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Split Seconds
By The Other Liz

Part Eighteen

"You will be mine again." The Borg Queen said, then smiled coldly. "And if not you then...."

"No!" Seven gasped as she sat bolt upright in bed.

"Seven? You okay?" B'Elanna asked, sitting up and resting a hand on Seven's shoulder.

Seven jumped slightly at the contact but forced a smile.

"Yeah, Yes." Seven smiled again. "I am fine, just a "falling" dream, the kind where it feels like you jump out of your skin because you think that you are falling."

B'Elanna arched an eyebrow not believing her wife for a second. First, Seven never said 'yeah' except for that one time on their honeymoon. Second, Seven was covered in a thin film of sweat, which only happened during physical activities. Third, Seven usually only rambled when she was explaining something technical. But B'Elanna wasn't going to probe right now; there was something about the look in her beloved's eyes. She reached up and brushed a few stray hairs out of Seven's eyes and tucked them safely behind her ear.

"I know what you mean, I hate those." B'Elanna placed a kiss on Seven's cheek. "They always happen to me when I'm just on the edge of wakefulness and sleep."

"I am all right," Seven said, more for herself than B'Elanna. "Go back to sleep."

"You don't have to tell me twice." B'Elanna smiled, hoping to draw a true smile out of Seven.

Seven did smile at this and shook her head.

"I did not mean to wake the sleeping Klingon before she was ready." Seven said.

"Only you're lucky enough to survive it." B'Elanna said, lying back on the pillows again.

Seven followed her in lying down again, feeling a little more secure in her Klingon's arms. But she could not shake the image of the Borg Queen.

On the other end of the quarters both Mezoti and Alexa rolled over pondering the reason of their latest dream. It was a simple one, only the image of an approaching Borg sphere. Alexa not exactly knowing what it was while Mezoti was wondering what it meant. The boys, having had the same dream while they were asleep before their current shift, were working in the respective departments still wondering what it meant but brushing it aside and chalking it up to subconscious fear.

The next morning came and all were at ease but Seven. She had stayed awake the rest of the night racked with worry. She had gotten up before B'Elanna, showered and was in the midst of making breakfast. She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't even feel B'Elanna come up behind her and hug her. Again she jumped at the sudden contact, nearly spilling the carafe of juice she was holding.

"Still jumpy?" B'Elanna asked. "I'm sorry if I scared you."

Again Seven forced a smile and hugged B'Elanna to her in a nearly bone crushing hug.

"I was just deep in thought," Seven said. "Good morning."

B'Elanna arched an eyebrow at her wife pulling slightly away but not out of her arms.

"What's going on?" B'Elanna asked.

"I do not understand." Seven said.

"You don't say 'yeah' and you don't sweat when you sleep."

Seven produced a completely blank look and merely arched her eyebrow. She was not ready to discuss this yet.

"I... am sorry?"

"Last night, you had a nightmare, you woke up sweaty and you answered me with a 'yeah'." B'Elanna elaborated.

"Oh, that." Seven said. "I do not wish to discuss it at this time, perhaps later when I have collected my thoughts on the matter."

B'Elanna knew Seven well enough not to try to force a discussion before Seven had time to think it out. To do otherwise would be insensitive, something Tom would do and had done to her in the past. So she didn't push the issue.

"Okay, but I'm always here for you." B'Elanna kissed Seven thoroughly before pulling away slightly. "Always. Okay?"

Seven smiled and put her forehead on B'Elanna's.

"I know. I just need to arrange my thoughts."

"It's okay." B'Elanna kissed her once more. "So what's cookin' good lookin'?"

"Lots of things." Seven said, gesturing to the multitude of foods scattered on various plates and platters. "I could not sleep."

Mezoti chose this time to come into the kitchen followed closely by Alexa.

"Our enhanced olfactory senses detected some sustenance worth assimilating." Alexa smiled.

