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Split Seconds
By The Other Liz

Part Sixteen

"Well?" B'Elanna asked.

"Well what?" Seven raised an eyebrow.

"Do you think they've made any progress?"

"I am unsure." Seven sighed and glanced at the PADDs scattered on the table. "It appears they were doing research on something."

"I wonder what it was" B'Elanna reached over and tapped one of the PADDs.

Two three dimensional double helixes appeared spinning over the PADD.


"Both of them are Alexa's DNA." Seven said. "Why would she be studying her own genetic makeup and why are there two?"

"You don't think she doubts…" B'Elanna felt a tug at her heart.

"No. It is not that at all." Seven said, lacing her fingers through B'Elanna's. "I don't know though."

B'Elanna leaned against Seven as the two strands continued rotating, each parent trying to figure out what their wa'Hom was up to. After a moment Seven reached out and deactivated the PADD.

"Why'd you do that?" B'Elanna asked.

"Alexa is an honest child. If she can not figure out what she's working on she will come to one of us with the question." Seven smiled. "Besides, I am not worried. If it was serious she would've come to us, first. I am unsure whether or not Naomi would've said anything."

"Soch, you know that if it was serious enough Naomi would have said something; if not what was wrong, then at least something to guide us to the problem." B'Elanna said reassuringly.

"You are correct." Seven smiled.

B'Elanna arched an eyebrow leering at Seven.

"So…we've got the rest of the day off."


B'Elanna reached up and pulled Seven's mouth to hers, each kiss making their passion mount. It wasn't long before Seven had scooped B'Elanna up and started for their bedroom. On entering the bedroom, Seven laid B'Elanna down on their bed and began crawling up her lover's body like a tiger stalking its prey.

"SoH rojwIj 'Iw jach be'nal" Seven growled softly.

B'Elanna's flesh erupted into goosebumps all over. Kah'less how she loved it when Seven seduced her in Klingon.

"Mmmm." B'Elanna shut her eyes and let her body arch into Seven's. She could feel Seven's warm lips massage a loving trail up her neck and to her ear where Seven then began sucking on her earlobe. B'Elanna let her hands trail around to Seven's back to pull her wife in closer.

"Off." Seven ordered, raising a meaningful eyebrow towards her wife's clothing.

"Off?" B'Elanna laughed. "You sure?"

Seven simply raised one Borg enhanced hand and shredded the clothing that was between her body and B'Elanna's.

"Well... I'll take that as a yes." B'Elanna breathed. She shivered as Seven began to leave a steaming trail of kisses and bites down her body. Seven glance down at B'Elanna and felt the surge of warmth settle even further down in her stomach. She then lowered her mouth to gently caress B'Elanna's caramel colored nipple.

"Ah Kah'less, Soch." B'Elanna's body arched even further into Seven.

"Indeed." Seven smiled and gently scraped her fingernails down B'Elanna's body.

Seven resumed her route of kissing and biting until she reached the apex of B'Elanna's southern regions. Breathing deeply the scent of B'Elanna's desire, she could feel her own body start to cry out for B'Elanna's touch. As if reading Seven's mind and body the fiery engineer flipped Seven over and straddled her Seven wasn't the only one who could shred clothing. B'Elanna reduced the black and blue science uniform to useless shreds within moments and began to plunder Seven's neck and chest with kisses.

"Oh holy fuck." Seven muttered when B'Elanna latched onto Seven's nipple.

B'Elanna smiled, knoing she was the only soul to ever hear such language come from Seven and it only happened in moments like this. It meant B'Elanna was definitely doing all the right things.

"B..B..Bang'wi," Seven whimpered. "Please."

"Please what?" B'Elanna teased Seven by gently tracing the opening of her slickness with one gentle finger, softly massaging Seven's nipple with the other.

"Please, please go inside me," Seven was nearly begging. "L..Lana…"

B'Elanna hated to make her beg, but it was just so damn hot. Seven knew exactly how to get her blood going. B'Elanna slowly slid one graceful finger into Seven's hot, slick hole. Slowly at first, speeding up with each added finger and by the time she got to her third finger Seven was damn near riding her hand.

"Oh, Lana…" Seven mumbled. "Right there, baby."

Seven reached for B'Elanna and slowly but surely her fingers found B'Elanna's wetness. Smiling to herself, Sevn plunged two fingers into her waiting wife and began to keep an equal pace with B'Elanna's. Adding a third finger to B'Elanna, Seven maneuvered around to where B'Elanna was now underneath her again. The two lovers kept a rapid pace with each other until they found each other's eyes again. Brown on blue, widened into a silent plea of release, Seven blinked first.

