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Starfleet Academy Mystery
By Golden_ruhl


Part Nine

Tom Paris came groggily awake then suddenly realized he had been attacked. Miral! He thought in panic. Crawling weakly on hands and knees Tom reached his daughter's room. His eyes frantically searched the room until undeniably the realization hit him that she was indeed gone. With great effort he managed to get to his feet. The effects of the phaser left his body tingling like his entire body had fallen asleep. Tom made it to the communication terminal to notify the authorities. They needed to find his missing daughter. They just had to.

His next thought was B'Elanna. `I don't know how I'm going to tell her,' he thought helplessly. He made the decision to contact Admiral Janeway first. He braced himself and contacted her office.

"Admiral? You have a call from a Tom Paris," the aide told Kathryn.

"Thank you," she said and activated her COMM unit. "Tom, what can I do for you?" she asked as soon as his face appeared on the screen.

"Admiral, Miral has been taken," he said in a rush. He was clearly upset.

"Taken? By whom?" she asked.

"I don't know. I opened the door and was hit by a heavy stun setting from a phaser and she was taken."

"Hold on Tom. I'll contact B'Elanna," janeway told him. She put him on hold and switched to her aide's console. "Janice, could you send a messenger to the class of Cadet Torres and have her report to my office ASAP?"

B'Elanna was in her engineering class wondering where K'Trina was. Her roommate wasn't usually late for the class. When the classroom door opened she spotted another Cadet enter the room. It was the upperclassman that usually ran errands for the Commandant. It was considered an honor to be assigned the position. She wondered why he was there. He walked up to the instructor. Within seconds she was surprised to hear her name being called. The instructor told her she was excused from class and was to report directly to the Commandant's office.

The former Maquis was curious but not worried. She grabbed her things and followed after the messenger.

K'Trina was running late for class. She had forgotten to get a needed PADD and had rushed back to retrieve it. She was cutting across campus to save time when she saw a human male carrying a toddler into the basement of a dorm, using the cellar doorway.

`I wonder what he's doing?' The only thing in the basements was storage facilities. '`And why was he carrying a child down there?'

Intrigued, the tall Klingon female moved behind a tree and watched him, hoping he wouldn't spot her lurking. Several minutes later he returned to the ground level without the child. He glanced around but seemed unworried about being seen. After all, it was a time when everyone should be attending classes. He whistled a merry tune and walked around to the dormitory entryway.

K'Trina waited until he was out of sight and went to the cellar doors. She wanted to know what was going on with the child. She looked around first then entered the basement. The Klingon tried several doors, peeking into each room until she spotted the toddler. K'Trina found the child asleep upon a pile of duffel bags at the back of the room. She went into the reached around until she found the old-fashioned light switch. She closed the door behind her and approached the child. As she neared the sleeping toddler she was surprised to learn the girl was part Klingon, her ridges clearly defined.

She didn't know who the child was or why she was hidden away but she wasn't about to just leave her there unconscious. Gently, she picked up the sleeping child and cradled her in her arms. K'Trina decided to take the girl to her dorm room and figure out who exactly to contact about her.

The male had been up to no good that was certain. She opened the door and shut of the light. Once she was sure no one was around she left the darkened basement and headed for her own dorm room.

Seven of Nine knocked softly on B'Elanna's door, hoping the Captain was back from her classes. She wished to discuss the plans for tomorrow night's activities.

The door opened but it was her Tall roommate who answered. Seven glanced into the room and was surprised not to see B'Elanna but her daughter instead, asleep on the bed. She turned to the Klingon female.

"What is Miral Paris doing asleep in your quarters?" There was no possible reason for B'Elanna to have her daughter on the Academy's grounds.

"You know who she is?" K'Trina asked. "I followed a human male into the baggage room. He was carrying her into it. He left a few minutes later without her. I was curious and found her asleep on some baggage. I think she might be drugged since she hasn't stirred at all. I was trying to think who to contact first."

Seven didn't even question the young woman's statement. She went directly to the terminal and contacted Admiral Janeway.

"Admiral. I arrived at Cadet Torres' quarters and found Miral Paris asleep in the room. Her roommate had discovered the child after following a male subject. Quite possibly our suspect we spoke of earlier."

"Thanks goodness you have her! Seven, we'll be right there. Janeway out."

Admiral Janeway turned to join B'Elanna but found that she was already gone from the room. She could almost imagine a trail of smoke in her wake. Kathryn ran to catch up with the young mother.

Part 10

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