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Split Seconds
By The Other Liz

Part Seventeen

Seven arched her eyebrow.

"What?" B'Elanna asked, lazily drawing circles on Seven's bare thigh.

"I believe Alexa entered the quarters for 6.3 minutes, replicated something and then left again."

B'Elanna sat up some to see Seven better.

"How'd you know it was Alexa?"

"Mezoti is in Astrometrics and the boys would have called first."

"Wait, she's not supposed to be alone."

*Icheb to Mom. *

B'Elanna smiled slightly, it didn't matter how long she'd heard it or how many times she heard one of their Sochlings contact Seven in that way, it still warmed her soul and made her smile. Glancing at Seven she noticed a small smile playing on the blonde's lips.

"Yes, Icheb?"

*I thought you should know that Alexa is on her way to my quarters; I believe she is unsupervised but I am montoring her via the computer.* Icheb paused. *She contacted me shortly before she left. *

Seven grinned at B'Elanna in an "I told you so" fashion.

"Thank you, Icheb, just let us know when she leaves your quarters again."

*Very well, * he said. * Icheb out. *

"Couldn't imagine where he learned to close a link before his 'superior'..." B'Elanna smiled again.

"Nor could I." Seven replied pulling B'Elanna closer and snuggling back down into the sheets.

Alexa was not the only one on board who'd been pacing.

"Naomi, you are going to make a hole in the deck plating which my So'S will have to repair if you do not cease your pacing." Mezoti said.

"I have to pick her up tonight, I don't know what to wear..." Naomi was half talking to herself, half talking to whoever was close enough to listen. She stopped for a moment. "She kissed me."

Mezoti stopped short, her hand pausing over hr console.

"Naomi, forgive me, my auditory organs are malfunctioning." Mezoti said, flushing. "I thought you said my little sister kissed you."

"No," Naomi sighed, "you heard correctly."

Mezoti spun around on one foot, her mouth agape in a very un-Borg like fashion.

"She... on... where?" Mezoti stuttered, quite possibly for the first time in her life.

Naomi smiled at this sight.

"Calm down, Zot, it was only on the cheek."

"If I have to calm down, then you have to calm down since it was 'only on the cheek.'" Mezoti retorted quickly regaining her composure. "She is actually quite easy to please."

"I know she is." Naomi said as she sat on the steps leading to the giant screen.

"That's not what worries me."

"You are still worried about the arguments that occur when you work together?"

Naomi put her head on her crossed arms with an audible thump. "Yes." a feeble reply wafted up from te girl.

"You have observed my parents." Mezoti said, walking over to sit next to her friend.

"Why are you worried?"

"I don't know." Naomi said. "I think I'm just nervous in general."

"It is to be expected."

"Okay..." Naomi took a deep breath and stood. "I can do this."

"Just be yourself." Mezoti said, standing as well. "You can not go wrong there."

"Thanks, Zot." Naomi said engulfing her friend in a hug. "Don't know what I'd do with out you."

"You would never do anything." Mezoti said, a smirk crossing her features.

Naomi stuck her tongue out at Mezoti and left Astrometrics.

'Okay, you can do this. ' Naomi thought to herself. ' What the hell am I going to wear? Before, it didn't really matter. That was before she up and kissed me. Get a grip, Wildman... it was only on the cheek. '

Captain Janeway was getting the beginnings of a very large headache... again. While se tended to favor both B'Elanna and Seven as the daughters she never had, she knew that she had to follow Starfleet to the letter on this. Luckily, following Starfleet was leaning toward favoring B'Elanna and Seven as well. What was causing the headache was a helmsman that never ceased to shut up or go away.

"Tom, things are not looking up for you right now." Janeway said tensely. "All the evidence is pointing in the opposite direction of everything you're telling me."

"Captain, I've got no reason to lie to you." Tom said, trying to look charming. "I didn't have anything to do with the junior Borg." "Tom!" Janeway snapped, to the edge of having enough. "You will care to remember to whom you're speaking and to whom you are referring."

