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A Train Station - A Broken Radio -- And Puppies?!?
By Del Robertson


"I CAN NOT believe you!"  shouted Scud, throwing the last bag of money into the back of the armored truck.  He ran around to the passenger's side and hurriedly jumped in.  "A fucking D.E.B. -- you're in love with a fucking D.E.B.!!!"

Lucy Diamond gunned the engine, pressing the accelerator down to the floor.  She yanked the wheel to the right, leaning halfway out the window and firing her gun at the same time.  Bullets punctured the tires of the approaching police cruisers.  Lucy jerked the wheel sharply to the left, braking at the same time, turning the armored truck round full circle. As the vehicle swung around, the D.E.B.S.' car came into view.

Max was at the wheel.  Janet and that other one - what was her name? - Dominique in the back.  Lucy's heart skipped a beat as she caught sight of Amy out of the corner of her eye.  The long-legged blonde beauty was running down the bank steps, jumping into the awaiting vehicle.  The armored truck barreled past as Max gunned the engine, and Janet and Dominique fired their weapons.

Reflexively, Lucy ducked.  There was no need.  The bullets bounced off the truck.  Scud pumped his fist in the air and let out a YEAH! as they made another sharp turn and sped out of the parking lot.

"Don't break open the champagne bottle just yet,"  Lucy warned, eyeing her side mirror.  "D.E.B.S. in pursuit!"

Scud checked his side mirror, as well.  The D.E.B.S. car was made for speed.  The armored truck - well, wasn't.  Lucy's foot was all the way to the floor.  Still, he knew they wouldn't outrun the D.E.B.S. for long.

Lucy checked her mirror again.  The car was closer now.  Close enough she could see the glint off the barrels of their guns.  She abruptly jerked the wheel, turning the wrong way down the freeway.  Cars skidded and swerved to avoid the armored truck.  Behind them, Max worked frantically to dodge the oncoming traffic.

"Scud, we need a plan!" 

"Yeah, well, I had one - and it didn't involve you stopping to make goo-goo eyes at the D.E.B.S.' perfect score!"

Lucy smiled roguishly.  Perfect Score.  Yeah, Amy was certainly that.  Five-foot-nine.  Killer body.  Blonde hair.  Blue eyes.  Lucy had been drawn to her since the moment she first ran into her - literally.

"You said I should get back up on the horse."

"The horse, yes.  The fucking Seventh Calvary, no!  Don't you understand, Lucy? -- Amy Bradshaw is a cop!  The D.E.B.S.' top agent.  We're criminals. You are THE fucking super villain! The two don't mix!"

Lucy yanked the wheel hard.  The truck crossed the medium, and she flew off the next exit ramp.  They were well out of the city by this time, and Lucy had no clue where they were headed.  Down some county back roads, by the looks of it.  She jerked the wheel again, sending gravel flying as the truck skidded off the blacktop and onto an old, dirt road.  Dust flew up around them as she pressed her foot to the floor.

Scud coughed as the dust flew into the truck cab.  It was getting very hard to see inside the interior.  Frantically, he rolled his window up.  Leaning over, he barely had time to read the sign as the truck barreled down the road doing eighty-five. 

"Bridge is out!"  he shouted.

"What?"  Lucy yelled to be heard over the sound of the engine. 

"Out!  The bridge is out!"  Scud shouted again.  The truck hit a massive pothole, throwing him against the dashboard.  "Turn around!"

Lucy checked her side mirror.  "Can't!  They're closing fast!  And, the road's too narrow to turn.  If I slow up, they've got us!"

Scud checked his own side mirror, squinting to see through the dust storm they were kicking up.  The D.E.B.S. were on their tail and closing quick.  And, even if they hadn't been, they could have followed the dust trail for miles.

The truck barreled through a wooden barricade stretched across the road.  Lucy gritted her teeth, fighting the wheel to keep the truck on the old, wooden planks that signaled the beginning of the bridge. 

"We'll split up, meet back at the lair!" 

The truck continued to bounce along down the wooden bridge, the boards creaking ominously beneath its weight.  In Scud's side mirror, he could make out the D.E.B.S.' car just beginning to cross the bridge.  He looked at Lucy out of the corner of his eye. 

Her knuckles were clenched white upon the steering wheel.  Her foot pumped the accelerator.  Her face was set in grim determination, black hair falling into her eyes as they raced along at breakneck speed.

Lucy turned to Scud, flashed a half-grin.  "Hope the creek's not dried up."

The truck took off the end of the bridge, momentarily seeming to fly in the air, despite its massive weight.  Then, it seemed to just as suddenly crash, nose first, hitting the water hard.  Water rushed over the engine, above the cab, cracking the glass on the front windows.  Its superior weight quickly worked to drag the armored truck down.

The D.E.B.S. screeched to a halt, their vehicle stopping bare inches from the drop-off.  Amy stood in her seat, a horrified expression on her face.  Max hit the steering wheel, swearing beneath her breath.  All the agents watched in shock as the vehicle was overtaken by the water, disappearing completely beneath the surface.

