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By Cirroco DeSade

B’Elanna Torres couldn’t remember ever being this happy before. Nothing had ever made this much sense, even though this shouldn’t make sense at all. She pulled Seven’s face down to her and kissed her with love, devotion and above all passion. The two women were instantly trapped in the overwhelming passion again. B’Elanna sat up from where she had been cradled in Seven’s arms and straddled the blonde, never breaking the delicious kiss. She growled as she felt her center make contact with the blonde’s and felt an answering moan from within the Borg.

She ground herself down, increasing the contact even as she began to caress Seven’s body, exploring that which she hadn’t been allowed yet to feel. She felt the strong arms of the blonde wrap around her and those hands that had driven her over the edge were playing over her back. The memory of what had happened earlier, the powerful taking at the hands of this woman, further inflamed her and she felt her moisture flow out of her over the mound under her. She remembered the taste of Seven’s blood, like some wild aphrodisiac, and how the Borg’s hand implant tasted and smelled exactly like the blood.

Breaking the kiss, she moved down the long leonine neck with nips and bites, pushing the blonde back onto the bench by her shoulders carelessly. Somehow, she knew that Seven would control the fall from sitting to laying, and she wasn’t disappointed as they glided down. Oh, Kahless, how strong this woman was! She caressed that taut stomach that had controlled their descent, digging her fingers into the rock hard muscles. Meanwhile, she had found the cut upon Seven’s right breast with her right mouth, and her warm saliva had melted through the light scabbing so that she could lick fresh blood.

“Oh bangwI,” the blonde moaned through B’Elanna’s minstrations. It felt so right to hear Seven call her ‘my love.’ She didn’t know how, but she knew that Seven truly felt it, understood it, and would always mean it.

She licked and kissed her way down to the nipple that was just below her mouth, taking the large breast into her hand. She teased it to a rock hard point with the tip of her tongue then blew cool air across it, listening to the whimper that came from above happily. Then she slowly surrounded the pebble with her warm mouth and sucked it firmly into her mouth. Alternating between sucking hard and biting gently the blonde began to writhe underneath her. At the same time, she began to manipulate the other breast with her free hand. Finally, she started razing the nipple with the points of her sharp teeth, occasionally sucking it back in hard and biting the whole areola before razing it again.

*”Warning: Holodeck time will expire in one minute,’* the hollow voice of the computer intoned, and Seven groaned. However, B’Elanna was oblivious to it. She wouldn’t have cared even if she had heard it.

“B’Elanna?” Seven asked timidly, then moaned again. B’Elanna’s talented mouth was exquisite torture, better than Seven had ever imagined. The hybrid didn’t appear to be about to stop so Seven tried to take care of the situation as best as her befuddled mind would allow her.

“Computer, transport armor and weapons to B’Elanna Torres living room!” The statement ended on a very hitch pitch yelp as B’Elanna had bitten into her nipple again and she couldn’t control her vocal chords. She panted and swallowed hard against a rapidly drying mouth. “Computer, transpooooooooh B’Elanna!” she cried as the engineer took the other nipple into her mouth and began the sweet torture anew.

*”Unrecognized Command,”* the computer complained.

“Computer site to site transport for two to B’Elanna Torres bed!” Seven tried again very quickly, happy that she got it all out.

*”That action requires a level 4 authorization,”* the computer said. Seven nearly cried in frustration. How was she supposed to think while B’Elanna was doing this?

“Authorization Seven gamma gamma delta! Mark!” Seven screamed out as the lithe little hybrid raked her fingernails down her sides, still biting and chewing on her nipples mercilessly. Finally, she felt the disintegration and reintegration of transport and her back was now upon a much softer surface. She raised her head, then looked down at her beloved, and noticed that B’Elanna didn’t even seem cognizant of the move.

B’Elanna was vaguely aware that the surface that they were laying upon was much softer suddenly, but it really didn’t factor into what she wanted. The smell of the blonde’s arousal was becoming strong and her moans were driving B’Elanna crazy. She left the now achy nipples behind with a delicate kiss to each and started kissing down the flat plane of Seven’s stomach. She noticed a starburst implant off to the right side and decided to investigate it. Rasping over it with the flat of her tongue, she wasn’t prepared when the blonde arched up wildly like a bucking bronco and practically screamed in delight.

