DISCLAIMER: I wrote this for my own pleasure and the pleasure of any who may choose to read it, not for money or any material gain whatsoever. My thanks to Gregory Maguire for writing his version in "Wicked" and to L. Frank Baum for the original Wizard of Oz stories which I read many years ago. My thanks also to Edina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth upon whom all physical descriptions are based. Other fan fiction stories I have read claim Galinda/Glinda has blue eyes and that may be true in all the books and plays but in my mind they, like Ms. Chenoweth's, are green.
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The Cloak
By Wordsmith


"Oh, isn't that the most darling little cloak you've ever seen?" gushed Galinda peering into the shop window, her face pressed nearly into the glass.

Elphaba sighed. For the thousandth time that day, she questioned her own sanity in agreeing to accompany Galinda on this shopping trip in the first place, but when her roommate pointed out, quite rightly, that Elphaba hadn't left their room in over three days, she felt compelled to oblige the request.

Knowing the remark to be rhetorical, Elphaba did not bother to respond but moved to open the shop door resignedly. It was the fifth store they had entered in the past half hour but Galinda seemed determined to find something over which to gush at each and every one. And yet, they were remarkably free from bags, having looked at nearly every item in each store but purchasing nothing as yet after three hours of what Galinda insisted on referring to as "retail therapy." Therapy for what was not made clear.

The cloak in question was a deep purple floor length brocade shot through with strands of silver in an intricate design. Floor length at least to someone of Galinda's somewhat limited stature. Elphaba grinned to herself thinking that on her it would barely reach the knee. Seeing the smile, Galinda beamed. "You like it too, don't you Miss Elphaba? I simply must try it on. I simply must." Struggling to release the cloak from its hanger, Galinda only succeeded in tangling it further.

"Oh here," grumbled Elphaba, "Let me do it." With long deft fingers, she untangled the garment and swirled it around her diminutive companion. For someone with limited fashion sense, even Elphaba could see that the cloak was indeed perfect for Galinda. Just the right length yet not too long as to trip her up. Just the right heft to keep her warm and secure without bunching or smothering her. Just the right color to bring out the emerald flecks in Galinda's sparkling green eyes.

"Hmmm," thought Elphaba to herself, "I've never notice that Miss Galinda's eyes are green. How odd that everything else on me is except my eyes." The thought made her grin again, and seeing it, Galinda smiled back at her from the reflection in the mirror.

"So" Galinda asked quietly, "It looks alright?" Galinda had not sought Elphaba's opinion of the multitude of things she had tried on that day, but at the moment with both of them staring at her reflection in the mirror she felt compelled to solicit Elphaba's commentary. Elphaba found herself unable to look away, wishing that the green eyes would look up into hers again. She found herself tugging on the shoulders of the cloak, straightening it slightly.

"It's very...pretty." she finished lamely, berating herself for her lack of vocabulary on a subject about which she knew practically nothing. Suddenly, there were those eyes again, sparkling with confidence.

"Well, then I must have it. I simply must. Allowance be damned, beg your pardon, but really how does Papa expect me to keep up with the pittance of an allowance he sends each semester? It's quite ridiculous." She reached up for the clasp to take off the cloak, only to find it unwilling to come undone. "Oh dear. Miss Elphaba, could you possibly help me with this clasp?"

Turning to face Elphaba, Galinda's face was a study in concentration as she attempted to dislodge the stubborn metal piece. Rolling her eyes, Elphaba reached for the clasp and with a flick of her wrist opened it. "You have to turn as you pull."

"Thank you so much, Miss Elphaba." and reaching up, Galinda pecked Elphaba on one green cheek, then turned to bring the cloak to the sales counter.

"Don't." said Elphaba, rooted to the spot. The place on her cheek where Galinda had kissed her burned slightly, like the spark that came from shuffling one's feet along the carpet. It had happened so fast she felt unable to react. Looking up, she realized that Galinda was in the doorway waiting for her.

"Do hurry up, Miss Elphaba. We mustn't be late for supper." And with that, she and her new cloak swirled out the door. Elphaba followed behind, listening to Galinda's incessant chatter with only half an ear. Realizing that even her non-rhetorical remarks were receiving no response, Galinda glanced back. Seeing Elphaba's blank expression, Galinda remarked, "Clearly you are all done in with shopping. Frankly I'm surprised you lasted this long. Soon enough we'll have you back in your lofty tower studying away again." Quickly hailing a cab, she led her quiet companion into the seat being sure to wrap the new cloak around herself tightly, breathing deeply its new cloak smell.

Once back at Shiz, Galinda insisted on going right to the dining hall for dinner. And to show off her new possession. All the girls swarmed around her asking where she had obtained it, how much it had cost, gasping at the extravagance, fingering the material and generally admiring it and Galinda along with it. Laughing about spills and the inconvenience of soup for dinner, Galinda flicked the cloak around her shoulders to trail down her back while she ate, not quite able to part with the garment for something so utilitarian as eating. Catching sight of Elphaba's still pale countenance, Galinda ate quickly, then turned to the gaggle of girls at their table, "I, for one, am simply exhausted. Retail therapy may be good for one's soul but certainly not for one's feet. Shall we call it an early evening, Miss Elphaba?"

Elphaba looked up sharply. Galinda's plans rarely included her and there was never any expectation that their schedules would synchronize. But feeling there was something behind the pull of those green eyes, Elphaba merely nodded and taking both their soup bowls to the bussing table, she followed behind Galinda as she made her way out of the room.

The door had just closed behind the pair when Galinda's shoes where heard to hit the wall in two loud "thunk"s. "Thank heaven those are off. Why enlightened women such as ourselves have to put up with such torture devices as these is quite beyond me." Galinda exclaimed, as she went to her closet to hang up the new cloak. But after fighting with the clasp for a time, she turned once again to Elphaba saying in something quite akin to a whine, "Miss Elphaba, the clasp is stuck again. Really, for the amount of money I paid for this cloak is it too much to expect that the clasp would take less than an engineering degree to open?"