Two divers surfaced, swam towards the rescue boat.  Amy and Max helped the divers in, waiting expectantly for their report.  The two men pulled down the zippers of their wetsuits, HOMELAND SECURITY emblazoned on their diving gear.  

"Well?"  Max asked, impatiently.

One of the divers shook his head.  Amy bowed her head, teeth biting at her trembling lip.  It wouldn't be seemly for a D.E.B. agent to break down.  Especially over the loss of a criminal genius the likes of Lucy Diamond.  No, she would grieve in private later.  Subtly, she brushed a tear from the corner of her eye.

"No bodies in the truck,"  reported the diver.  "Looks like they made it out."

"Damn!"  Max shouted, hitting her palm with her closed fist in frustration.  "It's a land search, people!  Spread out and find their trail!"  she shouted at the D.E.B.S. waiting near the car.  

She watched as Dominique cursed, rolled her eyes, flicked out her cigarette.  Janet grabbed two guns from the backseat.  They spread out; Janet taking the left, Dominique going right.

"Drop us on the opposite side,"  Max ordered the divers.  "Then, you stay here, begin the salvage operation.  We're going to need that money as evidence once we bring these thugs in."

"Yes, ma'am."  

Fifteen minutes later, and the D.E.B.S. were still scouring the area, searching up and down river, looking for any clue as to the whereabouts of Lucy Diamond and her accomplice, Scud.  The river bed was surrounded by tall grass reeds.  Dominique used her gun barrel to flick back several of the reeds.  They slowly sprang back into place.  She repeated the gesture every few feet along the bank, knowing the reeds would provide a good hiding place for a lurking felon.

Further upriver, Janet gingerly picked her way along the muddy bank, brushing away the tall grass and reeds as they tangled about her bobby socks.  "Ewww!" she exclaimed, her shoes sinking into the mucky bed.  "Gross!"  she yanked her foot free, shook it, then took another step.  Again, she sunk past her bobby socks in the mire.

Across the river, Max and Amy split up as well.  Max taking the downstream, Amy searching upstream.  Amy knew it was her duty as a D.E.B. to fulfill the search mission to the best of her capabilities.  Silently, though, she prayed that with each passing minute, Lucy was able to get further and further away.

"I have found eeet!"  came the unmistakable French accent of Dominique.  "A trail leading upstream!"

"I have one, too!"  shouted Max, following a trail of footprints leading from the riverbed.  "You and Janet pursue the fugitive on your side, we'll track this one!"  Dominique and Janet gave the thumbs up signal.  "And maintain radio contact!"

Amy hurried downstream to join Max.  She didn't want to hurry quite so much, but she also couldn't have Max think she was purposely lagging behind, slowing their pursuit.  She paused beside Max, studying the trail of footprints.  The shoeprints were small, the left one leaving a deeper indentation, as if it had been dragged behind the other one. 

"Looks like one of the perps is limping."  Max couldn't hide her glee if she tried.  If she could apprehend the elusive Lucy Diamond, she would be hailed as the best D.E.B.S. agent ever.  Then, I bet Ms. Petrie remembers my name.  She'd practically be able to write her ticket to any international assignment that she wanted.

Maybe it's not Lucy, hoped Amy. Scud has small feet.  I think.   She had no doubt Lucy could easily evade Dominique and Janet on the other side of the river.  She was too good to be caught by the likes of them.  But, Max -- Max was like a bloodhound on the scent.  She hated Lucy and wouldn't stop until she was apprehended - or dead.

Wordlessly, Amy followed Max's lead.  The trail led from the muddy riverbank, towards the forest.  The trail was more difficult to follow here, but they were trained to be the best.  And, it wasn't beyond the scope of their capabilities to follow the occasional broken twig, the misaligned branch, the trampled leaf bed.  

"Status?"  Max spoke into her walkie-talkie.

"We are following ze trail."  Dominique's static-filled transmission answered them.  "It continues along ze riverbed, but no sign of ze suspect."

"Roger.  Keep on the trail."

Max turned the walkie-talkie off, holstering it on the side of her plaid skirt.  She signaled for Amy to stop for a moment. She sat down on a boulder to rest, motioning for Amy to do the same.  They sat like that for a few moments, both catching their breath.

Amy stared at her friend.  The woods were comfortable, but the trek was exhausting them both.  Sweat was pouring down their bodies, pooling along her shirt collar, and soaking Max's tank top.  It was obvious Max wasn't wearing a bra, and Amy found herself sucking in a deep breath as she stared at Max's hardened nipples beneath the cotton fabric.

 Taking a water bottle from her skirt pocket, Amy took a dainty swallow, then passed it to Max.  Max turned the bottle up, talking a healthy chug.  She passed the bottle back to Amy, who wiped the top and then screwed the lid back on, returning it once again to her pocket.