"Forgive me, Captain," Tom said, a sour look forming on his face. "I know you favor all of them, but you have to put that to the side and see what's really going on here! That... that.... whatever tied to kill me on the Holodeck!"

A seriously pissed-off Janeway took the place of the barely-holding- her-calm Janeway.

"Tom, I really don't know what's going on with you and frankly, right now I don't care. In all honesty, she didn't only try but she succeeded." Janeway grit her teeth. "The only thing keeping her out of the Brig and in her parents' care is the fact that this incident falls under the jurisdiction of Klingon Law and that there were thirty-five witnesses who say you provoked her into the fight."

Tom's jaw dropped, he knew he had been drunk but surely....

"I never provoked her into the fight." Tom said stubbornly.

"Really!?" Janeway stood and came around her desk. "I've got a crewman who says that not only did you insult her, her family and her entire culture but that you went onto freely admit, even so much as brag, to the fact that you had CAUSED her disappearance." "Captain, that's been dealtwith and is in the past, everyone knows that there was a course error and Seven did something to the warp core to cause that time lapse thing." Tom crossed his arms as if to prove a point.

It took everything Janeway had not to strangle the man... no, BOY in front of her.

"Tom, I've got no other choice but to put you in the Brig." Janeway said, a hint of finality and get the hell out in her voice.

"WHAT!?!" Tom yelled. "This is an..."

"Mr. Paris, you would do yourself a lot of good to not finish that sentence." Janeway went back around her desk. "On the conclusion of Tuvok's investigation you will either be released or sentenced. Should you be found guilty you will lose all rank and titles, you will be confined to the Brig and in the event that we can no longer power the force field in the Brig you will be locked in your quarters with just enough rations to feed you."

"Captain, I can't believe..." Tom began and then stoped. "Captain, may I ask one last thing then?"

'If it'll get you out of my hair!!! ' Janeway thought. "Go ahead."

"Can I be put in the Brig in the morning? I'd like to say good bye to Jennifer and spend my last free night in my own bed at least."

Janeway sighed. As long as Alexa was with her parents in her quarters there wasn't much Tom could do anyway.

"Very well. But I'm warning you Tom, anything goes wrong and I'll kill you myself."

Tom smiled for a moment and then realized the Captain wasn't joking about the last part of her statement.

"Yes, Ma'am." he said, standing at full attention.


After Tom had left, Janeway contacted Tuvok.

*Yes, Captain.*

"Could I see you in my Ready Room for just a moment?"

*On my way.*

A few moments, later Tuvok appeared in the Captain's doorway.

"You called, Captain?"

"Yes, look..." Janeway sighed. "I may have just done something vry stupid but let's at least pretend that I didn't."

"You gave Mr. Paris one last night?"


"I am already tracking him through the computer. If he comes anywhere near Alexandra Torres, her family's quarters, her family's departments or Cadet Wildman's quarters I will be notified and an automatic force field will go up depending on whether or not he is in actual proximity to said individuals."

Janeway smiled. So this was why he was her Senior Security Officer. "Very good. Thank you."

"If that is all?"


'Perhaps nothing will go wrong after all. ' Janeway thought.

Alexa entered her quarters at nearly a full on sprint, stopping only long enough to key in the code and bolt through the doors.

'What to wear...what to wear. ' Alexa's mind was in hyperdrive. "I'll never be ready in time." she said out loud as she whipped around the corner, headed for her room."Wa'Hom." a voice called.

Alexa stopped dead in her tracks.

'Crap.' she thought.

She poked her head back around the corner and managed a huge cheesy smile.


"Out roaming the ship?" Seven asked.

Alexa came back around the corner and walked to wear her Mama was sitting on the couch.

"Sit." Seven said simply and then on seeing the distress in her daughter's eyes continued, "You are not in trouble."

Alexa visibly relaxed.

"I wasn't roaming, I promise." she said. "I had to see Icheb, it was important and well... you guys were... occupied. I didn't want to bother..."