As she spoke, she continued to struggle with the clasp, until Elphaba lightly slapped Galinda's hands away from the offending item. "Stop that, you'll only bend it more." With a twist and a pull, the clasp gave way.

"Oh thank you Miss Elphaba, you really are most dextrous." And once again, though Elphaba was slightly more prepared this time, Galinda reached up on her tiptoes to kiss Elphaba lightly on the cheek. The kiss was identical to the one earlier but Elphaba felt its sting even more strongly.

"Stop doing that." she muttered backing away from Galinda and retreated into the bathroom where she hurried to the mirror. Upon examining her cheek, she could see no outward sign of the kiss. Her cheek was still the same pine needle shade it had always been, at least since puberty when her face took on a slightly darker tone than when she had been a child. Stretching and twisting this way and that, Elphaba examined her face from as many angles as she could, trying to explain to herself why such a gentle thing as an innocent kiss from her roommate would illicit such a response as shortness of breath and a lingering stinging sensation at the spot of the intrusion. Chalking it up to an adverse reaction to Galinda's lipstick, she prepared herself for bed. Once back in the bedroom, she was relieved to find Galinda's usual talkative self was instead immersed in a book.

"Good night." Elphaba said brusquely getting into her bed. Galinda answered with a quiet, "Sweet dreams, Miss Elphie."

The next morning Elphaba was relieved to find that as per usual Galinda refused to arise before the sun, and so was out of the door without having to encounter the woman who had so prominently featured in her dreams. The dreams were, for lack of a better word, surreal with Galinda looming on all sides of Elphaba, the purple cloak swirling and writhing as if it had a mind and body all its own. "Help me" repeated Galinda at one moment sounding strident and shrill, the next sensual and seductive. More than once Elphaba had awoken feeling panicked, only to be lulled back to sleep by the soft breathing of her chamber mate. Once in class, she was able to call upon the reserves of strength she usually harnessed after pulling an all nighter study session or marathon book reading. Her roommate was not so lucky. Galinda stumbled into class later than was acceptable, even for her, looking as if she too had not slept more than ten winks at a time.

Their professor, a grumpy Munchkinlander, growled at the girl, "Miss Galinda, while I do not appreciate your coming in late, I do expect that you will at least remove your outer garment while attending my class. That is," he looked pointedly at her, "if you are intending to stay."

Galinda turned deep crimson and pulled the cloak more tightly around herself, "I do beg your pardon Professor, but I am feeling a bit under the weather and I feel I must have taken a chill for I am so cold this morning you wouldn't believe it. Please may I leave it on, just for today?"

"If you are ill, you should stay home" the Professor retorted, "But since you are here, leave it on. Perhaps you will confine your germs to yourself that way."

At this, a few students surreptitiously scooted their chairs away from the clearly miserable girl. Elphaba felt a jolt of anger toward the professor, then wondered why. She herself insisted that coming to class when one felt unwell was nothing short of disrespectful toward one's fellow students and teachers. She gave Galinda what she hoped was an encouraging smile, then turned to listen to the day's lecture, being sure to take particular care with her notes, knowing all the while that Galinda would be asking to copy them later.

Sure enough, as soon as the class was released, as Elphaba passed Galinda still sitting at her desk, Galinda asked, "Miss Elphaba, could I prevail upon you-"

Cutting her off, Elphaba said, "I'll have my notes on your desk by the time you get home."

Galinda smiled weakly but was prevented from responding by Elphaba holding up her hand, "It's no problem. I learn the material better if I copy it down more than once."

"No, it's not that." Galinda started, then faltered. "It's just that..."

As Elphaba waited for Galinda to finish her thought, she noticed the smaller girl grasping tightly at the cloak. Sudden realization struck her and she was overcome with what sounded suspiciously like a chuckle. "You can't get it off, can you?" Gesturing toward Galinda who was getting more red faced by the moment, "You're stuck."

Galinda pursed her lips tightly, "Yes, if you must know. This stupid clasp simply won't come undone. That's why I was late this morning. I intended to hang up the cloak in the cloak room like a proper lady should but it wouldn't come unclasped and I felt quite trapped and then the Professor made such a commotion about it, I simply couldn't ask you in front of all those people to help me undo it."

Elphaba's laughter ceased abruptly, "You couldn't ask me in front of all those people? Why not? Is it too much to think that I would do something nice for you, for anyone? Oh no, not Elphaba, not wicked Elphaba. She would never do anything for anyone else."

Elphaba's outburst was cut short by Galinda's delicate hand on her veridian arm. "No silly, not because I didn't think you would help me, but because I didn't want anyone to think I was too clumsy to undo the clasp myself, like some kind of child who can't undress themselves."

"Oh" Elphaba was dumbfounded. "But you are stuck?" When Galinda nodded, the blush starting to crawl once again up her neck to her cheeks, Elphaba felt a stab of pity and something else she couldn't quite identify. Then surprising even herself she teased the other girl, "So you can't undress yourself?"

Galinda stared, shocked, at Elphaba. "Miss Elphie! How could you?" Then giggled herself. "Class is all over for today so I might as well keep the damned, beg your pardon, thing on. Shall we go get some lunch? I'm simply famished."

"Yes, let's. Soup?" She sneaked a sidelong look at Galinda who pointedly ignored the remark but replied, "I had the hardest time sleeping last night. I think it must have been an emerald moon or something because generally I sleep like a rock, as you must well know by now."

"Yes, I do know." Elphaba replied following, as always, the other girl out the door.

Upon returning to their rooms, this time Galinda didn't bother to ask but turned to face Elphaba as soon as they were both inside. Blinking her eyes up at the taller girl, Galinda only said, "Please?"

Elphaba bit back a sigh of resignation and dutifully undid the clasp. This time when the kiss came it was less unexpected but no less revolutionary. "Don't" she whispered but stayed where she was standing this time, watching as Galinda turned away to hang up the cloak, then on to her desk chattering all the way about some new bit of gossip. Elphaba mentally shrugged and moved to her own desk, sliding her notes out to copy for Galinda. As she did, Elphaba contemplated and dissected each of the kisses in her mind, finally coming to the conclusion that, although unnerving to her, to Galinda it was probably just part of being who she was. A huggy, kissy, touchy-feely type of person. Yes, that must be it. It was one more difference in their personalities that had never come up before.

