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Two Bitches…and a White Picket Fence?
By Bynx


Part 1

Greenlee stares after Erica Kane. It was very nice of her to try to help and comfort her, but just as she said they were competitors and life was a fight. 'Maybe I have some fight left after all.' She muses as she walks form the D.A.'s office.

It isn't as if Pine Valley is a big place, so within moments she is standing outside the building housing her penthouse. She slowly gets on the elevator. She dreads the oncoming reality, but she has to face it sometime. The elevator doors open and there it is the place that used to be home. Now it's just a place without Leo. Cautiously, as if the doorknob itself will burn her she turns it and opens up the tomblike residence. Nothing has moved. All the broken glass is still where it was along with now broken promises. She walks around the penthouse letting it surround her. She can hear the whispered 'I love yous', can feel the passionate embraces, and silently longs for the past. There are the tickets to Paris waiting for lovers who will never use them. She picks them up in her hand looking at her future knowing now it will never be. The silence is overwhelming. She clicks on the little stereo and out pours their Paris musicians. Does Fate not have even a moment's reprieve for her?

"Oh God, Leo!" Greenlee almost shouts, "I can't..I don't know how to do this without you!" She grabs the stereo flinging it wildly into the wall watching as it shatters into pieces. In a rage, she grabs anything and everything in reach and throws it all listening with an empty satisfaction as it breaks like her heart.

"Whoa! What the hell?!…" Kendall gasps out as she ducks a flying ornament, "Greenlee…what…" another flying projectile comes her way.

"Get out! Get out! Get out!" Greenlee screeches at the intruder not really seeing who it is and not caring, "Just get the fuck out!"

Kendall almost retreats as ordered until she sees Greenlee pick up a picture frame holding her and Leo's images in it as if to smash it. Quickly, she rushes to Greenlee and grabs her up in a bear hug from behind loosening her hold on the frame. As she holds a struggling Greenlee tight she carefully lets the frame fall from the shorter woman's grasp onto the table with a quiet thud.

"Get the fuck off of me! Let me Go! You fucking bitch!" Greenlee growls out, "I hate you!"

"I.I know you do..but I couldn't let you destroy something that will be so precious to you later…I…you would regret it later…trust me you would…" Kendall doesn't loosen her hold on the shorter woman. She just lets her struggle and pound on her forearms as they hold her.

"What the hell would you know about it?!" Greenlee kicks Kendall in the shin.

"Ow!" Kendall almost lets go, but doesn't, "Enough to know when someone has your whole heart and they leave or well, your heart goes with them, but Greenlee you would have hated yourself later if broke that picture frame of you two."

"I..I c-can't do this. I can't look at all these happy memories…" Greenlee mumbles out, "not and know that we can never make anymore…ever…not ever…" Greenlee breaks into sobs, which leave her body shaking in their war on her small frame.

'oh..what do I do? I don't know how to comfort…um..shit!' Kendall thinks as she holds the weeping woman to her.

"Sshhh…it's…well…it's not okay, but…come over here," Kendall tries, but Greenlee can't move as the sobs wrack her body, "Okay, well…" Kendall figures Greenlee can't weigh that much and it isn't far to the couch, so as ungracefully as you could imagine, she picks Greenlee up and transports her to the couch straining not to drop her on the way.

"Damn, you are heavier than I thought…" she groans as she basically collapses to the couch with Greenlee falling awkwardly on top of her. She settles and is surprised to find her arms automatically wrapped themselves around Greenlee in a tight hug.

Kendall scoots up into a more seated position taking the grieving widow with her onto her lap more. Greenlee seemingly unaware of all of this instinctively moves in tight to Kendall's arms. She snuggles her head right into her jaw line and grips her would be comforter in a death-lock hold. The hot tears she is crying running along Kendall's neck. Not sure what else to do, Kendall absently strokes the sobbing woman's back.