"Alexa..." Seven said, not able to keep her smile hidden any longer. "While it was dangerous for you to go alone, your brother was monitoring your every move with the ship's computer but had it been anything else or anyone else you could have been hurt."

Alexa sought the floor with her eyes.

'I new I should have made him come to me... damnit .'

Seven could see that Alexa felt bad about her decision but it was not Seven's intentions to reprimand her child, simply to make her see the danger. She reached out for Alexa and pulled her closer.

"It is okay but in the future, just... knock." Seven said. "Your So'S and I would rather get up and take you than lose you again. It is no problem."

"Okay." Alexa mumbled, still swearing up and down in her mind that she'd never interrupt that.

Seven placed a gentle kiss on Alexa's temple.

"What is it that you will not be ready in time for?" she asked.

Immediately, Alexa blushed a pale pink.

"Ahhh... me and Naomi are going to catch a movie in the Holodeck. She's gonna come get me in a minute."

Seven could not help the smile on her face.

"I see. What are you going to watch?"

"I'm not sure, I said she could pick as long as it's not cheesy."

Alexa relaxed more into Seven's arms then arched an eyebrow. "Where's So'S?"

It was then Seven's turn to turn a pale pink.

"She is asleep."

"Oh..." and then on realization, "Ahhhhh! Mom!"

Seven's blush turned a shade darker but she could not help the laughter that was bubbling up from inside as Alexa squirmed away.

"It is perfectly natural...." she began.

"No! No! I don't wanna hear! I have to get ready!" Alexa laughed and bolted for her room.

Seven shook her head and got up to check on B'Elanna.

Alexa shut her door and opened her closet doors.

'Now I still don't know what to wear and have even less time. ' she thought. 'Double crap.'

After a few moments she picked out a tight off the shoulder black shirt with some jeans and a pair of skater sneakers that she'd replicated.

'Not just any jeans...' Alexa grinned, turning so she could check out her own backside in the mirror. 'Fuckme jeans.'

Alexa had specifically picked out the shirt because it showed off the tattoo on her shoulder that she'd gotten when she'd turned 16. She still didn't know what it was but it had looked hella cool when she'd doodled it and she thought it was pretty sexy too. She thought that the sneakers made her feet look smaller but she wasn't sure, they were comfortable was all she knew. She went to the bathroom to do her hair and makeup and noticed that Mezoti still wasn't home. It wasn't long into her hair and make-up routine that her sister did come home.

"You are primping." Mezoti said from the doorway.

"She told you?" Alexa asked, looking at her sister from her perch between the sinks.

"Yes." Mezoti said.

Alexa arched an eyebrow and then busied herself with her makeup again.

"Are you mad?" Alexa asked, trying to be casual.

Mezoti came fully in the bathroom to stand next to where Alexa was sittng.

"No. Merely surprised at your... what is on your shoulder?" Mezoti scanned Alexa's tattoo with her ocular implant.

"My tattoo?" Alexa asked. "You know what it is?"

"Of course I know what it is..." Mezoti said quickly. "When did you get it done?"

"Forever ago, when I turned 16." Alexa said, running a hand through her hair and then hopping off the sink. "I doodled it one day and then got it tattooed there for my birthday."

"Have you shown it to our parents?"

"No, for the same reasons that they don't know about this." Alexa said, lifting her shirt slightly to reveal a pierced belly button. "They'd probably kill me even though I wasn't here."

Mezoti found herself at a loss for words for the second time in one day and decided that the actual origins of her sister's tattoo design would best be explained by their parents when they did finally see it.

"And by the way... do you think you could keep them busy untilNaomi gets here? I'd rather them not see my back."

Mezoti found her voice.

"She's already here."

Alexa froze.

"You're kidding."

"No, maybe if you do not let your back turn to Mom and So'S they will not see it."

"I hope not." Alexa said beginning to walk out of the bathroom. "You coming?"