But as the days passed, Elphaba took careful notice of each of Galinda's interactions with others. True, Galinda was sweetness and light to every and all she encountered, she actually did not touch others on a regular basis, and certainly never kissed them. Unlike her kisses for Elphaba which were becoming as routine as hanging up the cloak itself. Every night they would return to their room, Elphaba would undo the cloak's clasp and Galinda would kiss her lightly on the cheek. Every night Elphaba would protest weakly with a "Stop" or a "Don't" or even a "Quit it" spat out roughly after a particularly harrowing kiss that landed nearer to her mouth than away from it than ever before, only to have her remarks ignored by Galinda or dismissed with a gentle "hmph". The proximity of the kisses to her mouth was slowly and inescapably growing smaller as the days went by, Elphaba suddenly realized. It was then she realized that she must take action to put a stop to this kissing business. The next day, while Galinda was in the shower, Elphaba examined the cloak. The clasp was a delicate locking mechanism based on a hook and eye design. She turned it this way and that trying to discover just what about the clasp seemed too difficult for Galinda to master. Frustrated, she hung the cloak back in the closet and on a whim looked through Galinda's other coats, capes and robes. All of them had similar clasps. In fact, there were quite a few of the fancier dress capes that had clasps much more complicated than the one on the purple cloak. Elphaba was baffled. Why would Galinda pretend to be unable to do the clasp herself? Elphaba didn't understand. Hurriedly putting the items back, she returned to her desk. As she pondered, Galinda appeared in a waft of steam from the bathroom,

"What a glorious delight a hot shower is, Miss Elphaba. I know you don't care for them yourself, and it is a wonder to me how you stay so clean and sweet smelling and delicious with your unusual eversion to water but I simply adore a good shower. I don't know what I'd do if I had to live in a dry place, do you?" Taking no notice of Elphaba's lack of response, Galinda prattled on, talking of this dry place she had been and that desert she had studied before coming to Shiz. "Before meeting you, of course." she said smiling brightly at the verdant face reflecting back in her mirror.

At that moment, it was as if Elphaba had an epiphany. "Sweet smelling and delicious"? Galinda! Elphaba could hardly form the thought. Galinda had feelings for Elphaba! Not friendly, not kindly, not roommate to roommate feelings either. But feeling feelings! There was nothing wrong with the cloak. Galinda only pretended to be unable to do the clasp in order to then reward Elphaba for undoing it for her. To kiss her. Thinking back on it, Elphaba realized that the nightly kisses had started nearly to her ear. Now they were threatening her mouth. Galinda wanted to kiss her on the mouth! And they were getting longer in duration. At first, the kisses were mere pecks. Now Elphaba could recall a more lingering attitude, a leisurely pace, almost a caressing quality to them. At the thought, Elphaba could not hold back a little gasp of shock. Galinda, thinking she finally was getting feedback on her choice of skirts for the evening eyed her own footwear, "You're right, of course. The red shoes would look better, wouldn't they? What would I do without you, dear Miss Elphie?" and went to retrieve the shoes from her inner closet. When she returned, she found Elphaba standing near the tall mirror with the purple cloak in her hand.

"Put this on." Elphaba directed curtly to the petite girl. Frowning slightly, Galinda did as she was asked, "Not that I like to be rushed to supper but if you think we're that late." She wrapped the cloak around her slim body and did up the clasp. Into the mirror, she adjusted her light hair to fall in a shimmering cascade down her back.

"Now take it off." The words stuck in Elphaba's throat but she managed to get them out.

Galinda looked puzzled, cocking one eyebrow at the taller girl standing behind her. "Why Miss Elphaba, you know I always have trouble with this clasp. That's why I have you help me." Her tone was the same cheery voice as always but her green eyes darkened a bit.

"Take. It. Off." Each word was bitten off abruptly and Galinda could see Elphaba's hands tighten into fists. She looked into Elphaba's dark eyes and saw that they were nearly black with a kind of rage she had never seen before.

Fumbling with the clasp, she tried once again to feebly explain, "I don't know why you're acting this way all of a sudden, Miss Elphaba. If you didn't want to help me with the cloak all you need do is say so." Her fingers were shaking so hard she had to pull at the clasp to get it to unlatch. When it did, Elphaba grabbed at it, shaking it into Galinda's face, "Why Galinda? Why did you pretend you couldn't open this clasp when you so clearly could?"

Galinda searched Elphaba's face for a clue as to the expected answer. Finding none, she resorted to the truth, raising her chin defiantly toward the taller girl, "Because then I would have an excuse to do this."

And reaching up, she slipped one hand behind Elphaba's head, pulling her close. Elphaba watched as Galinda closed her eyes just before their lips met. The kiss was short and sweet and the most powerful thing Elphaba had ever experienced. Soft beyond soft, tender, achingly sweet. The kiss lasted only a few moments but it was enough. When they parted Elphaba could only peer into Galinda's green shining eyes with wonder.

"Don't. Stop." she murmured and leaned in for another searing kiss. This one was more heated and it wasn't long before Galinda was pushing against Elphaba's chest gasping breathlessly, "Oh dear Miss Elphaba, you truly do take my breath away. I think I need to sit down."

Sitting down on the bed, Galinda steadied herself against the post. "Not that I am altogether that experienced in these matters, but I do believe you are the best kisser in the known world."

Elphaba joined the blonde on the bed, "And you are clearly the most deceitful kisser in the known world." She took Galinda's hand, "Or at least in all of Oz."

At this Galinda pouted a bit saying, "Well, that is what one has to resort to when confronted by a dilemma such as you. I knew I could never come right out and tell you how I felt, Miss Elphaba. That would certainly scare you away for all time." She batted her eyes at Elphaba, "So a little deception can be forgiven, can it not?"

Elphaba tried to look stern but found her grin getting in the way, "Just so that it doesn't continue." She said wagging a finger at Galinda. "And considering the change in our circumstances, perhaps you had better drop the 'Miss" hadn't you? Galinda." she finished firmly, raising one eyebrow.