"Let's go."  Max jumped easily to her feet, picking up the trail through the woods once again.  Amy slowly rose, hesitantly following behind Max.  She was worried.  All of her training told her that their quarry wasn't that far in front of them by now.  Lucy - or Scud - was wounded prey.  And they were rapidly gaining ground.  Max was on the scent now and she worried about what would happen once Max caught her game.

Max and Amy cautiously worked their way through the woods.  The forest was denser in this section, making the trampled leaves, the broken twigs much easier to track.  No doubt about it, their quarry was traveling faster now, perhaps sensing the imminent danger posed by the pursuing D.E.B.S. agents.

Amy pushed her way through a particularly dense thicket.  And couldn't believe her eyes when she stepped out into a clearing.  Shoeprints clearly exited the forest, heading to the clearing - and the train tracks running parallel to the woods. 

The two agents picked their way through the dense weeds, coming to stand on the tracks.  They scanned the area for further tracks, possibly leading away from the rails and into the wooded area on the other side of the tracks.  Nothing.  There was no visible trail.

"Damn!"  Max cursed.  "Janet.  Dominique.  Report,"  she ordered into her walkie-talkie, frustration evident in her voice.

"The trail has left the riverbank.  We're tracking our way up the embankment now."

"Check back in if you find anything."


Satisfied with her command decision, Max holstered her walkie-talkie once more.  She slowly turned around, taking in her surroundings.  Scanning both sides of the track, looking for evidence that perhaps their quarry had bounded back into the relative safety of the woods.  Placing her hands on her hips, she looked up one end of the tracks, then the other.

"I guess there's no way around it,"  she said.  "You go one way, I'll go the other."

Amy, in turn, looked in both directions down the tracks.  She looked one way, then the other, and back again.  Sensing her hesitation, Max came up to her, gripping both her shoulders in strong hands. 

"Hey, what's wrong?"  she asked her friend.  "It's just a bit of tracking.  We've got our radios.  We'll check in every half hour.  It'll be fine.  Promise."

"You're right."  Amy nodded her head, resolutely.  "You're always right."

"Good.  Remember that,"  Max flashed a smile.  "Good luck."  Without a backward glance, she edged her way past Amy, confidently taking off down the track, heading south.

Amy hesitantly watched her go, then turned, following her own track to the north.

She had been walking for over an hour now.  Not a sign of her quarry.  Not even a clue that she was on the right track.  Oh, I hope I'm going the right way.  Even better, I hope Lucy and Scud managed to get away scot-free.  Amy pulled her water bottle from her pocket, took another sip.  

Slowly, she surveyed her surroundings.  It was a single-track, with weeds pushing their way past the loose rocks and between the boards.  The rails were rusty and in need of repair.  Amy guessed a train hadn't been seen through here in a good thirty or forty years.  The tall grass and thick weeds running parallel to the track lent support to this theory.

Amy returned her bottle to her pocket, completed her mandatory check-in with the others.  No one had anything to report.  Janet and Dominique were still following their trail, seemingly turning back towards the road leading to the washed-out bridge.  Max was still traveling south, having seen no signs of anything.  Amy reported the same results.  She broke radio contact, noting the time, knowing she'd have to report in again in another half hour.  Silently, she wondered how long Max would keep them out in the boonies searching before she gave in and called the squad off.  She'll probably keep pushing us until dark.

Rounding a blind curve, Amy was surprised to see the abandoned building.  A train station.  The sort you might see in old westerns stood deserted by the track.  She stopped for a minute, staring.  Then, she cautiously approached the structure.

She carefully circled the building, keeping low to the ground.  As she passed a window, she stood up just far enough to peer through the windowpane.  She squinted, pressing her face to the pane.  Years of dust and grime had caked onto the glass, making it impossible to see inside.

Hesitantly, she made her way back around the building.  Four wooden steps led to the platform.  The first step creaked ominously as she crept up the stairs.  She heard a whistling noise; looked up to see an aged, wooden DEPOT sign, faded and swinging by one old, rusted chain.  A banging noise behind her caused her to jump.  

"Shit!"  Amy exclaimed, turning around quickly, weapon drawn.  She breathed  a sigh of relief as she realized it was just the wooden door leading into the station banging open and shut in the breeze.  Weapon still drawn, she confidently stepped through the doorway.

She almost sensed it before it happened.  Maybe that's how she was able to half-turn around before the attack.  A figure dressed in all black flew from the shadows, launching itself at Amy, throwing her to the ground.  A leg sweep brought her assailant down hard; landing awkwardly across Amy's body.  She landed a solid punch to the ribcage before tossing her attacker off.  She scrambled to her knees, weapon ready.  "D.E.B. - freeze!"  she shouted, reflexively.

"Oh, no!"  Her hand automatically covered her mouth as Amy realized who the person writhing in agony on the floor was.  "Lucy!"  

Instantly, she was at her side, stroking Lucy's dark hair away from her face.  Blue eyes stared into chocolate as their gazes met and held.  She felt her gaze shift subtly, to Lucy's lips.  A pink tongue darted out, wetting, moistening dry lips.  Amy felt a sharp pull deep in her stomach.

