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Siren's Call
By Jaguarin


Part Seven

Barbara remembered Quinn's words.

How about if I told you she was mine once? That she cried out in pleasure in my arms? We fucked… Did you know it?

The redhead bit her lips. Helena wouldn't look her straight in the eyes. The uncertainty, of not knowing if the blonde's words were true or not, was killing her. Harley had told Helena and her, and she was so afraid the words were true.

We did it! Do you want to know when? When she was hypnotized a few months ago, when she gave me the discs with the all the Clock Tower information, we fucked on my desk. She is wild, passionate… I still can feel her hands running over my body, her lips on mine… Oh heavens, she is fantastic, an untamed animal in bed. My perfect mate.

And if it were true that Helena loved her; the poor girl was devastated. Sleeping with the lover of the man that had killed her mother and that had crippled Barbara herself; the woman that had tried to hurt them so many times, successfully… had done it again. She was angry, very angry for what the blonde had done to Helena.

We fucked Barbara, and not just once… multiple times, but she doesn't remember it… she thinks they are nightmares… but, no, they are memories. She dropped in yesterday to ask me about the dreams… I told her they weren't dreams… She is remembering what happened…

"She's lying, Helena," the older woman said.

"She is not…" the brunette raised her eyes, but still couldn't meet those of the woman she loved. "She never lies… she is mad, insane, cruel… but never lies, you know it."

"She wants this, Helena." Barbara took her hand. Helena tried to pull it back, but the older woman took a firm grip. "Look at me."

"Barbara, I…"

"I said look at me."

"We fucked, dammit!" Helena growled in annoyance and stood up, freeing her hand. Clouded blue eyes locked on green, she was attempting to deal with her own emotions, her feelings of culpability, her worry about what she had done for the last few days and not being able to remember. Quinn had already taken so much from her – from both of them. "We fucked, Barbara! And… and we probably did it again this last time… these last few days while I was under her spell… and I… I can't remember; I just see us fucking and fucking in those fucking dreams!!"

"I don't care!"

The younger woman's disbelieving expression gave Barbara the courage to keep going. She felt her control threaten to shatter at the words, but held herself together.

"I don't care, Helena." Barbara put as much emphasis as she could on each word.

"I fucked with her… don't you understand?" Tears filled blue eyes. The room seemed to tilt on its axis, spinning dizzyingly around her. She swallowed against a bitter taste rising in her throat "I fucked her!"

"We don't know that for sure." Uncertain, but needing to touch the other woman, Barbara's hand gently captured her partner's, and her thumb stroked soft knuckles.

This time Helena flinched, but she didn't refuse the touch; she wanted to believe.

"And if it is true," Barbara kept her eyes on her; Helena must know she was talking with her heart, she pressed her fingers lightly against her, "I don't care… I love who you are, how you are; Harley can never change that, she can never change you, your feelings, your soul. You know me, Hel, you know I'm not lying, we know each other very well, we have grown up together, we have learned together… you were with me in my worst moments and helped me to survive."

"I failed you again…" Helena turned her back to the older woman, releasing her hand softly.

"No, you haven't. Quinzel is using her hypnotic power on you; no one can avoid it, it could just as easily be me. She knows she could never make that you do things against your beliefs; she knows your feelings; your compassion for people; she knows you would never join her in all your senses. She knows how big your heart is." Barbara understood her confusion; Helena's body and soul had been violated; she felt like she was not safe anymore. Barbara would feel the same in her place.

The brunette exhaled noisily. Maybe what most scared her was knowing that Quinn could control her at any moment without her knowledge, and she could hurt people… and Barbara; Quinn wanted her dead; the lunatic was obsessed with them. After a moment's reflection, the dark figure shifted minutely and shook her head. "I don't know… I don't know what to do…"

"Just, don't go. We'll fight this together, as always."

Helena turned, dark brows inching upward in question; Barbara saw the trust, hope and… love in those deep blue eyes. She remembered that look in someone before… Dick. Only Dick had looked at her that way… well, no, in Helena the look was much more intense, brighter.

"We'll do it," she said smiling lightly at the dark woman lightly. "We'll do it."

Quinn had confessed to her that Helena loved her. Now, seeing her after so long and having faced an uncertain seven days, Helena looked so beautiful; her eyes so open to her. She had always thought that the brunette was beautiful, graceful and bright, but never thought of the possibility of loving the young woman.

How? She was younger than her and…

"All right," she said. "Time to sleep, I asked Alfred to prepare your old room. I'd like you to stay."

"Thanks." Helena smiled.

She walked outside the lab and Barbara followed her.

The table broke with the hard impact against the wall; followed by a chair.

"Where the fuck is she?" Quinn yelled to the leader of her henchmen.

He was surrounded by five of his men. They were inside Harley's hideout, the mad woman paced furious inside the storage with her hands on her back. The brunette had disappeared more than twelve hours ago; it seemed as if the earth had just swallowed her; there were no traces of her.

Harley hadn't seen her leave after she'd yelled at the brunette that morning.

"We don't know; she…." the man said.

The blonde pickup up a laptop on the desk next to her and threw it against the floor with anger. She needed Helena to finish her plans; she was the important part of it. She must have gone to kill Barbara and had failed, she hadn't returned.

"Why the fuck didn't you follow her? I told you to always follow her!" The woman stopped in front of him, her face inches from his.

"We couldn't… she is too fast. She just left and didn't say a word."

"Where did she go?"

"She just said she was going to finish a job and she left. She took one of the bikes."

She walked to the opposite side of the room, then turned and extended her arm with a pistol in her hand. She shot the man, not giving him time to react. He fell, dead, to the floor with a big hole in his head.

"Oracle, it was the fucking Oracle!" she growled. She turned to a tall dark man to her left.

"You are in charge now, clean up this mess; I want her here, and I want her now. Understand?"

The black man nodded.

A man walked inside the room, he froze when he saw the dead man lying on the floor.

"What do you want?" she shouted him.

"We… just found the bike she used…"

"Where is it?"

"New Gotham high school. Police reported they found a bike abandoned there. It's the same one she took."

"She went for her…" the blonde grumbled, touching her chin, "she tried to kill her and some how Oracle got her… She broke the spell again… I'll kill Oracle, I'll kill her…" she walked outside the room, she needed to work on finding Huntress and killing Oracle. This time, the irritating crime fighter was not going to screw up her plans. She stopped and turned to shout at her henchmen, "I want five of you keeping an eye on the Clock Tower. I want to know who goes in and who goes out. She is there!!"

The thin woman stood on the balcony. Day was breaking on the city. She was wearing her sweat pants and a light shirt; she loved sleeping in them, they were soft and light. She still felt confused; she couldn't remember anything, just being at her place and then waking up suddenly at the Clock Tower last night. She hadn't liked hearing all of the things she'd done in the week she had been lost: freeing Quinn, stealing weapons, trying to kill Barbara… but the uncertainty of not knowing if Quinn had taken advantage of her again was killing her. She was sure she had done it with her; the dreams were so vivid.

Maybe she had a lot of crazy sex with the bitch and still was on edge. It made her feel so dirty, so angry, so frustrated. It could be a possibility that she had slept with her, besides… she was feeling a bit…itchy.


She was having one of those days…

"Helena?" the redhead's voice startled her. The older woman realized it and suppressed a grin; she never caught her off guard. It was the first time. "I didn't mean to startle you."

"Sorry, Barbara, I was thinking." Helena turned her head and sat on the corner of the low brick wall. The redhead looked gorgeous wearing just the light white t-shirt that she loved and her grey shorts.

The redhead noticed a shadow of sadness in the brunette's face, she stopped next to her and looked out over the horizon. "Are you all right?" she asked softly.

"I guess so…" Helena ducked her head; she couldn't avoid the ache in her heart.

"Well, I have my doubts, you never are awake before ten…" Barbara tried to make her talk, knowing how the younger woman would feel after finding out what happened while she was under Quinn's spell.

"You got me." The brunette smiled lightly.

A long silence surrounded them. The former Batgirl turned her head to see her partner. "We'll find her; we'll stop her. We did it once, we will do it again."

"Yeah… If I don't screw it all up again," the dark woman said bitterly.

"You didn't…"

"Barbara…." She sighed.

"Stop blaming yourself, please."

Helena felt so uncomfortable; Barbara made her feel naked, she felt that she could see through her skin and inside her… seeing how disappointing she was as a person, as a friend. She nodded and walked inside the building.

Barbara took a deep breath and exhaled noisily. Helena was running away, as always when she didn't want to face her problems. "Don't go."

Helena stopped and lowered her head. "I need to be alone."

"No, you just need to accept what happened. And that it wasn't your fault. Running away won't fix what happened. Quinn is free, we need you…"

"You want me close because you are afraid that I will fall under her spell," Helena waved her hand on the air "and betray you again."

"You didn't betray me. You've never betrayed me. Quinzel is surely looking for you now. We must face her together."

"I can't, Barbara…." the brunette responded. Her voice sounded defeated, tired. "I can't handle this…. I can't sleep because I'm thinking and thinking… I was with her… and I can't stop thinking about that."

Barbara wheeled toward her, the young woman still had her back turned, ready to leave the balcony, a few steps from the door.

"Stop thinking about that," she said.

"I can't…"

Barbara maneuvered her chair and stopped in front of her. She looked for blue eyes, but Helena avoided her.

"Could you please look at me?" she asked.

It took Helena a few moments to get the courage to face her.

"I need you and all your senses focused on this mission," Barbara said "The program triggered in your mind because your mind was so busy with all these feelings of guilt and uncertainty. If you are alert and you don't let these thoughts win, she can't control you."

"You don't know…" Helena felt a knot in her throat, how could she tell Barbara that she loved her more than her life and that she had betrayed that love by sleeping with a mad criminal? It was something personal, something that she felt, something that she couldn't explain. She had dreamed of being with the redhead for so many years, many nights, and now everything had just shattered.

"I don't know? I don't know what?"

Blue eyes, filled with pain, turned away to avoid the intense and questioning look of her partner.

"It's me, Barbara…. I can't handle this…"

"You need to handle it."