"B'Elaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnaaaa!" she cried, burying her face into her lover's neck to try and muffle part of the sound.

"Sev…" B'Elanna began and then gave a final shudder, "eenn! Oh..."

The two fell silent for a moment, just holding each other and listening to the other's heartbeats. They matched rhythm for rhythm. B'Elanna could not find the words to express how she felt.

"Computer, seal main bedroom door authorization Torres Alpha One Delta." B'Elanna said after a moment.

*Door sealed*

Seven smiled into B'Elanna's shoulder and pulled hr closer.

"NOW she seals the door..." Seven whispered.

"Please state the nature of your…" the Doctor stopped his usual spiel as soon as he realized who had walked into his Sickbay. "Oh, Alexa. A month late. Typical considering your genetic background."

Alexa made a face and turned for the door only to be caught by Naomi.

"Oh no you don't." Naomi said, hauling Alexa over to a biobed. She then focused her attention on the Doc. "She was supposed to be here a month ago to get her nanoprobes checked out and probably the usual check up as well."

"Yes, her parents sent me a PADD on what was supposed to be checked out," the Doc retrieved the PADD and then returned. "Ah yes, your complexion changed."

"I can almost explain." Alexa piped up. "I created a tanning bed in the Holodeck, hence the tan. I went back after two or three weeks when it started to fade, the next time I wentI waited a month before it started to fade. Then it was another month and here I am."

"You didn't tell him…" Naomi prodded.

"Ah jeez…" Alexa muttered. "When a person gets in a tanning bed, they usually use a lotion that intensifies and also evenly spreads out the UV rays."

"So let me get this straight. You willingly exposed yourself to UV radiation for extended periods of time and also used a lotion that magnified and spread the radiation out."

"Well when you put it that way of course it sounds stupid." Alexa scowled. "But when I was on Earth, everybody did it. It was common."

The Doctor sighed and approached her with his scanner. "This won't hurt, just going to scan you and find out what your nanoprobes are doing."

"I get it…" Alexa said. "Look, I'm sorry I freaked out last time."

"No worries," The Doctor said. "And for the good news, the reason your `tan' stopped fading is because yor nanoprobes finally finished their job restoring your natural state."

"My what, now?" Alexa asked, a little confused.

"Your natural state," the Doctor faked a smile, "you know, ridges, organs, color…?"

"Oh!" Alexa grinned. "So there's nothing wrong with me?"

"Not a thing." The Doctor said. "As for your nanoprobes, they are still active and both Seven and Lieutenant Torres have stated that whether they remain active or dormant is your decision."

"Really?" Alexa asked. "Well, that's something I'll have to think about."

"Very well, just let me know." The Doctor said. "We're through here if there's nothing else that you need."

"Thanks Doc." Alexa said hopping off the biobed. "See I told you," she said to Naomi.

Naomi just smiled and shook her head. "Thank you, Doctor."

The two girls made their way out of the Sickbay and into the corridor.

"See, I told you it wouldn't beso bad." Naomi said.

"Yeah, yeah…" Alexa said, then smiled. "At least he didn't irritate me."

"That's true, I think we could all be a little thankful for that." Naomi laughed.

"So…yeah…" Alexa fumbled for something good to say. "You wanna catch another movie tonight or something?"

Naomi grinned. "Yeah, that sounds great!" she said. "But look here, no freaky movies tonight."

"Awww…" Alexa moaned. "All right, but nothing cheesy."

"It's a deal."

After entering the turbolift and ordering it to Deck 9, the girls arrived outside Alexa's quarters.

"So…do you wanna stay for dinner?" Alexa asked.

"I would, but my Mom…ya know?"

"I know," Alexa smiled, "I'll go help So'S in Engineering, eat, shower and then come get you, okay?"

"Sounds good, but I'll have to come get you. " Naomi said trying to sound casual.

"Oh yeah… damn. Oh well." Alexa said."Works for me."

"I'll, uh…see ya later." Naomi stuttered.

Naomi turned and began to walk away when Alexa caught her by the arm in a rush of courage. She turned Naomi around and gave her a hug topped off with a kiss on the cheek. Immediately both girls flushed bright pink.

Alexa was the first to find her voice again. "I'm sorry, I just…" Alexa blushed even darker. "Ya know? Thanks for going with me."

Naomi smiled and put a hand to her cheek. "N..No problem." Then turned and nearly ran off down the corridor.

