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Vacation Day's
By Trisa


It was cruel, that letter, a joke played on the poor drab Elphaba, it had, however, been something she had suspected all along. Damn Boq for making her think that Galinda would need her, want her... Here in her fun filled, pink tinted vacation world.

Her suitcase thumped on the guest bed, sending up a faint sent of lavender. Of course, Elphie realized. Of course the bed would be made and the room kept. This isn't my house; people are surely stopping by for a bit of tea, or mindless jabber. A faint knock on the door brought the emerald girl's attention upwards. Eyes grew wide as Elphaba realized that in fact there was a reason other then jabbering guests that this room was kept so clean. It appeared that she had yet again made an error in judgment and had misunderstood the directions to the room.

"I'll get my things, and move myself to more unoccupied quarters." Green eyelids closed briefly as hidden reserves of strength were called upon. Just get to a room; you can be alone to ignore your feelings there.

"No, no Elphie... Elphaba... you are to stay here with me. The only spare room was with those dreadful girls, and I thought you might think me not quite as dreadful, perhaps even un-dreadful, dare I say dread less?" Shining curls bounced about a cherub face as the speaker grew more eager to smooth over the events that had occurred.

"Perhaps you would like some tea? No, crumpets, no, cream?? No,…"

"GALINDA!" stern eyes locked on skittering azure ones. "Your room is fine. I do not find you dreadful, merely poorly influenced, and no tea, or crumpets, or cream will be necessary." With the words of her last statement still hovering in the air, the frustrated girl continued unpacking. Silently her new old roommate came up beside her and with a shrug assisted her with stowing her things about the room.

Dinner had been uneventful in its appearance but in the underlying tension it had held beneath the surface was dynamic. Sideways glances and half smirks had peppered the meal more then any spice could have, and Elphaba had noticed nearly every one of them. In fact by the time the main meal arrived, she was so desperate to leave the table she considered asking Galinda to practice her magic on a nearby rug in hopes it could fly her back to Shiz.

But stubbornness made her stay; having dealt with these girls for semesters now, she was loath to let them win. And so she sat, through lemon sassafras tea, followed by mini toast and butter sandwiches, then through roasted pheasant with leeks, and finally a custard dish which all of the girls took one bite of and declared that their figures could not stand another bite with out bursting from their frocks, all while scraping the bottom of the porcelain bowls with forks in an attempt to finish the desert down to the bottom.

The stairs to the room she shared creaked as her boots came down upon them. She hadn't expected them to, and hadn't noticed if they had earlier. A cursory glace about the room revealed that Galinda was in fact still out with the group, probably still flirting with Avaric… Boq must be in a state of melancholy by now. A smirk eased its way a crossed olive cheeks. If I must be alone in state, I won't be alone in spirits. Still smirking, Elphaba made her way to her wardrobe and extracted her night shift, a white long shapeless dress with thin straps for the summer heat. Her hands reached behind her, shoulders grabbing the graying black fabric and pulling it off over her head. She was in the process of trying to find the arm holes in her shift when she heard the door open. In a sudden panic to find the arm holes so she might pull the nightgown over her head and see who had entered, she managed to get ever more tangled in the fabric. She grimaced when she heard a faint giggle.

"Oh Elphaba! However did you get your self so, so tangled?" She knew the stifling of laughter anywhere, especially when it came from her roommate.

"I got myself tangled because you refuse to knock before you enter a room."

If only I could figure out how to get out of this… Her thought pattern skittered to a stop as soft hands stilled her struggle with the fabric.

"Oh so it's my fault you can't tell a neck hole from an arm hole?" Elphaba would have answered, she really would have, but as the gown finally settled down around her shoulders, hands followed it, and she found her self stareing into the twinkling depths of Galinda's eyes. This is going to be a long vacation.

The End

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