"How?" the brunette almost shouted, feeling a great frustration inside her heart. "How am I supposed to handle failing you again? I failed your trust again! How should I handle what she did to me?"

Helena leaned down and put her arms on the arms of Barbara's chair.

The redhead didn't blink.

"You will never understand. You were never under Quinn's spell, you didn't do the evil things I did!! I was under her control. How do I handle my mind being violated, my heart being ravaged and my body being raped?"

"That's exactly how I felt when The Joker shot me," Barbara said.

Stupid. She was stupid. Helena squeezed her eyes shut, fighting the sickness she felt in her throat. She knew how painful it was for Barbara to remember those moments. Maybe they had talked about it just one time and, after that, the topic had been closed to discussion.

"I'm sorry, Barbara, I didn't…"

"I was crippled because I'm Commissioner Gordon's daughter. The Joker had a brilliant plan -- push Batman and Jim Gordon to the edge of sanity; then, he gave my dad an extra nudge to turn him into a raving lunatic." The older woman had a hard time trying to clear a knot in her throat. "Joker shot me, then… undressed me…"

"Barbara, please…" Helena was ashamed; she shook her head. She didn't want her talking about that terrible day.

"He took a few tasteful photos; I was bleeding, nude on the floor…"

"Barbara…." She kneeled in front of her mentor and hugged her waist, burying her face in Barbara's side; she wanted to ask for forgiveness. Remembering that moment was so painful for both of them. She had heard the story once. She cried that day, she had nightmare. In her dreams, Barbara was attacked by him and she was behind a glass window. Helena was useless to help her, frustrated to just stand there watching her friend bleed on the cold floor, listening to the horrible laugh of Joker.

She felt Barbara's finger caressing her hair gently.

"How do you think I felt lying there exposed to him?" the red head mumbled softly. "I remember his laugh, I remember the sound of the camera every time he took a picture. It was like a hammer in my ears. How do you think I felt, feeling myself dying slowly, listening to his laugh surrounding me? I survived all that and I'm still here."

She took the brunette's face between her hands; she noticed her young protégé's eyes were moist. "Don't tell me I can't understand this." She whispered. "I understand you very well, I understand everything."

"I'm sorry… I'm sorry… It's just that… I feel so dirty."

"I understand… I know how you feel… But you need to move on… or she will win. Don't leave, I need you here with us. We must stay together. Quinzel is surely angry because you are free from her spell; she will look for you, she will look for us." Barbara couldn't hold herself back, she leaned to kiss the younger woman softly on her forehead. "Don't go. Stay."

The kiss sent an electric charge coursing through her body. She half opened her mouth and breathed her scent, smelling the younger woman's fruity shampoo. She kissed, then, her eyebrow not just once, but several times, she moved slowly to the other eyebrow and kissed her again. Barbara felt many emotions flowing inside her. She didn't want to lose Helena, she wanted to protect her and keep her far from Harley's madness.

Helena could hear her heart pounding harder inside her chest. Barbara's soft caresses were combusting her body; making her feel loved. In her keyed up state, it was not a good thing. It required every ounce of control she could summon to prevent her eyes from morphing as she was overwhelmed by her feelings.

Barbara pulled her up and hugged her harder. Helena reciprocated the contact, burying her face in that long red hair. The older woman's smell was heaven, it was safety, it was home. She wanted to stay there forever.

She felt the redhead's hand caressing her hair; her purr was immediate; she couldn't control it. It was a natural reaction when she felt loved, happy and content. It was hard to just be still there, without touching, without confessing the depth of her love.

Helena swallowed, she was feeling excited; she needed to control herself. Barbara was just trying to support her. They remained still, holding each other for long moments. She moved back, reluctantly, a few inches. She would stay there forever; she kissed the redhead's jaw; she kept her lips pressed against her maybe a few seconds longer than necessary, but in that moment she didn't care. She was completely still, feeling the soft skin of Barbara's face on her lips; she was looking at her with an uncertain look.

"Thanks…" she mumbled.

"Will you stay?"

Helena nodded; she couldn't say no; It was stronger than her; she would do anything for her: cut a piece of rainbow for her; keep the song of a bird in a box, make a road of roses. And Barbara was right, they needed to be together.

"Good." A big smile took over the redhead's face. She felt much better knowing Helena was close. Quinzel was angry now and looking for her revenge, looking for an opportunity to attack again. They needed to be prepared for her next movement. She took the brunette's hand and squeezed it lightly. "Well… I now I need a good cup of coffee."

"And I need a nap, I couldn't sleep all night."

"Good idea, I think I'll follow you after my coffee." Barbara wheeled inside the Clock Tower.

"How can you sleep after a cup of coffee?" Helena followed her.

"How can you sleep until noon?"

"Don't ask me to think at six am… My mind is still in bed at this hour."

"See? You need coffee."

"Nah… I need a nap."

She fell asleep very fast, almost as soon as her head hit the pillow. The conversation with Barbara helped calm her down a bit; she was so stressed, so guilty, so uncertain. Finally, after so many days, weeks, she was able to rest peacefully.

Drowsy, she checked the clock on the night table, almost noon. She didn't care, it was Sunday and she felt safe at home.

Her world had turned upside down once more; Quinzel had screwed up her life and her mind again, making her, once again, hurt the person she most loved in her crazy obsession with Barbara. Helena had figured that she could go out and lose herself in a bottle of good whiskey or tequila.

Just her and her guilt.

But the redhead's presence, her scent, her aura, her words had soothed her, helped her to find peace in her soul. To find peace with herself. Barbara was marvelous, an angel, she always found the way to bring her back to the world of living people, literally and metaphorically speaking.

She'd died so many times, when her mother was killed, when Quinzel had hypnotized her the first time… now… She had saved her life many times in many ways in many senses, that it was impossible not to love her.

A warm hand came to rest lightly on her back. Helena almost arched into the gentle contact.

"Barbara?" Helena asked sleepily, turning her head.

Soft lips pressed against hers. She moved her had back, surprised.

"Shh… I missed you…" Thin fingers caressed her hair.


Barbara stared at the ceiling. She had tried to sleep, but for some reason she was really awake. Usually she didn't need to count sheep or drink warm milk to fall into Morpheus arm's. She felt exhausted, tired… and at the same time excited, happy, content. Helena was home; she had found her… well, technically Helena had found her.

She adjusted her position on her bed and looked at the clock on her night table. Noon. She couldn't remember the last time that she couldn't sleep because of excitement in her heart; she felt it pounding hard, so hard that she thought that if someone was in the same room, they'd hear it beating.

Remembering, now, she always felt this joy when Helena was close. She liked having her close. She could be grumpy, annoying… but at the same time she was funny and her sarcastic comments were always smart. She was a challenge sometimes. Helena had a fast and agile mind.

She remembered when she'd checked the brunette and had been unable to to suppress the impulse to touch her, feel her skin under her hands; she had touched her slender hands. They were small, her fingers thin; her nails always well manicured. She closed her eyes; she had caressed the lines of her face, her mouth, her small nose; she liked her nose, it was cute.

Helena loved her.

That confession had been stuck in her mind since Quinn had told her. It replayed in her mind constantly.

The image of Helena kissing Quinzel also filled her mind; it made her angry. That was something she wanted to forget. It was as if a vise was squeezing her heart. It hurt.

It was definitely impossible to sleep.

She sat on the bed and stretched her hand to transfer herself to the wheelchair. She took her robe and slipped it on, tying it with an easy knot in the front. Years of practice made it easy to move to her electronic chair that. Helena didn't like it so much, she said it was too big, but at the same time she knew it made it easier for her to move.

She wheeled outside her room and, without thinking twice, she went to check on her young partner, who was resting in her old room. She wanted know that she was okay. With Quinn around, she wanted to be sure everything was okay. She stopped at the door and knocked softly. Helena was a heavy sleeper, so if she opened the door and she was sleeping, she would never notice it.

She heard a soft whimper. Without pause, she opened the door slowly.

Helena was agitated, with her arms extended at her sides; she was breathing quickly. Her eyes were open, her gaze was glassy and lost.


Another nightmare! She wheeled to the bed and turned on the lights, taking Helena's face in her hands.

"Helena, wake up!!"

The brunette didn't answer.

Barbara clapped her cheeks, unsuccessfully trying to wake her. "Dammit… Helena, listen to my voice, you are dreaming, I need you to wake up."

The young woman moaned. Barbara could see the anguish in her face. She needed to wake her up.

"I'm sorry." Barbara lifted her arm and slapped her, hard.

It seemed to work because Helena sat up immediately, growling. She realized, then, that she had been dreaming again.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Quinzel still was in her dreams. She was terribly aroused, excited. The fucking bitch was still in control.

"Are you okay?" Barbara tried to hold her hand, but the dark haired woman pulled her arm back and covered her head with her hands. "Hel, you are home, you are safe."

"No… I'm not safe… neither are you…." The brunette stood up and looked for her clothes. Her body was on fire; she hated these dreams.

"Helena, wait."

"I can't stay here."

"You can't go."

"I must go!" She turned and glared at the redhead with burning cat eyes. "She is still in my head! She can control me again and I can kill you! I'm not going to do that." She squeezed her fists into balls, how could she explain to the older woman that she felt so… hot? Still on the edge from the erotic dream she'd just had with Quinn, and, at the same time, so ashamed of it.

"We will stop this together!" Barbara wheeled toward her.

"Sorry, I must go." She removed her t-shirt and put on a white shirt.

"No, you must stay!"

"Forget it."


"I'm moving out. Period." The brunette took her sweat pants and easily slid them on in a fast movement.

"I'm working now on finding out how Quinn is doing this to you, I just need time. It will be worse if you leave."

"Sorry, Barbara, I can't stay." The soft hiss of the wheels on the chair alerted her that Barbara was right behind her.

"I'm not going to let you go!"

The brunette smirked. "Yeah? Watch me."

Barbara grabbed her wrist when she tried to walk toward the door.

"What the…?" the brunette grumbled and pulled, annoyed, trying to free her hand. Barbara then held Helena down in an arm lock and the dark haired woman growled in pain. She stumbled and fell on her knees in front of the older woman. "Shit! My hand!"

"I'm not going to lose you," Barbara said. "Not again."