"Yes." Mezoti said and then followed.

Naomi was holding casual conversation with Seven and B'Elanna about upcoming projects in their respective departments when Alexa and Mezoti appeared around the corner.

'Oh holy gods. ' Naomi thought. ' Why does she do this to me? '

Naomi had taken a shine to Alexa's wardrobe selections previously and was in a pair of jeans and a green button down shirt. Even though only four of the eight buttons were buttoned she didn't think she could even match the way Alexa looked tonight.

"Hey Naomi." Alexa said smiling. "You ready?"

"Yeah, if you are." Naomi sad, trying to pry her eyes from Alexa's barely hidden cleavage.

"Okay, let's go." Alexa said starting for the door and desperately trying to keep her left shoulder away from her parents.

"Let me just grab my jacket." Naomi said, grabbing a black leather jacket from the back of her chair.

Seven arched an eyebrow in B'Elanna's direction, which only received a confused shrug from B'Elanna.

"I'll carry it for you." Alexa said, reaching for it.

"O...kay." Naomi said handing it over.

Alexa put the jacket over herself and started for the door again.

"See you guys later." she said and took Naomi's hand.

After the two had finally cleared the quarter's main doors Alexa let out a sigh of relief.

"What the hell was that about?" Naomi asked.

Alexa smiled and moved the jacket off of her shoulders.

"Oh Gods!" Naomi said. "Is that permanent?"

"Yep. I got it when I was 16." Alexa said. "I'd almost forgotten about it until tonight but when I was getting ready, I remembered how awesome it looks with this shirt. I didn't think you'd be here that soon so I figured I'd at least be able to sit in a chair before my parents could see it."

"Ohhh..." Naomi said. "Sorry about that."

"Nahh... It's okay." Alexa squeezed Naomi's hand gently. "As long as they don't see it."

The pair arrived at the Holodeck shortly and went inside their created Heaven program.

"So what movie did you pick?" Alexa asked after arranging herself comfortably on the futon.

"I did some... research on movies from the 21st Century." Naomi said, "It's called DEBS."

"Oh, I remember that one, I never got to see it though..." Alexa smiled. "But I wanted to."

Naomi had the computer replicate the disc, popped it into the DVD player and joined Alexa on the couch. The two were comfortable enough around each other to at least be in proximity to each oter but any closer was asking for nervous jitters and sweating in places one should hope not to sweat during a date. Icheb's words kept ringing in Alexa's ears though.

'Okay, just be honest.' Alexa thought.

An hour later Alexa was still saying the same thing to herself and she'd only gotten as far as Naomi leaning against her side with her arm around her. That didn't even count because it was Naomi who'd moved against her and put Alexa's arm around her. It wasn't until the end of the movie that Alexa had even worked up half the nerve to bring up the subject of "them". She would have said something if Naomi hadn't said something first.

"Ah crap!!" Naomi said and sat up rapidly. "What time is it?"

Alexa arched an eyebrow, strangely and as usual she knew what time it was... exactly.

"23:12 hours." she said cautiously. "Why?"

"I was supposed to be home at 11." Naomi stood up and offered her hand to Alexa "I guess I just didn't realize how long the movie was."

"It's okay, I'll clean everything up later." Alexa said gesturing to the half eaten popcorn. "Let's go, computer...never mind."

Naomi smiled.

"Computer save and end program." Naomi said.

The pair walked out of the Holodeck and headed for the Turbolift.

"So, it was a good movie." Alexa offered.

"Yeah, I love the part where Lucy was so pissed that she couldn't be with Amy that she was gonna blow-up Australia!" Naomi said.

"Or when the DEBS got that tip about their whereabouts and busted in on the two of them!" Alexa giggled.

"Of course, YOU would've liked that part!" Naomi blurted out with a red face.

"What?" Alexa returned, sheepishly.

The two arrived at Alexa's quarters all too soon; standing just outside the door they began their goodbyes.

"Hey, I had a great time." Alexa said reaching up to brush away a stray strand of hair from Nami's forehead.