"Sssshhh…one day..one day you'll want to look at all these pictures and remember. You'll want to…hold tight to a picture and know you loved each other…one day, I promise…it just won't be soon…" Kendall whispers to the raging woman, "Leo was..well, someone who loved you like no other and accepted you for all of you…just like Ryan did m-me..And one day you'll love remembering that all the time."

"I..love him so much..I…oh god, what do I do with---without him.." Greenlee stammers out.

"You're not without him. He's everywhere you are, because he's in your heart." Kendall shrugs mentally, 'Where did that come from and why am I here?'

Greenlee grabs Kendall closer to her just needing to feel something, someone real with her. She cries herself out, but stays locked in Kendall's embrace. Kendall realizes Greenlee has quit crying, but for fear of renewed water works doesn't move a muscle. She knows there will be a backlash for this so called good deed, because there always is.

'Oh my God, I am sitting in Kendall Hart's lap, wrapped in her arms and crying into her neck!' Greenlee's mind races as she finally comes to some clear thought, 'I..oh shit! What do I do now?! I let her see me like this..weak..lost…but she stayed and …she actually offered me comfort…this is so not going to be good..' She cautiously moves so she can begin to get up.

Kendall feels Greenlee stir and moves her arms into an open circle giving the smaller woman room to get up and away from her. Greenlee slowly moves to a standing position and begins straightening her clothes as Kendall stands and does the same. The silence between them seems to take on a life of its own until Greenlee sighs.

"I…you're right…I..uh..I would have regretted smashing the picture later. I love Leo and our memories very much..it's just..so hard. I…thank you…" Greenlee stammers out.

In shock that Greenlee Dupree has just thanked her, it takes Kendall a minute to speak, "I..your welcome..I heard someone in here and then all this yelling and breaking glass. I wanted to make sure no one was.. Well…I didn't expect it to be you," she offers, "I..I'm sorry…I know it hurts, but those things I said are true…"

"I know they are, but it's hard to believe right now. Um…thanks for the…well, the shoulder. I am sorry to have broken down on you like that. I..shit..how do you apologize for soaking someone with your anger, grief…resentment..Especially since we don't...Aren't…"

"You don't. I was here. You needed someone. I could have walked away. I chose not to. We aren't..well..friends, but we both know loss and it's okay. Do you need any help cleaning up?" She looks around at all the glass.

"Huh? Oh, no that's all right. I think I am just going to go stay at the Inn until I get some cleaners in here and maybe redecorate some until it doesn't' hurt so much.." she says absently.

"I agree with the cleaners, but maybe you should rethink the decorator…. wait and see how you feel..just a suggestion, but I should go if you're alright?" Kendall raises an eyebrow.

"I'll be fine. I..well…this is awkward huh?" Greenlee looks at the floor.

"Yeah, but no one said it had to change anything. I'll just get going and you can go on hating me and I'll go on with well, what I do. Bye Greenlee." Kendall looks at the shock on Greenlee's face then turns and walks out shutting the door quietly behind her.

Greenlee stands looking at the door her brain running a hundred miles an hour. She slumps back down to the couch a mild headache threatening to become full blown causing her to close her eyes.

'I wonder if hate is really what I have for you Kendall. It's more like distrust. Yet, you stayed and comforted me when you could have bolted. You offered soothing words, a tight embrace, and understanding. What got into you? What got into me letting you comfort me? I thought you hated me. What is it that you'll go on doing? Leo, I am so confused and I miss you so much. I will come back here, but not now.'


Part 2

'I should have never gone in there.' Kendall pouts, 'Yeah, but if you hadn't she would have…well who knows.' She argues with herself. She closes her eyes as she puts the car in park. She exits her car moving into her temporary home, "Got to love this place." She sighs.

She walks quickly through the lobby of the Inn and rides the elevator up to her room. She keys open the door to be greeted by a huge vase of roses. They must be from Aidan.

"Shit! I have to deal with him," she reads the card, "Why is it some people can't just call a roll in the hay just that?"

Kendall grabs her purse and starts the short trek to the valley inn's bar. She knows this isn't going to fun by any means. She likes Aidan well enough and he is fun to flirt with, but he isn't Ryan. No one is Ryan.

