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Red is Hot
By Debbie


"If you've come to arrest me, Officer Montoya, I trust you'll be searching me first."

Jeez, that voice has always been my downfall and just look at her dress. I'm drooling. How can a redhead look so freaking hot in red? It's really not decent.

I can't help but snap.

"If you insist, though that dress isn't likely to conceal anything I haven't seen before."

Ouch, that fucking hurt; she always did have a temper, now she's a punch to match. The taste of blood in my mouth and the power she's radiating really shouldn't turn me on. It does.

But no one, and I mean no one, punches Renee Montoya and gets away with it; I push her hard against the wall thrusting my knee between those red silk clad thighs.

Damn, her dress is too tight; once I've got her pinned, I just can't find purchase to be where I want to be. Instead, I rub a hand up her thigh, harshly, to graze across her pubic bone with intent.

Kate of course has other ideas. I always knew how to press her buttons but damn she knew – knows - how to press mine.

It takes a moment of pure bliss to realize she has easier access to my panties than I have to hers. Her fingers slip under the elastic and are in me before I can blink.

Jeez, I've missed this.

In, out, in, out, she thrusts hard, angry, and I deserve it for more reasons than I care to admit. And yet… I can give it too.

Attaching my lips to her shoulder I suck viciously, feeling her thrust harder in response. My teeth clamp down, this time the metallic taste is pure Kate.

As if in retaliation she flicks my clit roughly and I fall into her. Before my climax can even peak she pushes me away roughly, her harsh words no balm to the tumult.

"What do you want, Renee?"

Would it be wrong to admit, after all these years, I want her, have always wanted her.

End Interlude

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