"Hey… that hurts." Helena winced. Damn. She was strong

Barbara pulled the younger woman against her. Helena was forced to look up, only to find Barbara regarding her, an expression of love and understanding; their faces inches away. They faced each other in a deep silence. She felt the redhead releasing the grip on her hand slowly.

"Please, Helena." Barbara said with a gentle voice. "Please don't go. I need you here, I need you close."

Helena shivered when slender fingers touched her cheek. The brunette swallowed around something in her throat, she put her hands on the arms of the wheelchair to hold herself. At that close range, she could heard the beat of Barbara's heart, it was hard and fast; faster and harder than hers. She watched, carefully, those loved features of her face, the clear green filling her eyes so full with love; she could smell her scent; it was like a magic spell that trapped her. Barbara's chest was so close to her that it seemed to be rising under her robe. A lack of oxygen was making it hard to think straight. Her vision fixed on red lips in front of her.

Caught in the surreal vision of the woman she loved so much and the deepest need to feel loved, Helena leaned forward and pressed her lips softly against Barbara's. Slowly, she kissed the heavenly mouth, wanting to make known her eternal love for her. She felt she was dreaming again, her heart wanted explode in joy.

Barbara was overwhelmed by the soft caress; Helena's kiss was so tender, her lips so soft.

Oh God. Helena really loved her.

Helena kept the slow pace of her kiss, nibbling gently, trembling in pleasure, totally lost in her.

Barbara inhaled and moved back slightly, her eyes locked on Helena´s. The young woman was breathing heavily, eyes closed. She watched them open slowly; blue eyes were filled with so much love and devotion; seeking the same love she was offering.

Many thoughts crashed in her mind, she remembered the sharp pain she'd felt when she'd seen her kissing Quinn, the overwhelming need to kiss her more last night when they had been on the balcony; the need to touch her when she was lying unconscious a few weeks ago; to feel her skin on her finger tips.

The brunette blinked. She had kissed her. Crap. What the fuck had she done

"I'm sorry…" She moved back slightly, lowering her head.

"Helena…" Barbara whispered, stopping her movement as she cupped her cheek in long, elegant fingers.

"I'm sorry… I was…"

Barbara's grabbed her chin and forced her to look her. Blue eyes were filled with sorrow, with love… a love she'd never seen in any of her lovers before.

She leaned in and pressed her lips slowly against Helena's; she moved slowly around red, warm lips.

The brunette, surprised, just kept still. It was when she felt the shy touch of her tongue against the corner of her mouth. It was electric, she moaned and parted her lips slightly under the heavenly contact and gripped the arms of the chair harder. Barbara didn't hesitate and moved inside her. Helena was numb, after so many years of fantasies, she was kissing her.

Barbara's first strokes were slow, taunting, tasting; Helena swallowed a growl, her muscles humming, feeling a restless fire growing inside her. She moved her tongue and caressed Barbara's shyly.

Barbara couldn't keep hiding her feelings and seeing Helena's love for her had been just too much. She'd moved slowly, trying to remain in control and recognize, feel every inch of her young partner, but when Helena's tongue had touched hers, it was as if rockets had exploded in her head. She was bewitched for her, she surrendered to her feelings and emotion. She deepened the kiss, wrapping her arms around the young woman's neck.

Helena kissed her back, she moved slowly and lifted her legs, her knees burying deep in the padding of the chair on each side of the redhead's thighs. She wrapped her arms around her. Both forgot the world surrounding them, lost in a deep, long kiss.

Barbara just moved her hands on the brunette's back, caressing. The unmistakable soft vibration her fingers began to detect was Helena's purr. She couldn't suppress a light laugh, knowing she always did it when she was happy, when she felt loved, since she was a child. Glassy blue eyes opened and looked at her-

"You are purring…" Barbara mumbled, tracing her face with her index finger.

"Oh… sorry…"

"Don't." Barbara's index finger stopped on Helena's mouth. "It's very sexy." She leaned in to give the younger woman soft kisses, slowly, taking her time, marveling at the feeling of Helena's body reacting to every touch. She pulled the brunette against her and kissed her neck, she caressing the sides of her face; she loved the feeling of that soft skin under her fingers. She discovered how long she had wanted touch her, be this close to her. Her tongue shyly tasted her earlobe.

"God…" Helena felt like she was drowning. She couldn't believe Barbara was kissing her. Barbara's traced her ear, slowly, up and down; the sensation of firm breasts against her, were fuel. She couldn't suppress a hard growl in her chest. Her clit pulsed harder against her pants, her hips began to rock against the redhead's lap.

The movement was not imperceptible to the older woman and it made her heart rate increase. She felt Helena's lips searching for hers and her hands moved to clasp unruly dark hair in her fingers. It -

was incredible how the world seemed to twist around her, how time seemed to stop and all the sounds disappeared. There was just her and Helena.

"Hey, anybody here?" Dinah appeared, suddenly, at the door, Barbara hadn't closed it in her hurry to wake the brunette. She saw her two friends locked in a deep kiss. She blushed and stepped back. "Uhh… I'm sorry."

Helena jumped back immediately and turned her back to her, taking her hand to her mouth. Barbara blushed furiously.

"It's okay, Dinah, did something happen?" she asked, clearing her throat and arranging her robe.

"Uh… sorry, Dick's here…."

Helena's head snapped to the blonde.

"Oh… I forgot, I invited him to lunch," Barbara explained.

"I better call for takeout…" Dinah mumbled, shyly, backing out of the room. "Chinese?"

The redhead nodded. A heavy silence engulfed on the room. Helena looked at her mentor; she was so beautiful. She still felt her body humming with excitement. She felt so wonderful under her fingers, her mouth was heavenly. She remained where she was standing.. and now? She didn't know what to say, if she should move or not. She'd never felt this stupid with any other person. She was supposed to exude confidence, not act like a dumb donkey. Damn kid and damn Dick, they always showed up at the most unexpected and inopportune moments.

"Helena?" Barbara's voice pulled her from her thoughts.

She found green eyes regarding her and a gentle smile. It was like a magnet, she walked toward her. It was like walking on air. Barbara took her hand, brushing the back of her palm with her thumb. The brunette leaned in slowly and traced Barbara's mouth with her lips, she didn't want to let go of the moment.

Barbara kissed her back, the touch was so gentle and so warm. The younger woman melted and straddled the older woman's hips again. The redhead held her tightly as they deepened the kiss. Again, she felt the muscles of her young partner trembling under her touch. Helena was making magic on her mouth, she had never had been kissed like this before. She remembered she needed to breathe and she held the brunette's head in her hands and moved back few inches, resting their forehead together. Both breathed heavily.

"We must talk..." Barbara mumbled.

"Okay." Helena lowered her head and brushed her lips against her neck, "Do you want me to kick Dick and Dinah out?"

"No…" Barbara laughed lightly, pulling the brunette head up again to get her attention. Her eyes were golden, glassy with pleasure. "I think we must talk later."

Helena sighed and buried her head in the redhead's neck, hugging her. She wanted to stay there forever, just wrapping her arms around the woman she loved. She was in the middle of her biggest dream. "Can't we just stay here?"

Barbara brushed dark hair and kissed it, she inhaled and smelled a hint of orange. "I would love to... but we can't."

"Mmmm." The young woman snuggled on her shoulder.

The older woman smiled and took a deep breath, it felt so good. She was reluctant to move, but Dinah and Dick were downstairs. For a moment, the idea of kicking them out didn't seem so bad. She patted her partner's back, "Come on, Hel, we have things to do."

Growling, Helena moved back and fixed her puppy eyes on green ones, trying again to convince her to stay.

Barbara couldn't suppress a smile and took Helena's chin in her fingers. She gave her a quick kiss on her lips. "I'll see you downstairs."

Helena nodded and stood up lazily. Well, she had tried. She didn't want move, but Barbara was right.

"Hurry up." Barbara smiled gently and wheeled toward the door.

Helena, in the living room, gazed often to the Delphi downstairs. Barbara had been working with Dick at the Delphi for over two hours. She couldn't focus on anything, she heard her laughs. She always laughed so much with him. She didn't like Dick so much. And much less since Barbara had told her that they had been lovers.

They had been together after she was shot, but it seemed the relationship had failed. However, he always returned... He still loved Barbara, Helena knew it, and it pissed her off.

She remembered the kiss and smiled to herself, feeling warm. It had been so fast. She'd been talking with Barbara, she'd needed to keep far from her because she was not in control of her dreams and, then, suddenly, she was lost in green eyes and in the next instant she was kissing her… everything was lights and stars exploding around her until… until Dinah had interrupted them.

The teen entered the living room and jumped next to her on the couch. She hit Helena playfully in her ribs.

"You kissed her!"

"What?" Helena frowned, "We… we were just hugging…"

"Tell me, what happened,"

"I didn't kiss her…"

"Sure…" Dinah lifted her eyebrows and twisted her mouth; Helena definitely turned dumb talking about love.

Dark brows knit. "What?"

"Does she love you? Did she tell you?"

Blue eyes blinked "No… Well… she said we will talk later."

"Oh…" Dinah sat on her knees and clapped. "And how was it?"

"Shhh…" The brunette waved her hands "She can hear you. How was it what?"

"Kissing Barbara, how was it?"

Helena felt her face turn red, she moved uncomfortably. She wasn't used to talking about this and less so with a teenager.

"So you really kissed her!" Dinah laughed.

"Okay, okay I did it, now lower your voice."

"Okaaaayyyy… how was it?"

Helena shook her head, this was not going to be easy. "Dinah, have you ever kissed someone you have loved for years?""

"I'm only seventeen, how could I? I've never loved anyone and certainly not for so long.."

"Oh damn."

"Is she good?"


The teen glared at her.

Helena shook her head and she couldn't suppress a big smile. "Fantastic…" she mumbled.

"Excellent! And?"

"And that's all. I'm not telling you anything else."

The teen covered her head with her hands.

Suddenly, the Delphi alarms filled the place. Both women stood up and ran downstairs, where Dick and Barbara worked. Both stood behind the redhead.

"What's going on?" the teen asked.

"Quinzel," Dick offered.