'Good in bed though…what was I thinking?' She shakes her head, 'you weren't. You were lonely and sex starved.' She cringes knowing that's the truth.

She walks into the bar. She sees him serving some blonde, who she watches, hand him her number. She smiles inwardly knowing Aidan will politely decline. She walks up to the bar." Thank you for the flowers." She says nicely watching the blonde wilt, 'Just 'cause I don't want him doesn't mean I can't be a bitch.' She thrills.

"You're welcome. Did you like them?" Aidan smiles.

"Yes, it was sweet.." She fidgets with a napkin.

"But?" he prompts.

"Hmm..smart one you," she grins.

"At times."

"But…I am just not looking for a relationship. It isn't you. You've…you were great…caring, gentle, everything I needed at that moment, but it was just a moment. Nothing more," she finishes.

"It could be more, if you let it, Kendall. I meant it when I said you're special. I…could make you feel that…"

"You did and thank you, but my heart isn't in it and really neither is yours if you think about it. I'm sorry." She touches his hand, "I wasn't trying to use you."

"I think you're wrong, but I know you weren't using me. I think we could be great, but I'll respect you wishes." He squeezes her hand, "I respect you came in person to tell me," he releases her hand.

"You're a good man, Aidan. Sorry it took me so long to see it," she winks.

"Same here. Gotta work. Now." He smiles and turns to a customer.

Kendall stands and watches Aidan serve for a minute then she smiles to herself and turns to leave the bar. She walks out of the bar and right into a nightmare. In front of her, maybe 15 feet away is Trey upsetting Greenlee. Trey is trying to calm her, but Greenlee is waving her arms and her voice is getting steadily louder.

'What the hell is it with my luck today?' Kendall shakes her head, 'Just walk off pretend you didn't see them…yeah that's the smart thing to do.' She turns to walk back into the bar, 'NO. You can't do that. He's your brother and he's accosting Greenlee. You have to do something.' She turns back toward the pair, "Fuck me.."

"Go away! You did nothing but use those diamonds to buy your filthy freedom and don't try to tell me anything else about it! I don't want you anywhere near me. Leo l-loved you… took you in and tried to help you have a family, but you betrayed him. If you hadn't had to make that deal what were you going to do with them…keep them that's what you bastard!" Greenlee screeches at him.

"No..that's not how it was…I…I miss Leo he is the only one who trusted me…I…" Trey tries to reason, "I just want to be there for you…please."

"No, stay the fuck away from me!" she tries to walk away, but Trey snatches at her arm.

"Hey! She said stay away from her, Trey." Kendall swats his hand away taking up position in between him and Greenlee.

"Kendall, sis.."

"Don't call me that!" Kendall hisses out, "You don't get the right to call me that. She has asked you repeatedly to leave her alone, Trey. Don't push it or me." She glares at him.

"What you suddenly become miss protector?" He sneers, "I'm doing a better job of it than you right now aren't I?" Kendall taunts.

"Kendall, I can take care of myself." Greenlee interjects. Yet, she stands not moving out from behind Kendall in surprise, as once again Kendall is her shield.

"I'm not saying you can't, but I can't very well let my brother harass you either. I'm sorry for my part in all of this…really so the least I can do is keep him off your back. Okay?" Kendall says sincerely while still looking at Trey.

"O-okay…" Greenlee mumbles.

"I'll go, but I meant it Greenlee I just want to be here for you." Trey tries to say around Kendall who isn't moving, "Kendall, we'll talk later."

"Don't count on it." She states flatly. She watches as he exits the Inn. Then, she turns to Greenlee, "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine. I didn't need you to rescue me, but…thanks again." Greenlee tucks a stray piece of hair behind her ear. Kendall catches a glint of light off the key in her hand.

"You have a room here now?"

"Yeah," Greenlee mutters out.

Kendall catches the room number off the key, "Hey that's down the hall from me, right next to Aidan's room."

"Great. Just what I needed." Greenlee snaps her head up at her own words, "I'm sorry..I.."

