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Submission Requirements

  • Fan fiction and original stories with women in lead roles
  • Well structured plots, good writing and grammar.
  • Beta reading is strongly recommended. 
  • Humour, action, adventure, drama, angst and especially romance.

Relationship Rules:
  • Romantic/sexual relationships that are integral to the story.
  • Friendship fics are now accepted but they must focus on the relationship between the women
  • Romantic/sexual relationships between adults. No story will be considered if the main characters are not, in the opinion of the archivist, adults at the time of their relationship, which includes characters that have been age-regressed in the story. Similarly no story will be considered if it features child characters that have been aged beyond their canon years for a story.
  • Relationships that build in realistic ways, and aren't just an excuse to have two or more attractive women start boinking their brains out for no apparent reason.
  • Reasonably believable relationships. So if you want to pair up characters most people wouldn't immediately see as possible partners, then give the story a plot which will convince them otherwise.
  • Video and graphic submissions are also welcome and should adhere to the spirit of the above rules.

    Many different fandoms are represented on the site either through a fandom specific, genre or one of the miscellaneous pages, but the current list of fandoms is not exhaustive and P&P is always more than willing to include new fandoms so long as the stories adhere to the rules listed on this page.

    For a fandom to gain its own page it needs a reasonable number of stories - the figure varies between 10-20 depending on how lazy I'm being - or the reasonable expectation that it will soon have a good number of stories or I just heart the fandom or pairing so much that I couldn't help myself.

Things that will NOT be accepted

  • Hard Core Pornography. An overabundance of four letter words and emotionless sex.
  • Exclusive Male/Male slash - mentioning that Harry and Tom are an item is fine, but it shouldn't be the focus of the story or explicit. There are plenty of other sites that would welcome it, but the focus here is on the women.
  • Exclusive Female/Male stories - mentioning that Sheridan and Delenn are an item is fine, but it shouldn't be the focus of the story or explicit. Again, the focus should be on the women.
  • Depictions of rape, incest, child abuse, sex with or between minors. The ONLY exception would be as non-descriptive crimes in stories for C.S.I., Law & Order: SVU, or similar fandoms.
  • Relationships between adult/child characters, including future stories where both characters have been aged.
  • Sexually explicit graphics/manipulations.
  • Stories with real people.

If after all that you still want to send in your story, and I hope you do, here's how.

How to submit your story

  • Very important - put 'submission' in the subject line of the e-mail
  • Please include the following information with every submission
    • Name:
    • Email:
    • Title:
    • Disclaimer:
    • Fandom:
    • Pairing: (not pairing nickname)
    • Rating:
    • Summary: (1 or 2 sentences)
    • Spoiler or Other Information:
  • Plain text is fine, but if using it remember to mark any special formatting you require by surrounding the words as follows +bold+ *italics* =underline=
  • RTF (Rich Text File) will save your formatting and doesn't transmit viruses. When you save your file, choose 'Save As' and select rtf.
  • Do not indent.
  • Leave a line between paragraphs, and use word wrap. This will create the most reliable transfer of your paragraph formatting.
  • Insert some kind of break indicator between scenes, and keep it consistent. For example ***. But please do not use the automatic scene/line breaks they have in Word, as these disappear when the file is converted to html.
  • If you have an extremely long story, please break it into the logical parts that you would want your audience to receive it in. Try to keep the word count under 25,000 per file. Conversely, please do not break your story into too many small files as it vastly increases the time needed to archive your work.
  • Make sure to spell check and proof your document. Beta readers are also wonderful things.
  • Lastly, make sure to include the name you wish on the story and an email address in the file, so I know how to contact you, if your mail is lost or destroyed.
  • For author/reader guidance: ratings are subjective but the following can be used as a general guide. Please note that simply including same-sex themes in your work will not give it a higher rating - on here that's kind of taken as read. Some works may also include themes that the author feels warrent a higher rating but cannot so easily be put into a little list.
    • G - nothing that would scare the chickens
    • PG - a bit of kissing and cuddling or very limited use of mild bad language
    • PG-13 - non-descriptive sex, mild violence, the odd bit of bad language
    • 15 - descriptive sex, violence or a preponderance of bad language
    • 18 - graphic sex, strong violence or extreme bad language

How to submit your Video

  • Very important - put 'video submission' in the subject line of the e-mail
  • Please include the following information with every submission
    • Name:
    • Email:
    • Title:
    • Fandom:
  • YouTube, Vimeo or similar links - please note if there are any geographical restrictions on the video

How to submit your graphic

  • Very important - put 'graphic submission' in the subject line of the e-mail
  • Please include the following information with every submission
    • Name:
    • Email:
    • Fandom:
  • Graphics under 10MB can be e-mailed directly to the submission address below, but multiple submissions that exceed that amount should be sent via dropbox, or a similar service. The same is useful for those people whose e-mail won't send large files.
  • If you are sending via a download site, please send a seperate e-mail with your name and all other details, so I know it's coming and who it's from.
  • The recipient address for the file should be

The layout for this page was based on the one from the incredible Pink Rabbit site, I hope you don't mind.


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