"Where?" Helena's eyes turned feral in a second, she leaned to look the screen.

"In the outskirts of New Gotham, a storage facility."

"Let's go," Dinah said running to the elevator.

"I'll wait for you downstairs," Dick replied, following her.

"Wait…" Barbara interrupted. "Don't forget the contact lenses to protect your eyes."

"Come with me." Dinah said to Dick and moved to the lab.

Helena turned to follow them, but Barbara held her arm. "You are not going."

"Why not?" Helena growled.

Barbara pressed her lips. "You know why."

"I must go, I have to trap that bitch:" the brunette said, annoyed.

"It's dangerous."

"Please, Barbara! I must stop her! She is screwing with my mind and I'm tired of it!"

"Helena, we don't yet know how deep her hypnosis is. I still have to reverse the effects that make you have those nightmares." Barbara's hand moved down her arm and clasped her fingers. She caressed her palm with her thumb, tracing circles on it. The movement had the effect she wanted, she felt the brunette relax.

The young woman looked at their hands and clasped the redhead's fingers "I'm fine, Barbara."

"You just had a nightmare a few hours ago... You were completely out of it."

"You know I must go."

The redhead looked at her young partner. She nodded and lowered her head. "Be careful. She will be angry because she lost you, and she will try to trap you again... or kill you."

The brunette leaned in and gave her a tender kiss on her fingers. "I'll be fine, I promise."

The older woman nodded and watched her disappear behind the elevator doors, feeling uncertainty and apprehension in her chest.

The team arrived at the storage facility in time to stop a truck that was pulling out of the place. Nightwing and Dinah stopped the vehicle and easily knocked out the thugs. Helena moved inside the building, looking for Quinzel, she needed to find her, make her confess. She took out three more men inside. To Helena's dismay, Quinn was not there; she'd just sent a group of lackeys.

The brunette was disappointed, she couldn't hide her feelings in the tone of her voice. "She is not here, Oracle."

:We'll find her, don't worry.: The redhead was relieved by the information. She still thought it was not a good time for Helena to face her.

"Yeah." She walked out of the building where Dinah and Nightwing were tying up the men from the truck.

"Huntress, they're escaping," Dinah shouted, pointing upstairs. She saw some men running up the stairs of the building.

"They are moving to the rooftop." Huntress looked up, she grinned at the blonde. "We'll have some fun. You stay here, okay?"

Dinah grinned and nodded. She saw Huntress reach the top of the building with a simple jump.

"I hate when she does that." Nightwing said, taking a batarang from his waist.

"It's pretty cool."

"She loves to play alone all the time." He aimed the batarang up and shot.

"Well, working with her day by day, you learn to live with it."

He pulled the metal wire to check it was in place. "I don't think I could do it." He pressed a button and the wire retracted, pulling him up.

He arrived at the time, the five men that were trying to escape reached the rooftop.

"Welcome to the party," the brunette greeted.

"You didn't invite me," Dick protested.

"I'm talking with them," she pointed the thugs.

The men charged at them. Huntress ducked and hit the first man in his gut with her fist while Nightwing fought against two others. The battle was short and easy. They were not a big deal.

Dick tied their hands back with some wire he found in a corner. He was finishing with the last man when, suddenly, Huntress grabbed one of the men by his lapel and lifted him off the rooftop.

"Where is she?" she asked to the man. "I'm don't have much patience tonight."

"I don't know." He gasped.

Huntress pulled him to the cornice of the rooftop.

"What are you doing?" Dick, kneeling on the roof, stared at her.

She hit the thug hard in his face and he fell to the roof.

"Huntress, stop!" Dick shouted, standing up.

She didn't listen to him, but grabbed Harley's lackey by his ankle and hung him over the edge of the building.

"All right," she growled. "You talk or you die."

"No, you can't..." the man gasped, scared. The building was almost six stories high.

"Wanna try me? If you don't talk, another of your partners will do it... I don't care how many of you have to fall before one of you is convinced that I'm serious."

"No... no, please no, she will kill me..." he said.

"Huntress! Stop this now!" Nightwing walked toward her.

"It's your choice, she kills you or I kill you."

"I can't talk... Please, she will kill me."

She opened her hand and the man fell, yelling. His terrified screams echoed through the air.

"No!" Nightwing shouted.

Huntress didn't show any emotion, she just turned and looked at the other guys tied up on the rooftop. "All right, who's next?"

"Huntress, how could you?" Dick faced her, his fists balled. He couldn't believe she had done this.

"It's none of your business, stay away." She glared at him, walking toward one of the men.

He grabbed her by her coat. "I'm not going to let you do this again."

She pushed him back and pointed at him with her index finger. "Don't you dare touch me again." She leaned down and grabbed another thug by his lapel. "Okay, we can try you now."

"We must drive the trucks to the old New Gotham Road, close to the swamps. That's all," the man cried, scared. "I swear it! She just paid us to leave the trucks there. Please don't kill me."

"I don't believe you."

"Please, please..." the man begged.

:He could be telling the truth.: Oracle's voice said over the mic :Harley surely took precautions to avoid being caught again. And more so since she know you are with us again.:

"I think so, too." She put him down again. "Good boy." She turned to see Nightwing and smiled at him. "See? I told you this always works."

He couldn't contain his anger.. "You killed a man."

"Hey easy," she frowned, lifting her head to see him. He was too close and he was pretty tall. "I don't want to kick your ass. He is okay."

:Huntress: Oracle said through the mic :stop playing.:

"She is not playing, Oracle, " Nightwing yelled, "She killed him; he threw him off the building. He is dead."

The brunette rolled her eyes. "Dinah, it's okay!" she shouted.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the man that had fallen was thrown on the rooftop and hit the concrete ground. Nightwing looked at him in astonishment. He heard noises and raised his head. Climbing up the stairway was Dinah. She jumped onto the roof, brushing off her hands.

"What the..?" Dick asked confused.

"He peed in his pants. Yech."

"Haven't you ever heard about good vigilante, bad vigilante?" Huntress grabbed the man on the floor and dragged him toward his partners

"She is the bad vigilante and I'm the good vigilante," the teen explained, smiling.

"I don't understand."

"She throws them off the rooftops and I always catch them below," the blonde explained, while Huntress tied the man with the others.

"Always works." Huntress grinned, she took her hand to her ear, "Okay Oracle, what do we know?"

:I heard it, I'm doing some research now If she asked them to leave the trucks on that road, it could be because her hideout is close to there. Try to check for any evidence before returning.

"All right, let's move," the brunette said.

She landed smoothly on a rooftop close to Clock Tower. Dick and Dinah were probably still on their way back to the Clock Tower after leaving the thugs tied up and ready to be picked up by the police. She preferred the fresh air to the air conditioner of the Hummer. She looked at the tall building; it looked beautiful at night. It was the tallest building at the city. Tonight, it looked even more beautiful, well, everything seemed to be more beautiful; she closed her eyes and breathed deeply, she had kissed Barbara and Barbara had kissed her back.

She wanted to be close to her again, feel her lips against hers again, her warm breath against her.

"Well, well, my lost pet is here."

Blue eyes changed to feral, Helena turned.


The insane woman was there, standing a few meters behind her with her arms crossed over her chest, and leaning on the closest brick wall. She was wearing her typical red costume, fit to her skin. She was stunning, an evil beauty.. She couldn't fathom how so much evil could be in such a small woman.

"I have been worried about you for the last two days, you just left...and left me alone." Harley put her hand over her chest feigning hurt as she walked toward her. "Worried about you... and you were off having fun. Why are you so inconsiderate to me?."

Helena squeezed her fists, feeling her blood boil.

"You look damn sexy in that outfit, Huntress." Harley's eyes moved up and down the brunette's body. She was wearing her usual leather pants and a t-shirt under her long coat. "I would love to fuck you right now, right here."

"Thanks, but I'll pass..."

"You didn't say that the last time we made love. Do you remember it?" Quinn laughed, cocking her head, her mad eyes fixed on the brunette, drilling down to her soul. "I remember it pretty well... your smell." She licked her lips. "Your taste..."

The brunette never thought she could feel this much hate for someone. Her vision was red with pain and anger. Quinn seemed know she was ready to pounce, because a second before she could move, the blonde extended her arm and pointed a gun at her.

"Tsk, tsk, stay down." She lifted her right eye brow in amusement. "I'm not stupid, Huntress. Let me ask you something, I guess hypnosis will not work now, no?"

Helena nodded smirking.

"Damn." Quinn exhaled. "The damn contact lenses again. I must kill Barbara Gordon."

"Don't you dare..." The brunette felt her muscles tense when she heard the name of the woman she loved, on the mad woman's lips.

"Why are you so annoyed? I don't understand." Quinn grinned, circling her "You enjoyed every minute we shared, and you remember them pretty well... What's your problem, Huntress? Are you still following Barbara Gordon around like a love sick puppy?"

Golden eyes turned bright in a threatening way. She clenched her teeth.

"Do you think she loves you just because she kissed you?"

This time, Huntress couldn't hide her surprise. How did she know about that?

"Helena, she doesn't love you, she just..." Quinn laughed, waving her hand, "she just has needs as all of us do, sometimes. She fucks someone one day and forget them the next day. Dick is here, they were lovers. Do you think she would trade him for you? He came for her."

Huntress took a step toward her, Harley pointed at her again with the gun.

"Ah, ah..." she grinned. "Easy my pet. Barbara has blinded you. You are just an object that she uses to satisfy her desires... You are nothing to her. She loves him. We must be together, we belong to each other."

"I'm not used to dating psycho bitches."

"Do you think I am lying? Okay, tell me..." She stood up in front of her, still threatening her with the gun, "Did she say, 'I love you' after it?"

The brunette remained silent, looking for the best moment to jump on the lunatic and rip her head off.

"Did she tell you she loves you?"

"It's none of your business."

"No, she didn't tell you," Quinzel smirked, "she doesn't love you; she just wanted to have some fun with you. A kiss is nothing, Huntress. My poor kitten, sick in love with a woman that is, right at this moment, probably fucking with her real lover."

Huntress kicked her hand with a fast movement. The pistol hit the brick wall. She squeezed the Harley's throat with her hands and slammed her back against a brick wall. The blonde coughed.

