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Starfleet Academy Mystery
By Golden_ruhl


Part Eight

Seven activated the door chime to Admiral Janeway's quarters.

"Who is it?" the Admiral asked.

Seven raised her Borg implanted brow at the illogical question. She had been asked to be there at 1200 hours and it was exactly that. Even after taking the time to check for any other possible updates on the investigation with B'Elanna she was there at their appointed time.

She sighed and gave her designation. The door opened and Seven saw that the Admiral seemed agitated.

Indeed she was. Admiral Janeway had spent the last few hours interviewing the most recent female cadet who had resigned. The young woman had refused to answer any of her questions, leaving Kathryn frustrated. Speaking to the cadet's roommate only brought up more questions.

"I came back a few hours later and she was like another person," Ressa had told her. "She became unresponsive, withdrawn. She wouldn't say a word unless spoken to. I have no idea what happened or why. I've had the willies since we came back from our weekend pass and haven't been able to shake it. Admiral," the cadet paused then reached into her pocket. "I found this in our room last night. It doesn't belong to either Terry or myself. I don't know if it is helpful or not but perhaps you ought to have it." Ressa placed the golden flight medal onto the older woman's palm.

Kathryn had been ready to chew her nails since then, waiting for the arrival of Seven of Nine.

"Seven, prompt as always. Come in."

The blonde entered and Janeway began to inform Seven of all the latest happenings.

"Seven, this has to come to an end. The latest victim is practically catatonic and we have no clue what happened to her. She refuses to submit to an examination," Kathryn threw her arms wide in a display of helpless frustration then hugged herself. She continued on, nearly growling in barely controlled anger.

"We ran tests on the flight medal and the genetic material suggests it belonged to Cadet McCormick but it proves nothing."

"Admiral. I met with B'Elanna prior to arriving here. She had seen a male leave the same dorm building approximately the same time as Cadet Ressa had returned to her room. She also noted which direction he had left and the building he was heading for. It is possible that this male might be our culprit or at least know something of use to us."

"If Cadet McCormick indeed lives in the same building then B'Elanna has a plan that may work. She does have a working theory and plan and wished to discuss it with you."

"Seven, you may not be aware of this but Cadet McCormick's mother is the Earth Representative to the Federation Council. Our proof must be absolute and solid or there will be hell to pay."

Seven nodded in understanding. One did not accuse or even press the family of anyone of importance without just cause. She began outlining the plan B'Elanna had suggested.

B'Elanna wished to walk alone in the area of the suspect's dorm. They had narrowed down the possible areas she could be 'ambushed' late at night. If the culprit indeed stalked and attacked her they would at least have enough just cause to question him further. The Admiral had few doubts on the half-Klingon's abilities to protect herself and capture a human criminal. She agreed that the following night would be as good a time as any other to set the plan into action.


One down and another to go, the male grinned to himself. That bitch only escaped me because of that Klingon got in the way but she's next. She thought she was so clever that day but I followed her to that apartment. She seems fond of that brat of her cousin's. I wonder what she would do if that brat came up missing? He smiled viscously. He whistled a merry tune to himself as he got dressed. He removed his cadet decorations from yesterday's clothing and noticed his flight medal was missing. "Oh well, guess I'll have to replace it."

He pinned on the remaining decorations as he opened a COM link to his father. His father's warm and indulgent smile appeared as he greeted his only son.

"Hi dad. I need a favor. Could you contact the Academy and tell them you need me to see you later today? I have something important to do and need a pass to get off campus," he said with a sly wink so his father thought he was meeting with a pretty girl.

His father chuckled and promised to make the call if it was important. The screen went blank and the young man giggled. This is going to be so much fun, he thought.

The Cadet followed the same route taken by Cadet Torres during her weekend to the home of Thomas Paris. He activated the chime.

"Who is it?" Tom asked as he opened the door. He was wondering who it could possibly be this late at night. As the door slid open he was struck with a heavy stun setting of a phaser.

The Cadet stepped over the fallen body and entered the apartment. He searched until he found the sleeping child. Miral seemed to sense a stranger holding her and began fussing. Not papa, bad smell, the little girl thought, trying to squirm out of the stranger's arms.

McCormick pulled a hypo spray from his pocket and injected the little girl with a sedative. He left the apartment with the sleeping child in his arms.

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