“Are you ok?” B’Elanna asked with a feral grin. She could tell from the blonde’s reaction that it wasn’t painful; pleasurable, in fact if she was reading the signs correctly.

“M-my implants are very sensitive,” Seven stuttered. “T-that one controls my gastronomic functions and provides extra strength to my abdominal muscles,” she moaned as B’Elanna played with it with a fingertip.

“Oh,” B’Elanna said nonchalantly. She crawled back up the taller woman’s body. “So for future reference … what does this one do?” she asked as she covered another starburst implant with her mouth. This one was situated above Seven’s left breast, just below the collarbone.

Immediately Seven flung her left hand away from the engineer and into the bed. As she howled in delight the left hand implant shredded the bedding and mattress below it. When B’Elanna finally backed off and Seven could shake off a little of her excitement, she opened her eyes with a stunned look on her face and looked at the engineer.

“It … it … it c-controls my heart rate and adrenal functions … as well as being one of three backup controls for my left arm and hand,” she finally answered.

B’Elanna smiled and slithered up the body seductively, to descend upon those pouty lips for another passionate kiss. “Good to know,” she said, hovering over the lips. She moved to Seven’s right cheek and kissed the implant there gently. “And this?”

“C-Cortical implant,” Seven moaned and promptly her head fell to the left fully. Yet, there was a delighted smile on her face, so B’Elanna knew she wasn’t pushing too hard.

B’Elanna stared down at the beautiful face. She had never before seen Seven with such a relaxed smile, and she thought it made the former drone even more stunning. She also became belated aware that she was truly in her own bed and she kissed the cheek below her again. It was yet another little proof that Seven would always take care of her. This only made her more determined to take care of the Nordic beauty in return.

The hybrid began by repositioning herself, moving Seven’s legs apart gently with her own, and kneeling in between them. With her hands and mouth, she caressed down the stunning body below her lovingly. She made sure she didn’t miss an inch of skin with her hands, moving over face, and arms and breasts with the same intense joy. When she reached the juncture of Seven’s legs she scooted further back on the bed, and caressed and kissed the right leg all the way down to a finely shaped foot, kissing each toe lovingly. Then she moved over to the other foot and started kissing and massaging her way up again. She found another implant on the inside of the left thigh and wondered if she should dare to love it as she had the others. The engineer threaded her arms below and around the long legs to prepare herself, and slowly covered the implant with her mouth. The response was immediate and very gratifying. The legs flexed into stone like muscle, and interestingly enough B’Elanna saw a flood of moisture leave the swollen blonde mons.

“B’Elannnnnaaaaaa!” Seven screamed and started panting.

B’Elanna dove face first into that moisture, unable to resist the lure any longer and the Borg continued to moan and repeat her name in a strained voice. Kahless this taste was the best, B’Elanna thought. It was unlike any she had ever experienced; light and salty-sweet, and thick in her mouth. She lapped inside labia, cleaning them with her tongue, then taking each lip into her mouth and sucking them clean as well. After long minutes in that delicious task, she finally circled the hard little center of nerves with the tip of her tongue many times.

The blonde was becoming incoherent in her writhing and moans, and had trouble controlling her breathing. She left her left hand dug into the mattress for fear of losing control again, but rested her right hand on the brown locks of hair below. Occasionally she would caress the forehead ridges, but mostly she knew not where her hand led itself. She had long ago stopped trying to control the level of her volume; it was a futile effort in light of B’Elanna’s powerful lovemaking. When she felt her clit surrounded by the engineer’s lips and sucked into a hot mouth, she lost the battle all over again and let out a high pitched wail of pleasure.

B’Elanna growled in satisfaction over the juicy little nub as she watched the blonde writhe and scream. Her growl set off tremors in the Borg so she growled some more, lower and purposefully while laying the flat of her tongue over the hard clit. She felt her chin bathed in more moisture and she moaned in delight. She brought Seven’s legs apart, pushing them up into her body and rubbed her face liberally into the wetness, diving her tongue as far as possible into Seven’s hole, the covering the clit again and flicking it quickly and roughly.

