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By Deathsheadx

Book One: Change of Pace

Chapter One

She stood there in the centre of the battlefield her clothes mere rags, her body riddled with slashes and stab wounds. In her right hand, a bat'leth; behind her was her partner.

The two of them… backs to each other, watched as the gates opened and a wave of warriors rushed towards them. She smiled and raised her bat'leth and charged… with a powerful slashing motion, she cleaved an opponent's arm off…his screams of pain were music to her ears. Suddenly she was grabbed by another opponent; she struggled, managing to pull back slightly but she couldn't get free. She snarled and swung forward, head butting her opponent at full force. He screamed and staggered but didn't let go, so she head butted him again ...and again…there was a crack as his forehead caved in and he released her.

She turned to see an opponent with an arrow... without even thinking she threw her bat'leth at full force; it whistled through the air singing a song of death. It hit the opponent with enough force to pass right through her opponent cleaving his head and upper torso in two.

She saw another opponent rushing towards her, she growled and started to run towards him. She leapt forward, somersaulting in the air, planting her feet firmly dead center in her opponent's chest. As he fell she lifted a foot and brought it down hard; there was a sickening crack as she collapsed, his ribcage… she looked to see her opponents had fallen and turned to look at her partner and then…

And then B'Elanna Torres awoke with a start.

"Damn not again! Those dreams are getting more and more frequent."

B'Elanna Torres climbed out of bed and sighed, those dreams had started to annoy her. It wasn't the violence itself that annoyed her… it was the fact it always cut off when she went to look at her partner and worst of all, the whole violent dream aroused her; every time she had to recycle her panties because they were soaked.

She walked to the table to get her breakfast "Computer, banana pancakes with maple syrup." As she sat down to tuck in she noticed a data pad on the table, out of curiosity she leaned over to read it and started to swear…

Cargo Bay Two

Seven of Nine awoke from her regenerative sleep, she remembered what day today was and she felt the pain as if it had only happened yesterday…She realized she was experiencing grief. She frowned, she would not let it impair her function. She walked to Astrometrics and got to work charting the paths of the energy discharge from a star that had just gone nova. As she worked she started to remember the little things…and the grief she had repressed came rushing back…it was so powerful it made her stumble back.

"Seven of Nine? Are you okay?" Asked a crew member.

Seven looked at her hands, she could feel the tears starting to form…

"No crewman…I am not." And with that Seven of Nine left Astrometrics

B'Elanna was in a foul mood; Tom had taken some overtime to get extra holodeck time! Time he would waste in the holodeck in his stupid Captain Proton game instead of with her.

She was so wrapped up in her rage she nearly bumped into Seven of Nine leaving engineering. B'Elanna was in too foul a mood with Tom to get angry at the ex Borg.

"Sorry Seven wasn't looking where I was going."

"Apology accepted Lieutenant Torres."

They went about their way, B'Elanna watched Seven go, as she did B'Elanna found herself spending a little too much time staring at her ass.

She pulled away and realised that Seven wasn't walking with as much rigidness as usual, it was like she was upset about something.

B'Elanna frowned, what did she care, the girl got on her nerves.

Seven walked towards sickbay…

"Doctor, I am in need of your assistance…"

The EMH appeared "What is it Seven?"

"Do you know what today is?"

"Well today's the day that the crew tries one of Neelix's new Leola root tortures..." The Doctor stood still "oh. Today's the day…"

"Yes, the anniversary of the day One died…"

"Oh Seven…"

"Doctor, I can barely control my grief. I find myself assailed by memories of my lost child and then I remember Mezoti and the twins… and it gets even worse…Doctor I can not function like this, I..."

"I will put a note in that you are to rest. Go and get some rest Seven."

Seven of Nine nodded "Thank you Doctor."

Tom Paris sat in the mess hall when he saw B'Elanna enter.

"B'Elanna! Over here!" he waved.

B'Elanna looked at Tom, anger suffusing her face. "Tom what the hell are you playing at?" she snarled.


"Don't honey me! We planned to have dinner together tonight. I re- arranged my schedule for it." snapped an angry B'Elanna.

"I..I..I..." stuttered Tom.

"Two weeks Tom! We planned this two weeks ago! And then I find out you've decided that your holo game is more important than us having dinner together!"

"B'Elanna…the overtime was up for grabs and I…thought..."

"No you didn't think…sometimes I wonder why I married you Tom Paris, you are such a child!"

"Look B'Elanna, I'm sorry I'll cancel the overtime…I'll…"

"Don't bother Tom…you'll just find some other way to disappoint me." With that she turned and left a stunned Tom Paris in the mess hall.

Later that day B'Elanna was walking through engineering "I need that dilithium checked Vorik."

"Yes Lieutenant, I will get on it right away."

B'Elanna walked towards the warp core and frowned, she knew her engine like the back of her hand…she could hear her engines from the other side of the ship. Today the engine sounded ill… "Carey…run a diagnostic, right now!"

Carey began running diagnostics and gasped, "B'Elanna there is a surg…"

Carey didn't finish as a surge of energy ripped out of the warp core and sent her flying across engineering.

B'Elanna came to on the barge of the dead.

"Oh hell no!"

"Hello again Little One." came a voice.

B'Elanna spun round before her was Kortor the first Klingon…"ohhhhhh crap." She deadpanned.

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