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Six Degrees of Separation Series
Book 1: Tangled

By Firedancer


Chapter 17: Interlude

Shepard sank into the empty co-pilot's chair and leaned back with a relieved sigh as she watched the stars streak by above her.

"Long day Commander?" Joker asked as he glanced over at her.

"Long week," she admitted. "Didn't help that I waited until the last minute to catch up on my reports," she said with rueful shake of her head.

"Running on a couple of hours of sleep and three pots of coffee, eh? Sounds like you're just getting back into the swing of things again," he chuckled.

Shepard groaned. "God, I hope not. After the first couple of months, I expected all of us to start bleeding coffee if we got shot or cut. So how are you holding up?"

He shrugged and fiddled with the brace on his wrist. "Hanging in there. Sore, but the Doc is keeping the pain meds flowing. Don't worry, nothing that won't impair my reaction times or judgment. They just help take the edge off. Getting tired of the whole 'how's your face Joker? Cuz it's killing me' joke, but then I figure I deserve it."

Shepard smirked but remained silent on the matter. She watched the stars for awhile longer, not realizing how often she was yawning until Joker finally broke the comfortable silence. "You keep that up and you are going to make me fall asleep while I'm trying to fly. Go hug your pillow…or something," he said, shooing her out of the cockpit area.

She quirked an eyebrow at him, but he just stared intently at his panel and refused to look over at her. With a roll of her eyes she gave in and hauled herself out of the chair. "You going to turn in soon?"

He shrugged. "They went and replaced my chair with a new one. Figured I'd start breaking this one in. Besides, we need to run a test on the VI auto-pilot and Carter said she'd be willing to keep an eye on things from her station if I wanted to get some shut-eye."

Shepard knew it was pointless to try and coax the pilot out of his chair for some sleep. With his condition the pods were more uncomfortable for him, and she figured he'd probably not even slated himself into the rotation anyway. "Alright, just please make sure that you transfer watch over to Carter before you nod off."

"Aye aye Commander. Have a good night."

"You too Joker."

As she walked down the walkway through the CIC, she suddenly realized just how late it was. The lights were dimmed, and the skeleton third watch shift was already well into their tasks for the evening. Even Pressley had turned in for the night. Great. Liara and Ashley had probably given up waiting for her and were in their own racks by now.

With a small sigh of frustration, she stepped into the elevator, waited for the slow ride down to the crew deck and stepped out to a silent mess area. Another massive yawn overtook her and she winced as her jaw cracked. Maybe it was for the best. She'd only had two hours of sleep early this morning, and had missed lunch due to the numerous department briefings she'd had to go through once they were under way. She was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to take a hot shower and then collapse in her bed for the night.

She stepped into her darkened quarters, and began stripping as she made her way to her small private bath, and flipped the water on while she began her usual nightly routine. The water helped to soak away some of the stiffness in her neck and shoulders, and she felt herself begin to relax under the hot spray. With her eyes closed and her mind drifting she didn't hear the door to her bathroom slide open or see the two figures that slid inside the steam filled room. So when two warm bodies pressed gently against her from either side, she started and most likely would have slipped and fell if it weren't for the strong and steadying grips around her.

"Shhhhh. Easy Skipper," Ashley reassured her quietly from behind. "We have you."

Heart still pounding from the unexpected startlement, Shepard sighed and allowed herself to be held as she dropped her head forward to rest on Liara's shoulder. They all stood under the warm spray for a few minutes like that before Shepard finally lifted her head and looked at her lovers wearily. "I'm sorry about tonight. It's just-,"

Liara silenced her with a tender kiss that was meant to reassure more than it was meant to arouse. When she drew back she gave Alex a loving smile. "You do not need to apologize Alex. We understand that out here you are the Commander and Spectre first. You have responsibilities and duties that must come first- as do we."

"Today was a busy day for everyone, but you have been up for almost two days straight. Let's get you to bed," Ashley said as she placed a loving kiss on Shepard's shoulder and then reached for the controls to turn the shower off as Liara reached for the towels. Together they dried themselves and Shepard off and then guided the exhausted Commander towards the bed.