"No…hey…whatever…glad I could be of help here for you. I know you would rather not deal with me or my family issues so I'll just go. Take care, Greenlee." Kendall the hurt showing on her face walks away and gets into the elevator leaving Greenlee to catch the next one.

Greenlee exits the elevator and trudges down the hallway to her new if temporary home. She sighs inwardly. I could have the master suite if Erica wasn't already in it. Ironic that one isn't it. She opens the door to her room and looks down the hallway towards Kendall's room before dropping her gaze and walking in. It isn't a bad room. It's probably very similar to Kendall's in fact. She sits down on the bed realizing she doesn't have any belongings no clothes, no shoes, nothing except what she is wearing.

"Well, I have you though don't I?" she says out loud looking at the picture frame lying on her bed. She lies down on the bed holding the picture frame to her chest and closes her eyes.

"What do I do, Leo?" Greenlee whispers, "I don't know what to do. I don't know what to think anymore." She feels the hot streak as a tear slides down her cheek, "I am so tired of crying. We aren't supposed to be here. We're supposed to be happy in Paris, but no you had to save me and go away without me. What do I do now? I know I should go on fighting and living. I know you would want me to, but I am not sure that I can. I always had you to support me, to love me, hold me when things went rotten, and protect me. Who is going to protect me now?" She squeezes her arms around the frame.

As if someone had actually been listening to her, Greenlee almost hears someone whisper, 'you know how to take are of yourself…how to protect yourself, I was just a standby, Greens…just a standby in case you needed me. You can do it, baby…just pick the right help…you might be surprised, but take nothing for granted…Live baby…for me.' Greenlee sits up in the bed almost dropping the frame.

"Leo?" She calls out, but no answer comes back. She looks at the clock in the room, "I fell asleep. I must have been dreaming, but it sure seemed real."

'I need to make a list of things I need to do. I need to go shopping for new clothes. I need to hire the cleaners for the penthouse. I need to go back to work. I need to…I need to live for Leo.' She smiles to herself, 'I need to figure out what the hell is up with Kendall. Why is she all the sudden coming to my rescue, she must be up to something, right?'

"Yeah, but what can she possibly get out of helping me? She knows I will never trust her." She muses out loud, 'I think I actually may have hurt her feelings earlier. I can't worry about that. I have to get going tomorrow which means I need to sleep tonight so room service and then bed.' Greenlee picks up the phone and for the night all that is left behind.


Part 3

Kendall walks into the Inn bar and waves to Aidan. This last week they have really become friends. She, of course, has run into Greenlee in the halls and in the restaurant. They nod in greeting, but nothing else really passes between them. Kendall has at one time or another wanted to invite her to dinner, but decided at the last instant each time that it would be a bad idea.

"What can I get for you, Kendall?" Aidan smiles at her.

"Just a coke..I have to look for a better job today." She answers smiling back, 'It is a shame that Ryan is out there somewhere…he's such a great guy.' She thinks to herself.

"I wish you luck then. The job market out there is awful rough. I thought you had a job with Greenlee at Revlon."

"I did, but I don't even know if she has her job at Revlon right now. I don't think she has been up to going into the office and I..well.." she stammers.

"You're not in to good of standing with her right now I take it"

"I don't think so. Oh hell, I don't know Aidan. I just know that I need to figure out what the hell I am doing with my life." She looks down into her coke.

"Hey, don't get down on yourself. You just go out get the job and decide where to go from there. Just take it as it comes right now Kendall." Aidan touches her hand in comfort and then turns to another customer.

"Yeah, just take it as it comes…" she whispers to herself.

She finishes her coke leaving the money for it on the bar and walks out into the lobby. As she walks up toward the desk, she sees Trey trying to coax Greenlee's room number out of the girl at the front desk.

"Up to your usual charming tricks I see." She taps him on the shoulder.

"K-Kendall…I am just talking to this nice young lady." Trey gestures to the desk clerk.