"I am SO sorry!"  Amy apologized, her hand reflexively reaching out, clutching Lucy's waist, then running down her leg, her calf, tenderly stroking as she instinctively checked for broken bones.

"It's - fine,"  managed Lucy, attempting to flash one of her devastatingly charming smiles at the D.E.B. agent.  Her smile quickly turned to a grimace as Amy's hand connected with her ankle.

"Did I hurt you?"  Amy's concerned expression brought the smile back to Lucy's face.

"No, it wasn't you."  Lucy reached out a hand, pushed back the blonde lock of hair  that had fallen into Amy's eyes.  "I banged it up a little when the truck went into the water."

"This'll have to come off,"  Amy stated matter-of-factly, reaching for Lucy's sneaker.  She easily slipped it off, allowing it to drop to the dusty floor with a solid thump.  She gasped as she pulled Lucy's pant leg up to get a better view of the injured area.  The ankle was already badly swollen, dark bruises and cuts surrounding the bone. 

Amy bit her bottom lip.  Reaching for her water bottle, she quickly uncorked it, pouring half its contents on the injured ankle.

"Shit!"  shouted Lucy, nearly bolting up off the floor.  "That stings!"

"Sorry."  Amy reached for her left shirt sleeve, giving it a firm yank.  The threads snapped, the sleeve ripping, baring her upper arm.  Carefully, she lifted Lucy's foot, balancing it in her lap as she firmly wrapped the makeshift bandage around the injured limb.  "WHAT are you doing here?"  she asked Lucy.

Lucy shrugged, grinned sheepishly.  "Told you I'd find you."

"This has to stop!"  At Lucy's perplexed look, Amy frantically motioned between the two of them  "We have to stop!  We can't keep doing this!"

"Doing what?"  asked Lucy, her cocky grin returning.

"This!  Us - this!  You breaking the law; trying to get my attention!  I am like breaking so many rules right now."  Taking a bobby pin from her hair, she used it to secure the white cloth in place.  "There,"  she said, proud of her first-aid skills, as any good D.E.B. should be adept  in case of emergencies.

Lucy stretched out on the hardwood floor, leaning back on her elbows as she watched Amy tending to her injury.  Foot still nestled in Amy's lap, she gingerly  flexed her toes, wiggling her foot this way and that. She smiled at the sharp intake of breath her touch elicited from Amy when her toes subtly moved against the pleat of her blue plaid skirt.

"I see you're feeling better."  Amy tenderly removed the foot from her lap, placing it on the floor.  "Let's see if we can't get you off this dusty floor and onto one of these benches."

She stood over Lucy, extending her arm, offering a hand to help Lucy up.  Lucy took the proffered helping hand within her own grasp.  Amy pulled, attempting to lift Lucy from the floor.  With a roguish grin and a sharp yank, Lucy managed to tug Amy down to her level.  Before Amy could react, she felt Lucy's soft lips upon her own, gently kissing her.

I have to stop this!  Amy's mind screamed at her.  The kiss deepened.  Her hands snaked behind Lucy's neck, fingers running over the short hairs at the base of her neck.  Lucy's hands were on her hips, fingers pressing deeply into the bare flesh between the top of her skirt and the area where her white shirt rode up.  She felt Lucy's tongue against her lips, tracing their outline.  And, she couldn't help herself; she willingly opened her mouth to allow Lucy's tongue inside.  I NEVER want this to stop!

Dimly, she heard a beeping sound.  She ignored it.  It grew louder.  Until the point that it couldn't be ignored any longer.  Dimly, her mind registered that it was the alarm on her watch.  Pulling back, she ended the kiss.  Reflexively wiping at the corner of her mouth, she turned the alarm off.  

Lucy moved in for another kiss.  With a well-placed hand against her chest, Amy stopped her.  "Just a minute.  I have to check in."  Amy's expression said it all; she wanted to continue this, but she couldn't.  Lucy fell back against the hardwood floor with a groan.

"This is Max.  Report."  Lucy flinched at the sound of Max's voice filling the abandoned train station.  She was almost on the verge of trying to run again, until she heard the crackle of static.  Out of the corner of her eye, she watched Amy adjust the frequency on her radio.

"This is Dominique.  Janet and I are tracking ze fugitive. 'E has stolen a peek-up truck from a farmer and es traveling by autobus."

"Oh, for crying out loud!  Choose a language and stick with it."  Amy smirked.  She could almost picture Dominique and Janet fighting for control of the walkie-talkie.  "Listen, we're heading back to the car.  Then, we're going to pick up his trail.  There's nothing but dirt roads out here, so he should be easy to track."

"How's the farmer?"  asked Max.

"Shaken.  He just wants his truck back.  We're going to leave him with the Homeland Security boys.  See what they can do for him."

"Roger."  There was static, then a pause.  "Amy; report."

