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Rachel Vs. Godzilla
By ralst


Rachel had the hangover from hell and a stupid boyfriend wittering on and on about some imaginary happily ever after, and all she could think about was her late night telephone call to Gill. She couldn't remember a word of what she'd said or even picking up the phone to make the call, but she had, and that now left her feeling vulnerable.

Initially, she'd worried that she'd gone off on one and called her DCI every name under the sun, but as the annoyance failed to register on Gill's face, a second, far more terrifying thought joined the hangover sledge hammering its way through her brain: what if she'd told Gill? Calling her boss in the middle of the night to slur petty insults and drunken profanities was one thing, but telling that same boss that she couldn't stop thinking about her was another. Being dragged over the coals for bad behaviour she could handle, after all she'd had enough practice, but if Gill ever found out about the way she felt, she'd have to leave MIT.

She wasn't gay, she knew that, but somehow Godzilla had worked her way under Rachel's skin, and now gay or not, she was hopelessly infatuated. She hid behind poisonous barbs and real annoyance, but she couldn't stop the admiration from leaching through. The damn woman was amazing; she was constantly three steps ahead of everybody else and could focus a team like no one else she'd ever worked for. Yet her personal life was a disaster, from a cheating ex-husband to the toy-boy she didn't really want, Gill always failed to turn that great insight of hers on her own life.

Not that Rachel could afford to throw those particular stones; Nick had deceived her, rejected her, and finally tried to kill her, whereas her relationship with Sean was nothing short of a joke. Now, the biggest joke of all, she was head over heels for a woman who'd probably have her sectioned if she knew.

Hiding away in the ladies' room, her mobile on mute to avoid Sean's incessant calls, she just wanted to crawl back to bed and forget this day had ever happened. It was pathetic, really, Janet had just faced down a serial killer who'd nearly made her one of his victims, and here she was, the bravely reckless one, cowering in a bathroom at the mere thought of the head girl knowing she had a crush on her.

"If you're going to throw up, do it quickly, Kevin's waiting for you downstairs, and he can't be left on his own too long or he might get an idea." Gill's voice, of course, because the universe really was out to make Rachel Bailey its own personal whipping-girl. "Are you all right?"

The concern mixed with annoyance mixed with something Rachel couldn't quite name was the last straw. Later, she'd blame it on the alcohol still swimming through her system, but at the moment, she didn't have time to analyse her motivations or even come up with a decent excuse. So instead, she walked up to her boss, to God-freaking-zilla herself, and taking her head between her hands, Rachel gave her the kind of kiss that could never be mistaken for friendly.

Then? Then, she ran.

The End

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