"Miss, don't let him fool you. This is Trey Kenyan and he is not to disturb Greenlee Dupree for anything. She has told him on more than one occasion to leave her be and she would definitely not appreciate you giving this money-grubber her room number. I suggest that if you see him around here fishing again you call the police for harassment."

"Oh my… I didn't know. I sure would hate to have Mrs. Dupree upset with me. I most definitely do not want to see you hanging around here again bothering our guests. Please leave." She sneers at Trey.

"Fine." Trey spits out and turns on Kendall, "How dare you?! I just want to help…"

"I know what you want to help Trey. You want to help yourself right into a grieving woman's misery and money. You still want to ingratiate yourself to the woman your brother loved more than life so you can see what cons you can pull. I won't stand for it!" Kendall interrupts him.

"What about you?! You helped me get those diamonds out of the water Kendall. The money shined in your eyes, too. Hell, you are the one that told me to trade them for my freedom. What does that make you?" He accuses.

"It makes me stupid for caring about what happened to another piece of my lowlife family. It makes me retarded for ever trusting you to do the right thing on your own. I am here to tell you right now though, if you don't leave Greenlee alone, I will personally make your life a living hell. You shouldn't doubt for a second that I don't know how either. I am Erica Kane's daughter by blood after all so I have it in my genes. Now, get the hell out of here before I have that clerk call the police." Kendall pokes him in the chest to make sure he is paying attention.

"I'm going Kendall, but this isn't done." He turns to leave.

"It better be where Greenlee is concerned or you'll wish it had been done."

"Why do you even care?"

"I…I just understand a small portion of her pain is all…I just do so leave her be."

"We're not done yet." He storms out of the Inn.

"You better leave her alone, Trey." Kendall says to herself. She shrugs off the confrontation and plasters on her winning smile and heads toward the front door.

Greenlee watches Kendall exit the Inn from the elevators having heard the whole confrontation between Kendall and Trey. She stares on in disbelief and wonder at the idea of Kendall still protecting her from her own flesh and blood. She was down right vicious in her defense of Greenlee. She had kept Trey from getting her room number.

"Kendall, you have become my own personal little savior. I really wish I knew what was on your mind. Is it just because you really care that I lost Leo? Where are you off to?" Greenlee muses to herself, 'I guess the only way I will know is if I follow you.'

Greenlee hurriedly stalks after Kendall hoping to get some clue as to what Kendall is up to. She follows Kendall to several locations where Kendall will go in, be gone for moments to and hour and then come out still looking herself, but with disappointment on her face. It doesn't take too long for Greenlee to realize that Kendall Hart is job hunting and that it isn't going very well. She decides as she watches Kendall throw out her paper and sit on a bench in the park that to get to know what Kendall is up to, she will have to be closer to her. So, she walks up to the bench and sits down beside Kendall surprising her.

"Greenlee…you scared me…" Kendall gasps out.

"Yeah, well. I can be good at that." Greenlee smiles wickedly, "So, the job hunt not going well?"

"How did..nevermind…no it's not going well at all." Kendall shrugs dejectedly.

"May I ask why you are job hunting at all? Don't we pay you enough at the office?"

"I…what…I mean…I didn't know if I still had a job at the office." Kendall spits out finally.

"I haven't received a letter of resignation yet, although I was getting a bit concerned when you didn't show up for work at all this week," Greenlee smiles at Kendall knowing she has her in the palm of her hand.

"No..I haven't resigned. I just thought…"

"Well, don't do that unless I ask you to. Now, I expect you to be in the office tomorrow at the usual time and ready to assist me in all the details of this new deal we are working. If you call the office today they can fax over all the details you'll need to catch up on to the Inn. Now, get going. I have to look good and if you don't look good neither do I."

"Yes, ma'am. I will see you tomorrow morning at 900 am on the dot." Kendall stands to head back to the Inn, "Greenlee, thanks."

"Yeah, just don't expect me to be so lenient the next time you just decide to take a week off." Greenlee doesn't look up. She doesn't want to see the look of gratitude on her face. She doesn't think she could handle that.