Seven inwardly cringed at the Borg dialect but left it alone and rushed to both her daughters to hug them. This action was not lost on B'Elanna who noted it for the later discussion she would have with Seven.

"Mom?" Mezoti said. "You are squishing me."

"I am sorry." Seven said releasing them.

"It is okay," Mezoti smiled. "You were not really squishing me."

"Are you okay?" Alexa asked, eyeballing her Mama.

"I am all right." Seven said.

Alexa and Mezoti exchanged a glance and then hugged Seven again. After releasing Seven they then went to B'Elanna and hugged her as well. They may have only been teenagers but their intuition was in full swing and something was definitely off.

"So, what smells good?"

"Apparently everything." B'Elanna smiled grabbing a plate of biscuits in one hand and a bowl of gravy in the other.

Mezoti and Alexa also took plates to the table and Seven followed suit. When they had all sat down it was only to look at a table covered in food. There were biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, pancakes and French toast among other select items that were known to please the palates of those gathered.

"It is the weekend, what do you have planned for the day?" Seven asked both teens.

"Well... we were thinking of rehearsing a little if Naomi isn't in trouble." Alexa said.

B'Elanna arched an amused eyebrow.

"And why would she be in trouble?"

"No reason." Alexa said as she stuffed a biscuit into her mouth.

B'Elanna and Seven redirected their gaze towards Mezoti.

"Do not look at me." Mezoti said defensively. "I did not get the whole story... yet."

It was true. Alexa had not revealed all of what had happened during her date with Naomi to her sister yet. Only what they had watched and that Naomi had been a little late getting home, successfully skipping her very-failed, attempted make out session against the corridor walls.

"Wa'Hom..." B'Elanna said. "Spill it."

"Itwasnothingshewasjustalittlelategettinghome." Alexa said rapidly in one go, blushing all the while. Seven actually bit her lip to keep the small laugh in at this.

"Late? Why was she late?" Seven asked after regaining herself.

"No reason..." Alexa blushed even harder. "The movie ran later than we thought. We just lost track of the time."

"I've never heard of someone with an internal chronometer losing track of the time." B'Elanna said hiding her smile behind a glass of juice.

Alexa found her half empty plate an amazing thing to look at as her So'S said this.

"Kah'less! Did you kiss her again!?" Mezoti said suddenly, finally realizing what might have happened.

"Mezoti!" Alexa shrieked.

"Ohhh crap." Mezoti said, blushing a little.

"Kissed her?!" B'Elanna and Seven said at the same time.

"What the hell, Zot?!" Alexa said to Mezoti and then fled the table.

"I did not mean to say that out loud." Mezoti said and then went after her sister.

B'Elanna and Seven didn't get two seconds to ponder what had just happened before Janeway hailed them.

*Janeway to Lieutenant Torres and Seven.*

"Yes Captain." B'Elanna said, prepared to be irritated if she had to go to work on her day off.

*When you aren't busy, could I see you in my Ready Room?*

B'Elanna and Seven exchanged confused expressions.

"Yes Ma'am, we'll be there shortly." B'Elanna answered.

*Thank you, I'll see you soon.*

Janeway closed the link and began massaging her temples. Today was not going to be a good day; she could already feel it.

"Alexa?" Mezoti asked as she went into her sister's room. "You are angry with me."

"I should be!" Alexa sighed from her perch on the edge of her bed. "But I'm not and no I didn't kiss her."

"Then what is the problem?"

"I almost kissed her but not on the cheek this time."

"Why did you not?"

"Her mom."

"Ensign Wildman caught you?"

"Sort of; we were like two inches from it and her mom hailed her on her CommBadge."

"I apologize for my outburst at the table." Mezoti said, sitting next to her sister. "That...sucks."

Alexa smiled at Mezoti. It wasn't too often that she heard her sister use words that she used all day, every day.

"I guess it'll happen when it happens." Alexa sighed, smiling again. "But it was kind of amusing, we shot apart like a foot."

Mezoti smiled.