Ashley and Liara had already discussed that they both knew just how tired Shepard was and decided that tonight's intended rendezvous should probably be postponed. So they helped Alex into a comfortable pair of shorts and tank top before they got her under the covers, and slid in on either side of her, fully clothed themselves. Shepard mumbled another apology that was quickly kissed away and then seconds later was breathing deeply as sleep claimed her.

Liara and Ashley watched over her for a little while before Ashley finally slid from the covers. Liara looked over, the dim light from the wall chronometer allowing her to see that Ashley was bent over as she slipped her socks and boots back on. "You are leaving?" she whispered regretfully.

Ashley gave her a sad smile in the dim light. "Wouldn't be good if I was caught trying to sneak out of the Commander's quarters with my boots in hand tomorrow morning Liara. You are a civilian so there's not really much anyone could say or do. It's okay though. I knew and accepted this when I decided to initiate a relationship with her. Take good care of her for me and sleep well."

Liara reached out and pulled Ashley closer, the two of them leaning over Shepard's sleeping form as they shared a tender kiss. "Mmmmm, I know I will now," Ashley replied with a soft chuckle once the kiss finished.

"As will I. Sleep well my Ashley."

My Ashley. Wow. A girl could get used to that the Chief thought, oblivious to the ridiculous grin on her face as she quietly made her way out of Shepard's room after making sure the Mess area was clear. She finally managed to school her features a little better as she stepped out of the elevator and into the make-shift barracks area. Most of the new squad were already sleeping, with one or two still up and chatting quietly in the corner with a couple of engineers that were off duty and not quite ready to turn in just yet. Ash made her way across the bay to where her cot was set up and noted that Garrus and Wrex were still up and playing cards.

"Deal you in Chief?" Garrus asked as she sat across from them.

"Sure, I'll join you guys in a couple of hands."

"Figured we wouldn't see you till morning," Wrex smirked once the new hand was dealt.

Ashley blushed and looked across the bay to the new Marines. "Yeah, well Shepard was exhausted and besides we have to keep this…change in our relationship off the radar for now."

"There are regulations prohibiting fraternization I take it?" Garrus said quietly as they began playing through the round.

"Between officers and enlisted, yes."

"All you so called 'civilized' species make things so much more difficult with all your damned rules and regulations," Wrex grunted. "With the Krogan, you sleep with whomever you like….or at least whichever female will have you. If anyone has a problem with your leadership then they can challenge you, or leave."

Ashley and Garrus chuckled and shared a knowing eye-roll. "Yeah well, it's the rules I have to live by so I would appreciate it if you guys didn't go broadcasting this to the new Marines over there any time soon."

"You should know they already suspect something is up between Shepard and Dr. T'Soni," Garrus informed her.

"Liara is a civilian and she poses no threat to Shepard's career…or mine for that matter."

"We'll be sure not to say anything that could get either of you in trouble Ashley."

"Thanks. So what did you two do while you were on vacation?" she asked steering the conversation away from herself and her lovers. Thankfully, they let the subject drop and for the next hour the three friends engaged in quiet conversation about some of their various adventures while on leave as they played a few more hands of poker.

Ashley finally glanced at her wrist chrono and decided it was time for her to call it a night. "Sorry guys but I need to turn in. Tomorrow is going to be spent up in the briefing room all day with the new kids, going over a lot of the battle footage from our suit cams so they can see just what we were up against. You guys are welcome to join if you want."

Wrex snorted and gave her a look that asked if she was really serious. Ashley smirked knowing the battle master would have no real interest in long boring tactical meetings. Garrus however considered the offer and then nodded. "I'll join you Chief."

"Great," Ashley smiled. "We were going to meet at 0900 in the briefing room. The Commander may join us for awhile, but she has the department reports to go through along with a training schedule to finish putting together, and Pressley will have the CIC most of the day."

"Sounds good," the turian said as he stood to put the deck away. The three of them moved their racks back into place and then shifted the footlocker that had been serving as their table, up against the wall.

Ashley turned off the workbench light and then dropped onto her rack. "Night guys," she said quietly as she slid under her covers, her eyes growing heavy almost immediately. Wrex grunted in return, and Garrus responded with an equally quiet 'goodnight' as the three soldiers quickly relaxed into slumber.


