Scott and Bailey

Seeking Solace Amidst The Chaos PG Gill/Julie No synopsis given. Complete

The Passing of the Day PG Gill/Julie Julie Dodson's POV of the series three finale. Complete


Whatever Happens in Bristol ... 15 Rachel/Gill What if something unexpected happened in Bristol during Rachel and Gill's trip down to Bristol? What if Rachel brought it up again during a drunken, late-night telephone call? Complete

Miss Bailey Regrets PG Rachel/Gill Rachel reflects on the wedding day from hell. Complete

Carpe Diem 15 Rachel/Gill Rachel's emotions get the better of her, with unexpected results. Complete


Rachel Vs. Godzilla PG Rachel/Gill Rachel is mortified about her late night telephone call to DCI Murray. Complete

Ending a Mistake PG Rachel/Gill Rachel puts an end to her latest bad decision. Complete

Observing the End PG Rachel/Gill Gill and Julie Dodson witness the end of Rachel's marriage. Complete

After Helen PG-13 Rachel/Gill After the events at the end of series three Rachel and Gill share a moment of understanding. Complete

The Write Sub

A Bottle of Red New 15 Rachel/Gill Rachel gets drunk and sexts Gill. Maybe. Complete