"Perhaps a little rock and roll is what you need to clear your head."

"Yeah, I need to take a shower first though." Alexa said. "You call Naomi and see if she can meet us in the Holodeck."

"Okay." Mezoti gave Alexa a hug and got up. "I really did not mean to say that out loud."

"I know, your mouth just ran away from your brain for a second." Alexa then laughed at the look she received from Mezoti. "Just go, I'll take a quick shower."

Mezoti turned and left shaking her head but was still smiling. Alexa followed her out of the room, hung a left and went into the bathroom where Mezoti turned right to go back out into the quarters.

"Mezoti, the captain has asked for our presence in her Ready Room." Seven said as she put her hair up.

Seven had long since stopped with the severe up-do she had always had and had replaced it with a down swept ponytail that hung to the middle of her back.

"For what?" Mezoti questioned.

"We are unsure, but I do not think it is anything too serious." Seven said leaning slightly to place a kiss on Mezoti's cheek. "Are you and Alexa going to the Holodeck?"

"Yes, I was just coming out here to tell you." Mezoti said.

Seven smiled and held up two fingers.

"Rock on." she said.

Mezoti laughed out loud at this sight and reached up to fix her Mom's hand. "No Mom, that's a peace sign, use your pinkie and forefinger for rocking out."

"Ah, I will remember that now." Seven said smiling.

B'Elanna came out of their bedroom and also placed a kiss on Mezoti's cheek. "Trying to teach your Mom how to be cool?" she asked.

"It is a never ending battle." Mezoti smiled.

"I am insulted." Seven said in mock offense. "I must be 'cool' if I was once called an Ice Princess."

"Are you ever going to let me live that down?" B'Elanna asked.

"Never." Seven smiled again and kissed B'Elanna.

"Ah Kah'less..." Mezoti turned on her heel and started for her room. "You two should get a Holodeck."

"Insightful that one." B'Elanna laughed. "Maybe we should."

The only answer B'Elanna got from Mezoti was an audible groan while Seven simply kissed her again.


"We'll be late." B'Elanna said, ushering Seven out the door.

Naomi rolled over and looked at her ceiling.

'She totally almost kissed me. '

An ear-to-ear grin covered Naomi's face. She'd had a particularly interesting dream the night before. Lots of skin and Alexa. Oh and she was there too. She'd never had a dream like that and now that she was awake there was an odd feeling just under her belly button. It had actually taken Naomi a moment to identify the feeling.

'Oh my Gods. ' she realized with slight alarm. ' I'm horny as fuck. '

*Mezoti to Naomi.*

Naomi jumped out of her skin at the sudden intrusion. She activated her CommBadge as she grabbed it from her nightstand.

"Yeah, Naomi here." she said sounding a little out of breath.

Mezoti arched an eyebrow.

*Naomi, did I wake you? *

"No, I was thinking and you scared me. It's okay. What is it?"

*Alexa and I are going to the Holodeck to rehearse, are you in trouble for coming in late last night? *

"No, I'm not in trouble." Naomi said. "Oddly, my Mom was kind of... understanding?"

*Good, then you will come? *

'I'm sure I will... ' Naomi thought. "Yes, I'll meet you there, are you leaving now?"

*Shortly, as soon as Alexa gets out of the shower. *

Mezoti grinned knowing that the last statement was sure to wind her best friend up even more than she already sounded.

"Ah...okay. I'll see you there." Naomi said, her voice cracking slightly. "I'll probably take a shower as well."

*Okay, Mezoti out. *

It was a very long, very cold, aqua shower for Naomi, but one that was well needed.

Seven and B'Elanna made their way quickly through the ship to Janeway's ready room, neither of them able to fathom what exactly it could be that the Captain could want from them. Seven pressed the chime to alert the Captain to their presence.

"Enter." Janeway called.

The two women entered the ready room and sat down as Janeway gestured.

"Let me just cut to the chase." Janeway said. "Last night I put Tom in the brig."