Chapter 18: Wake Up Call

Liara T'Soni smiled fondly down at the sleeping form of her lover. It was still early, and she was loathe to disturb Shepard, but she knew the Commander would want to be awake soon to get a good start on another busy day. At least she'd managed almost eight hours of sleep. The asari maiden allowed herself a few more moments to observe Alex, a sexy grin slowly lifting her lips. What was that expression she'd heard Alex and Ashley use before? Ah yes….there was no reason why she couldn't kill two birds with one stone.

Carefully, so as not to wake her lover just yet, Liara pulled the sheets off Alex and moved herself until she was kneeling over the Spectre. Slowly, she slipped her hands under the blonde's t-shirt, deft fingers tracing light patterns along the lightly tanned skin. She smirked when Alex mumbled something in her sleep and arched slightly into her touch. She set a slow seductive pace of pushing her hands higher and higher, the shirt lifting with her movements and exposing more skin to her view and touch. Liara felt inordinately pleased with herself when full breasts capped by already stiff nipples were finally revealed.

Alex was still slowly writhing beneath her, her breathing coming in soft pants, but Liara could tell she had yet to awaken. Grinning, the asari bent her head and wrapped her lips around one firm nipple, her teeth and tongue firmly toying with it as Shepard gasped out loud beneath her and arched fully into the contact. A hand moved to the back of Liara's neck, blunt nails scraping lightly against her flesh causing her to moan into the warm and plaint flesh beneath her lips.

"Goddess Liara!" Alex gasped, now fully awake and not at all displeased with the method used. She'd been in the midst of a highly erotic dream, only to awaken and find out it wasn't a dream. One of her lovers really had been skillfully seducing her in her sleep, and she was more than happy to comply with Liara's desires right now.

Knowing that Alex was now awake and she had her full attention, Liara pulled free of Alex's grasp so she could sit up and all but ripped off the t-shirt she had been wearing as well. When that was done she reached down to place a slow wet kiss on her lover's lips before pulling her shirt off. "Good morning my love," she whispered into Alex's ear as she began nibbling all along that soft pale skin of her Commander's throat, careful not to leave any marks no matter how badly she wanted to.

"Every morning should be this good," Alex moaned happily as Liara found a particularly sensitive spot and started giving it extra attention. She arched into the soft press of Liara's body against her own, reveling in the skin on skin contact and the electric feel of Liara's nipples scraping lightly against her own. It was like every nerve in her body had been jump started, and she was spiraling towards release far quicker than she ever had before.

Liara had begun a slow tease down along her body by now, and Alex was practically hyperventilating by the time that soft wet mouth began kissing and licking along the waistline of her shorts. "Please Liara!" she begged quietly.

"As you wish my love," she responded before she sat back on her knees and quickly yanked Alex's shorts and underwear off in one efficient move.

Turned on even further by the bold and demanding move, Alex groaned as firm hands slid up the inside of her thighs, parting them and then coming to rest just short of where she needed them to be. Thankfully, Liara seemed to be very in tune with what she needed because before she could voice her protest, she was crying out in relief as her lover's lips closed over her wet and aching center. "Oh fuck," she panted, her eyes screwed tightly shut as Liara quickly and skillfully brought her to the edge. The young asari may not have had any experience before she'd taken both Ashley and Alex as her lovers only a few shorts weeks before, but no one could ever accuse her of not being an apt pupil. Shepard found herself riding that fine line for far longer than she'd thought possible. The soldier found herself reduced to clutching the bed sheets in one hand, the other clamped firmly to the back of Liara's head as she begged her lover for her release. Too many moments later, she was thankful for the heavy plating around her quarters because she screamed out her release as waves of intense pleasure coursed through her body causing her to cry out several more times as Liara slowly let her come down.

When she finally floated back to some semblance of coherency, Liara was snuggled up against her side, her arms wrapped loving around Alex. "Good morning Commander," she whispered huskily.

Alex felt a deep lassitude in her that took the edge off the stress that had been slowly building over the last few days and managed to roll her head sideways so she could look at her smirking lover. She couldn't help but chuckle at the expression on Liara's face. "And good morning to you Dr. T'Soni." Her expression sobered a bit. "Ashley?"

Liara offered her a tender smile. "She waited until after you had fallen asleep and then headed to the barracks below. She knew you were exhausted love, and was content to just hold you for a little while. Do not worry, we will have time again later. She says you can make it up to her next time," she added with a playful glint in her eyes.

