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SPOILER: Set mid second season.

By Celievamp

Chiana had brought Razlak. Two flasks, probably from Rygel's personal stash though she didn't say where it had come from exactly. And they didn't ask. Zhaan did not as a rule consume alcohol so that left Chiana and Aeryn with a flask each. Not a problem.

As had become their custom in what Crichton called their 'divine sisterhood sessions', they made themselves comfortable in Zhaan's quarters. Aeryn found just being in Zhaan's quarters a sensual experience. The walls were richly decorated with hangings, the floor underfoot covered in layers of rugs, cushions and pillows that Zhaan had collected on their travels. Like Zhaan herself, the predominant colours were blue and gold, the air was fragrant with incense.

They had started to have these get-togethers a couple of months earlier when Zhaan was recovering from almost starving to death. Zhaan's realisation of what Aeryn and Chiana were prepared to do to help her made her anxious to show her appreciation. All three women drew strength from each other. Though none would admit it, each envied character traits in the other and sought to emulate them. Chiana envied Zhaan's spirituality, Aeryn's sense of purpose. Aeryn wished she could be as open and easy with people as Chiana was or as open with her own feelings as Zhaan. Zhaan enjoyed Chiana's attitude towards life and new experiences and Aeryn's somewhat unexpected capacity for change and self development.

It wasn't a sex thing, okay, it wasn't just a sex thing. They did enjoy this time to themselves, away from the boys. Their boys. They could talk freely, exchange the latest of John's 'Erpisms' and Rygel's latest crassness, discuss their hopes and fears, admit to feelings.

Aeryn lay with her head on Zhaan's abdomen, enjoying the feeling of Zhaan's fingers trailing through her hair. Chiana was sitting crosslegged at the bottom of the bed, colourfully describing her latest sexual encounter with D'Argo.

'You did it in my lab?' Zhaan raised herself up on one elbow to stare at the young Nebari.

'Sure. On that big bench. It was wild. But we tidied up afterwards and put everything back the way it was. Admit it, Zhaan, if I hadn't told you you would never have known. Admit it!'

'Well, I did think there was a bit of a strange smell...' Zhaan laughed as Chiana ran her small, talented fingers up her bare leg. 'Don't start if you're not prepared to finish, Chi, I warn you.'

'Oh I'll finish you, don't worry.' The look of sheer lust on her face was enough to set both Zhaan and Aeryn laughing. Chiana giggled, her voice husky with Razlak. Her fingers continued their exploration of Zhaan's soft skin, following the patterns of colour higher and higher up her long limbs. Zhaan had stopped playing with Aeryn's hair and her slender fingers were now tracing arcane symbols on Aeryn's breasts and the sensitive skin around her navel.

Aeryn realised that Zhaan's hand had strayed from her hair and was now running slowly down the gap in the front of her leather tunic, her long fingers stroking her breasts. Aeryn could feel her breasts begin to tingle and the heat at her centre suddenly ramped up a couple of hundred degrees. No one had ever made her feel like this just by touching her, not even Crichton. Another hand joined Zhaan's in exploring her body, caressing her inner thigh and up across her abdomen feeling for the fastening on her trousers.

'You're wearing too much, Aeryn,' Chiana's voice husked. Aeryn raised her hips to allow Chiana to slide her trousers down and off.

'So beautiful.' That was Zhaan who had somehow found the opportunity to lose her robe without ever taking her hands from Aeryn's body, or so it seemed. Aeryn arched her back again as Zhaan's soft mouth joined her fingers in the worship of her breasts. She felt Chiana part her legs, raising her knees and then shivered as something cold and wet was poured over her lower body. The sharp scent of raslak reached her and she giggled, a most un-Aeryn sound and then gasped as Zhaan's sharp teeth grazed her nipple.

'You made a mess, Chiana,' Zhaan scolded softly, unable to keep the laughter out of her voice. 'Now you're going to have to clean it up. Isn't she, Aeryn?'