"The game is over, Quinn," she growled at her.

"My dear Huntress, always so impulsive." Harley moved her hands and put them over Huntress' arms. She began to rub slowly.

What was she doing? Helena felt a prick on her arm. Puzzled blue eyes looked at her. Quinzel laughed and lifted her hand showing her a small pin on a ring in her finger.

"I'm not stupid, my dear."

The dark woman felt an instant heaviness invading her body. Her brain was almost immediately dizzy. She tried to press her fingers hard against the throat of her hated enemy, but her muscles were numb, her knees couldn't support her weight and she fell heavily to the ground.

"It's a remarkably fast drug," Quinzel said, looking at the ring on her finger. "I couldn't risk my life with you."

Huntress struggled to get back to her feet, but everything around her was surreal. She stumbled and fell back to the ground. The forms moved in many shapes and she felt like she was floating in the air. Her body refused to move. She saw Quinzel's black boots in front of her. The blonde kneeled and brushed her hair. She felt a cold shiver, she didn't want her to touch her. She growled, annoyed.

"She just is playing with you, Huntress," she heard Harley's voice whispering in her ear. The blonde's hand caressed her belly, her body reacted to the touch with a soft tremble. "She will never give you what you want or need..."

Quinzel's lips were on her neck. The brunette couldn't avoid feel a warm feeling in her body.

"I can give to you all the pleasure you need... I can touch you as no one else can." Quinzel's hand slipped under her tank and cupped her breast, squeezing.

Helena gasped, she half opened her eyes and found evil blue ones fixed on her. Her body was humming in excitement. She felt Quinzel's lips on hers. He mouth was demanding, kissing her hard and rough. Their tongues danced and stroked against each other. The kiss deepened and drew on, until eventually, inevitably… Helena wanted her.

Quinzel lowered her head and yanked the tee up and out of the way before her mouth trapped a soft, firm flesh.

Helena felt her desire growing and, in her drugged state, the feelings were even stronger. She felt every touch as if she was hypersensitized. She felt the heat growing between her legs… she needed to be touched. As if Quinzel read her mind, she felt the blonde's hand cupping the juncture between her thighs with a rough movement. The blonde thrust once and the young woman growled.

"You like this... I know you like this..." The blonde lifted her head and licked her cheek slowly. "I wanna fuck you now. You are mine, Huntress."

Keeping her eyes open was impossible, Huntress felt herself slipping even as she felt another hard trust against her...


Part Eight

The brunette jerked up with an abrupt movement. Where was she? She blinked her eyes and the room came into focus, the curtain was half opened, lighting the room with the morning sunshine. She became aware that she was in Barbara's bedroom. She felt her hands keeping a grip on soft sheets, she lowered her head. She was under the warm covers of the redhead's bed.

What was she doing there?

The last...

The events of the last hours struck in her head like a cold shower.


She covered her head with her hands. What she had done?

Quinzel had again taken control of her thoughts, her mind, her feelings. She hated this, she couldn't keep dealing with this. She was dangerous. At any moment, the evil woman could take control of her and she could hurt Barbara, or worse, kill her. She pushed off the blankets stood up, it was cold. She was just wearing her underwear and a thin tank top. She rubbed her arms and looked for her clothes.

The bathroom door opened and she lifted her head.


"Helena." She was drying her hair with a white towel and smiled at her, "You are awake." She threw the towel on a small bench and wheeled toward her immediately. "How do you feel?"

The young woman felt so ashamed, she avoided looking her. "I'm fine, thanks. Where are my clothes?"

"Hey easy." Barbara said, touching her arm.

The fingers on her skin were like an iron rod, she felt so dirty. She tried to brush off her reaction to the touch by walking toward the single couch that was at the corner of the room.

"I'm cold… where is my shirt?"

The redhead knew immediately that something was wrong. She was avoiding her look, her touch. She followed the brunette and stopped the wheelchair in front of her. Helena picked up her shirt, but when she turned, she found intense green eyes staring at her.


She was blocking her way.

"Sit down," Barbara said.

"Barbara I…"

"Sit." Barbara's voice was steely and left no room for negotiation.

Helena was stronger, faster, agile, but Barbara could defeat her so easily with a single word. She exhaled and let herself fall on the couch, knowing she was cornered. She rested her elbow on the arm and looked at the other side of the room. Se didn't have the courage to look Barbara in the eye. She loved her more than her own life, but every time she was with Quinn, she lost control of her emotions, of her soul. She didn't deserve her… and, besides, as Harley had said, she'd never told her she loved her, maybe it had just been a moment.

"What happened?" Barbara asked.

Helena shifted uncomfortably in her place. This was not going to be an easy talk.

"I don't remember," she mumbled.

"You told me that you would tell me everything, that you would never lie to me again, that you trust me."

Double fuck. Helena rubbed her forehead.

The long silence was clear to the redhead, a signal that it had happened again. Her mind had been lost in another weird dream. She moved her hand to touch the brunette's hand. She felt it flinch.

"Barbara, I can't." the young woman said, retracting her hand. She scrunched down in the couch a bit more, trying to escape.

The dreams were still there, Barbara knew she needed to stop them. They were affecting her young partner so much. She reached out and held Helena's hand in her own, she was not going to let her go.

"Barbara…" the young woman moved uncomfortably. She fixed her eyes on her hands. Barbara could clearly see the pain and sadness in her eyes.

"Dick and Dinah found you unconscious on top of a building," Barbara began in a soft voice, caressing her back hand with her thumb. "I saw your signal unmoving on the screen. I called you. You didn't answer and I thought something was wrong. What happened?"

The thin brunette bit her lips, still refusing to meet her eyes.

"Look at me," the older woman requested gently, "Please..."

Helena opened her mouth to say something, but she couldn't find the words. It was hard to talk about this.

"You told me you trusted me. Trust me, please... look at me."

Her young partner closed her eyes a brief second. It was hard to deny Barbara's requests. Helena inhaled deeply before turning her head and finding lovely green eyes regarding her. Her gaze flowed over Barbara's face, her lovely features, her creamy skin, her finely sculpted nose, red lips and a sharp chin. She loved her so much, so much… and she had given herself to that crazy bitch again.

"It was another nightmare, right?"

Helena's eyes turned moist, she swallowed with some difficulty.

"I don't think so…" she said with a barely audible whisper

"What happened?"

The brunette closed her eyes; a tear slid down her face.

"Helena?" Barbara cupped her face with her right palm, the brunette tried to move it back, but the older woman followed her movement, "Please, tell me. We must stop this, but I need you to tell me."

Blue eyes, filled with tears, stared at her helplessly. She drank in the sight of the Barbara, she had failed her again. "…She took me again…"

Barbara felt her heart clench, her heart broke into thousands of pieces. "It was a dream…"

"No, no…" She shook her head.

"It was, Helena, she is trying to confuse you."

"She knew I had kissed you… she… drugged me… she kissed me… and, and I could only think about kissing her and wanting her to touch me..." the brunette sobbed. "I'm such an ass …"

Barbara pulled her against her and wrapped her arms around the delicate body. The young woman sat on her lap and hugged her, burying her face in her neck as she cried.

"No, Helena, it's not true." Barbara felt a tear slip down her cheek. "It was a dream. She is playing with your mind." She kissed her forehead. "I swear I checked you when Dick brought you here. Your blood didn't have any trace of drugs, you just fainted."


"I would never lie to you, you were dreaming." She turned her head slightly to press a soft kiss to Helena's head. "It was a dream."

"I'm a shit…"

"No, you are not… she is using you. Please don't think that."

"I want it to stop." Helena hugged her harder and cuddled against her, as she had done many times with her mom as a child when she'd felt scared or afraid. Barbara's warm embrace was like being in a cocoon, where no one could touch or hurt her. It was just Barbara and herself…. the world, the pain, nothing else existed.

"We will stop it, I promise." She turned towards Helena's head and kissed her hair, she brushed her unruly bangs back and her lips brushed against her temple. Butterfly kisses covered the soft skin above the brunette's eyes. Barbara inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with the wild aroma of her partner. She traced dark eyebrows with her fingertip.

The brunette stirred under her caress. The redhead's fingers moved slowly toward the brunettes chin, she painted it with her index finger, then moved toward those full red lips, caressing them. Helena's tongue moved out shyly and touched her finger. Barbara's finger moved forward and touched the brunette's teeth. Helena captured her finger and sucked it softly.

Barbara pulled that beautiful face towards her and kissed her softly. Helena kissed her back and melted under her touch. The feel of her tongue was like air to her soul. Helena moved forward, slowly she sat up on the redhead's lap and arranged her legs on each side of Barbara's thighs. She took the redhead's face in her hands and deepened the kiss.

Barbara felt her heart rate increase. The naked skin of Helena's back felt wonderful under her hands. The trembling of the young woman's muscles, shifting minutely under her hands, made her feel… excited? Yes, that was the correct word; she felt her body humming, a warm glow rising on her skin.

She felt Helena moan in her mouth. She opened her eyes feeling dazed with pleasure. Helena had her eyes closed and arched her head back. Barbara noticed then that she'd moved her hand, without conscious thought, and was cupping the younger woman's breast. She lifted her eyes; Helena's neck, offered to her, was too much to resist. She leaned in and bit it gently, while her fingers pressed the soft mound harder.

"Barbara…" The brunette growled, grabbing the older woman's head. She felt her body purring in pleasure. It felt so wonderful. She lowered her head and traced Barbara's ear with her tongue, she licked it slowly, with tiny movements. She had smelled her before, but never tasted her skin. It was salty, with a hint of orange. She slowly brushed her cheek against her carefully, feeling her skin against her. Then, she moved back to her lips.

After long and tender strokes, the brunette moved back slowly. She felt her heart would explode out of her chest.

Barbara's eyes opened, dazed, and she looked at Helena. She marveled at the wonderful feral eyes regarding her.

The young woman brushed back the older woman's hair, it was so soft… she'd never touched it as she was doing now, it was like silk.

"You know I must go," she whispered.

"Go?" Puzzled green eyes looked at her. "Why?"