"Yes, of course Elphie but perhaps only when we are alone. I wouldn't want others to gossip." At the suspicious scowl this brought to Elphaba's face she added, "I want to keep our relationship between us for now if you don't mind. A little secret to hold close to my heart."

"A secret?" Elphaba was wary.

"Yes dear Elphie. So much of my life is so, well, public. I just want this one thing that is only mine and yours. No one else's. You understand, don't you?"

"About wanting privacy?" Elphaba smiled ruefully, "No one understands it better than I."

"Oh good. I worried you might think it was because of your...well your..."

"My being green." Elphaba's eyes twinkled.

"Yes, your being green. Some might have a problem with a green girl and a..."Galinda hesitated.

Elphaba laughed outright, "A pink girl! By the Wizard, a pink girl and a green girl!" and proceeded to roll about on the bed laughing until she was quite breathless. Galinda, however, did not find this quite so amusing but soon enough was giggling as well.

"So, shall we put all this unpleasantness behind us, and go down for some dinner?" Galinda pulled the taller girl up out of the bed.

"I could eat." Elphaba said with such a naked leer of desire that Galinda blushed again.

"Miss Elphie, really!" she gasped in astonishment. To which Elphaba laughed even harder.

Dinner was an unusual affair. In the past, this was the time when Galinda would come closest to holding court, as it were. Any table she chose was the place to sit, any foods she ate were declared the best on the menu, the conversation directed by her on topics of interest only to her but suddenly of interest to everyone else. At least everyone who was anyone. That night, however, she stunned the Shiz community as a whole by not only sitting by herself (sitting with that strange roommate of hers hardly counted as sitting with people) but by eating only slightly of the same foods that were chosen by said strange roommate, and enjoying what appeared to be a scintillating conversation with her, their peals of laughter ringing about the room in a most undignified manner.

"You know" remarked Elphaba drily as she watched Galinda peel a ripe pomofruit at the end of their meal, "your followers are watching every move you make."

Galinda smiled demurely, "So what if they are?" making no attempt to deny that she had followers. She offered a segment of the juicy pink fruit to her companion who ignored it.

"Well, I thought you wanted to be discreet." The proffered fruit was brought to Galinda's mouth where she hesitated before taking a bite, "There's being discreet, and there's being ridiculously discreet." The fruit disappeared behind pearly white teeth.

Elphaba found herself unable to look away from that mouth and was shocked to discover that her own mouth was watering. "What does that mean, exactly?" Galinda was peeling more of the pomofruit, taking care to not let the juice roll onto her clothes.

"It means" she said holding out another section, "to let everyone see that our relationship has become...more cordial, shall we say? Really, it's not as if I'm going to mount you here and now in the dining hall. However much I might like to." Her green eyes smoldered as she looked into Elphaba's darker ones, daring her to take the pomofruit.

Elphaba was beside herself but quickly made up her mind. Leaning forward she kept eye contact with Galinda and was gratified to see the green eyes widen in surprise when she first licked a drop of pomojuice off the edge of the offering before covering it with her mouth. She sucked the fruit into her mouth and bit lightly onto Galinda's fingers which immediately released the fruit. Galinda's neck and chest responded with the telltale crimson flush, and she stood abruptly. Taking Elphaba by the arm pulling her up as well, she stated loudly enough for the benefit of the whole room who was now watching her in slack jawed amazement, "My my look at the time. We really must be going. Come, Miss Elphaba." and quickly marched out of the room. Every head turned as one as the pair made their way to the door. Elphaba took a moment to look back, catching the crowd in the act. She snarled at them, then laughed to herself as they all snapped their heads back to their dinners again.

"Stop that, " reprimanded Galinda, "it isn't nice."

"No" replied Elphaba confidently, "but it is fun."

Back in their room, Elphaba felt her confidence fading. Galinda hadn't worn the cloak to dinner so there was no reason for her help in taking it off, nor the resulting reward. Seeing Elphaba frowning, Galinda guessed as to the reason. Planting herself in front of the taller woman, she looked up expectantly, "Well?"

Elphaba's brow furrowed, "Well what?"

Galinda sighed heavily and rolled her eyes, "Well, aren't you going to kiss me now?"

Elphaba felt a well of panic rising in her chest, "Do you want me to kiss you?" she asked cautiously.

"Elphaba Thropp! I went to great lengths to get you to kiss me every night and, frankly, at every available opportunity. Do you really expect me to give it up now? Don't be silly." she set her lips in a thin line, "Now you kiss me right this instant."

Elphaba complied, "Yes Galinda." And kissed the blonde briefly on the cheek, her lips gone even before they had landed.

"Are you kidding me?" Galinda really was starting to get angry.

"Yes Galinda" and before the younger girl could say another word, Elphaba swooped in and kissed Galinda soundly and assuredly. Feeling Galinda moan into her mouth, Elphaba took heart and tentatively swiped at Galinda's upper lip with her tongue.

"Oh my" Galinda whispered before opening her mouth and capturing that tongue with her lips, sucking gently. Elphaba felt like her entire mouth was on fire but had no interest in putting it out. Guiding the other girl to her bed, she maneuvered them into a sitting position on its edge. She felt Galinda's hands brush against her sides, then one snake its way onto her long hair. Elphaba mimicked the motion and was astonished at the softness of Galinda's yellow tresses. Softer than silk but thick and wavy under her fingers. Elphaba pulled away from Galinda's mouth to bury her face in the fragrant depths. Galinda, in the meantime, made do with refocusing her kisses on Elphaba's slim elegant neck. Kissing and nibbling the electric green neck, Galinda couldn't help but use her tongue as well to lick Elphaba just under her ear. At this, Elphaba hissed but not enough to cause concern, so Galinda did it again, tentatively at the juncture where Elphaba's chin met her jawline, fascinated with not just the softness of Elphaba's skin but its smokey, savory flavor. This time, Elphaba let out a ragged "Ahhh" from the back of her throat. Pleased at this unexpected revelation, Galinda pushed Elphaba onto her back on the bed, and rolled so that she was lying atop her roommate. Raising herself up on one elbow, Galinda looked down at Elphaba whose face was now a new shade of green, almost bright kelly.

