a Glock 26 handgun. Putting her hand underneath the magazine, Calleigh depressed the magazine release and it dropped into her palm. Placing it even with her right knee, she pulled back the slide while pressing up on the slide stop until the stop held the slide back. Then reaching back in to the leather case, Calleigh brought out a barrel cleaner and with careful deliberation guided it into the end of the barrel, pressing it in with gentle finesse until she felt the bristles in the chamber opening and only then did she withdraw the cleaner. Pulling the slide completely to the rear of the gun and slowly allowed it to slide forward until the springs tension was released, Calleigh then pointed the gun towards the floor and pulled the trigger to lower the hammer.

Placing the gun down on the towel, Calleigh took a deep breath while smoothing her hands on the sides of the towel to get a mental picture of the size. Then, cocking her head in concentration, she moved with practiced ease, depressing the recoil spring and rotated the barrel bushing slowly clockwise until the recoil spring and plug are free. Calleigh then cocked the hammer while pushing the slide backwards until it stopped at the disassembly notch. She pushed on the slide stop and removed it from the pistol before she detached the slide off the frame. Turning the barrel bushing now counter clockwise until she felt the alignment with the opening, followed by removing the bushing from the slide. After removing the recoil spring, she finally pulled the barrel through the slide. Placing the barrel next to the slide, Calleigh brought her hands to the top of her thighs and took another breath.

Grasping the slide in one hand and the barrel in the other, Calleigh guided the muzzle of the barrel into the hole in the front end of the slide and then installed the recoil spring tube and spring. Taking a hold of the slide, she aligned the cutouts on the rear of the slide with the forward slide rails. Sliding the slide until she connected with the slide stop lever, she then engaged the lever and pulled back on the slide to release the stop lever and close action. Pointing the gun once more at the floor, Calleigh once again pulled the trigger and heard the firing pin spring forward. Placing the reassembled gun on the towel, Calleigh smiled in satisfaction as she cleaned her hands with the sanitizer.

Horatio went to stand next to Natalia. Staring at her for a few seconds with a twinkle in his eyes, as he gently closed her mouth with his finger and softly said, "I'll take those and see myself out. I'll call you in the morning." He took the prints that she had gathered out of her hands, closed his kit and quietly left.

"Uh huh."

For a few minutes, all that Calleigh could hear was the muted sounds from the outside and then Natalia growled out. "I have never been so turned on in my life. I want your hands on my body right now."

Calleigh efficiently slid the magazine in place, engaged the safety and put the gun back into the leather case, zipping it closed. Sliding the case underneath the sofa, Calleigh stood and made her way past the coffee table where Natalia waited. Reaching out to find Natalia's hips, Calleigh untucked her shirt and slowly began to unbutton it, starting from the top. She made it to the third button when Natalia pushed her hands aside and ripped it open.

"I said that I wanted you hands on me right now and I meant it."

"As you wish."

And with that, Calleigh pushed the shirt off Natalia's shoulders with one hand as she used the other to reach behind her back and unhook her bra. With the other hand, she pulled the bra off while bending her head to take one of Natalia's erect nipples between her lips. Dropping the bra to the floor to join the ruined shirt, Calleigh's nimble hands were unfastening Natalia's pants and sliding them off her hips. As the pants fell to the floor, Calleigh slid two fingers into slick heat, making Natalia lean against her.

Briefly Calleigh removed her lips from their delicious work.



Calleigh turned slightly and pushed the towel off the coffee table and then gently lowered her wife to the wooden surface. Pulling Natalia's body until her hips were near the edge, Calleigh had her sitting up so that she could return her lips to silky skin while her fingers continued to slide into wet heat, making it even hotter. Matching Natalia's thrusts, Calleigh added another finger, making Natalia growl deep in her throat.

Hearing the growl, Calleigh matched it with one of her own. "To hell with the hands."

Calleigh gently had Natalia recline on the table and then swiftly moved down the lithe body to lift her wife's bronze legs over her shoulders to bury her tongue in the moist heat, making Natalia scream. Laving the tight nub with her tongue, Calleigh slid in one finger to rub against sensitive ridges causing Natalia to arch high while reaching down to pull Calleigh's head even tighter against her center.

Tremors began from what seemed like her toes and rolled through Natalia's body, crashing one after another. Each one bigger than the last as Calleigh continued her sweet torture, changing tempo and pressure, but never stopping. Repeatedly Natalia screamed out Calleigh's name until she begged her to stop

Slowly Calleigh withdrew her fingers and slid over to the sofa, pulling Natalia with her until she could gather her into her embrace. As Natalia lay with her head on Calleigh's shoulder, she gave a small chuckle.


"Now you're the one keeping your clothes on while I'm not. And you having a broken leg isn't hampering you in the least."