Amy pressed the talk button, held the walkie-talkie close to her lips.  "Still searching. Over."  She let up off the button.

"Amy?  Do you copy, Amy?"  came Max's voice again.

Amy pressed the button again.  A loud squelching noise sounded in her ears.  She pressed the button again.  "This is Amy.  Over."

"Amy?"  Max's voice, sounding anxious.  "A -"  Cut off by static.  Then, a loud popping sound and the smell of burnt wires.  

"Max!  Max!"  Amy shouted into the radio.  No answer.  No static.  Nothing.  She flung the walkie-talkie away from her.  It landed with a crash, the casing breaking, small parts scattering everywhere across the floor.

At the sound of panic in Amy's voice, Lucy sat up instantly.  She rubbed a soothing hand over Amy's back, turned her around to embrace her.  Amy buried her face into Lucy's shoulder, her nose burrowing into Lucy's collarbone.  "Shush.  It's okay."

Amy jerked back from Lucy's embrace.  "No, it's not!"  Her voice still had that same panicked pitch.  "My radio is broken.  I missed the check-in.  They think I'm in trouble.  D.E.B. regulations; they're all going to come running."

"How long?"

Amy glanced at her watch, bit her bottom lip as she frowned.  "An hour - hour and a half at most.  Dominique and Janet are together.  They'll converge with Max at the tracks."

"Then what?"  pressed Lucy.

"Follow the tracks north.  They'll be in Delta Search Formation.  That'll slow them down a bit.  They'll be looking for signs that I was dragged off the tracks, deeper into the woods."

"They'll be able to tell pretty easily that didn't happen.  The weeds are tall; it would be impossible to hide a trail out there."

Amy nodded in agreement.  "They'll come around the bend and find the station."  Frustrated, she pushed her blonde hair back with both hands.  "You have to go.  You have to get as far away as you can.  Duck into the woods.  I'll stall them as long as I can."

"Hey, I have an hour."  Lucy's fingers cupped Amy's chin, gently lifting.  Tear-filled blue eyes met chocolate brown.  "I could stay awhile.  We could - talk.  How often is it just the two of us?"

Amy flashed a smile, tried not to laugh.  She shook her head.  "You have to go."  She stood up.  This time when she offered her hand to Lucy, she didn't resist.  

Both women stood there, staring at each other.  Lucy shuffled her feet, looked at the floor.  "Well, then."  Her eyes met Amy's.  "I guess I should go."

As she turned away, she felt Amy grab her arm, turn her back around.  Amy leaned in, catching Lucy in a kiss.  As the kiss deepened, she wrapped her arms around Lucy's waist, hugging her tightly.

"Mummph!"  Lucy flinched, tried to pull away from the embrace.  At Amy's worried expression, she tried to mask her pain with a smile.

"What's wrong?"  Amy asked.

"Nothing."  Said a little too quickly.

Amy surged forward, quickly catching Lucy by the waist before she could pull back.  As she ran her hand over Lucy's torso, she felt her flinch again.

"Nothing, my ass.  You're hurt."  She grabbed the bottom of Lucy's black tee, attempted to pull it up.  Lucy fought her, attempting to keep the tee down.  "Let me see!"  Amy said forcefully, pushing Lucy's hands away, jerking upwards in one clean motion.

Without thinking about what she was doing, Amy had the tee off Lucy's head and was throwing it onto a nearby bench.  Her mind finally caught up with what her body was doing, and she let out a gasp.  Her eyes locked on Lucy's breasts.  Small and pert, clad in a black sports bra.  Unconsciously, she licked her suddenly too dry lips.

"Well?"  asked Lucy, shyly.

"Huh?"  Amy tore her gaze from Lucy's chest to her face.  She saw the questioning look in Lucy's eyes.  "Oh."  Amy lowered her gaze again, forcing herself to quickly move her lingering eyes past Lucy's breasts, down her torso to her ribcage.  "Oh, Lucy!"  Her eyes widened as she took in the sight of the deeply bruised and battered flesh.  Tenderly, she reached out, her nails barely grazing the flesh.  It was hot to the touch.  And even at that lightest of touches, she felt Lucy's breath hitch.

"We need to secure those in place until you can get better medical attention.  I don't want you running around the woods, puncturing a lung or something."  As Amy spoke, she turned them around, settling Lucy on a wooden bench.  She quickly scanned the room, taking it in for the first time since she'd arrived.

"I don't think you'll find anything of much use here,"  stated Lucy, holding her injured ribs with her hand.

There were only three benches in the entire station.  A newspaper, yellowed and faded, the pages brittle with age, lay on one of the benches, as if waiting for its owner to return to finish reading it.  Several faded posters hung on the wall, worn and damaged by age.  A chalkboard still had the arrival and departure times for the two trains that had serviced the station.  The ticket master's office stood forlornly in one corner, the door long gone off its hinges, laying on the hardwood floor.  A thick layer of dust covered everything.  Leaves were scattered about, having blown and swirled their way in through the missing back door.