"She is controlling me," Helena moved her hands to cup the redhead's face. She looked like an angel, a lovely red angel. "I don't want to hurt you."

"You would never hurt me." Barbara brushed her lips against hers.

Helena sighed and hugged her. "She will tell me to, and, if my mind is controlled…" she felt her heart breaking, "I would do it, and I don't want to. I couldn't live knowing I…"

"That is not going to happen. We will stop her."

"You don't understand."

Barbara moved back and took Helena's chin in her hand, forcing her to look at her. "I understand."

Shaggy bangs shook. Eyes, surrounded by a deep violet color, fixed on her. "You are my life, Barbara," the fingers of her left hand moved to the redhead's nose "you are part of my soul." Her finger traced the older woman's lips and moved below, to her jaw. "You are everything to me. I can't imagine a day without you, I can't live without you. If something happens to you because of me, I'll die."

Barbara smiled at her, she took her hand and kissed it.

"We will defeat her once more. Don't surrender, you never surrender, you are fighter, a great fighter."

"I'm scared." Helena's voice was a raw whisper. She dipped her head, hiding her eyes under long bangs. It was hard to accept.

"Me too." The words did little to alleviate the brunette's concern. For a few moments, Barbara considered her partner's fear, she was right to be concerned. Quinn had turned deadly. She rubbed Helena's arm. "But we will win. Do you trust me?""

Helena smiled lightly and nodded.

"And I trust you."

The two lingered in a wordless embrace.

"She is crazy! How could you let her do those things." Dick paced, annoyed, in the lab.

"You know, as well as I do, that Batman had a dark side, too," Barbara said in amusement as she sipped a bit of tea. Maybe she should have warned Dick about the games that Helena and Dinah sometimes played, now that they worked as a team.

"Yes, but this was too much."

"Dick, he loved to taunt the bad guys sometimes." She moved her wheelchair to the computer.

"She dangled a man over the edge of a building."

She smiled at him and put her eyeglasses on. "Tell me he never did it."

"Well... yes, but..."

"See? She is just like him, he did it to."

"The man was scared to death."

"Dick, you are overacting. Batman was much rougher and more cruel than her." Barbara moved her head and waved her hands. "I accept it, she sometimes likes to play with the peps..."

"Like her mother," he interrupted her.

"Oh... I get it now." She narrowed her eyes at him. Again. She was tired of this. Dick had a kind of obsession with Helena's origins, and this was not the best moment to revisit this particular argument again. "Is this... about her mother?"

"Cat's love to play with their prey, no?" He crossed his arms and rested his hip on the desk next to her.

The redhead nodded slowly and her tongue played inside her cheek.

"Okay, a question? Are you always trying to talk bad about her because she is Selina's daughter and you are pissed because she always kicked you ass? Or is it because you are an idiot?"

The answer surprised him. "Barbara..."

"Listen to me, because is the last time I am going to talk about this.." she said, with a firm voice and pointing at him. "Helena is a wonderful girl, an excellent crime fighter that has been risking her life to help innocent people. Joker killed her mother when she was still a child. Her father never took care of her. She handled her pain by herself, when she had no more family in the world. She learned to survive alone and she has done it very well.. Selina was a much better mother than Bruce was a father. Bruce was a hero that saved lives, who cared about people, except his own daughter. So, if you can't learn to respect her, it's best is that you just leave."

"I'm sorry Babs." He reached out and took her hand.


"I didn't mean it."

"You are so unfair with her."

"Forgive me?" he asked.

"Just, please, stop taunting her, I need help now, not more trouble." She turned her wheelchair toward her computer screen. "Quinzel is messing with her mind and I don't know how stop her."

"You need to relax a bit." He stood behind her, put his hands on her shoulders and began to massage them.

"And you must stop trying to make me push her away."

"Please, forgive me. I told you I'm sorry. Barbara, I was thinking..."


"Helena always has these 'attacks' at the same time? It could be a clue." He moved his hands back.

She turned her head to see him, "I haven't checked it."

"Yesterday, it happened more less at three, it was the time we picked her up."

Dick knew that the gears in Barbara's head had started to work. Barbara pressed some buttons and opened several windows on her computer screen. She checked in some files until she found her target. It was a video. She opened it.

"Is it a porn film?" he asked.

"Not exactly. It's the video when Helena was at the W bar." She pressed a button and forwarded the image.

"I don't understand."

The older woman froze the image on the screen. Her eyes fixed on the electronic clock at the top of the screen.

"Three o'clock."

"Can you explain it to me?"

"I have a theory. Quinn programmed Helena in some way to dream about her. All her dreams trigger at three o'clock, afternoon or night, but always at three. The first time I noticed a nightmare, she was sleeping here on the couch. It was three o'clock. When we were watching movies it was three o'clock."

"So whatever dreams will come..."

"Will be at three o'clock." She took a pencil off the desk and played with it between her fingers.

"Any luck with the sand from the truck tires?"

"The scanner is working on it now." She pointed to a screen at the other side of the room. "At first analysis, it seems to be from the swamps, but there swamp is very big. I'm trying to find an extra element that might help me narrow the perimeter."

He sat on the desk. "Did you hear about the new microchip?"


"There is a new microchip that will be tested by the army in New Gotham the next week. It's a very advanced system that helps program missiles."

"I didn't know about it."

"Top secret information. When you told me about Quinn, I called a friend for the latest news from the army. It would be a good temptation for Quinzel."

She leaned back on her chair, "We will spread the rumor through the underground."

"Yes. We'll do it tonight and, afterwards, I'll travel to Washington. I think the microchip probably needs a good escort."

"I think that's an excellent idea."

"Well," he jumped to the platform, "I'll call you when I'll return next week."

"We'll be in contact."

"Sure." He leaned on the chair and cupped the redhead's face with his left hand, he kissed her on her cheek. He moved his mouth close to her ear and whispered, "Maybe we will have dinner when I return. I would love to spend another night like we used to share."

She winked at him "I don't think so."

"Maybe lunch?"

"That sounds more practical." She smiled at him.

He took her chin between his fingers. "You are so beautiful."

"Thanks, Dick."

He gave her a kiss on her lips. It caught her off guard. Before she could protest, he moved back.

"Well, I'll try. Time to work." He walked toward the elevator. "I'll pick Dinah up."

"I'll call her."

He waved his hand and disappeared behind the elevator doors. She moved her head, he was always too impulsive. Whatever, it was a good idea to spread the news through the underworld about the microchip. When he returns, she would tell him about Helena, and she'd need to tell Dinah, and Alfred... and her dad. Barbara smiled.

Well... now that she thought about it, she hadn't talked to Helena. What she wanted, what she expected, and... what she wanted for herself? Maybe she was moving too fast. They had shared just a few kisses and touches. She took her fingertips to her lower lip. She hadn't thought about kissing her, it had just happened. And it had been marvelous... tender, lovely, no one had kissed her like that before.

"Where is he going?" The brunette's voice came from behind her back.

Barbara almost jumped from her chair. She didn't expect her, she said she was going to take a shower and usually her showers were long. She smiled and took her hand to her chest.

"Oh… Dick had a good idea," Barbara explained.

"Mmmmm." Helena rested her hip on the station next to her and crossed her arms. She was wearing her red pants and a grey t-shirt.

"There is a new microchip," Barbara explained excitedly, "that will be tested by the army here in New Gotham next week. It will be a good temptation for Quinzel. So he and Dinah will go to..."

"He and Dinah?" the thin woman arched her brow, punctuating her question.


Barbara immediately saw the anger in her partner's face. She always was explosive and this time was no exception.

"And me? Are you afraid that I will betray them in the middle of the fight?"

"No, I'm afraid that you might fall into the middle of another nightmare and get hurt."

Helena stood up angrily and turned her back to the redhead. "Fuck!"

"You know I'm right, I don't want to risk your life." Barbara followed her with her eyes and turned her wheelchair toward her.


"Were you flirting with him?" The young woman spun around and glared at her mentor with violet eyes. Violet eyes meant she was excited or angry and, considering the situation at the moment, she was angry.


The brunette leaned in and put the hands on the arm of her chair. "I saw you. He was very friendly and it didn't seem to bother you."

"Wait a minute…"

"He told you that he would love to spend another night as you used to 'share', no?" Helena's eyes snapped to feral.

It was a clear signal that Helena was very upset. "Hel..."

"Is he here for that? Are you dating him again?" The slight woman set her jaw, trying to control her temper.

"Of course not. Stop right now," Barbara said with a firm voice.

The brunette was so angry, so frustrated about being in Harley's hands, about not being able to help…and help herself. She had walked down to the lab to find Dick massaging Barbara's shoulders… and then…

"You kissed him! " Annoyed, Helena moved back, scrubbing her hands roughly across her face.

Damn, Barbara thought to herself. She dropped her head, her eyes squeezed shut, and she caught the bridge of her nose between her thumb and forefinger. "You misunderstood, it's not that."

"Barbara…" The young crime fighter raised her hand, asking for more time. She needed to calm down. It was not Barbara's fault after all. She couldn't force her to do anything. She had always been a straight woman, maybe, in her need, she had pushed her to… Crap. She met green eyes. "Tell me the truth… Why did you kiss me?"


"I'm sorry for my bad mood." She waved her hands. "I don't have the right to shout at you like that… I understand, if you want be with him… "

"Helena… stop, stop right now." Barbara lifted her right hand. "It's my fault. We need to talk. Follow me, please." She wheeled toward her bedroom, she needed privacy and the Delphi was not a good place. She did not want to be interrupted.

The brunette felt her heart clench. She lowered her head.

Barbara stopped her wheelchair and turned to look at her, she was still standing on the Delphi platform.


Helena followed her in silence. They went toward the older woman's bedroom. The redhead waited for her at the doorframe and waved toward the bed, indicating that Helena should sit there. She closed the door behind her when they were both inside.

Helena sat on the bed and crossed her fingers between her thighs. She was going to speak, but Barbara lifted her hand again, silencing her. She closed her distance between them, their knees almost touching. She closed her eyes a few seconds before fixing her green eyes on Helena's blue ones.

"Never, never do that again," she said. "Why do you think I kissed you?"