Aeryn just wanted them to get on with it. 'Please, Chiana, Please, Zhaan, Please!' The last entreaty ended on a squeak as Chiana's rough tongue swept across her centre. Aeryn reached up to Zhaan, holding her as they kissed, Zhaan's tongue twined with hers, her taste of flowers and what Aeryn could only define as 'greenness', their gaze locked on one another, sapphire meeting storm, Zhaan's hands still busy about her torso, stroking and lightly pinching her flesh, sending shivers down her spine. Aeryn had one hand resting on the back of Chiana's head, fingers twined in her soft white hair, her other hand splayed out, exploring the clean lines of Zhaan's skull. They broke for air as Aeryn felt the first tremors of her release run through her. Chiana's tongue and teeth gently worried at her clit as she pumped two then three fingers into Aeryn's slit. Chiana lifted her head, as Aeryn bucked, screaming into Zhaan's mouth, Aeryn's juices coating Chiana's lips and chin.

'So sweet, Aeryn. You are so sweet.'

'I want to taste her,' Zhaan mumured, leaning towards Chiana. Blue lips met grey, tongues entwined, exchanging the tastes of Razlak and Aeryn Sun and then each other. Chiana slipped her fingers out from Aeryn's centre and crawled up Aeryn's body.

'Taste, she whispered. 'Taste how sweet you are, how fine.' She let Aeryn take her fingers into her mouth, shuddered at the sensation of Aeryn's tongue swirling over her flesh, shuddered again as she felt Zhaan's soft lips press at the top of her spine, beginning butterfly kisses across her soft skin, down her spine towards the cleft of her buttocks. Aeryn let Chiana's fingers slip from her mouth and nuzzled at Chiana's small full breasts instead. Chiana's musk made her tingle, exciting and invigorating, inspiring her. Between them the two taller women cradled the slender body of the Nebari tasting and touching slowly bringing the young woman to her peak.

Her scream echoed around the chambers and corridor of Moya. The scent of her musk was overpowering exciting her companions enough to bring Aeryn to orgasm for a second time. Zhaan cradled the young Nebari in her arms, Aeryn's temporarily sated body curled into her side. She nuzzled at Chiana's hair, amazed again at the silky fineness of it, the contrast with Aeryn's dark locks and her own hairless state.

'Hey Zhaan,' Chi whispered, 'I never finished what I started, remember?'

'I do seem to remember something like that,' Zhaan smiled. She accepted a kiss from Aeryn then another from Chiana, their hands stroking her body, following the patterns of colour across her skin paying particular attention to those areas that they knew were sensitive. Stimulated, Zhaan began to release pheremones that excited her lovers even further.

And Zhaan began to sing her pleasure, the sweet ethereal sound of her voice filling the ship, letting Moya know that some at least among her crew were blissfully happy. Moya transmitted it to Pilot who listened in unashamedly. He loved the sound of Zhaan's singing knew how much its cadences calmed Moya and by extension, himself.

Zhaan brought her lovers close until their foreheads were touching hers. In the Delvian way she shared her love with them.

Aeryn and Chiana felt it first, a sensation of extreme pleasure washing through them. John Crichton had once described a similar encounter with Zhaan as ten years of the best sex ever all at once.

Her song reached a crescendo as she felt the two women gasp and shudder with pleasure again before they happily curled up together to sleep.

The invisible energy wave travelled through the ship affecting all their fellow travellers in different ways. Rygel stopped snacking for a moment, his brows tingling as he remembered the attentions of one of his favourite wives. D'Argo was sharply reminded of a particularly sweet moment with his lost love Lo'lann. John Crichton was working on his module and paused, caught up in a particularly vivid daydream about the radiant Aeryn Sun.

And now it moved beyond Moya, dissipating as it travelled outward, adding a positive joyous note to the harmony of the universe, the music of the spheres.

The End

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