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Starfleet Academy Mystery
By Golden_ruhl


Part Seven

Seven was sitting of the sofa when B'Elanna returned.

"How is Miral?" she asked quietly.

"She's fine," the engineer said. "Tom said she's been crying for me at night. He was right. She isn't even awake."

Seven felt a desire to comfort the woman and drew her down onto the sofa and placed her arm around the smaller woman. "We will find a way to end this investigation as quickly as possible so Miral may have her mother with her once more," Seven said even though she had no idea how to fulfill her vow at the moment.

"Promise?" B'Elanna asked, needing to hear her former shipmate say it again. Seven would never lie to her.

Seven looked at her solemnly, "DichDaq qaQan (I will protect you)" Seven vowed, giving B'Elanna a quick hug and standing. "I will leave now and give you time with your daughter." With that, she bent forward and placed an affectionate kiss on B'Elanna's brow and bid her a goodnight.

"I am glad to be back at school. How about you, Ressa?" the human female asked her roommate.

"I could have used a few more days off myself but with our workload? I'm sorry we had to cut our weekend short just to do homework, Terry," she apologized.

"That's okay, what are friends for? It's just weird how quiet this place is with so many cadets gone for the weekend."

"I know. Just the students whose families are too far away to visit stay here during the weekends, although many leave just to see something new for a little while," Ressa commented. Earlier she had felt the hairs on her neck rise because she thought she was being watched and she thought the place was just too quiet. She stood up, feeling jittery and wanted to move around. "I need to get something to eat, do you want to come along?"

Terry looked up from her PADD and shook her head. "I think I'm finally figuring this out and don't want to lose my train of thought. You go ahead, I'm going to keep studying."

"Okay. I'll be back in an hour or so," Ressa informed her on her way out. As she shut the door she had the odd feeling of being watched. She looked around but didn't see anyone. Maybe it was nothing. She thought about going back and warning her roommate, but about what? It was just a weird feeling, probably caused by the Academy being so quiet. She kept going, intending to get something to eat at the mess hall.

"That's right. Leave," thought the male who was waiting in the shadows.

Her pass was almost over and B'Elanna was gathering up Miral's things in preparation for taking her back to Tom's apartment. Miral sensed her mother was going to leave her once again and was fussing. B'Elanna's thoughts strayed to Seven and her promise to help solve the mystery. Who would have thought the former Borg would feel such compassion? The Captain shook her head; thinking about Seven and the way life plays little jests on people. She wondered how they could solve the mystery if the cadets refused to talk. Suddenly an idea struck her.

She hurried to finish packing. She needed to contact Seven and have her arrange a meeting with Admiral Janeway. Cadets rarely requested meetings with the Commandant and she didn't want to draw attention to herself.

Later, after dropping off the now screaming Miral with her father, headed back to the Academy. The strain of once more leaving her daughter behind left her feeling frustrated and guilty. She was walking along a pathway towards her dorm building when she noticed a male leaving it. She waited in the shadows and took note of him since he wasn't exactly doing anything wrong. He could have just been visiting someone but it didn't hurt to remember what few details she saw. She waited until he disappeared and watched the route he took. Once he was out of sight she returned to her room to get some sleep.

Ressa was worried about her roommate. Ever since she returned to their room the young woman had refused to look at her and only answered in monosyllables. When she had asked if anything was wrong the cadet had rolled to her side with her back to her and stared off into space.

The behavior was so out of place and Terry wondered what could have possibly happened in the hour and a half she had been gone from the room. She even suggested visiting the sick bay but her roommate ignored her and got ready for bed. As she turned down her bed she saw something glitter. She reached for the item and saw that it was a flight pin, given to cadets who passed the basic flight tests. What was it doing here? Neither she nor Terry had earned one as yet. She had a weird feeling that it might prove important. She tucked the pin away out of sight—just in case.

Admiral janeway was a very happy woman. Although her marriage had been sudden she had never been happier. After seven long years of abstinence she was making up for lost time with the help of her very willing spouse. Kathryn smiled as she recalled their time together last night and how they nearly broke the bed.

She hummed softly to herself at her desk until her aide entered the room with a PADD.

"Oh wonderful, more reports," she grinned at her assistant. The woman looked at her grimly and quietly handed over the PADD. Now the Admiral's joyful mood was dashed.

"What is this report about?" she asked even as she activated the device. Her aide didn't even have the time to answer since the form was extremely short. She reread it again and looked at her assistant, her blue-gray eyes turning cloudy.

"Get me a COM link to Seven of Nine. That will be all," she said curtly as she spun her computer console towards her and fixed her gaze on it. The woman nodded and left the Admiral's office, wondering what the guest speaker had to do with a cadet resigning. She sat down at her desk and located Seven and had her hold as she patched her through to the Admiral.

Kathryn activated her COM link and spoke to Seven, barely saying hello. "Seven, let's have lunch at my quarters today," she told the former Borg.

"I have a tutoring session at 11:00 hours and should be available at approximately 12:00 hours Admiral," Seven replied. She could tell from Kathryn's tone that it was important and not a casual request.

"At 12 o'clock then. Janeway out," she acknowledged, now in full command mode.

Part 8

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