"Me too, we should do this again sometime." Naomi giggled. "Like we do every other weekend."

"I'm picking next time, I'll scare the brains out of you, too." Alexa giggled.

"I guess I did get off lucky this time." Naomi smiled. "But if you're going to try to scare me, don't be surprised if I land in your arms or lap."

Alexa blushed slightly remembering again Icheb's words.

"Hey," she said softly. "That's okay with me."

It was then Naomi's turn to blush. In that moment it seemed that everything paused, the only thing Alexa could hear was her own heartbeats. Her brain was going nuts with all the information that was pouring into it; she'd never really paid attention to all the things she seemed to sense. Naomi's heart rate had nearly doubled and she was definitely breathing harder.

'Her pupils will dilate' Icheb said in her head. Alexa immediately pulled her gaze upwards and into Naomi'seyes. 'Holy flying saucers Batman!' Alexa thought. 'Her eyes are nearly black! Guess I am doing things right.' It then dawned on Alexa that her head was slowly getting closer to Naomi's.

'Oh Gods, Oh Gods, she is totally going to kiss me.' Naomi thought. 'Ah jeez! I hope my breath is okay!'

Then, all of a sudden a terrible noise filled their world.

*Ensign Wildman to Cadet Wildman *

The two girls were only a hair's breadth apart when Sam Wildman's voice came over Naomi's CommBadge. Her voice that brought them nearly a foot apart both, blushing furiously.

"Yeah Mom, I know..." Naomi stuttered out. "I... the movie was a little longer than we thought, I just lost track of the time, I'm on my way now."

*Just checking. Good Night Alexa. * There was a hint of amusement in Sam's voice.

"Hi, Ensign Wildman, sorry I held her up, she probably would've been home in time if she hadn't had to walk me back to my quartrs. I'm sorry." Alexa blushed even darker.

*It's okay, just send her my way. Wildman out.*

"Kah'less' crap..." Alexa breathed. "You should go."

Naomi laughed. "I know, I'll see ya tomorrow."

Alexa waved her `friend' off and went inside her quarters, shaking her head. She didn't even make it to her room; collapsing on the couch she fell soundly asleep.

'Okay... I'm seeing things .' B'Elanna thought to herself. 'No way does my youngest child have a tattoo on her back.'

B'Elanna had gotten out of bed to get a drink of water when she'd found Alexa passed out on the couch. She had grabbed a blanket to cover the girl when she had first caught sight of the edge of the tattoo. She gently brushed Alexa's long hair away from her shoulder revealing a Klingon triskelion in solid black.

'What in Gre'thor else has she done to herself? '

The older Klingon could feel the anger bubbling jut below her skin. It wasn't what the tattoo was, it was who had it. Her youngest child had permanently marked herself.

"Alexandra!" B'Elanna shouted.

Alexa jumped up and landed on her feet ready to box who ever had just woken her in such a violent manner. On seeing that it was her So'S, she lowered her fists and placed a hand over her rapidly beating hearts.

"Are you trying to kill me!?!" Alexa said more loudly than she had intended. "I mean, what the hell So'S, you scared the crap out of me."

"Scared the crap out of you??!!?? You're the one that jumped off the couch swinging!"

"Because you woke me out of a sound sleep by screaming at the top of your lungs!"

At this point Alexa was standing toe to toe with her So'S; both were red in the face and panting, hands balled tightly into fists.

"Top of my lungs?? You want to hear me scream at the top of my lungs?"

"B'Elanna, what isgoing on?" Seven asked as she came into the room.

B'Elanna whipped her head around to find a very concerned looking Seven standing behind her and then remembering why she was really pissed off.

"She got a tattoo." B'Elanna ground out.

Alexa's tanned complexion paled to a light caramel on this revelation.

'Ah shit... ' she thought.

"A...tattoo." Seven paled as well but kept her composure. "B'Elanna, could I speak with you a moment in our bedroom?"