"He has been found guilty?" Seven asked.

"No, but it is most likely that he is the cause behind this entire catastrophe."

Janeway rubbed the bridge of her nose.

"When Alexa and Tom got into that fight in Sandrine's there were many a party that witnessed him say that he was the one behind her disappearance. There are also a few other things that point in his general direction."

"Such as?" B'Elanna prompted Janeway.

"Such as there's nobody else on board who has ever been known to make threats to your family. There are also some things that Tuvok's team is finding that are leading them to believe there had been some sensor tampering." Janeway said.

"But it was an entropic anomaly that caused her disappearance, not sensor tampering." Seven said with a sinking feeling in her stomach.

"Yes, on the whole that is what made her disappear, but when I say tampering, I'm referring to the fact that Tuvok and his team have stumbled upon a few airlocks that would open only if Alexa were to happen by them by herself and then shut immediately after she went through it." Janeway paused. "And also, when he was showing off around the solar flares, I'm sure he knew where Alexa was; he knew she was in Engineering. We're also looking into some transporter tampering but Tuvok hasn't found anything pertaining to that yet."

"He...I...Alexa..." B'Elanna could only stutter out minor beginnings of words.

"This airlock sensor tampering," Seven began, eyes welling with tears, "you say you have only just now found them. Therefore he has just done this and if Alexa had walked by one lately then she could have...."

"No!" Janeway said firmly, "No, and I know this doesn't sound any better but the airlock sensors were tampered with before she disappeared. However, they did stay that way until just after her fight with Tom."

B'Elanna was now past shock and completely enraged.

"How could he?!?" B'Elanna shook with rage. "She was only six!"

"I hope you have a enormously strong force field around him because I am going to kill him myself." Seven said coolly.

While Janeway would have gladly let the two mothers rid her of the problem, unfortunately, she could not.

"Ladies, there is a little more to the story before you go on a killing rampage. Let me finish." Janeway took a moment to collect her final thoughts. "I was going to send him to the brig the night before last however he did request that he have one final night to finish some personal business. I let him have it but Tuvok was monitoring him, all of the kids and the both of you as well as your family's respective departments. As an extra precaution, he was monitoring Naomi as well."

"That does not cover the fact that he..."Seven began, a little irritated that her daughter's would-be killer had been allowed to roam the ship last night.

"However, Tom did not know all of this. He did go into Astrometrics to see Jennifer Delaney and we were under the impression he was just going to say good-bye to her, as he won't be allowed visitors. As soon as he came into proximity with her workstation Tuvok was alerted. Tom did send a message out but it was only to Starfleet, to his father. At that time, Tuvok transported him directly to a cell in the Brig." Janeway interrupted before either was able to respond, "So he is there now and yes, I do have one hell of a force field around him."

This speech had given B'Elanna time to cool off...a little. But finding out that Paris had sent out a message did not settle well with Seven, though she pushed it aside for her talk with B'Elanna, later.

"So he's locked up?" B'Elanna asked. "No chance he can get out?"

"I've got two members of security down there at all times with him." Janeway said.

"What about Alexa?" Seven asked.

"I'm afraid I don't understand." Janeway said.

"Not that we really want her to, but I'm sure she's going to ask. Is she free to walk around on her own now?" B'Elanna asked. "And will it be okay for her to return to Beta shift to work?"

Janeway sighed. She didn't really want the young girl walking the ship by herself either but...

"I suppose." she said. "While I'm right there with you on being nervous, I'm sure she's ready to know that she's allowed to be by herself now."

"I do not think that she will actually be alone on too many occasions; she and Mezoti, as well as Naomi, have formed a tight-knit friendship." Seven said.

"That's good." Janeway smiled. "I'm sure she'll be pleased to have her Holodeck privileges back."

"I do not mean to offend, Captain, but your suspension of her privileges did not hinder her ability to use the Holodeck." Seven said.