The blonde’s hips started bucking and B’Elanna could tell she was on the edge. She inserted the tips of two fingers just at the edge of Seven’s hole, and rotated them in and out only to the first knuckle while covering the clit with the rapid beat of her tongue.

“Yes! Oh B’Elanna please! chotlhap!! jIH ‘oH! I am yours!” Seven wailed and begged.

B’Elanna obliged by thrusting her fingers quickly in, and through an unexpected barrier. It was exactly what the blonde needed and she arched off the bed screaming a soprano note that impressed B’Elanna to no end. She couldn’t have predicted her own orgasm that overtook her as she felt the muscles clamp down on her fingertips, the outrageous amount of cum filling her hand and flowing over her wrist, and she watched the ecstasy overcome Seven, but she rode through the wave happily.

Afterwards she crawled up and kissed the blonde on the forehead, pulling her into her arms and wrapping them in the sheets. Seven was mostly incoherent and completely limp. Just before Seven fell asleep in her arms she heard the blonde whisper, “I love you.”

Two days later they sat next to each other in another boring senior staff meeting listening to Neelix drone on about food and recipes. B’Elanna didn’t really care. She had an extremely giddy smile on her face. Across from her, Tom Paris thought that meant she had finally planned his death and was trying to figure out how to protect himself. To her right, Seven was doing her best to remain impassive. However, B’Elanna was torturing her under the table, rubbing circles around the implant on her left thigh with strong fingertips. Seven was certain that her musk was going to be quite noticeable soon and was planning a suitable revenge for the hybrid for when the meeting was over and they could retire to B’Elanna’s quarters.

B’Elanna on the other hand had bigger plans. She had woken up with Seven in her arms yesterday, and nothing had ever felt better. After they showered together, the Borg made her breakfast consisting of banana pancakes and raktajino. They had lingered over a long kiss goodbye, then when B’Elanna made it to her office she found a thorn-less blood red rose waiting on her desk. When she returned to her quarters that evening she found a blood red box on her coffee table. Upon opening it, she found a perfect set of armor. She had called the blonde, and they went to the messhall and ate together talking about everything and nothing. Once back in her quarters though, they made love for hours with a passion B’Elanna could not remember ever experiencing with anyone else. The only thing that had been bad had been Seven’s need to leave and regenerate. B’Elanna couldn’t sleep, and once even wandered down to cargo bay 2 and just stared at the blonde. Of course, this led to her thinking how anyone could do the same, so she spent the rest of the night planning on how she could change that.

Then this morning when she yawned and stumbled her way into her office at the beginning of her duty shift, she found another blood-red box waiting for her on her desk. This on contained a baldric, a warrior’s sash with her house’s symbols adorning it. She actually had to fight a tear because she couldn’t believe how much the blonde knew about her, and how far she was going to woo her. She sailed through the rest of the day with a broad smile, and laughed at how it unnerved most of her staff.

The meeting was finally breaking up, so she made her way over to the captain. “Captain, can I discuss a few things with you?” she asked. She noticed the blonde scowled a little at the doorway, so she simply winked at her. This caused Seven to blush and retreat out the door.

“Sure B’Elanna,” Janeway answered. “Let’s head to my ready room.”

They arrived and B’Elanna handed Janeway a PADD with her designs on a miniature regeneration unit. The captain studied it for a moment and then strode over to her replicator while talking. “These look really good. Actually, I’ve been thinking about giving Seven her own quarters, but couldn’t figure out how she would handle regeneration. Good job B’Elanna,” she said with a smile. Her coffee appeared and she started walking back to her desk. “Now all I have to do is figure out which quarters to put her in.”

“Actually that’s the other thing I wanted to discuss with you. Since you’re as close to a mother as Seven has, I was hoping you could complete bre’Nan for me,” B’Elanna said firmly and Janeway stopped and looked at her.

“Bre’Nan? My Klingon is rusty B’Elanna. What is that?” the redhead asked.

“You have to approve of me as a mate before I can take the oath with Seven,” B’Elanna answered. Then she watched her commander take an impressive dive in a faint. Janeway’s head collided with the edge of her desk with a resounding thud and her coffee cup shattered, coffee splashing all over the deck and the redhead alike. B’Elanna winced. “Ooh … That’s gonna smart.” She tapped her com badge, “Doctor, The Captain needs you in her ready room immediately.”