That did the trick and Alex grinned. "Oh I most definitely plan to." She squinted at the chronometer on the wall and then grinned even more. "And look at that, I still have an hour before I am expected in the CIC. More than enough time for a shower for two and to catch a quick breakfast."

"Another shower?"

Shepard rolled suddenly until she was pinning Liara to the bed with her own body. "Trust me….when I get through with you my dear Dr. T'Soni, you are going to be wanting one," Shepard purred as she leaned in and began a slow plunder of her lover's soft lips.


Chapter 19: Dangerous Liasons

The small group seated around the Mess Hall looked up as the doors to the Commander's quarters opened to reveal Dr. T'Soni being escorted out by a serious looking Commander. "Thank you for bringing that to my attention right away Dr. T'Soni. I'll be sure to take it under advisement. In the meantime, I am going to need you to continue working on translating what we recovered from Sigil. I have a feeling that someday in the future that information will prove to be invaluable."

"Aye Commander. Thank you for taking the time to….hear out my suggestions," Liara said, fighting hard to keep her face straight and not quite pulling it off to those who knew what to look for.

"Anytime Doctor. Dismissed." Then Shepard turned her serious gaze towards the table, trying to keep her mask in place as she noted the amusement on several of her team's faces. Ashley was pointedly not looking at them and seemed to be engrossed in her breakfast. Garvey was eying the retreating figure of Liara with a speculative look, and Garrus and Wrex were smirking.

"Williams!" she barked out.

Everyone either cringed or straightened in their chairs as Ashley shot to her feet and saluted the Commander. "Commander!" she acknowledged crisply, suddenly wondering if Shepard was pissed about last night. She hadn't thought she or Liara had been out of line…but then they were still new to trying to figure out how this should work out.

"At ease Chief. I know you had that briefing scheduled this morning, but I need you to bump that back an hour or two as I have to file that weapons inventory report and with all the new gear I need your expertise in making sure it's complete."

Ashley tried not to look confused, sure she had given the Commander a detailed report on everything that had been recently purchased for the new Marine contingent but nodded and then looked back at Garvey. "Lieutenant, can you please inform the rest of the squad that the briefing will begin at 1100 hours instead of 0900? If I am available before then I will have Joker notify you."

"Will do Chief."

Shepard turned on her heel and stalked back into her quarters which also doubled as her office, with Williams following closely behind. As soon as the doors closed Garvey exhaled slowly. "Man…someone sure did get up on the wrong side of the rack this morning," he muttered as he turned back to his breakfast. Snickers from around the table made him look up and eye the rest of the gathered crew suspiciously. "What?"

Ashley had just cleared the door which slid shut behind her when she found herself grabbed roughly and shoved against wall. "Comman-?" she began in confusion before a pair of lips claiming her own silenced her. Caught completely off guard, Ashley was helpless to stop the rising flood of arousal that flashed through her. Not that she was protesting any. But ever the good soldier, Ash managed to gather enough of her scattered wits about her to regain some measure of control. Firmly grabbing Shepard by the front of her shirt, she levered herself off the wall and spun them around until Shepard's back slammed into the unforgiving surface, the force of the impact bruising both of their lips.

The kiss went on for several moments longer before Ashley pulled herself back, gasping as if she'd just run a marathon. Blue eyes nearly made black by arousal slowly opened to meet her own and she grinned as her eyebrow quirked. "Weapons inventory report?" she chuckled in amusement.

Shepard shoved her backwards, smirking at her lover. "Well, my workstation can definitely be involved," Shepard purred as she used her body to guide Ashley deeper into the room until the brunette had bumped up against Shepard's desk.

"I thought you wanted to keep our personal and professional lives separate?" Ashley had to ask.

She swallowed hard at the hungry look of raw need and desire in those intense eyes that held her pinned in place. "Trust me….when it matters the Commander and Spectre will be firmly in charge of this ship and crew. But right now we are in the middle of transit, and I need a break from all this fucking paperwork. Besides, I promised you and Liara personal time and I never go back on my word," she growled out as she leaned in and captured Ashley's lips once more.

Anything else Ashley might have been about to say was quickly forgotten as Shepard's body pressed firmly against her own and strong hands raked down her back to grip her ass tightly. Moaning into the kiss, Ashley decided to go with the flow and began to give as good as she got. Nibbling along Shepard's jaw she brought her lips up against her lover's ear. "Do you know how long I have fantasized about ripping that uniform off of you while on duty?"