"Okay, whatever you say." Kendall walks off shaking her head. Perhaps, Greenlee isn't the only one who doesn't have a clue as to what is going on.


Part 4

Kendall walks through the front doors of Revlon taking the elevator up to Greenlee's office. It was a beautiful day outside and she is wearing a smile as she pushes through Greenlee's office door.

"Thank God, you're right on time." Greenlee doesn't look up at her at all, "I need you to get with me here on this new line right away. This new line is our one-up on Erica."

"We're seriously going to take on Erica?" Kendall smiles a little wider taking in the fact that Greenlee has taken up right where she left off before Leo.

"You bet your ass we are. Now, let's get going. We have lots to do and very little precious time to do it in. This line gets launched right before Christmas since Erica's line isn't launching until New Year's." Greenlee finally looks up to acknowledge Kendall's presence. She sees Kendall smiling at her.

"We seem to be in a good mood today," Greenlee almost smiles back.

"I…it's just good to…" Kendall pauses, "to see…to be back at work."

"Oh…well, then get to it already." Greenlee almost snaps but jokingly.

"Yes, ma'am. What do you need me to do?" Kendall sets her briefcase down and moves toward the desk.

"First of all, you can take up those prints and get them to art work downstairs, and then I need you to gather their new prints and bring them to me here. After that, I need you to make sure that these proposals get to Angelina Jolie's people before noon. I will give you more to do after you finish all that. You understand how important the proposals are right?"

"Of course, Greenlee. I will get everything done before noon. You can count on me. If you aren't busy for lunch perhaps we could get lunch together?" Kendall reassures.

"I won't be able to leave the office today, but thanks for thinking of it. You should definitely take time out to eat though. I'll just order something in. Now, run Kendall. I have much more for you to do today. And do you think you could work late tonight?"

"Sure, don't worry about it." Kendall grabs up the prints and hurries out the door to the art department.

Kendall loses herself in the blur called work. Greenlee never seems to stop pushing this new campaign. They work hour after late night hour pushing hard on the new line. Kendall watches in awe as Greenlee ignores her grief and adds to her own long hours. Kendall begins to see how truly gifted Greenlee is in the business world as Jolie's people agree to do the campaign as long as 10% of all profits are given to a charity of Angelina's choice. Kendall is completely in awe of her mentor and wow, won't Erica Kane be surprised. Weeks pass as the flurry of work continues.

Thanksgiving approaches and Kendall is beginning to worry about Greenlee even as much as she admires her. Greenlee still lives at the Inn and hasn't, as far as Kendall has seen, even sent cleaners over to the Penthouse. She looks haggard these days not her usual stellar self. On and on she pushes herself and Kendall, but something isn't right and Kendall is beginning to sense it…

"Hey," Kendall walks into Greenlee's office on Wednesday morning to find Maggie with Greenlee, "Oh…I'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt…"

"That's alright. Maggie was just inviting me to Thanksgiving dinner with the family, but I told her I already had plans. Do you mind if I tell her now so she will believe me?" Greenlee winks at Kendall.

"N-no…go ahead…" Kendall says slightly confused.

"Okay, Maggie it was a secret, because it has to do with work, but I can tell you. Kendall and I are having dinner together tomorrow so we can keep working on the new line. We figured since we are both sort of blah on the holidays… the whole family thing and such that we would forgo a traditional dinner and work over take out. Right Kendall?"

"Y-yep…that's right, but Greenlee if you would rather go to…" Kendall pushes.

"No, we need to work and I can't be changing plans now." Greenlee looks stern at Kendall, "so…thank you Maggie, but give my love to all and dinner some other time I promise."

"Sure, Greenlee. We just wanted you to know that you were more than welcome to spend it with us. Leo…well…we're family and…"

"I know, but I really must work this holiday." Greenlee insists.

"I'll hold you to that other time though. Have a good holiday, Greenlee." Maggie starts to walk out, but turns to Kendall, "You too, Kendall."