"I didn't think it would, but I had to do it." Janeway laughed a little. "Let me guess... Naomi? I'm sensing a little mutiny from my assistant."

B'Elanna laughed out loud at this. "I don't think it's mutiny... more like hormones." she said.

"Indeed." Seven agreed. "Perhaps tonight you could join us for dinner, I am sure Alexa would like an opportunity to apologize for the tone she took with you the last time you two...spoke."

"I believe I'll actually take you up on the offer this time." Janeway smiled. "I never did catch what it was she growled at me that day."

Both B'Elanna and Seven blushed furiously and looked away.

"Ladies? It couldn't have been that bad."

"Well... it really wasn't bad, I just feel a little bad for being proud of her and for laughing when she said it." B'Elanna said.

"What was it?" Janeway leaned forward on her desk

B'Elanna sighed.

"All right..." B'Elanna said. "'It is a Klingon thing, you would not understand.'"

Both women expected their captain to be at least a little irritated so the next thing that happened completely threw them off. Janeway sat back in her chair and proceeded to howl with laughter. It really wasn't like a Starfleet captain to laugh like she was but she couldn't help it. Janeway was near tears by the time she stopped laughing. Neither B'Elanna nor Seven knew what to say.

"I'm sorry but she's clever." Janeway said, dabbing at the corners of her eyes. "And I needed that, so no need to feel bad for being proud...or laughing."

Seven and B'Elanna smiled. B'Elanna was about to comment on her daughter's use of Klingon when Alexa hailed her. Well technically she hailed all of them.

*Alexa to Mama and So'S. *

"Go ahead wa'Hom." B'Elanna said.

*Are you almost finished with whatever you're doing? * Alexa sounded a little excited.

Seven noted the time by her chronometer and saw that it had been nearly 45 minutes since they had left their quarters.

"Ah, I think so... why?"

*You guys should come see us play something. *

The three women heard giggling in the background. Seven arched her eyebrow and looked at Janeway in question.

"Well it's my day off too." Janeway smiled.

"Okay, we'll come and see." B'Elanna answered.

*Awesome, see you soon. * Alexa said and closed the link.

"Do all of your children close the link before their superiors?" B'Elanna smiled at Seven.

"Yes." Seven cracked a smile. "I believe I have rubbed off on them."

"Indeed." said Janeway.

Alexa and Mezoti were already in the Holodeck when Naomi got there. On seeing the object of her affection and then remembering the previous night, the young Norcadian felt the blush creep up her body.

"Naomi!" Alexa said as she walked in. "What took you so long?"

"I..uh... took a shower." Naomi blushed anew.

Mezoti had to bite her lip from doubling over with laughter.

"Did you... enjoy your shower?" Mezoti said shakily, desperately trying to hold back the laughter.

Naomi finally saw what Mezoti was seeing as so hysterical.

'Well, I can play that game too. ' Naomi thought as she sidled up next to Alexa and gave her a hug. "I could have used some help, but it was all right."

Mezoti's mouth fell open. She was really going to have to work on that reaction. Alexa blushed but didn't pull away; she could play too.

"Perhaps next time I could be of assistance." she said moving her body ever so slightly against Naomi's.

Naomi's eyes flew open but she kept her cool...for the most part. At least she didn't fall over or something like that.

"That could be... interesting."

"Oh, okay, okay...jeez." Mezoti interrupted. "Can we just play?"

"Hey, you started it." Naomi laughed, finally pulling away and picking up her bass plugging it in. "So what are we starting with?"

"No way, I picked last time." Alexa smiled. "Zot, you pick."

"Very well, what about 'Fat Lip'?"

"Hell yeah! I love the way you guys go back and forth on the vocals with that." Alexa laughed, spinning a drumstick.

"Hey, you do a pretty bang up job on those backing vocals." Naomi said.

"Thanks." Alexa smiled. "You ready?"

"Let's do it." Mezoti said.

Mezoti picked the first few bars of the song and then they all started playing.

