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Speak, Memory PG-13 Elphaba/Galinda Bookverse - A "missing scene" fic -- what took place between Elphaba and Glinda during the week-long carriage ride from Shiz to Emerald City. Complete


Some Enchanted Evening PG Elphaba/Glinda Something wicked this way comes or so the original story implies. Don't always believe what you 'see.' Complete


After the Oz Dust 1 2 3 PG-13 Elphaba/Galinda Book/Musicverse - What should have happened after the Oz Dust. On-Going

Survival of the Fittest PG Elphaba/Galinda Bookverse - "Would you kindly stop staring at me like I'm some insect under a microscope, or do they not teach manners to you Gillikenese darlings?" Complete


Cracks 15 Elphaba/Galinda Bookverse - From fascination to something else. Complete

Split PG Elphaba/Galinda Bookverse - Nanny has a thing or two to say. Complete

Proper Morning After 15 Elphaba/Galinda Bookverse - In which the girls delay their dash to see the wizard to accompany their friends to a pleasure club. Complete

Something Most Odd 15 Elphaba/Galinda It was most irritating, Galinda decided, to be infatuated with someone so decidedly odd. Complete

Atmospheric Disturbance 15 Elphaba/Galinda No synopsis given. Complete

Skin PG-13 Elphaba/Galinda Bookverse - no synopsis given. Complete

Arc PG Elphaba/Galinda No synopsis given. Complete


After PG-13 Elphaba/Galinda Music-verse - not even death can stand in the way of true love. Complete

In the Glow PG Elphaba/Galinda Sometimes the dark can make us braver than we would be in the bright light of day. Complete

Vision PG Elphaba/Galinda Introspection and reflection are valuable especially when we are away from the one we love. Complete

Surrender 18 Elphaba/Galinda Sometimes it is quite necessary to turn the tables Complete

Surrendered 18 Elphaba/Galinda The sequel to Surrender from Elphie's POV. Complete

Notes in the Margins Series

Beautiful PG Elphaba/Galinda What happened after the night at the Oz Dust Ballroom. Complete

Galindafication PG Elphaba/Galinda Shopping can prove quite interesting. Complete


At the Ozdust 15 Elphaba/Galinda Bookverse - "The crux of their story was not that Glinda the Good loved the Wicked Witch of the West, but that she was loved by the Witch." Complete

Believe 15 Elphaba/Galinda Bookverse - A brief encounter in the Emerald City. Complete


To the End PG Elphaba/Galinda On her wedding day Glinda considers her 'perfect' life and wonders where the green girl has gone. Complete

Fire PG-13 Elphaba/Galinda As Elphaba contemplates the lack of touch there is in her life, it surprises her to discover who exactly she wants to be tactile with. Complete


Come What May and Hell to Pay New 18 Elphaba/Galinda Bookverse - Come what may and hell to pay, they would face it all together. Complete


Never Too Late G Elphaba/Galinda AU. It's near the end and Elphaba is thinking of the only person she's ever loved. One shot. Complete


Magic, Is It? PG-13 Elphaba/Galinda "And have you known love?" Complete

After Ever PG Elphaba/Galinda Miss Elphaba Thropp, she is no more frightening to you than a hairbrush; the only alarming thing about her at all is her sense of vogue. Complete


Vacation Day's PG Elphaba/Galinda Bookverse - What might have occurred if Elphaba was forced to spend the night when she visited the lake. Complete


Rare Birds and Revelations PG Elphaba/Galinda Bookverse - no synopsis provided. Complete


The Cloak 18 Elphaba/Galinda Galinda has some trouble with her new cloak and asks for Elphaba's help. Complete


Dressing for the Party PG Elphaba/Galinda Galinda convinces Elphaba to attend the Craig Hall New Years Eve Party and now she has to get dressed up. Complete

She Looks Good To Me PG Elphaba/Galinda Galinda sings a little ditty that Elphaba overhears, and then joins. Complete