"Thank you." Kendall nods to Maggie and looks back at Greenlee, "So, what is this about having dinner with me? You really are either a workaholic or you are just trying to avoid the family thing. Did you consider I might have plans?"

"Actually no it didn't occur to me that you might have plans considering you are sort of lacking in the whole family department." Greenlee spits out.

"Yeah. Whatever. You aren't sans family so why are you bailing? I'll tell you why because you don't want to be around anything that reminds you of Leo or love period. At least, I have an excuse what is yours?" Kendall shoots back.

"I…I don't need one. I do what I want."

"Yeah. I noticed." Kendall grabs her briefcase and heads back out the door. Greenlee catches unshed tears in her eyes before she leaves.

"Damn it." Greenlee grabs her coat and follows after Kendall. She catches her right outside the company doors, "Kendall,"

"What?! You want to laugh at me some more for my wonderful family situation?"

"No, I…I want to apologize and…and invite you to dinner tomorrow for Thanksgiving…please?" Greenlee stutters out not used to apologizing and wondering why she is now.

"I…I'll have dinner with you on one condition…no work…we don't talk about it…look at it…think about it…nothing."


Part 5

Kendall stands in her room at the mirror. She primps and prods her appearance. Subconsciously, she wills everything to be perfect. She has chosen a simple dress, but could be called casual dressy. She has done her hair and nails the night before just to be sure she looked her best.

'Why am I acting like a nervous teenager? It's dinner with Greenlee for crying out loud. She doesn't give two shits what I look like. She is just trying to be nice. She would much rather be left alone. I just can't do that. Something's not right with her. Duh! Leo died…the love of her life…but that's the problem. She hasn't really dealt with that. It's been weeks now. She is heading for a breakdown if she doesn't come to terms with this and soon. Sheesh, I should take some of my own advice.' She winces at her thoughts as she heads out the door to Greenlee's room.

Greenlee stands looking at the table full of traditional foods for the holiday. None of it, absolutely none of it looks appealing to her. She turns to take one last look in the mirror to make sure she looks presentable as she hears a knock on the door.

'what am I doing? I am having Thanksgiving with Kendall when it should be me and Leo in Paris. Leo…holidays without Leo…that's why I am doing this. I don't want to be…she's alone and needs someone…and I made her cry so I should make up for it. That's all this is.' She muses as she opens the door.

"Hi." Kendall smiles shyly as the door opens. 'Oh, Greenlee, You look so thin, but beautiful…'

"Come on in. Dinner was just brought up so you are right on time." Greenlee opens the door to let her into the room.

"Thanks for doing this." Kendall offers.

"It…it was nothing. I wanted to make up for yesterday and well, …" Greenlee trails off.

"It's okay. I know you didn't mean it." Kendall sits on the opposite side of the table as Greenlee sits too.

"Well, let's dig in then shall we?" Greenlee feigns an appetite.

The dinner is quiet. Kendall eats her normal amount before noticing that Greenlee hasn't eaten one complete plateful. Kendall places her napkin form her lap on the table and takes a drink of white wine. She watches as Greenlee pushes her food around her plate.

"Not hungry…cause I thought it was pretty good myself." Kendall ventures.

"Huh? No, it's fine. I'm just not very hungry today." Greenlee quits pretending to eat and lays her fork down picking up her wine.

"Apparently, from the looks of things, you haven't been hungry for many days, Greenlee. I am thin, but you are giving a whole new meaning to crash dieting." Kendall moves in for the kill.

"I…it doesn't matter. I've just been busy…"

"Busy trying not to think about Leo…busy trying not to feel alone…too busy to care about life's little necessities?" Kendall slices out.

"Just shut up! God, I knew this was a mistake trying to do something nice for you. You just can't let someone be nice to you." Greenlee stands up.

"I won't shut up. Look at yourself. Maybe others don't notice it, but they haven't seen you since it's been work non- stop, but I see it. You've lost so much weight and the bags under your eyes tell me you haven't been sleeping. Even Erica's best eyeliner wouldn't hide those suitcases you are carrying. Don't give me this nice to me crap. I mean yeah it was nice of you to invite me, but you were just hiding out form Leo's family…from anything that might remind you that Leo isn't here…he's dead." Kendall finishes quietly.