"Stormin' through the party like my name is El Nino,

When I'm hangin' out


in the back of an El Camino

As a kid, was a skid, And no one knew me by name,

Trashed my own house party cause nobody came. "

They all started singing together for the chorus.

"Well I know I'm not the one you thought you knew back in high school,

Never go and never showin' up when we had to

Attention that we crave,

don't tell us to behave,

I'm sick of always hearin' act your age,

I don't wanna waste my time

Become another casualty of society,

I'll never fall in line,

Become another victim of your conformity,

And back down. "

Mezoti and Naomi traded off the words of the first line for the next verse

"Be cause you don't know us at all,

We laugh when old people fall,

But what would you expect with a conscience so small

Heavy metal and mullets is how we were raised,

Maiden and Priest were the gods that we praised

Cause we like havin' fun at other people's expenses

and cuttin' people down is just a minor offense

And, it's none of your concern,

I guess I'll never learn,

I'm sick of bein' told to wait my turn

I don't wanna waste my time

Become another casualty of society

I'll never fall in line

become another victim of your conformity and back down. "

Alexa stopped playing for her vocal solo.

"Don't count on me, to let you know when

Don't count on me, I'll do it again

Don't count on me, it's the point you're missing

Don't count on me, cause I'm not listening "'

Naomi and Mezoti came together for the last verse of the song, trading off the lines between them with Mezoti first.

"Well I'm a no good dick lower middle class brat

Backpack and I don't give a shit about nothin'

You'll be standin' on the corner talkin' all that kufuffin

Well you don't make sense from all that gas you be huffin'

Cause if the egg don't stain you'll be ringin' off the hook

You're on the hit list, wanted in the telephone book

I like songs with distortion

Drinking in proportion

The doctor said my mom should've had an abortion"

With Mezoti and Naomi singing the chorus for the last time through, Alexa supplied the backing vocals.

"I don't wanna waste my time

Become another casualty of society

I'll never fall in line

Become another victim of your conformity and back down

(Waste my time again) Casualty of society

(Waste my time again) Victim of your conformity

And back down "

Alexa finished the song with an easy fill on her toms. The three girls started laughing as they did everytime they did a song perfectly.

"Kah'less we kick so much ass." Alexa said between giggles. "Can you imagine what our parents would say if they heard those lyrics?!"

"Let's find out." Mezoti grinned.

"What?!?" Naomi said. "Are you nuts?"

"Well, they're going to here them sooner or later when we play Neelix's party." Alexa said. "C'mon Nay, call your Mom and see if she's busy."

Naomi blushed at the use of a nickname for no apparent reason other than the fact it made her felt like she belonged to Alexa. She melted on spot.

"Okay, but if we get grounded..." Naomi said as she tapped her CommBadge.

"You should call Mom and So'S and see if they're done." Mezoti said.

Alexa grinned. It was just too much fun trying their parents. At least it was always in harmless fun.

"You two go ahead, I'll be right there." Janeway said. "Just want to change into something other than a uniform."

"All right, see you there." B'Elanna said and followed Seven out the door.

It wasn't too far down the corridor when Seven took B'Elanna's hand.

"I believe this would be an appropriate time, well, an appropriate time as any, that I am going to get today to discuss my dream."

"Oh! Of course sweetheart, tell me." B'Elanna squeezed Seven's hand gently.

"I had a nightmare about the Queen." Seven said softly.

B'Elanna stopped short and whirled Seven around to face her.

"Baby, why didn't you say something?" B'Elanna stroked Seven's face.

"I believe it is only my fear of losing everything coming to the surface again." Seven said. "I don't think it's anything."

B'Elanna pulled Seven into a hug.

"That's why you nearly squeezed them to death this morning right?" B'Elanna asked.

"Yes." Seven blushed. "I did not mean to hug them so hard."

"I don't think any damage was done sweetheart," B'Elanna smiled. "So I guess you've already talked to the boys then too?"

Seven blushed again.