Shepard shivered, her hands tightening as she groaned. She closed her eyes as she tried to reign in that darker part of her than was begging to be let out and play for a little while. A strong hand gripping her chin firmly, forced her eyes to snap back open. "No!" Ashley demanded in a serious tone. "I know you keep a part of you in check with Liara and I understand why. But we're both soldiers and I get this part of you Alex. Don't you fucking hold back on me right now," the brunette demanded as her fingers tightened just enough to be slightly painful.

Alex stared hard at Ashley who met her gaze unflinchingly. "Ash….are you sure about this?" the blonde asked in a breathless whisper.

"Oh I'm sure Alex. Question is….do you think you can handle me?" Ashley asked with a challenging smirk.

The response was swift and everything Ashley was hoping for. Rough hands were suddenly moving across her body, divesting her of her clothing in record time even as she returned the favor. When both women had finally managed to shed the last of their clothing, their bodies crushed together as lips met in another bruising kiss as they struggled for dominance. Ashley found herself lifted and deposited onto the hard surface of Shepard's desk, report pads scattering to the floor forgotten as the taller woman began mapping a searing path down towards Ashley's aching breasts. Just as teeth raked across one taut nipple, Two fingers suddenly sank into Ashley's depths without warning, causing the smaller woman to grunt in pleasure as her eyes rolled back in her head.

"Oh FUCK!" she gasped out as Alex set up a fast and hard rhythm with her hand as she began sucking hard on Ashley's nipple for several long moments before switching breasts. Ashley was bucking hard, her fingers gripping the edge of the desk with one hand and twisting into Shepard's short hair with the other.

Then Alex's hot breath was teasing her ear ratcheting her need even further. "You like this Chief? You like getting fucked hard by your Commander?"

There was just something extremely wicked about bringing their ranks into this. The vivid reminder of just how dangerous a game they were both playing added to the thrill of the experience and Ashley felt her whole body shudder in response. "God yes!" she answered eagerly.

There was a sudden tweaking of her nipple, hard enough to cross the line of pain and Ashley's eyes flew open in surprise as she gasped. "That's not the proper response soldier!" Shepard barked out.

"Y-Yes ma'am!" Ashley snapped in automatic response.

A slow and cocky grin spread across Alex's face. "Much better Chief. I think you should be rewarded." With that she suddenly pulled her hand away and Ashley nearly sobbed in frustration and disappointment. Then she was grabbed around the waist and pulled off the desk and then spun around so that her back was to Shepard's front. Her legs were kicked apart and a firm hand gripped the back of her neck. The soldier in Ashley struggled hard with the instinctive urge to resist. Shepard chuckled knowingly from behind her and pushed down hard, bending the brunette over the desk. That hand remained in place as Ashley heard a desk drawer being opened up and the sounds of something being removed. She struggled to turn her head at a better angle so she could see what was going on but Shepard just barked another order at her again as the fingers slid up into her hair and tightened. "Eyes forward, Chief!"

Ashley was a little loathe to admit just how painfully turned on she was and that the use of the 'command voice' here inside the confines of the bedroom nearly made her cum right then and there. Then with a final small shake of her head in warning that she had better stay put, Shepard released her hair and Ashley could here the faint rustle of activity behind her.

Shepard donned the strap-on she'd purchased a couple of weeks ago, and looked down at the firm compact body in front of her. Ashley was bent over her desk, hands firmly gripping the sides, her legs spread wide open, her pussy still gaping open and dripping from her earlier rough invasion, and swollen with desire. The taller woman wanted nothing more than to drop to her knees and….her head cocked to the side and a grin spread across her lips. Well why the fuck not?

Ashley nearly jumped when strong hands grabbed her hips right before a firm tongue dragged up the length of her aching center and then buried itself inside of her. Crying out, the smaller woman pushed back against Shepard's face and tongue, her walls clenching as she sought deeper contact. Shepard continued drinking her fill of Ashley's nectar and allowed the smaller woman to ride her tongue until she felt Ashley was getting close again. Reluctantly she sat back and grinned when Ashley cried out once more in frustration.

"Damn it Shepard!" Ashley began, almost angry.