"Look, I understand if you and Dick…"

"Helena, please, shut up!" Barbara almost shouted, surprising the brunette. "Do you think I kissed you on a whim? Or just to comfort you? What kind of person do you think am I?"

Helena felt like a small bug a second before being stepped upon. Tender hands covered hers. She blinked, staring at her mentor.

"Why did you kiss me?" Barbara asked softly, closing the distance between them.

Helena caught her upper lip against her lower teeth, fighting the deep emotions that constricted her chest and throat. "Because I love you…" she whispered.

The redhead smiled and put her palm against her cheek, her thumb caressing her lips "Did you ever think that I kissed you because I love you too?"

The brunette felt her heart growing inside her chest with joy and hope. A smile slipped on to her face. "Do you?"

"How I could I not?" Barbara's words were pronounced from the bottom of her heart. "You are wonderful." She leaned in slowly and closed her eyes. She kissed her Helena's lips softly. The redhead moved her head back and noticed blue eyes morphing to violet. The younger woman's expression was of full happiness.

"I love you so much. "

"I love you too."

"I have loved you forever," Helena mumbled, moving her fingers to touch the redhead's face lightly. She traced the curve of her jaw, her cheek; she took her time, exploring the other woman's face, enjoying the feeling of her skin under her fingers. So close to Barbara, she could easily smell the older woman's scent. She heard her own heartbeat pick up and felt her blood racing under her skin. She needed her so much, she wanted to get lost in her arms to calm all her fears, ease her pain. She leaned in to taste those red lips again. Barbara returned the caress.

Without thinking, Helena transferred herself to the redhead's chair. She sat on her lap with her legs on each side of the Barbara's thighs.

Barbara was lost in the pleasure of the tender touches of the powerful and incredible woman. She felt the brunette's muscles trembling under her fingers.

The young woman rubbed her body against her sinuously and Barbara felt her mouth go dry, Helena was gorgeous. The brunette's movements were so languid, so sensual; the feeling of those small, but firm, breasts against her own was incredible. Helena's fingers laced with hers. The brunette moved their linked hands close to her lips and kissed her knuckles. Barbara opened her eyes to see feral, golden pupils fixed on her.

Helena guided Barbara's hand over her chest. She moved it to her cleavage and around her breasts in an erotic display. Green eyes followed the movement of the brunette's hand. Helena guided Barbara's hand over her right breast.

At the sensation of that soft flesh under her fingers, Barbara pressed her palm against the brunette and Helena closed her eyes, arching her neck in pleasure.

Helena then moved forward and buried her face in the redhead's neck. All her primal instincts flowed out and her growing need overwhelmed all her senses. Quinn had teased her so much the last few weeks in her dreams, pulling her to the edge of sanity and creating so many confused feelings.

Barbara had said she loved her and Helena wanted to calm all her demons, her fears… her aching need.

"I need you…" was the soft whisper of the brunette.

Barbara felt herself being lifted out of her chair. With a fast movement, Helena moved her toward her bed. Before she could react, the brunette crawled over her and rubbed her face over silk-covered flesh.

Helena felt like she was burning, on fire. She needed to touch, to be touched. Her body was ready to explode, her mouth covered Barbara's breast.

"Sweet -- " Barbara mumbled, feeling the brunette's movements becoming frantic.

Helena's was totally focused on biting and licking the older woman's chest. She wanted her. Her desire clouded her mind and she pulled up Barbara's shirt, roughly. With uncoordinated movements, she tried to unbutton her pants.

"Barbara… I need you." She mumbled between hard gasps.

"Hel… wait." Barbara took a deep breath. She was on fire too, but Helena had been living the worst of experiences the last weeks. She'd felt used, manipulated, confused… raped…. She understood the need, she wanted to forget the pain, the loneliness, the helplessness… she loved her, she knew it, but she also knew that the brunette's state of mind was not the best at the moment. She was tormented, uncertain, afraid.

She tried to stop Helena's hands working on her breast, but the young woman caught her wrist and pulled it against her open pants. "Stop," Barbara said gently.

"Touch me," the brunette whispered, moving forward and biting her shoulder. She thought Barbara may have said something, but she didn't care. All of her focus was on her need to be touched, to feel the redhead inside her. She just wanted to be filled with the woman she loved more than anything else.

Barbara tried to pull her hand back, but the brunette's grip was hard.

"Please…" Helena opened to her and pulled Barbara's fingers between her thighs. "I need you." She began to rock against the older woman's hand.

"Hel…" the redhead tried to pull Helena back to reality, but the young woman was lost in her desire, in her need to escape of her pain and tormentor. .

"Fuck me…" she said, burying her face against Barbara's neck and pressing Barbara's hand against her aching core.

"I can't… You need to stop." Barbara struggled against her young, strong partner; she freed her wrist.

The brunette growled, annoyed, and grabbed her wrist again, holding Barbara's hand over the woman's head, kissing her hard. She brushed her face against hers. She was out of control.

"Fuck me, Barbara. Fuck me, please," she pleaded, rocking her hips frantically over the redhead's lower body.


The brunette growled between sharp gasps, increasing the pace and rhythm of her hips.

"Helena, I don't want to fuck you… I want to love you."

The dark woman stopped her movements and nuzzled against the older woman's neck. "Please Barbara," she mumbled, trembling. Her body was burning with desire, her clit throbbing hard against her underwear, ready to explode. "Help me, I need…"

"I want to love you, Helena… I want to show you how much I love you, but not like this…" the redhead said with tenderness, knowing her young partner was struggling against her libido, her instincts.

Helena pressed her hips once more against Barbara's hand, trying to push her to keep going, but the older woman kept still.

"Helena, I love you," Barbara said, feeling the body of the thin woman trembling over her, "and I want to make to love you, not take you… or fuck you. I want to fill your life in many senses, in many ways, and I want you to love me back…. I want to feel you too." She felt then, Helena releasing her grip on her wrist. The older woman sighed with relief and wrapped her arms around Helena.

Between labored breaths, the dark woman swallowed before asking, "Why not now?" She lifted her head and kissed her jaw gently. "I need you now." She kissed her on the corner of her mouth and then on her nose.

"Helena, please…" Barbara cupped her cheeks with her palms, "You are not yourself... You are confused… you don't know what is real or not, just… just this morning you awoke feeling… used by Quinn again."

"I love you, not her." Blue eyes searched for green.

"I know. But I want to show you how much I love you our first time and I want to feel it too… I want you to feel happy, satisfied, loved. You… you are looking for an escape, for a release, I don't want it to be about that."

Helena sighed. She moved back, reluctantly, and sat on the bed covering her face between her hands. Fuck.

Barbara sat up on the bed and looked at her, concerned.

"I don't understand," the brunette mumbled. "I have dreamed of being with you for so long… and you say you love me too… it's confusing."

"I understand." The red head rested her hand on the younger woman's back.

"No, you don't understand." Helena stood up and buttoned her pants, feeling her skin tender to any touch, the frustration filling her senses. "You don't know…"


The dark woman turned to face her. "You don't know what it's like to wake up every day feeling all your love is for a person that never looks at you, that doesn't know you exist."

"You are not in all your senses, you know that. I want…"

"Yes, you are right," Helena interrupted, making an angry fist. "I'm just Quinn's fucking puppet, a person that you can't trust because I could betray you at any moment. I'm tired of being her puppet, I'm tired of being your puppet too. I'm fucking tired of everything!" she growled.

"I never thought that of you! You know it, you know me!" Barbara said with a loud voice.

"No, I don't know you. You slept with Wade the first time that you kissed him, and you were just attracted to him. You say you love me, we have kissed more than one time! What's the difference now?"

"Please calm down." The redhead lifted her hand, trying to find the words to avoid a confrontation that would hurt them both. Helena was visibly off, not in all her senses. "Don't go, we need to calm down and talk."

"What the fuck do you want?" Helena shouted.

"I want you." Barbara answered with a firm voice. "I want you back. You are in Quinn's hands now!! She is manipulating you and you know it! I want to help you! I want you to be free of her spell! Now what do you want, Helena? I can give you the relief that you need now, do you want to fuck? Okay, let's fuck if that's what you want. But I don't want that for us, I want us to share a moment of love. I want to make love to you, I want you to make love to me! That is what I want!"

They stared at each other in a heavy silence that filled the room. Helena swallowed something invisible stuck in her throat. She felt all her defenses collapse, suddenly. What had she done? What had she tried to do to her? She fought her own confusion and uncertainty. Quinn had pushed her libido to a breaking point. It helped the psycho to keep her on the edge, confused. She had found the way to play and manipulate her feelings, her mind and took her sexual impulses to an uncontrollable frenzy that clouded her mind.

"I'm sorry," she mumbled, squeezing her eyes shut to avoid crying. "I think… I think that this gives me the reason."

"What reason?" Barbara had maneuvered to her wheelchair.

"I can't stay…. Look, " She waved her hand toward her. "Look what I almost did to you. The same thing she did to me…"

"No, Helena, you didn't do anything. Quinn has pushed you too far."

"I must go."

"Please, don't…"

"I'm sorry, Barbara, I can't stay. I love you so much…" The brunette turned and disappeared behind the doors.

Barbara called her and followed, but when she wheeled into the hall, Helena was gone.

"Dammit." She hit her fist against the arm of her chair. She didn't want this, Helena was running away from herself. Her only solution to avoid facing the problem was to leave; she hated herself for not finding a way to soothe the young woman's pain, she needed to bring her back, Quinn was surely looking for her.

She stared at the window, the morning was sunny. She noticed a bird working on her nest. The little bird flew to the grass, picked up some little sticks, and flew back to her nest, preparing it for her eggs. It was marvelous how a small creature could be so intuitive. Nature was incredible.

She sighed and looked at the clock on her office wall. Almost noon. She needed to look for Helena at the Dark Horse bar. She was surely there, as she always was when she felt confused, locked in her small apartment. She turned her attention back to the exams she needed to grade before leaving. Literature was not an easy subject for students. They preferred technology, computers, and couldn't find the pleasure of reading and understanding a good book. It was a shame.