"Hey, just because they get older doesn't mean that they are any less our kids." B'Elanna hugged Seven. "Everything will be okay, all right?"

"I know." Seven said. "I just worry...sometimes."

"C'mon, your oh-so talented daughters and 'kid sister' are going to show us how to be cool."

"Indeed." Seven smiled. "But you forget, you supplied half of that talent as well."

The pair arrived at the Holodeck only to find it not as empty as they had thought it would be. Apparently, the girls had set up their own little party. There were couches for people to sit on and a small table with refreshments on it. All three of the boys were there and so was Sam Wildman. The pair joined the small group that was lazing about on the couches.

"What is all the commotion?" Seven smiled, looking across the Holodeck at the three girls who were huddled together whispering.

"I believe we are in for a treat." Sam said. "Although...I'm not sure how loud this treat will be."

"I'm sure it'll be plenty loud." B'Elanna laughed.

Icheb, Azan and Rebi came from the food table at that time.

"Was it good, wIj puqloD?" B'Elanna asked Azan, brushing some crumbs off the boy's cheek.

Azan blushed a little and dusted off his tunic as well.

"I was hungry."

"Indeed." Icheb said. "He ate a sandwich in four bites."

"But it was good." Azan smiled.

"You guys ready?" Alexa asked coming over with Mezoti and Naomi.

"I believe the Captain is coming, she wanted to change into something more comfortable." Seven said.

"The...the...are you kidding me?" Alexa asked, eyes growing wide.

Before she could say anything else Janeway came through the Holodeck doors.

"I apologize for taking so long, but I refuse to wear a uniform on my sole day off." she smiled. "I am however very eager to hear the music you've put together."

Alexa was at a loss for words. Playing edgy rock for parents and siblings was one thing...but the Captain? Quite another, entirely.

"And we hope that you like it Captain, I just hope it's not too...loud." Naomi supplied.

"Well, when I was young we used to say 'if it's too loud, you're too old.'" Janeway smiled again. "So, please don't hold back on my account."

"Ah... okay." was all Alexa could manage.

As the three girls arranged themselves with their instruments, their audience made themselves at home on the couches. Naomi picked the first few bars of music again and they began playing.

Tuvok arched his eyebrow.

'Interesting.' he thought. "Tuvok to The Captain."

*Go ahead.*

"I would highly recommend you come back to the bridge for some vital information."

*On my way.*

"Commander, I'm picking up a Borg ship off the port bow." Harry croaked in the background. "It's decloaking now."

Janeway had to admit she was impressed. Even if the music was a little loud and what she understood of the lyrics wasn't exactly... child friendly. It was still very good, each of the girls had an impressive talent to show off.

"Well?" Mezoti asked when the notes had stopped reverberating off the walls.

"Impressive." Icheb said.

"Indeed." chorused Azan and Rebi.

"It was very good, but I'll have to inform you, Naomi, that the doctor never said I should have an abortion." Sam spoke up.

"Oh Mom... it's just the lyrics. That's how people said that someone wouldn't amount to anything back then." Naomi giggled.

"I see." Seven said. "So you are under the impression that you will not amount to anything."

"That's not... what I meant." Naomi answered, unplugging her bass and walking backwards towards the stand to put it up. "It's just the lyrics."

Mezoti and Alexa soon followed her to the other side of the Holodeck with their guitar and drumsticks respectively.

"Hey, I liked it." B'Elanna smiled. "What about you Captain?"

"I am very impressed, I think that they'll make a huge splash at Neelix's next party." Janeway said.

"When is this party going to be?" Icheb asked.

"I'm not sure, but I'm sure it wouldn't take too much nudging to get him to throw one." Janeway smiled.

"I don't mean to rush out, but I have to get back." Sam said, then called to the girls. "I loved it! Can't wait to see the whole show!"

"I believe they will... bring down the house." Seven said.

*Tuvok to The Captain.*

Janeway sighed.

"It never ends." she smiled, then tapped her CommBadge. "Go ahead."