"Hmm," she noted to herself, "Elphie gets brighter green while I, as she so rudely noted, I get darker pink. Interesting." Seeing that Elphaba was panting slightly, Galinda inquired, "Okay?"

Unable to speak, Elphaba nodded. Galinda kissed her mouth quickly, then moved to her neck again. Bringing her hand to the front of Elphaba's dress, she found herself confronted with a seemingly unending row of buttons. Slowly as she kissed her way down Elphaba's neck, she undid one button after another. Judging by the slight moans from the other woman, this was permissible. When finally Galinda reached the bottom of the garment and the end of the buttons, she glanced back up at Elphaba's face.

"Still okay?" she asked. Elphaba appeared both terrified and desperate for Galinda to continue so she did. Pulling back the fabric, she discovered Elphaba's undergarment, a thin light shift fronted with yet another row of buttons, this time even smaller than the ones of Elphaba's dress.

"Oh for pity's sake." muttered Galinda in dismay. Elphaba smirked grimly and, taking the shift by the edge, tore it in two right up the center. Galinda smiled her thanks, "Much better." and proceeded to slowly push the edges away. As more and more green skin emerged, Elphaba began to take on that panicked look again, but was soon relieved by Galinda's breathless expression, "Oh my." She gazed in wonder at the smoothness of the chartreuse skin displayed in front of her, the high small breasts topped with deep emerald areolas. She bent her head to Elphaba's collarbone and kissed her way down the sternum. Reaching her hand over, she stroked one breast while inching her kisses toward the other. When she took the firm nipple in her mouth, she pulled tenderly until it plopped out with a satisfying "pop". Grinning, she did the same of the other breast, but this time her mouth watered slightly more and a line of saliva clung to the breast connecting it to Galinda's lips. When the drizzle landed on Elphaba's skin, Galinda could have sworn it sizzled. Testing her theory, she boldly licked the underside of the breast and was delighted to find that the moisture bubbled up before it was quickly evaporated away. In addition, she heard Elphaba gasp loudly. She licked again, only this time Elphaba's nipple. Elphaba cried out, "By all the gods!" Galinda decided this was encouragement and set to work licking and nibbling on Elphaba's breast for quite some time. Until she noticed that Elphaba was writhing under her, wrapping her long legs around Galinda's knees. Guessing at the cause of Elphaba's wordless distress, Galinda scooted lower in the bed, bringing the remnants of the dress and torn shift with her. Once all the offending and quite unnecessary clothes were disposed of onto the floor, Galinda ran her hands up Elphaba's thighs, gently prying them apart. Peering deep into Elphaba's eyes, Galinda asked for and received the permission she needed. Taking a deep breath, she bent her head to slowly and painstakingly lick her way from Elphaba's knee to the junction between her legs. When she reached the apex, Galinda took a long torturous swipe, glacial in speed but no less devastating in effect. Elphaba groaned loudly until Galinda did it again, only slightly more quickly this time. With each pass, she increased her speed until soon she was lapping at Elphaba, running her tongue all over and around her sex which was starting to smoke. Elphaba by this time was nearly wailing but her hands on the back of Galinda's head urged her to greater pressure and speed. Then, suddenly, Elphaba screamed and bucked her hips. Galinda held on for dear life sucking as hard as she could on the tender flesh. Just as suddenly, Elphaba collapsed onto the bed, released Galinda's head and panted, "No more, please no more." Galinda rested her head on Elphaba's thigh catching her breath again. When she felt more recovered, she pulled herself up on the side of the bed, bringing a soft blanket with her. Covering them both, she waited quietly while Elphaba collected herself. Slowly her breathing returned to normal, and holding the smaller woman in her arms said drily, "You realize most people think you just murdered me in my sleep?"

Galinda smiled in the darkness, "Yes well, we'll just have to show them differently in the morning, shan't we?"

In the morning, Elphaba woke to find one arm unable to move and a strange weight on her leg on the same side. Puzzled, she looked down to see Galinda draped over her body, still dressed in the same clothes she had worn to dinner the previous night. A feeling of shame overcame her, not at their activities but at the lack of reciprocation on her part. Galinda had so taken control of their lovemaking, Elphaba hadn't had a chance to respond before the overworked blonde had fallen asleep in the crook of Elphaba's green arm, apparently done in by her efforts.

Hearing a brisk knock on their door, Elphaba gently eased Galinda's head onto the pillow and slipped out of the bed. Pulling her robe around her, she stalked to the door and threw it open being sure to stand in the doorway to block the intruder's view of the room and Galinda's position in clearly the wrong bed.

Standing there with faces lit by expectation were two of Shiz's more social status aware students, Pfannie and Shenshen. At seeing Elphaba, their faces fell and whatever Pfannie had been planning to say died on her lips. Craning her neck to see around Elphaba into the room, she said petulantly, "So, you are still alive. Is Galinda here?"

Elphaba answered curtly, "She's sleeping. Go away." The two girls glanced at each other.

Then with a expression of horror, Shenshen blurted, "Oh my gods, you killed her! It wasn't you we heard screaming last night, it was Galinda. You wicked thing, how could you?" and proceeded to beat at Elphaba on the chest. The fact that Shenshen was attacking her had no effect on Elphaba who simply endured the onslaught in silence before finally taking hold of Shenshen's wrists. "Stop that." she said quietly but in a deadly tone.

Shenshen's face suddenly turned ashen as she realized just who it was she was attempting to pummel. Her arms, released from Elphaba's tight grip, fell to her side.

"At least someone stops when I ask them to" muttered Elphaba under her breath. Just then, the door swung wide. Galinda stood fully dressed beside it wagging one finger at her roommate,

"Miss Elphaba, what have I told you about leaving people standing in the hall? Ask the girls in at once." At the sight of that hand and its nimble fingers, Elphaba recalled just where those fingers had so recently been and actually managed to blush a deeper green. Seeing the look on her face, Galinda beamed and with a little wink, turned to face the others. "Now what's all this about killing someone?" she asked wide eyed and innocent.