She took out her cell and dialed the same number that she had dialed more than ten times that morning. Again, she got voice mail. She tried the phone at the Dark Horse bar, another number she'd dialed many times that day. Again, no answer. She sighed and put her cell on the desk. She pushed her eyeglasses up with her index and began to check the exams. She hoped she could talk with Helena today, she didn't want her to misunderstand her rejection the night before. Heavens. It was so hard to focus on her work when all she could think about was Helena.

She heard the door opening and snapped her head up. "Helena?"

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, Barbara Gordon, but I'm afraid my little pet is lost."

Barbara opened her mouth in surprise when she saw Harley Quinn stepping inside her office, wearing a long brown raincoat. She instinctively moved her hand to the left bag of her chair where she kept a hidden birdarang, but Quinzel pointed at her with a gun.

"Tsk, tsk, not a good idea." She wiggled her index finger in front of her.

"Yes, I see." the redhead responded.

"Well…" Quinn closed the door behind her, "you insist on pissing me off. I don't understand why, but I really don't think it's a good idea." The blonde locked the door behind her and sat on a chair in front of the redhead. "Everything was going so well, and, suddenly, you stole my pet again."

"Helena is not a pet."

"No?" Quinn said, amused. "She was your pet for years. You played with her, you told her to her sit and she sat, you told her to roll over and she did it. She did everything you wanted, Barbara, because she lovesick over you. And you loved it, don't tell me you didn't know."

"I didn't know, and she was not my pet." The redhead glared at the blonde, considering her options. Her cell was close, but before she could take it, Quinn would shoot her. It was her lunch time and her next class would start one hour later. Dinah was studying in the library. Maybe she could buy some time by talking to her.

"That's interesting." Quinn leaned back on the chair "The all-knowing Oracle never knew the girl she was mentoring was in love with her for years? Or maybe you didn't want to see it?"

"I never realized it, Quinn. I would never play with Helena's feelings; she is very important to me."

"You love her…" she played with the gun between her fingers, "but you don't want to have sex with her, is that not evil?"

Barbara stared at her in silence. How…? -

The blonde laughed, reading Barbara's confusion.

"I know everything about her, Barbara-- what she does, what she thinks, what she wants… I own her. She is mine."

"She is free, you are using her, and I'll save her. I'll stop you."

"How, Barbara Gordon?" Quinzel asked. "How will you manage that, if I kill you now?" She pointed the gun at Barbara's head.

"There are another people, not just me." The former Batgirl said, "Sooner or later you will fall."

"Don't be so sure…" She squeezed the trigger of the gun.

Barbara closed her eyes. She heard the click of the gun, but didn't hear the shot. Quinn laughed and stood up, circling the desk where Barbara was seated.

"Maybe the next time. I love games," she said, standing behind her. She pressed the barrel of the gun to the red head. The blonde leaned in and, taking a few of Barbara's hair in her hand, she breathed deeply. Barbara remained unmoving, she didn't know what the sicko woman was planning. "Mmm…" Quinzel whispered, resting her cheek close to the redhead's ear "You smell good, almost as good as her." She licked the shell of it slowly, "And taste as good as her."

A shiver ran up Barbara's spine. With her free hand, Harley smoothed her hair. "Helena is so hot… so dammed hot. Tell me, why you didn't you want to have sex with her? Maybe because you… can't? Is that it? Your body is too useless to fuck?"

It required Barbara's best effort to not show any emotion. It was what Quinn wanted, to play with her feelings.

"If I touch you there… can you feel anything?"

"What do you want, Quinn?"

"To blow your brains out." She moved back and pressed the barrel of the gun against her head again.

Barbara closed her eyes. Again, it was just the sound of a 'click'.

"How does it feel, Barbara? Knowing you will die and Helena is still under my control. She told me everything about you, about her, I'm inside her mind and soul." She moved around the wheelchair to stand in front of Barbara. "I was thinking of killing her after she broke your neck, did you know it? But… I like her as a lover, I think I'll keep her."

"You have never touched her." Barbara faced her. "You are making her believe it happened to hurt her. It's another one of your sick games. She will never be yours."

"Let me answer you. How do I know you didn't want to fuck her last night? You would enjoy it -- she is wild, she really fucks like an animal. I love to hear her screaming when she comes." Quinn smiled, standing close to the door and pointing at her again with the gun. It was aimed right between her eyes, "Well, your time is up, she failed when I sent her to kill you, but I will not. Well, game over. See you in hell, Barbara Gordon."

The door broke open with a loud noise.

Quinzel's shot impacted the wall. The redhead ducked and rushed to grab her birdarang. The blonde turned, annoyed, who had…?

"It's over, Quinn." Helena growled, her fists balled. She had come to the school to apologize to Barbara. As soon as she walked inside the school, her senses told her something was wrong. As soon as she was close to Barbara's office, her fine hearing had detected Quinn's voice.

"Oh, my little pet, you came back to me." The evil woman grinned.

"I'm not your fucking pet."

"Well dear, actually you are, and you have been, an excellent fuck toy."

The brunette felt her blood boiling in anger. "Damn bitch."

"Come on, Helena. Tell Barbara about us… tell Barbara how you love feeling me inside you."

The dark woman growled, angry.

"Tsk, tsk, easy…" Harley raised her gun, pointing at her. "I would not like to kill you now. I have really enjoyed every moment we shared in bed. I miss feeling your body against mine, asking for more."

"Shut up." The young woman tried to take a step toward her, but Barbara grabbed her arm.

"She is taunting you. Don't listen to her, Helena, she just wants to hurt you."

"Listen to her, Helena. Behave." Quinn grinned , "Be nice to your lover."

"We have never been lovers." Feral eyes shone.

"We were and we are… Why you don't want to tell Barbara the truth? Tell her the truth. Tell her you call me and tell me everything you feel and do."

"The only truth is that you hate her and you are trying to destroy her through me, but you will never do it. "

"We will be together, Helena, sooner or later. You are mine."

The brunette threatened to move, but Quinn pointed at her with her pistol. "This still has still three bullets, one is enough to kill you and I just need one to kill your lovely Barbara."

"Don't be so sure, Quinn." Barbara's voice was clear.

A birdarang hit Quinn's hand and the pistol hit the ground. Helena pounced on her. It had never felt so good to hit someone. Her fist smashed hard against Harley's jaw sending her flying toward the wall. Before she could stand up, Helena grabbed her by the lapels of her raincoat. Harley swirled her eyes; Helena smirked.

"Contact lenses?" Harley asked.

The brunette nodded grinning.

"How annoying."

The first blow to her gut knocked the air out of the blonde; the second smashed the side of her face splitting her lip. Her back crashed against several shelves, breaking them. The brunette moved over her, but this time Quinn kicked her back. She crouched and took a purple ball out of her pocket.

"Don't touch me again or both of you will be die right now!"

Helena took a step toward her. Barbara noticed a button on the ball, Quinn's finger resting over it, ready to push. "No, Helena! It's a bomb!" she shouted.

"Smart Gordon…" The blonde stood up and walked slowly toward the broken door. "I have missed you, Helena. Wanna come with me?"

"Forget it, bitch…" "It's a shame, we are incredible in bed…. You fuck very well."

The brunette squeezed her fists. Her knuckles were white.

"Next time, you will not be so lucky. Next time, Helena won't fail me. Watch your back, don't trust her." The blonde threw the small ball to the floor and ran thought the broken door.

The brunette turned, she lifted Barbara out of her chair with a surprisingly fast movement and pushed her down, praying the metal desk would protect them. The ball exploded.

A hot wind enveloped them. Objects flew everywhere and a wall collapsed. Helena tried to cover the older woman with her body, supporting herself on her knees and elbows, which were on each side of Barbara's head. Pieces of bricks and wood fell over and around them. The brunette felt a hard blow on her back and grunted, but kept herself up to avoid crushing Barbara. A heavy, dark cloud of dust covered them.

A deep silence filled the place.

The brunette coughed, still feeling a heavy weight on her shoulders. She couldn't move much. It seemed a part of the ceiling had collapsed over them. The redhead was unmoving beneath her.

"Barbara?" she asked, unsuccessfully. She was unconscious, maybe she had pushed her hard. She looked around, trying to find an exit, but none were close to them. Well, she's just have to make one. She pushed back harder and felt the heavy weight behind her move. This was not going to be easy. She pushed again and felt the weight move a few more inches. She needed to be careful to avoid making things worse. A part of the wall and ceiling had collapsed, falling over them. The metal desk had helped create a small air pocket. She checked Barbara's legs, she was not trapped. That was good. Luckily, the second floor hadn't collapsed on them, but it was not safe to be there.

The redhead stirred. The brunette didn't know if she should be worried or relieved.


Green eyes opened slowly.

"Hey, baby…" Helena smiled.

"Hel? What are you…?" Barbara narrowed her eyes, trying to understand why Helena was over her. Suddenly, her memory came back and she tried to sit. "Quinn."

"Easy…" the brunette said, holding her back, "This place is not very safe."

The older woman looked around, and it was then that she realized their situation. It didn't look good. "What happened?" "Short version? A bomb."

"We need to move. You are not in a good position. "

"Tell me about it. " Helena grinned. "Though under other circumstances, I would love this position."

Barbara smiled at her and caressed her cheek, "I'm glad you came back."

"Me too… I wanted to apologize about last night."

"Shh… it's okay. Now, we need to focus on getting out." "Good idea. This is a bit heavy and my arms are tired. Can you see what is behind the ceiling on my back? I felt it move, but I'm afraid If I push too hard, this part of the building will collapse." The redhead moved her head to the side and looked around. "I can see the second floor. It looks like just the ceiling fell. Push a bit more to your left side." -

The brunette tensed her muscles and did as requested. The heavy weight moved easily. Nothing seemed to be behind it. "Again." The young woman growled and pushed again. This time the ceiling slipped to the side, opening a space large enough for them to escape. Barbara quickly determined it was not a safe place to stay any longer. Helena felt a great relief on her back; that thing was really heavy. She looked up.

"We need to get out." She said.


"Wanna lift?" Helena asked, smiling at the older woman.

"Please," Barbara responded wrapping her arms around her neck, "but only if you promise not to run away from me again."

"Deal." Helena kissed her quickly on her lips at the moment she wrapped an arm around her back to pull the redhead out.

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