B'Elanna arched an eyebrow but nodded her acquiescence; she then looked at Alexa and motioned for her to sit on the couch.

"We aren't through yet." B'Elanna said.

Alexa stood there staring after her parents. She had known they were going to be pissed off, she had known they weren't going to like it...after all they were her parents, it was against the laws of parenting to like anything like that.

'But why did they need to discuss it alone? ' he thought to herself.

Then a shattering thought came to her. She sat heavily back down on the couch as the emotion washed over her.

'They're going to send me back...' Alexa's eyes filled with tears. ' I would have never gotten it done if I'd have known this was going to happen. So'S has never yelled at me like that. They're going to send me back. '

She began crying on the arm of the sofa and made her way back to her room where she began crying on her bed. The pain racking her body, the mere thought of losing everything she had gained in the last seven months nearly killing her.

"Why were you yelling at her like that?" Seven asked.

"Seven, she has a tattoo, which she got without telling us or forgetting to tell us, didn't even ask us if she could." B'Elanna said, still stuck on the fact that something had been kept from her that concerned one of her children.

"Bella..." Seven said gently.

B'Elanna looked up at Seven to find her wife smirking slightly.

"What the hell is so funny?" she asked.

Seven reached for B'Elanna's tee shirt and gently lifted the bottom of it up to reveal the same tattoo on B'Elanna's well-muscled abs. B'Elanna looked down and blushed. Then pulled her shirt back down.

"That doesn't count..." she said huffily. "I was drunk...Kah'less, you don't think she and Naomi...were..."

"Not at all. Did you even ask her when she got it?"

B'Elanna blushed again.

"You didn't even ask her about it at all did you?" Seven asked gently. "So she's out there alone thinking who knows what about her So'S yelling at her."

"Dammit all to Gre'thor..." B'Elanna sighed. "I guess I could have handled that better."

"I think probably so." Seven smiled, gathering B'Elanna up in her arms.

"Okay then, I'm going to go fix it." B'Elanna said a little sheepishly.

B'Elanna gave Seven a inal squeeze and went back out into the living room of their quarters.

"Alexa?" she asked softly.

Looking around, B'Elanna didn't see her youngest. She furrowed her brow and then caught a slight noise coming from the back of the quarters. She glanced back at Seven who had come to join her.

"You should check her room..." Seven suggested.

"Right, of course." B'Elanna said.

B'Elanna cut a short trail from the middle of the quarters to her youngest's bedroom. Stopping just short of the door's threshold, mentally kicking herself in the ass because of what she saw. Alexa was face down on her bed crying for all her hearts had to give.

"Alexa?" B'Elanna asked once more as softly as the first time.

Alexa didn't move, she didn't possess the energy or soul to receive the information her So'S... no... B'Elanna was going to give her. Seeing that Alexa wasn't moving, B'Elanna went to her.

"Wa'Hom, I didn't man to yell at you like I did." B'Elanna began.

"I understand if you want to send me back, I didn't mean to disappoint you and... Seven." Alexa said at the same time.

Both hybrids furrowed a brow and then looked at each other, Alexa rolling over to do so.

"Wait... what ?!" They both said at the same time.

B'Elanna found her voice first as Seven came into the room as soon as Alexa had finished her sentence.

"Send you back?" B'Elanna arched an eyebrow. "Absolutely not! Why would we ever do such a thing?"

"Indeed, wa'Hom why would we ever..." Seven began.

"Wait, so are you pissed off at me or not because I'm confused." Alexa interrupted. "I mean, I've had this tattoo forever, I got it when I turned 16."

B'Elanna rubbed her ridges while Seven began to smirk again.

"I thought you had gotten it done while you were here." B'Elanna said looking very embarrassed, lifting the bottom edge of her shirtreveal her own tattoo and continued. "I was... not sober, when I got mine done so I just thought that..."

Alexa was caught off guard at the revelation of the tattoo on her So'S' stomach. Reaching out with a slightly quivering hand she gently traced it.