Alexa slapped herself on the head and went inside her family's quarters. She began making a steady route back and forth on the carpet of the family area.

'Are you kidding me, I know I didn't just kiss her. Okay, at least it was only on the cheek.' She stopped and arched an eyebrow. 'Why is their door shut? They never shut their door unless... AHHHHH! Bad image! Bad image! Okay, guess she doen't need my help in Engineering today.'

Alexa would have absolutely fled her quarters, but being under lock and key she simply began her route back and forth again and thought some more. A few moments later her head popped up and she snapped her fingers. It would mean violating the orders to have someone with her at all times but this was serious.

`Besides...it's only a 30 second walk, no one will ever know, and I'll be with Icheb directly after, not like I could bother the parental units at the moment anyway...' she thought.

"Alexa to Icheb, are you busy?"

*No, I am never too busy for family *

"Great I need some advice, where are you?"

*I am in my quarters*

"On my way." Alexa said and closed the link.

She replicated a Fruity Pebbles cereal bar, left a message on a PADD for her parents and quickly made her way to Icheb's quarters. On entering the quarters that her brothers shared she ouldn't help but emulate her Mama in raising an eyebrow.

'Things might have been different if boys on Earth would have been this clean.' she thought. 'Actually... probably not.'

Alexa knew her brother had called for her to enter otherwise the doors would not have opened but she couldn't see him anywhere.

"Icheb?" she asked. "Helllllooo?"

"Alexa." Icheb said coming around a corner. "It is good to see you, would you like a drink?"

"Just water is good." Alexa walked further into the quarters and arranged herself on a large, cushy chair.

Icheb came over with two glasses, one with water and the other had a fizzy pale green liquid in it. Handing the water to her he noticed her confused look focused on his glass. He smirked.

"It is only a concoction that I learned from my studies of ancient Earth." Icheb reassured Alexa.

"What's your definition of ancient?" Alexa asked.

Icheb blushed slghtly.

"Okay, it is not actually "ancient" earth, but closer to the time in which you were there." Icheb said. "It is ancient to me."

Alexa laughed out loud at this.

"Well I suppose it should be ancient to me as well then." She smiled again. "Well... what is it?"

"Ice Cool Green Apple Kool-Aid with soda water." Icheb smiled again. "Though I believe that many young adults would commonly add an alcoholic liquid to it, as well."

"You mean you just made a virgin Happy Fat Man?"

"That is the common naming of the beverage." Icheb shifted uneasily. "What is the problem in which I might be able to assist you?"

"Naomi." Alexa stated bluntly and then continued on, seeing the raised eyebrow on her brother's face. "I am unsure on how to proceed with... our relationship."

"Ah." Icheb said.

"Ah?!" Alexa asked. "I come here ready to spill my soul and that's all you have to say to me?!"

"No, I suggest you follow your heart and not your mind." Icheb began. "You can ask So'S, if you follow your mind the person you love will not wait forever."

"So'S?" Alexa chewed her lip. "You mean with Mama?"

"Yes." Icheb smiled. "Before they got together, they were constantly fighting. Over everything at that."

"So you're telling me that I should just be upfront with her?"

"Honesty is the best policy." Icheb stated taking a long drink out of his glass.

"Oh man, don't tell me that people still say that."

"If it were untrue it would not still be around."

"Okay. So I have "date" tonight." Alexa said, making quotation marks with her fingers. "Any suggestions besides the ones you've already made?"

"No. Well... you should listen to her every word." Icheb said. "Not just the words but possible meanings."


"Pay attention to her voice levels, her respirations and heart ate, her pupils will dilate when you do things correctly."

"How do you know all this."

Icheb blushed once again slightly. "I just do." Icheb said. "Just trust me. As your eldest brother I would never lead you down a wrong path intentionally."

Alexa drained the rest of her water and stood. "Okay. I think I can do this."

Icheb stood and joined his sister who had walked part way across the room.

"You will be fine. Just remember what I said." Icheb took his sister's glass and sat both glasses on the table.

"Thank you for the advice." Alexa smiled. "Guess I should go get ready."

"It was no problem." Icheb said, opening his arms.

Alexa grinned and wrapped her arms around her brother. It was a good feeling, a familiar feeling, one that she would never forget. Letting go she headed for the door.

"Wish me luck?"

Icheb smiled and winked. "Luck." he said simply.

With that Alexa left and swiftly began her movements back to her quarters so she could change once again before Naomi came to get her.

Part 17

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