Calleigh chortled. "Well, I think that I have carpet burns on my knees, so no shorts for a day or so. But boy was it worth it."

Suddenly Natalia raised up her head. "Shit, what did Horatio say before he left? I was so engrossed in watching you; I didn't realize that he had left until he was already gone."

"He said that he was going to take the prints back to the lab and he'll call us in the morning. Never been that much of a distraction before."

Brushing her lips against Calleigh's, Natalia whispered. "Aw, babe, that is so not true. You can distract me by walking down the hall. I can be working on a rush job and catch you out of the corner of my eye and I'm lost. Valera has caught me daydreaming more than once, so don't even go there. In fact, I'm a bit distracted right now. I have this luscious body wrapped around me and I can't decide where I want to start nibbling."

"I'll let you nibble anywhere you want as long as you take me to bed,"

Natalia got up off the sofa, taking Calleigh's hand in hers and led the way to the bedroom.

On the way on the bedroom, Calleigh decided that there might be something to not being able to see. It was forcing her other senses to work overtime. She could smell Natalia's perfume like never before, the delicate scent mingling with Natalia's own scent. It is a very heady combination. Running her other hand up Natalia's back, Calleigh marveled at the softness of her skin, like satin under her fingertips and as she felt the brunette's heartbeat speed up, she smiled in expectation.

Coming to a stop at the end of the bed, Natalia positioned Calleigh so that her thighs were against the edge. Slowly drawing her hands down Calleigh's chest, she found the hem of her wife's shirt and pulled it up and over her head. Ghosting her hands along the pale skin, Natalia watched as goose bumps followed in their wake. Hooking her thumbs on the waistband of Calleigh's shorts, Natalia pulled them down and helped the blonde step out of them. As she stood, Natalia gave Calleigh a gentle push that sent her back first to the bed.

Her breathing deepening in anticipation to what her wife was going to do; Calleigh listened intently, trying to figure out what her wife's next move. First a noise came from the bathroom and then another came from far away in the kitchen. 'Good Lord! She's got ice!' Every nerve in her body just went on high alert and Natalia hadn't even touched her yet.

Calleigh jumped a little as cool hands touched her thighs, spreading them wide enough for Natalia to stand between them. A warm breath tickled her stomach and moved higher. Calleigh felt her love straddle one leg so she raised it to come in contact her center.

"No. If you do that again, I will stop."

"Yes ma'am"

"Good girl."

Calleigh started to smile, but instead gasped as a warm mouth that held a piece of ice surrounded a nipple.

"Fuck! Aw, babe!"

The mixture of sensations had Calleigh clawing at the bedspread and arching against Natalia's lips. Then very cool fingers slid into her producing a moan that seemed to come from her soul. "Shit! She's gonna kill me! They're gonna have to have a closed casket because of the shit eating grin will cause too many questions! But… Aw damn, what a way to go!'

Swallowing the ice, Natalia gently sucked on the already extended nipple, warming it causing it to extend even further. Stroking her fingers in and out of Calleigh's center, Natalia got a craving and just had to move on it. Moving down her wife's damp body, she started laving her tongue against Calleigh's tight little nub while stroking harder.

Suddenly Natalia stopped all movement and it took Calleigh a moment to regain her senses.


Her wife's husky voice floated down from above her.

"Do you trust me?"

"With my life."

Taking Calleigh's hand, Natalia pulled her from the bed and walked them over to a nearby wall. Placing Calleigh's hands out to either side of her against the wall, Natalia pressed her own body against the blonde and whispered in her ear.

"Just try and keep your balance."

Kissing her hard, Natalia squatted down and placed one of Calleigh's legs over her shoulder. Positioning her hands on Calleigh's hips, Natalia suddenly stood up, causing Calleigh to wrap her other leg over the other shoulder.

Instantly it was clear to Calleigh why Natalia had done this. The pressure of Natalia's mouth and tongue against her clit was overwhelming and she was very grateful that she was leaning against the wall and they had high ceilings.

There was nothing sweeter than what Natalia tasted and the feeling of Calleigh's legs wrapped around her shoulders almost pushed her over the edge herself. But instead she focused on the blonde writhing above her, making sure that Calleigh's soul was with the stars. Moving her head slightly, Natalia moved her tongue in a different motion and started humming, causing her wife to pulsate. Natalia's calves, arms and lower back were beginning to feel the strain and she was really starting to sweat.

Slowly she began to lower them to the ground, making sure that Calleigh kept her balance on the way down. As soon as she was sure that Calleigh was on the carpet, Natalia laid down between her legs, continuing her loving effort to take Calleigh over the edge. Finally after a long, steady, wet pull and then a tiny flick against the tight bundle of nerves, Natalia felt her wife arch against her and then collapse in release.