“On my way,” he replied and almost simultaneously appeared, beaming himself in. “Good lord! What happened,” he asked as he ran over to their fallen leader.

“She fainted,” B’Elanna answered. “Just wake her up, please.”

He ran a dermal regenerator over the large goose-egg bump on the captain’s head, and then pressed a hypospray to her neck. With a hiss, the medicine kicked in and the captain immediately blinked, took in her surroundings and centered her gaze on the engineer.

“Before you ever tell me something like that again, please make sure I am seated,” she said wryly. She gathered herself off the floor and stood in front of the hybrid. With a mock glare, she raked the Klingon up and down measuringly. Then she smiled fully, and pulled the engineer into a hug. “Yes! I approve. But you will answer to me if you ever hurt her,” she warned with a smile.

The Doctor snorted. “Would somebody mind telling me what’s going on, and what news was so shocking that our leader took a nose dive into her coffee cup? I’m still in the room you know!” He whined.

Janeway just beamed at him. “B’Elanna is going to ask Seven to marry her!”

The Doctor stammered, “Muh muh muh …” then his matrix froze with his face contorted on the letter m. Suddenly his matrix buzzed and blinked twice, then disappeared altogether, the emitter falling to the floor.

“What was that?” Janeway asked confused.

“I think you just saw the first sentient holograph faint,” B’Elanna answered, retrieving the emitter from the floor and handing it to the Captain.

“Oh my,” the Captain said studying the emitter.

Later after Janeway and B’Elanna had squared away the details, and had a good long chat to boot, the hybrid made her way down to the cargo bay. Entering, she found her beauty standing in front of her workstation.

“B’Elanna Torres, you should not have ‘teased’ me in the conference room if you knew you were going to leave me alone for 1.2 hours,” Seven said.

B’Elanna smiled and came over to the blonde. She wrapped her arms around the long neck and pulled Seven down into a kiss. “I’m sorry bangwI. I had to finish some very important business. But if you come back to my quarters, I’ll make it up to you.” B’Elanna favored her with a glowing smile and raised brows.

“I will comply,” Seven answered with a smirk.

Once they arrived, Seven pulled B’Elanna into a fevered kiss just inside the door. She started to unzip the engineers tunic, but the soft hands covered her own and kept her from doing it.

“Wait Annika,” B’Elanna moaned. “I have a couple of gifts for you first.” She led the taller woman over to the couch and sat on her coffee table facing her. She handed Seven a long thin box first, in the same blood-red motif that Seven had been bestowing her with these last two days.

Seven opened her gift with child like glee. Of course, that was probably in part due to the fact that not only was it from B’Elanna, but also she hadn’t gotten that many gifts in her life. Yet, when she pulled out a PADD, she paused. Quickly reading the contents, she smiled widely. “It is a very good design bangwI. Thank you,” Seven said than leaned over and kissed her tenderly.

“I have permission to put a crew on it immediately too,” B’Elanna told her then handed her another box.

Seven beamed again and opened the box. Inside was a platinum ring with a blood ruby that B’Elanna had taken out of her jinaq so that it would be an actual stone from Qo’noS. Seven looked up from the box with wonder.

“B’Elanna?” she asked with wonder.

B’Elanna smiled and took the ring from the box, slipping it on Seven’s finger. Then she looked into Seven’s eyes seriously. “You can say no if you want. I’ll understand.”

“I would not!” Seven exclaimed indignantly. “I love you,” she said with a smile. She kissed the engineer passionately again, and followed her when the engineer pulled her into a standing position.

“jIH dok!” B’Elanna exclaimed fiercely in a growl.

“maj dok!” Seven answered just as loudly. She leaned down, exposed her cheek to B’Elanna, and cried with joy at the ritual bite that would seal their bond forever. After long moments, the hybrid had licked it clean and pulled back, looking into her eyes.

“SoH ‘oH,” she smiled then exposed her own cheek.

Seven kissed the cheek, then held the head gently in her hands while biting. She sipped at the blood and licked the wound clean. Finishing with a long kiss, she embraced her new wife, the love of her life, close to her body.

“jIH ‘oH. SoH ‘oH.” She said and felt a tear of joy escape, in this, the single most happy moment of her entire life.


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