"We'll just have to improvise then, won't we?"  Amy tried to force a confident smile.  In truth, though, she was worried.  The D.E.B.S. were coming.  Lucy was injured.  And, even if she got her fixed up in time, she didn't know how far the thief could travel on a badly sprained ankle before Max was on her trail again.  

"Yeah, well -"  Lucy's gaze traveled to Amy's white, buttoned-down shirt.  Her right arm was covered by a long sleeve, buttoned at the wrist.  The left had been sacrificed earlier, leaving Amy's pale flesh exposed.  The shirt ended at the top of her blue plaid skirt, just barely covering her waist.  "- You don't have enough shirt left to wrap around my ribs."

Amy paced back and forth in front of the bench.  Lips pursed, fingers cupping her chin, index finger tapping at both lips as she thought over the situation. She turned back around, coming to stand in front of Lucy.   A slow, steady smile crept onto her face.

"What?"  Lucy asked.

Without uttering a word, Amy propped one black pump up on the bench.  Lucy watched, mouth open, as Amy's hands caressed their way up her stocking clad leg, raising the hem of her plaid skirt.  Hands deftly worked at the clasps of her garter.  Lucy's heart beat thundered in her ears as Amy slowly inched the stocking down her leg.  She thought she'd faint when Amy bent over, draping the stocking around her neck, depositing a kiss on the tip of her nose as she did so.

The other stocking quickly followed suit, also ending up draped around Lucy's neck.  She watched in rapt fascination as Amy slipped both her shoes back on, then stood before her.  "Sit up straight,"  she instructed.  Without argument, Lucy followed Amy's orders.

Amy straddled Lucy's lap, the denim of Lucy's jeans feeling rough against the bare flesh of her thighs.  She felt Lucy's hands reflexively latch onto her hips.  Reaching out, she moved her hand over Lucy's left breast, brushing her fingers across the material-clad nipple as she caught the toe of the stocking, pulling it from around Lucy's neck.  Leaning over, she deftly looped the stocking around Lucy's waist, tightly wrapping it round and round her ribs.  Making a knot, she secured the stocking around Lucy's ribcage.

Lucy felt Amy tighten the knot, then move her hand back to her left breast.  The touch was a little more brazen this time, lingering over her breast, openly stroking the hardened nipple before retrieving the other stocking.  She felt, rather than saw.  Her own gaze was locked on the V of Amy's white shirt.  The top three buttons were open, exposing her tender flesh to Lucy's stare.  As she moved, working the stocking around Lucy's torso, the tops of her breasts came into view.  As she felt Amy tighten the last knot, she leaned forward, kissing the exposed flesh.

Sensing no resistance, Lucy continued her explorations.  She licked and kissed along the tops of Amy's pert, pale breasts.  She felt Amy's hands slide up her arms, move into her hair, pressing her in even closer.  Desperately, she licked and sucked at every inch of flesh within reach.  Amy pulled her back.  Reluctantly, she focused on Amy's face, afraid she was going to make her stop.  

Instead, what she saw was the longing look in Amy's blue eyes, clouded with desire.  Leaning forward, she caught Amy's lips in a fierce kiss, her tongue plunging into Amy's open mouth.  When the kiss ended, they were both gasping for breath.

Amy leaned in, placing another quick kiss on Lucy's lips.  She felt Lucy's fingers move from her hips, to cup her derriere, working their way beneath the edge of her skirt.  She felt the denim material, the metal of the zipper through the thin, cotton layer of her panties as she settled herself fully upon Lucy's lap.  She allowed her hips to raise then lower, purring deep in her throat at the sensation of the denim rubbing her thick, swollen lips.  A throbbing started deep within, and she arched into Lucy's embrace.

Balancing herself on Lucy's lap, confident that Lucy's strong hands planted firmly on her buttocks would support her weight, she leaned back.  Sliding both hands down Lucy's sturdy arms, she opened her shirt buttons, one by one.  Lucy couldn't speak, she could only stare as inch by inch, Amy's succulent flesh was exposed to her gaze.  

Shirt open, Amy cupped her breasts, lifting the bra-clad material in both hands.  Fingers closed, then pinched at both nipples.  The hard, little nubbins were clearly visible through the sheer-white material, and Lucy couldn't control her reflex to lick her lips.  Amy's hands deftly opened the front-closure, slowly inched the material apart.  Lucy's breath caught, then expelled in a long rush as Amy held her bra fully open, exposing her magnificent breasts.  

She felt a breeze, her nipples impossibly tighten even more, before Lucy moved forward with a predatory growl, lips locking onto one breast.  She felt the hot, hungry kisses roughly planted on her tender flesh.  The nips and the bites as Lucy feasted on both breasts.  Hands clutched at Lucy's shoulders as she felt her mouth close about a nipple, sucking as much of her breast into her mouth as she could fit.