*I would highly recommend you come back to the bridge for some vital information.*

The Captain arched an eyebrow but conceded.

"On my way."

*Commander, I'm picking up a Borg ship off the port bow.* Harry croaked in the background. *It's decloaking now.*

Janeway's hand froze halfway to her chest. Eyes growing wide.

"Tuvok, did he say a Borg ship?"

The answer to her question was eight Borg beaming directly into the Holodeck.

Two went to either side of Alexa and Naomi, the other four prepared to fight against anyone trying to hinder their efforts. Mezoti had already walked three feet from where Naomi and Alexa stood, she whirled around when she heard the beam in, eyes growing wide with fear.

"Mama!" she cried as she started for her parents.

Everyone who'd recently been staring in wide-eyed shock at the Captain's CommBadge now looked in the direction of the frightened scream.

Alexa jumped as the two Borg drones grabbed her and Naomi, she looked up and into the eyes of her parents. She could feel the tears prickling behind her eyes and the scream leave her throat as they beamed away with her. The last thing she saw was her parents fizzling out of view as they started for her. Naomi froze as two other drones took her arms and began to beam out with her right behind Alexa. Her words caught in her throat as she saw the looks on Mezoti's face right down to her own mother. It was in the same second that Alexa fizzled out of view that B'Elanna and her Mom had started for them. They were too late, she felt the pull of a transporter and Voyager was gone.

"Computer site to site transport to the bridge, authorization code Janeway Alpha Two Gamma." With that Janeway fizzled from the Holodeck.

Sam could only stare at the spot that her daughter had stood.

"We are the Borg. Lower your shields and power down your weapons. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated."

"NO!" B'Elanna screamed, she turned and upended the table that had been there, then ran to the place where Alexa had been standing. "That fucking p'taq ass piece of junk son of a bitch fuckin' asshole, I mean what is her major malfunction!?!"

All she found was a t-shirt that she recognized as Alexa's that she'd worn a few days prior. B'Elanna's Klingon senses were in over drive. She could still smell her daughter on the shirt and it was agony all over again. After a few moments B'Elanna took a breath. She looked around and into the faces of her frightened family. They had ceased to be afraid of the Borg showing up at every corner awhile back. Now they were here and they were threatning her family. She looked at Seven first who hadn't moved since Harry had first disclosed what was happening. Then she moved down the line of her children ending with Mezoti on her other side, still rooted to the spot in which she had stopped when they'd taken Naomi. She had to pull it together. She had to do it if not for herself than for her family. For Naomi and Sam. She was going to kick some gray skinned ass. Getting up she walked back to where her family stood, on her way she held out her hand to Mezoti.

"C'mere." she offered.

Mezoti's face crumpled and she launched herself into B'Elanna's arms and began wailing. B'Elanna picked her up and carried her to where the rest of the family stood. On setting her down, Icheb was the first to move, placing a hand on Mezoti's back as she cried into B'Elanna's shoulder. B'Elanna used her other arm to gather the twins into a family hug and laid her head on Seven's shoulder.

"Seven, you have to snap out of it." B'Elanna said. "We have to help them."

"I...my...dream..." Seven whispered. "I...should..have..."

"No." B'Elanna moved Seven's head so that she could look her in the eye. "Look at me."

"Not again." Seven whispered, "I cannot..."

"You have to, because you still have four kids here that need you, Alexa is only on another ship right next to this one." B'Elanna brushed Seven's hair away. "We have to help her and Naomi."

"Mama," Mezoti said, wiping her face. "They need us."

"Indeed." Azan said.

"Let's go." B'Elanna said. "Sam? You're with us."

Sam shook her head in the positive and followed the group out of the Holodeck.

"So'S, I will meet you there." Rebi said.

"Where are you going?"

"It is of importance...I will meet you on the Bridge." he said firmly and walked away.

"I will go with him." Icheb said and followed his younger brother.

Part 19

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