The other girls were dumbfounded and not a little disappointed to find Miss Elphaba indeed not only alive and well but still on the mysteriously good terms with their friend as evidenced by their behavior at dinner the previous evening. Eyeing Ephaba's dress and shift still on the floor and her tangled bedclothes, Shenshen huffed in indignation, "We all heard the strangest sounds coming from these rooms last night. We thought sure something had happened."

"They thought you'd killed me" said Elphaba as she bent to pick up her clothes and straighten the linens.

"And I will too, if you don't stop leaving your dresses all over the floor." Galinda teased her as she helped to put the bed coverings to rights.

"Really, is it too much to ask?" Elphaba opened her mouth to protest but upon seeing a warning tilt of Galinda's head, she meekly answered, "Yes Miss Galinda. I'll try to do better."

Pfannie and Shenshen gawked at the pair but before they could say anything else, Galinda took them both by the arms and led them toward the door. "Let's go have breakfast, shall we? For some reason, I am as hungry as a horse of many colors this morning. See you later, Miss Elphaba." and with a turn of her head, she blew a kiss in Elphaba's direction.

"Yes Miss Galinda" Elphaba smiled her appreciation to Galinda, knowing the smaller girl understood that she needed time to herself to think out the night's events. As she dressed, Elphaba noticed in the tall mirror a number of deep green marks across the front of her body. Peering more closely into the glass, she realized that they were tiny bruises and one breast had what looked suspiciously like a burn near the nipple. Up higher, on her neck just under her ear, she found the largest bruise. Realization stole over her. Hickeys! Galinda had left hickeys all over her body. Not sure whether to be outraged or delighted, Elphaba filed away the information for later and continued to get dressed in one of her favorite dresses, a high necked garment that covered the marks.

Rather than risk running into anyone in the dining hall, she decided to forego breakfast and instead went straight to her first class. Once there she hunkered down in her usual seat at the back of the room and took out the textbook to preread that day's material on the history of agriculture in the province of Winkie. So immersed was she in the book, she didn't notice when others in the class started to fill the room and it came as a shock when Galinda plunked herself down in the seat next to her with a cheery, "Hello there Sunshine! Good reading?"

Elphaba slowly put the book on the desk and turned to stare at the smaller girl, "Sunshine?"

"Oh right, sorry." Galinda apologized brightly, "What a pretty dress you have on. A bit formal for class though, isn't it?"

Elphaba glanced around and seeing that few of their classmates was paying them any attention murmured, "It was necessary to cover the marks you left last night."

Galinda's eyebrows came together on her forehead, "Marks? What marks?" In answer, Elphaba rolled up one sleeve to show a faint green bruise, already starting to fade on one wrist. "You left marks Galinda. So much for being discreet."

Galinda's eyes went wide, "Elphie, I didn't hurt you, did I?" she whispered taking the wrist in her hand examining it closely. Elphaba snatched it back. "No, it doesn't hurt. Nor do the other dozen. But perhaps you could be a bit more cautious in the future?"

Galinda dropped her eyes remorsefully, "I am so sorry dear Elphie. I didn't mean to, honestly. I guess, "she smiled shyly, "I got caught up in the moment." She peered up through her long lashes and was rewarded by a small smile. Taking heart, she added, "I'll make it up to you later." Further discussion was curtailed by the appearance of their professor.

"Feeling better Miss Galinda?" and when he noticed Elphaba's high necked dress muttered, "A bit much for this time of year, isn't it Miss Elphaba? What's next? Tuxedos and evening gowns?" Elphaba tugged at the collar of her dress and shrugged nonchalantly.

The rest of the class flew by in a blur for Elphaba. Every time she moved it seemed that she was either bumping into or brushing up against Galinda. Once, while retrieving a new pencil from her bag, she caught sight of Galinda's leg peeking out from under her hemline, causing her to drop the writing instrument which bounced and rolled under her companion's desk.

"Let me get that for you, Miss Elphaba." Galinda stood up and leaned over, her backside nearly in Elphaba's face as she did so. Elphaba stared at the ripe round offering and had to fight back the temptation to reach out to caress it. Later while the professor's back was turned, Galinda whispered in Elphaba's ear, so close she could feel the warm breath on her cheek, "When will this windbag finish up so I can get you back to our rooms and check out the rest of those marks you mentioned? I can't bear to wait another moment." Later still, Elphaba was transfixed by the sight of Galinda gently sucking on the end of her pencil, much in the same way she had suckled Elphaba's nipples the night previous. It was all too much for Elphaba who stood so suddenly it nearly overturned her chair.

Grasping for Galinda's hand, she exclaimed loudly, "I'm sorry Professor, I need to leave. I don't feel well." Facing Galinda she said pointedly, "I hate to be a nuisance, Miss Galinda but could you help me back to our rooms? I would be so grateful."

"Of course, Miss Elphaba." Galinda grabbed their bags immediately and nearly bonked Boq in the head in her haste to clear the aisle. As they left, they could hear the professor start to lecture the remaining students about the need to stay at home if they were ill.

Rushing across the quadrangle to their building, Elphaba suddenly stopped, nearly jerking Galinda, who was holding tightly to her hand at the time, off her feet. "What is it, Darling?" asked Galinda in dismay, "Are you really feeling unwell?"

"I left class." Elphaba whispered, more to herself than to Galinda who peered at her closely searching for any signs of what made her companion stop in mid-step. Ephaba refocused her gaze at the shorter girl, "I left class" she repeated, "I never leave class before it's over. Never."

Galinda smiled brightly, "Well, it was for a good reason."

Elphaba was not deterred, "I left class...for you." She looked at Galinda with a look of pure wonder on her face. Galinda took her hand again, asking softly, "Darling, do you want to go back to class? There's still an hour before it lets out. We'll just tell that stuffy old professor you had a miraculous recovery."

Elphaba pondered this for a long moment. "No" she said slowly, "I want to go home, with you." She gave her head a little shake, "I want to go to our home."