A resounding and stinging slap across her ass quickly quieted her, along with refocusing her desire. Shepard was back on her feet again and one hand was firmly planted on the center of Ashley's back to keep her from getting up. "Is that any way to address your Commanding Officer?" she demanded.

"No ma'am!"

"What do you have to say for yourself Chief?"

"Sorry Commander….but I was…distracted," she began, her voice faltering as Shepard's free hand began wandering over her tense body once more in light random patterns. "I'm sorry I lost my temper Commander, but I would appreciate it very much if you would stop teasing me so much and just fuck my brains out….ma'am!"

Shepard leaned over her lover and chuckled. "Fuck your brains out eh, Chief?" she asked in her lover's ear, feeling the shiver that ran through her body.

"Please," was the whispered needy plea.

"Hope you're ready for just that then Chief," Shepard warned as her hand moved up to grip Ashley's hair and jerked her head back so that she could see her eyes while her other hand drifted along Ashley's drenched core, gathering some of the moisture then and smearing it along the shaft of the dildo. Ashley was panting in need now and Shepard met Ashley's eyes as she gripped the dildo in one hand and lined it up. They shared a long intense look and then Shepard drove her hips forward, her eyes rolling slightly as Ashley all but screamed in ecstasy even as she thrust her hips back.

"Ffffuck," Shepard panted as her hips slammed home against Ashley's bare ass, the base of the toy pushing firmly against her own center and sending sparks of lighting through her own body. She pulled back slowly and then slammed the shaft home again, wrenching another cry of pleasure from her lover. Shepard took a deep steadying breath, and looked down at her Chief. "Let's see how well you can follow orders Chief. Don't you dare fucking cum until I tell you to. Got me?"

Ashley swallowed hard but nodded. "F-five by five Skipper," she managed around another groan.

Shepard smirked and then set a hard, fast pace that left Ashley breathless and struggling to obey her lover's command. She screwed her eyes shut tightly and desperately tried to think of something else to help distract her. Gun specs, Mako maintenance checklists, anything that would keep her from dwelling on the fact that she was more turned on that she'd ever been in her life, and all she wanted to do was scream out her release right then.

Shepard had to admit she was impressed. Sweat was slicking both of their bodies and as she pounded into Ashley, and she could feel her own climax approaching swiftly. The slap of her skin against Ashley's, the high-pitched noises of un-restrained ecstasy as she slammed the faux cock home with each hard thrust, feeling Ashley's body tremble violently beneath hers with restrained need. It was quickly growing too much and Shepard closed her eyes as she let the feelings build within her.

Her own grunts of pleasure were now mixing with Ashley's, and her thrusting sped up as she approached her own threshold. Then, just before she crossed the point of no return, she paused, and leaned over her lover, her hands suddenly softening as her arms encircled Ashley's body. Her lips brushed against the shell of her lover's ear and she grazed it with her tongue before whispering her final command. "Come for me my beautiful Chief," she whispered tenderly even as she jogged her hips forward one last time.

The new angle caused the phallus to hit that special spot deep within Ashley and she cried out in sweet and happy release, her whole body shaking as Alex held her, riding out her own orgasm with the smaller woman. When Ashley could finally move again, she realized that she was laying on Shepard's desk, her arms having given out, and apparently Shepard hadn't been too steady on her feet afterwards as she was resting most of her weight on Ashley's back, though she'd never released her embrace from around the brunette. Ashley managed to get her hands under her and pushed up slightly, and Shepard finally snapped out of it enough to push herself up as well and step back.

Ashley groaned at the loss of the dildo, but all she wanted right now was to stagger over to the bed and collapse next to Alex and hold her for a little while. They did just that, and despite their best efforts, both women fell fast asleep in each others arms.

Up on the bridge Joker cleared his throat and looked around once more. He had been thankful no one else had been up in the cockpit area with him when Shepard's comm had gone live. She'd already done that a handful of times when she'd accidentally set a data pad or something else on the button. Most of the time there had been nothing but muttered swearing or the shuffling of paperwork that had come through. This time however….whoa boy!

"Gonna have to have Adams send a team up there to re-route the location of that comm button," he muttered to himself as he wiped his brow and then chuckled wickedly to himself. Damn that had been hot though. Maybe he wouldn't tell Adams just yet…..

Part 20

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