Amy heard the whimpers and the cries, not believing that it was her, responding to Lucy this way.  She had always been somewhat shy and reserved, but with Lucy, she was wanton and aggressive - and just a little bit wild.  She felt a hand between her legs, and she opened herself wider, allowing the fingers to openly stroke her through the cotton barrier of her panties.  She felt a sudden rush of moisture, briefly wondered if Lucy could feel how soaked the crotch of her panties had become.  She stifled a moan.

Another whimper.  Amy's hands forcefully pulled Lucy from her breasts.  Lucy looked up at her, puzzlement in her deep brown eyes.  "Did you hear that?"  she asked Lucy, in a low whisper.  At Lucy's questioning gaze, she expanded.  "Sounded like a whimper."

"Thought that was you."  Lucy tried to return to her snack, but was stopped by forceful fingers tangled in her ponytail.

"No.  Well, yes, that was me."  Amy bit her bottom lip.  "But, I thought I heard - I don't know; puppies?"

"The only puppies I care about right now,"  Lucy kissed Amy deeply, squeezed one of her breasts for emphasis, "are yours."  

Amy couldn't bite back the moan as Lucy's lips once again closed on her nipple, sucking and biting the hardened nubbin.  Fingers deftly closed over the other bud, squeezing and  pinching.  Amy groaned as she felt both nipples being pulled simultaneously; one with the pads of Lucy's fingers, the other with sharp teeth.

Lucy's other hand was busy beneath Amy's skirt, between her legs.  Fingers rubbed swollen lips, feeling the slick moisture even through the cotton barrier.  She increased the pressure, delighted when Amy leaned into her touch.  She toyed with the elastic band before inching fingers beneath the fabric.  

Amy was hot, slick, wet and open.  Throbbing to her very core with desire.  The fingers beneath her skirt were maddening.  Slowly stroking through her downy fine hairs, soaking wet with need.  Rubbing along lips that were impossibly swollen beyond her wildest imagination.  A thumb grazed over her throbbing clit, and she thought she'd pass out from the sensation.  A middle finger slowly slid its way between her lips, moving towards her center.  

This was insane!  Lucy's mouth was still firmly attached to her breasts.  Kissing, sucking, biting, ravaging her tender flesh.  Her fingers were thoroughly soaked with Amy's moisture.  And, still, she wanted nothing more than to reach down between her legs, grab Lucy by the wrist, and force her to thrust into her, fill her - fuck her.  Fuck her until she came.  And, then, fuck her some more.

"Um, guys - ?"

Two heads snapped up at the sound of a man's voice.  Scud!  Standing at the doorway, hands in pockets, casually staring.  Amy followed his line of sight, hurriedly drew the front of her shirt closed.

"Hate to interrupt -"  He nervously looked out the backdoor, down the dirt road.  "But D.E.B.S. are closing fast."

Self-consciously, Amy disentangled herself from Lucy, climbed off her lap.  She straightened her skirt.  Turning her back to the open door, she worked on fastening her bra closure, buttoning her shirt.  She felt a hand on her shoulder, turned to see Lucy intently watching her.

She tenderly kissed Lucy on the cheek.  "You have to go."

Lucy smiled hesitantly, caught both Amy's hands in her own.  Bringing them to her lips, she tenderly kissed them.  "I - I don't quite know what to say.  'I had a really good time' doesn't sound quite right."  She saw Amy's frown.  "But I did!"  she said.  "Have a good time.  But, it was more than that."  

Amy saw the uncertainty of the normally confident master criminal as nothing short of adorable.  And, knowing that she was the one that made Lucy feel and act that way - it was worth more than any treasure that could be stolen or fenced.  "It's okay."  She dropped a light kiss on Lucy's lips.  "I know."

"Hellloooooo!  D.E.B.S. coming!  Remember?"  Scud gesticulated in that unique way of his.  "Will you PLEASE get in the truck?"

"I'm coming,"  Lucy said, never taking her eyes off Amy.  "I have to - "  She reached around behind Amy's back, lifting the handcuffs from her waist.  " - I hope you don't mind.  It's just that the broken radio and all -."

"Oh! - Of course."  Without hesitation, she extended both hands, palms up.  Amy couldn't help but smile.  Lucy was so apologetic about the whole thing.  Of course, she understood that they had to make it look good.  Besides, if the D.E.B.S. have to take five seconds to free her, that would be another five seconds lead that Lucy would have towards freedom.  

Lucy snapped the cuffs into place.  "I am sorry about this,"  she apologized.

"It's okay,"  reassured Amy.  She smiled at Scud, pulling on Lucy's arm, trying to get her to move towards the door.  "When will I see you again?"  When, not will.

Lucy smiled brilliantly.  "Don't worry; I'll find you."

Scud moved behind Amy, striking her firmly on the base of the neck with the butt of his gun.  She fell into his waiting arms.  Gingerly, he lowered her to the floor.  "CAN we go NOW?!?"  he yelled, waving the gun around.