Galinda beamed, "Our home! Oh Elphie, it has become that, hasn't it? Just think, at the start of the year I didn't think I could bear another day with you. Now I can't imagine living anywhere else." Elphaba smiled back and together the two girls rushed to their rooms.

Once there, Galinda pressed her body to Elphaba's. Kissing her deeply, she finally wretched her mouth away, giggling as Elphaba tried to follow the departing lips with her own. "Ah ah ah, Elphie. Can you wait just a teensy little minute, while I freshen up a bit? I feel all classroom-y. I promise it'll be worth the wait." she batted her long eyelashes up at Elphaba, running her tongue over her lower lip.

Elphaba whimpered, "But Ga-." Cut off by the feel of Galinda's finger on her mouth, she stopped speaking only to suck the finger and lightly bite the tip with her razor sharp teeth. Galinda squeaked and made her escape into the bathroom, firmly shutting the door behind her. Elphaba quickly stripped off her heavy dress, noting that most of the marks from last night were either fading or gone. Smiling to herself, remembering the morning's incident with Pfannie and Shenshen, she hung it up in the closet, then frowned. How long would she and Galinda be able to keep their relationship a secret? There was no doubt in her mind that the world at large would never accept them as a traditional couple. Sighing, she wrapped her robe tightly around her body and went to the window seat to look out. Shiz was the one place where she felt, if not happy, then at least content. Most people were willing to leave her alone to her books, her libraries, her studies. Sure, there were the remarks made under the breath, just out of her hearing but clearly regarding her unique coloring and habits but never anything overt. That would all change as soon as word got out that she and the most popular girl to ever attend Shiz were lovers. She would be reviled, outcast, thrown out of Shiz. These things she could get over, but the damage to Galinda would be irreversible. Galinda would never recover. Popularity was her life blood. Elphaba shuddered in the warm light streaming in from the window.

Her dark thoughts were interrupted by Galinda exiting the bathroom. Elphaba was puzzled; Galinda was wearing the purple cloak tightly around herself.

"Elphie, dear. Would you please help me with this clasp?" Galinda called sweetly to Elphaba. Elphaba walked to her saying, "But didn't we already establish that the rouse of the clasp was no longer necessary?"

Galinda rolled her eyes, "Please Elphie, just help me with the clasp." Her tone was light but brooked no argument nonetheless. Curious, Elphaba indulged her, then gasped as the cloak fell to the floor. Underneath it, Galinda no longer wore the dress she had on while they were in class. In its stead was a filmy, translucent negligee that hugged and draped itself around Galinda's ripe body, highlighting her slim waist while it accented her full bosom. The shimmering garment shifted the light as Galinda moved, making some areas visible as others became obscured, then back again. Elphaba was transfixed. Never had Galinda looked so lovely.

"Galinda," She breathed, "You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."

Galinda's eyes sparkled at the compliment, so earnestly whispered. "I'm glad you like it." she murmured taking Elphaba by the hand and guiding her to her bed. "Now make love to me."

"Yes, my pretty." replied Elphaba, in a tone of complete wonder but made no move to touch Galinda. The smaller girl watched as, at last, Elphaba brought one long fingered hand up to touch Galinda at the hollow of her neck. Marveling at the softness found there, Elphaba stroked the skin, then bent her head to capture Galinda's mouth with her own. As they kissed, she slowly brought her hand down to cup Galinda's breast. Rubbing the hard nipple against the silky fabric caused it to raise up even higher, bringing a gasp from Galinda. Reclining next to one another, Elphaba cradled Galinda under one arm, exploring her mouth with long torturous kisses while her free hand explored Galinda's warm body. Elphaba's greater height assisted her in this but it wasn't long before her tentative and studious exploration proved to be too much for Galinda's patience.

"Darling," she implored, her voice deep and near desperate, "While I appreciate the thoroughness of your ministrations, I really must insist that you increase your tempo. You are driving me simply mad."

Elphaba stared into the green eyes, nearly slits, "Really?" She asked, "So would it be better if I did something more like this?" and boldly slid her hand under the silken wrap and drew it up the inside of Galinda's thigh, fingers teasing the soft skin as she went.

"Oh yes," Galinda groaned, "just like that." Again the fingers teased with a light touch, this time higher but no less soft.

"How about this?" Elphaba bent her head to whisper into Galinda's ear as she snaked her tongue out to trace the ear. Galinda's moan answered the question for her.

"And this?" as she spoke Elphaba raked her fingers gently through the hair she found, then deeper into the wetness within. By this point, Galinda was beyond speech, keening lightly and panting heavily. Elphaba settled into a steady rhythm in counter tempo to Galinda's gasps for breath and calls to her higher power. Suddenly there was a gush of wetness burning onto Elphaba's hand and fingers, but she bit back the cry, buried her face in Galinda's neck while Galinda wailed wordlessly. As she felt Galinda's contractions subside, she pulled her hand loose from under the fabric. Flexing her fingers, she was relieved to see that there was no damage done just a slight mist rising from her hand as the moisture dried. Galinda asked quietly, "I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No harm done," Elphaba smiled and kissed her lightly. Then reconsidering her answer she asked a question of her own, "I didn't hurt you, did I? I wasn't too rough?"

Galinda stretched gloriously, "Good heavens no! It was wondrous." Her smile lit the small room. As she stretched, she repositioned herself atop Elphaba. "I do feel that this" she began to draw off the negligee, "has become somewhat extraneous, don't you agree?"

Drinking in the sight of her lover, Elphaba nodded and raised up just enough to take off her own robe. Settling back, they reveled in the feel of skin upon skin. Again noting the contrast of her green hand against Galinda's ruby topped breasts, Elphaba said sadly, "You do know this can't last." Galinda arched her back to bring more of her breast into Elphaba's hand, "Yes Darling, I know." she agreed, much to Elphaba's surprise. She stopped the motion of her fingertips, "You know?"

Galinda smiled ruefully, "Dear Elphie, of course it can't last. You and I are too different. We want different things out of life. We have different expectations placed upon us."

Elphaba frowned and tried to sit up, "But why start this affair at all, if you knew from the start that it was doomed to failure?"

