A.P. Stacey

Whatever Shape Your Burdens Take 1 2 3 4 15 Tali/Shepherd Annika Shepherd has frustrated the malevolent force, known only as the Reapers, twice - leading the best and the brightest all over the galaxy and dying for the cause herself. A soldier beyond compare, what happens when there's no war left to fight? These are not the times for Heroines ... On-Going


Loyalty PG-13 F Shepard/Liara After the events of Mass Effect 2, Liara takes a moment to think about the past...and the future. Complete

Teambuilding 18 Miranda/Jack Miranda and Jack learn to put aside their differences. Set during the down time of Mass Effect 2. Complete

Yeoman's Log 15 After the suicide mission, Yeoman Kelly Chambers takes stock of the Normandy's crew. Complete

Commander Shepard and the Harem of the Slime King PG-13 Will Commander Shepard and her brave crew escape the clutches of the Slime King? Find out this week on...Mass Effect! Complete

Keepsake PG-13 F Shepard/Liara After the end, it's time to start thinking about what to rebuild...and what to hold on to. Spoiler: for the "Control" ending of Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut. And I suppose technically for the entire game leading up to that ending, if you want to get technical. Complete

Elizabeth Carter

Rising From the Ashes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 18 Paragon F Shepard/Liara Sovereign is dead, the Citadel in ruins the Council is saved but is Shepard first human Spectre fated to join the long list of the dead? On-Going

The Night before Ilos 18 Paragon F Shepard/Liara A night shared before planet-fall on Ilos. This is an extention of the love scene. Complete

Scenes from the Citadel PG Paragon F Shepard/Liara Shepard has a weakness for Asari: especially ones who seemed to be in distress. What is a Spectre in shining Colossus amour to do but stride and play the champion and rescue a fair princess? Complete

Two Minutes is Eternity PG-13 Paragon F Shepard/Liara No synopsis given. Complete

Preferring Research to all these Explosions PG Paragon F Shepard/Liara No synopsis given. Complete


The One PG-13 F Shepard/Liara Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams has a bad feeling about the mission to Virmire. She reflects on why she will do whatever it takes to get the job finished. Complete

Six Degrees of Separation Series

Book 1: Tangled 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-14 15-16 17-19 20-23 24-27 18 FemShep/Liara/Ashly/   Tali/? While recovering from her injuries sustained during the Battle of the Citadel, Commander Alexis Shepard must now face the confusing emotions she is having for more than one of her fellow teammates. Can she balance her personal life with her duties? Complete


Written in the Stars 1-10 15 Shepard/Liara Liara built a time capsule and wants Shepard's input. Showing it to Shepard would be an easy task, but what about their so-called relationship? The one neither of them made any comment about when they were in the same room... She had made so many mistakes, how could Shepard ever forgive her for that? And how was she supposed to make it all right again? On-Going

She's Always a Woman to Me 15 Miranda/Liara Liara loves the human biotic. But their "relationship" is too fragile to last in the long run. What is the right thing to do? And how is she supposed to deal with this situation? (Songfic) Complete

Howl 18 Miranda/Liara Miranda isn't sure where this affair is going. She certainly isn't sure what she's feeling. Only one thing is certain: She can't go on like this. (Songfic) Complete

I'm Done 18 Miranda/Liara Sequel to 'Howl'. Complete

karen alexander

Rocky Ground PG Shepard/Liara There's something about Commander Shepard that Dr Liara T'Soni simply can't stand, and it's getting in the way of their work. Complete

The ash the burnt roses left New 15 Shepard/Ashley   Shepard/Liara If it's your job to save the universe, you learn very quickly that collateral damage is unavoidable. However, even if you're the tough Commander Jane Shepard, sometimes the cost is just too high. Complete

Kelley MacKinnon

Turnabout 1-6 18 Shepard/Liara It has been five years since Shepard defeated the Reapers. Life has continued but Liara has refused to believe that the only person she has ever loved has died. Meanwhile, Cerberus is beginning to get its feet back. On-Going


Reaper Duty G F Shepard/Liara Seven years after the war Jane is still fighting the reapers. They're just under the bed now. Complete