"I don't know... I thought..." Alexa was once again confused by rapidly unfolding events and was at a complete loss for words.

"Do you know what it is?" B'Elanna asked, taking Alexa's hand and sitting down next to her.

"No...I doodled it one day and thought it was a cool design..." Alexa said quietly.

Seven sat down on the other side of Alexa but let B'Elanna take the lead in this conversation.

"It's a Klingon triskelion." B'Elanna said. "It's a battle insignia."

"Oh, so it's like... on Klingon war ships?" Alexa asked relaxing a little again.

"Yeah." B'Elanna smiled.

"Have you always had that?" Alexa asked.

"I got it three weeks before I wooedyour Mama." B'Elanna said.

"You said you were drunk? You tried to woo her when you were drunk?"

Alexa began to giggle at the thought of her So'S in an inebriated condition.

"Sort of..." B'Elanna blushed again. "I said some things to her that I didn't mean while we were stopped at an M-Class planet on shore leave...anyway, long story short, I got completely smashed and then got this tattoo."

Alexa yawned but smiled.

"That's pretty funny So'S."

"Yep, I'm a fool sometimes." B'Elanna said, kissing Alexa on her forehead. "But at least you both forgive me."

"Indeed." Alexa and Seven said at the same time.

"And it is much too late for Klingon warriors to be awake." Seven said placing a kiss on Alexa's head as well. "Good night."

As her parents got up to leave Alexa sighed.


"What?" B'Elanna asked turning around.

"You might as well see this now than get pissed off about it later." Alexa sai, lifting the front of her shirt slightly.

Seven paled in comparison to B'Elanna but regained her composure faster.

"What's done is done." Seven smiled and dragged B'Elanna out of the room. "Good night wa'Hom."

Just up few decks from the once again slumbering hybrid and her parents in Astrometrics was Tom Paris attempting to woo Jennifer Delaney into letting him use her workstation. All of his incoming and outgoing messages were being tapped by Security. They hadn't told him that but he knew it.

"C'mon, Jen, just let me use the workstation for a minute, I just need to send my father a message." Tom smiled, reeking with so- called charm. "It's no big deal, won't take a minute."

"Fine, Tom, just don't get me in trouble.... again." she sighed and stepped back from the console.

Tom glanced over his shoulder and raised his eyebrows.

"Thanks for your help, but couldI get a little privacy?"

Jennifer Delaney rolled her eyes.

"Whatever, Tom." she said and walked out of Astrometrics.

'I seriously need to move on from him.' she thought as she made her way down the corridor.

Tom hadn't scarcely finished sending off his message when Tuvok and five other security officers appeared in Astrometrics.

"Mr. Paris." Tuvok stated. "The Captain was lenient in giving you one last night of freedom. You have violated her trust by being in this department."

"Lieutenant." Tom began. "I was only sending a message to my father, I knew that you were tapping my incoming and outgoing messages so I got Jennifer to let me use her workstation. That's all."

At this particular moment Jennifer Delaney walked back into Astrometrics.

"Dammit Tom!"

"I didn't do anything!" Tom said sounding suspiciously like a two year old.

"Mr. Paris, if you'll come with me." Tuvok said. "Yo have indeed violated your freedom rights and will be placed in the Brig as of now."

"This is so not fair." Tom skulked over to Tuvok.

"Computer, beam Tom Paris directly to cell number one of the Brig, authorization Psi Alpha Mu." Tuvok stated calmly. "I will be there momentarily Mr. Paris."

"Ah maaaan..." was all that was heard as Tom was beamed out of Astrometrics.

"Ms. Delaney. Perhaps you can inform us as to what Mr. Paris was doing." Tuvok asked.

"He just said he was sending a message to his father." Jennifer said.

Tuvok went to the console and accessed it. On seeing that the last message was indeed sent to Starfleet he handed it back over to Jennifer.

"I apologize for interrupting your work." Tuvok said.

With that he and his security team left.

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