"Damn darlin'! That was….aw shit! It wa….fuck me!'

Natalia crawled up the sweaty body and gathered Calleigh into her embrace. They were both breathing hard and worn out in the best sense of the word.

When Calleigh was able to put more than two words together, she asked. "Where in the hell did you learn that?"

Shrugging, Natalia answered. "I think that I read it online somewhere."

"I've got to go to those sites. Damn woman! That was…. amazing. You didn't hurt your back, did you?"

"It's a little bit sore, but I'll get into a hot shower and let you give me a back rub. I'll be just fine."

"Not a problem darlin'. In fact, I was wondering what you thought about getting a hot tub to go out by the pool. I want to get something that we could both enjoy and I can think of quite a few things that we could do with one."

Laughing, Natalia replied. "Babe, I can think of more than a few, but I want to go in with you on it. With a purchase that big, we need to share the expense. But right now all I want to do is take a long hot shower with a sexy woman. Know where I can find one?"

Calleigh reached and pulled Natalia even closer. "Darlin', after what we just did, I'm going to be the only person that getting close to you for quite awhile."

Helping Calleigh up off the floor, Natalia led the way to the bathroom and before they got into the shower, took the patches off of Calleigh's eyes.  Getting into the shower, they washed each other's bodies and hair.

After Natalia rinsed off, Calleigh had her stand so that the water was hitting her lower back and proceeded to massage the area, making sure that she got all the knots out.

Getting out when they were beginning to resemble prunes, Natalia took her time drying Calleigh off, enjoying the way that her skin took a rosy hue as the towel warmed her skin.

Dimming the lights a bit, Natalia gently opened Calleigh's eyelids and put in the drops. She was very glad to see that the redness was continuing to lessen and that the stitches near the eyelids were almost dissolved. Softly she replaced the pieces of gauze and then the patches, giving each one a kiss as it was becoming a ritual that she did each time that she had to replace them.

They changed into some comfortable clothes and went into the kitchen to try and decide what they wanted for dinner. They decided on chicken breasts stuffed with broccoli, wild mushrooms and breadcrumbs with a salad.

As Natalia de-boned the chicken, Calleigh washed and tore the lettuce for the salad. When Natalia had finished with the chicken, she placed the pieces on a cutting board in front of Calleigh and handed her a rolling pin. After demonstrating on how she needed the chicken flattened, she left Calleigh to it while she prepared the stuffing. After they both had finished, Natalia went over to the oven to turn it on, but before she had a chance to do so, Calleigh was hobbling over to her.

"Let me see… I mean, let me feel what you are doing. I need to learn how anyway."

Placing her hands on top of Calleigh's, Natalia showed her which knobs did what and how many clicks to took to get to a certain temperature. Once that was done, they cleaned up the mess and went into the living room to wait while their dinner cooked.

Natalia went over to the stereo to turn on some music when she quietly asked. "Do you think that you're going to remain blind?"

"No, but I can't stand being helpless. It's going to be at least two weeks like this and I can't just sit around listening to music and doing nothing. I'll go crazy within a week. I need to be able to do something around the house."

Turning on the stereo to an easy listening station, Natalia joined her wife on the sofa. Taking Calleigh's hand in hers, Natalia looked at the amazing woman sitting next to her. She knew that this situation was doubly hard for Calleigh as she had to give up so much control, but she

was determined to keep things as normal as she could. And as much as Natalia wanted her to just take it easy, it wasn't going to happen. That just wasn't Calleigh.

"You're worrying about me, aren't you? You wish I would just take it easy, but you understand why I can't."

"Yes, and you know that I'm going to worry no matter what. But I just want you to be safe and Stetler has taken our home, the one place where I thought that we would be safe away from us. I want him to pay for that and for everything else and I want to be the one to bring him down."

Calleigh gripped Natalia's hand and fiercely replied. "No. I don't want you anywhere near him. Stetler couldn't find his own ass with two hands and a map and that makes him dangerous. He's going to do whatever he can to get himself out of this mess. Let's just go with Horatio's plan

and this should be over soon."

"Well, I know that Horatio and Ryan will be nearby, but I'm not happy about you being here with him in the house. There are too many things that can go wrong."

"Darlin', I may be blind, but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. And there is no way that Stetler is gonna get the best of the DuVista's."

Leaning over, Natalia kissed her wife before playfully licking her ear. "I'm the only one that gets the best of Calleigh DuVista and let me tell you, it is the best."

"You know it darlin'. And it's all yours."

Right then the timer went off in the kitchen so they got up, fixed their plates and ate. Natalia had to cut up Calleigh's food, which the blonde was not too pleased about, but she knew that it was just temporary.

After dinner, they cleaned up the kitchen and decided to just stay on the sofa, listening to music until deciding to go to bed.

Part 7

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