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The Seed We've Sown
By Aubz


Chapter One - Almost Easy

She could have said no at the door, but she didn't.
She could have pulled the redhead off of her, but she didn't.
She could have said it wasn't right, but she didn't.
She could have stopped at the bedroom door, but she didn't.
She could have prevented it all, but she didn't.


That night, she let her feelings control reality, and now she didn't know what to do with herself. She was falling hard from just one night of passion. She wondered if she would feel better if they had been drunk, but they weren't. They both wanted what had happened, without thinking of the repercussions of their act. She sat at her desk silently for almost a half an hour before the redhead rushed into the room. The second she saw her, her heart inadvertenly skipped a beat. "Cindy Thomas, to what do I owe this visit?" She said, her voice even and calm.

"We need to talk about last night." She replied, taking a seat. "Even if you don't want, I need to." She was quiet. "I think it was a mistake." She whispered, looking at her hands. "I mean, like, we just let it get out of control. I let it get out of control. I shouldn't have even thought about letting you into my apartement, because if you did come in, I knew what was going to happen. But part of me wanted it, no, all of me wanted it. But then I realized this morning that it was a complete mistake. So I think we need to just forget about it." She blurted, finally looking into the blue eyes across the desk from her. She couldn't ignore the hint of tears in those eyes. Or the amount of pain. "Oh God, it actually did mean more to you, didn't it?" She said, feeling like an idiot. "Jill, I am so sorry." She whispered.

"It's understandable." She said, her voice strained to keep from showing her real emotions. She wouldn't make that mistake again. Ever. "I appreciate you sharing your honestly with me, I really do, but right now, maybe you should go." She stood up and watched the young woman carefully.

"Don't try using your lawyer voice with me!" Cindy said, her mood changing suddenly. She leaned over the desk so her face was only inches away from Jill's.

"Cindy, please leave." She whispered.

"Is that what you really want?" She whispered, moving around the desk, completely forgetting the speech she had just given the older woman. She pressed her body close to the blonde's and smiled sweetly. "Really, what you want?"

"Cindy, please..." She breathed, refusing to close her eyes as she felt almost every curve of the twenty-seven year old's body. "You are the one who said it was a mistake."

"Well, if you did want it more, maybe I can be persuaded." She brushed her lips across Jill's cheek. "You have my number and you sure as hell know where I live." She whispered, backing away slowly. She finally broke eye contact as she closed the door behind her. Jill fell back into her chair and took a few deep breaths. The reporter she had begun hating but grown to adore had an effect on her that she didn't want.

She picked up the phone and quickly dialed Lindsay's cell phone. After three rings it went to voicemail. "I really hate you right now!" She snapped. She slammed the phone down and rubbed her temple. Damn you Lindsay! You had to let her into our little group, didn't you? she thought. A knock on her door made her jump. She looked up to see Lindsay watching her carefully.

"Can I get an explanation of that voicemail?" She asked, carefully entering the room.

"Honestly? No. Because you just had to let that..reporter!..into our little group, did't you?" She snapped before realizing what she said. She stopped suddenly at the smile forming on Lindsay's face.

"Oh?" She asked. Jill moved to get up and Lindsay headed out of the room. She knew instantly in about five minutes Claire was going to know what Lindsay somehow managed to know. She quickly followed, almost slamming into Cindy as she ran into the Medical Examiner's office. "Look who decided to join us."

"Shut up." She turned to Cindy. "You, in the hallway, NOW!" She snapped. The redhead quickly moved into the hallway and out of earshot of the two women remaining in the office. "You think you know exactly what I want?"

"Yeah, actually, I do." Cindy replied, a smug smile on her face. She knew how she affected the blonde woman, and it pleased her to know she could do so. She advanced on the woman. "Why?"

"Cindy, it isn't right."

"Why isn't it right?" She took another step towards Jill.


"Give me one reason."

"I..It..You know.."

"No, I don't know." She whispered, pressing Jill to the wall. She knew doing this was wrong. Torturing her like this. Even after she had decided their romp last night had been a mistake, she still wanted the woman. She wanted her like she had wanted no other before. And as bad as she felt, making Jill squirm was becoming a hobby. "Tell me."

"Cin.." Cindy cut Jill off with a passionate kiss. After a few moments, she pulled back and looked Jill over. "My knees might not be able to hold me up for much longer." She leaned against the wall and Cindy bit her lip and smiled. Jill looked down the hall to where Lindsay and Claire were standing side by side in the hallway, watching the two women with smirks on their faces. Cindy walked away from the group and Jill had to resist the urge to follow her. Instead she closed her eyes and sighed. "I hate you, Lindsay Boxer. I hate you for bringing her into my life. I hate you for it." She mumbled, moving back towards Lindsay and Claire.

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