Placing her hands on Elphaba's shoulders, she pushed the taller girl down again, "It isn't 'doomed to failure', as you so dismally put it. In fact, I truly believe that first love or no, this is destined to be the most significant relationship either of us will ever have." she replaced Elphaba's hands on her breasts.

But Elphaba was not to be distracted. "Really?" she replied arching one eyebrow.

"Oh my, now I've gone and upset you. Let me explain." the blonde sat up, straddling Elphaba. "Do you think for one moment that either one of us will ever forget what has happened, is happening, between us?"

At Elphaba's wordless shake of the head, she continued, "So given that, for better or for worse, our lives, our destinies, will soon enough be out of our control, isn't it much better that we have this time, this experience that only you and I control?" Frowning slightly, Elphaba nodded.

"And don't you agree, that given this knowledge, we should take advantage of the time we do have together to create as many wonderful, glorious memories as we can, so that when our lives do diverge we can at least have them to nurture us during whatever trials life or destiny sends our way?"

Elphaba opened her mouth as she tried to find a hole in Galinda's logic but was unable. The young Uplander was right. There was no way they could sustain a relationship of this nature for long, so why not accept it and try to make the best of it.

"I have a better use for that mouth than to have it gaping open." Galinda whispered. Elphaba nodded her agreement as Galinda leaned down for a long searing kiss. As they kissed, Galinda began to rock deliciously against Elphaba. Soon both girls were grinding breathlessly against each other. Elphaba held Galinda by the hips, increasing the pressure while Galinda took her own breasts in her hands, caressing them teasingly for Elphaba.

"You make me feel so good, Elphie." panted Galinda.

Elphaba, who was nearly beyond speech, could only chant, "Don't stop, Galinda, please don't stop." over and over again. Feeling herself nearing the crest again, Galinda noted, "You used to say that when I kissed your cheek. Good thing I didn't pay any attention."

"Good thing, "Elphaba grunted. Suddenly Galinda felt herself explode with feelings of delirious pleasure, releasing a torrent of wetness down upon Elphaba which brought such a combination of pleasure and pain, that she too was brought over the edge. Together they wailed, Galinda a trilling operatic scale in the upper register, and Elphaba a wild cackle that shook the rafters. Collapsing in a heap together, Galinda giggled, "Well no doubt everyone heard that." Elphaba chuckled, "No doubt. How long before Pfannie and Shenshen are knocking on the door to see if you accomplished the dirty deed this time?"

"True" said Galinda disentangling herself and rising to her feet. Gathering up Elphaba's robe and her negligee, she hung them both up in their respective closets and dressed quickly. Elphaba remained in her bed, watching the subtle play of light on Galinda's skin and hair. Glancing back over her shoulder as she brushed out her long blonde hair, Galinda commented, "So are you going to stay in bed all day, you lazy wicked thing?"

"Hey" protested Elphaba who sat up, allowing the blanket to pool around her waist, "I'm sick, remember?" she coughed delicately for emphasis, grinning all the while.

"Oh you poor dear, " crooned Galinda coming to her side at once, "Can I get you anything? Do anything for you?" she reached out to brush her fingertips against one emerald nipple.

Swatting at the hand, Elphaba groaned, "You can stop doing that, for one thing, unless you want me to rip off that lovely dress you took so much trouble to put back on."

"We can't have that, Dearest, Papa doesn't know yet I bought it." kissing Elphaba soundly, Galinda stood again just as there came a rapping at the chamber door. "Hmmm, five whole minutes. Pfannie and Shenshen are slipping. Now cover yourself before half of Shiz gets a peek at what is only mine to ogle." Elphaba groaned again and pulled the blanket up over her head.

Giggling, Galinda opened the door to find not Pfannie and Shenshen, but Boq. The Munchkin held a sheaf of papers in his hand and a worried expression on his face.

"Why Master Boq!" exclaimed Galinda in surprise, "What are you doing here?"

"Hello Miss Galinda," stammered Boq. Nervously he thrust out his hand with the papers. "Here are the assignments you and Miss Elphaba missed when you left class this morning."

"Why thank you," replied Galinda taking the papers. "What a nice thing for you to do."

Boq blushed, "I would do anything for you, Miss Galinda. You do know that, right?"

Again Galinda smiled, "How sweet. Actually," she said darting a glance at Elphaba in her bed, "There is something you could do for me right now if you have the time."

Hope sprang eternal in his face, "Of course!"

"Well as you know, Miss Elphaba and I myself have been feeling unwell these past two days. My my has it only been two days? How time flies." she amended as she saw the confused look on Boq's face, "when one is feeling under the weather. Anway, it would be so kind of you, if you would be willing to go to the dinning hall and bring us back some lunch. We would be so appreciative." she crooned batting her eyelashes at him.

Looking at once puzzled and delighted, Boq nodded, "Whatever you want, Miss Galinda."

"Oh thank you, Master Boq," gushed Galinda, "Now then, shall I make up a list? She hurried to her desk and wrote down a long list of foods known to grace both hers and Elphaba's plates in the past while Boq stood uncomfortably in the hall.

"Don't forget scones." growled Elphaba from under the covers. "And razzleberries. And sweetened cream. The clotted kind."

"And something in the vegetable family, dear Master Boq," Galinda added to the list. "Really Miss Elphaba, how can we hope of your recovery if you refuse to eat anything healthy? We wouldn't want you to miss out on your greens."

At this, Boq blanched "Gra...greens?" he blurted.

"Oh yes, a good selection, if you please. Spinach, kale, chard. The greener the better." Galinda handed the list to Boq, barely managing to conceal a grin.

As soon as the door closed, Elphaba emerged. "Greens?" she demanded. "Galinda, how could you do that to that poor boy?"

"Oh don't be silly." pooh poohed Galinda. "He brought it upon himself by coming over unannounced and uninvited."

"And to think, they call me wicked." answered Elphaba.

In the ensuing weeks and months, Elphaba and Galinda managed to elude detection from the Shiz community. Inevitably, as they both knew it would, one day events conspired to alter their relationship. But for all their days, they knew that their relationship had changed them both, for good.

The End

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