Lucy planted a tender kiss on Amy's temple, grabbed Scud by the arm and limped as fast as she could towards the backdoor.  Bracing herself, she hobbled down the  wooden stairs.  Scud opened the door, helping her into the passenger's seat.  He slammed the door, hurried to the driver's side.  He slid behind the wheel, turning the key in the ignition.  Reaching across, he grabbed Lucy's seatbelt, fastening her in before throwing the 1952 blue pickup truck into gear and speeding down the road.

The front door of the train station flew open with a resounding thud.  D.E.B.S. agents burst into the room, led by Max.  She hurried to the center of the room, flanked on both sides by Dominique and Janet, guns drawn and ready.  Max crouched down, keeping her center of gravity low as her finger indexed the gun barrel while she scanned the room.

"Cover me!"  she yelled, darting to Amy's side.

Her friend was lying on the floor, unconscious.  Hands cuffed in front of her.  Max knelt down, feeling for a pulse.  Strong and steady.  Good.  "Amy?"  she yelled.  "Amy?"

"Hunh?"  Amy slowly swam towards consciousness. 

"Amy, are you alright?"  Max turned to the Homeland Security officers.  "Check the back!"  she ordered.  "We have a D.E.B. down - shoot to kill!"

"Max?"  Amy's voice sounded tiny.  Her eyes slowly blinked open.

"Are you okay?"  Max questioned, cradling Amy's head in her lap.  "What happened?"

"L - Lucy Diamond,"  was all she managed to say before she was forced to close her eyes against the blinding headache.  Damn Scud! - He probably gave me a concussion!  She felt Max's hands on her, helping her up, assisting her to a bench.  The same bench she had previously occupied with Lucy.

Janet sat beside Amy on the bench, cooing soothing sounds, and running her fingers through Amy's blonde hair.  Max knelt on the floor beside the bench, removing the handcuffs.

"Her radio ees broken."  Dominique knelt on the floor, sifting through the broken and shattered pieces.

Max quickly rose to her feet, examining the train station, quickly taking in her surroundings.  "Look at the dust patterns on the hardwood.  You can see the outline of their bodies in the dust."  She walked over to Amy, placed a hand on her bare shoulder, noting the missing sleeve.  Amy felt Max's hand squeeze her shoulder, hesitantly looked up into her waiting gaze. "It must have been a Hell of a struggle, girl."

"Oh.  Yeah."  Amy nodded her head, then wished she hadn't as another flash of pain blinded her.  She heard a whimper.

"What was that?"  asked Max, looking around.

"Puppies!"  Janet shouted, jumping up off the bench.

Amy's face instantly reddened, her eyes dropping, her hands darting to the buttons of her shirt.  No, that's not it.  Amy breathed a sigh of relief as she realized her breasts were covered.  Confused, she glanced around the station for her teammates.

She found them in the ticket master's office, kneeling on the floor, backs to her.  Cautiously, she approached, peering over Max's shoulder.  Puppies.  A half dozen.  Dirty and dusty and maybe a little hungry from the looks of it, but full of energy as they squirmed and rolled around the floor.

"Oh, how cute!"  Janet couldn't help herself.  She reached out, picking up the nearest one.  

The other agents did the same, even Max.  She was firmly bonding with a dusty white puppy when the Homeland Security agents reappeared.  She moved off to talk with them, puppy still firmly in her grasp.  

From the office, Amy and the others heard the report.  Lucy Diamond and her accomplice had escaped again.  Amy couldn't help it, a small smile crept onto her face.  Fortunately, her friends attributed it to the joy of the puppies.

"Look, Amy, zat one likes you."  Dominique pointed at a dusty black puppy attempting to burrow its way between her legs.

Amy reached out, picking the puppy up with one hand.  "You are so dirty, aren't you?"  she asked the puppy.  Janet pulled a handkerchief from her pocket, wet it with her bottled water and tossed it at Amy.  Amy caught it, briskly ran the wet cloth over the puppy.

"Now, let's get a look at you,"  she cooed, holding the puppy beneath both arms, inspecting it.  A little girl.  Solid black with big floppy ears and chocolate brown eyes.  Except for one white patch on its chest that closely resembled a diamond.  "I think I'll call you Diamond.  You want to go home with me, Diamond?"  she asked.

The puppy licked her nose in response.

The scene was secured.  The broken radio and handcuffs were bagged as evidence.  Statements were taken.  As well as photographs.  The puppies were deemed medically healthy and offered to responding agents and law enforcement officers.  And, Amy was declared by a medic to have a concussion, but to be otherwise unhurt.  

The filthy and exhausted D.E.B.S. moved slowly across the floor towards the door of the train station, their feet dragging on the hardwood.  Max and Dominique led the way, dragging their heavy guns along behind them.  Amy followed close behind, holding Diamond in her arms, talking to her, running her fingers through the puppy's thick black fur.  Janet brought up the rear, shuffling her feet as she went.


Amy turned to see what Janet wanted.  The girl stood there, hands on her hips, staring quizzically at Amy's legs.  "Amy, where are your stockings?"

The End

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