"Damn you! DAMN YOU TO HELL! GET OUT!" Greenlee screams as tears pour down her face.

"You damn me all you want. I am already there, but you need to realize he's gone Greenlee. He's gone but your not and he would so kick your ass for giving up on life. He would want you to do things and not just work. Leo would want you to go on and try to be happy however you could. He knows you love him. He knows, but what you're doing to yourself would break his heart." Kendall walks toward Greenlee.

"Stay away from me! You evil bitch…he's…Leo's…" Greenlee starts to fall, but Kendall wraps her arms around her holding her up.

"Leo's dead, Greenlee. I'm sorry, but he's dead." Kendall whispers into Greenlee's ear, "I know you love him. He knows you love him. You have to face it. Leo died to save your life because he loves you so much. Don't throw what he did away by wasting away to nothing. He wouldn't want you to do that. What a waste his sacrifice would be if you let yourself die. He's dead, but he knows what you are doing to yourself. He will always be with you if you let him." Kendall croons into Greenlee's ear.

"Let me go…" Greenlee tries to wrench herself free, "I…just let me go…please."

Kendall releases Greenlee, but grabs her again right before he legs give out. Kendall moves them over to the sofa in the room and sets them down on it. Greenlee tries to hold in her emotions, but the tears stream down her face.

"Greenlee, I'm so sorry, but I can't let you waste away. I can't let you throw Leo's gift to you away. He loved you too much for me to let you do that. I…"

"Why do you care?!" Greenlee spits out.

"I…" 'Why do I?' "I just…I have to…someone has to." She stammers out.

"He's…oh god…he's really gone. He's dead!" Greenlee lets out a wail, "I don't know what to do without him…he's my whole dream…my whole world…Nothing makes any sense without him." Greenlee sobs into Kendall's shoulder.

"I know…ssshhh…I know." Kendall strokes Greenlee's hair. They sit there for what seems a long time with Greenlee sobbing out her anguish and admitting to herself that Leo, her love, is really gone.

Kendall realizes Greenlee's breathing has evened out into sleep. She moves slightly to look down to be sure and sees that indeed Greenlee has fallen asleep on her arm. Carefully, she lays Greenlee out on the couch. She doesn't want to wake her. She probably hasn't really slept in weeks. She grabs the blanket off the back of the couch and covers her with it. She looks down at her sleeping. It's the most peaceful she has seen her in ages if ever.

'My goodness, she is beautiful. Holy Shit! I did not just think that! Yes, you did. Shut up! I…I just…well…stutter stutter…shut up! Nope. You like her admit it. Okay, I like her we are a lot alike. We're both bitches intent on getting what we want. Ah…yes, true but what you want is the issue now isn't it? Shut up! I am not Bianca! No, Bianca knows what she wants…Shut up!' Kendall shakes her head and writes a note before heading toward the door.

"Where are you going?" Greenlee asks quietly half-asleep.

"I didn't mean to wake you." Kendall doesn't turn around, "I should be going…"

"I…I'm sorry for…"

"Don't be…it's alright. I'm just going to let you sleep now."

"I won't you know." Greenlee answers.

"I…yeah…I don't suppose you would. I mean that would be good for you and we couldn't have you doing that."

"Why do you care really?" Greenlee sits up.

"I told you. I don't want to see Leo's sacrifice go to waste and neither do you not really." Kendall thinks fast.

"No, I don't, but…" Greenlee doesn't finish.

"But what?" Kendall pushes turning to face Greenlee.

"I…I can't sleep…alone. I try. I really do, but I can't do it. I want to sleep. I just can't." Greenlee shrugs tearing up a little, "I don't want Leo to think I am throwing away his gift, but…I can't sleep and then since I didn't sleep I'm not hungry and…it's a cycle…"

"I…would it help…I mean…If I stay would it help you sleep?" Kendall practically whispers feeling somewhat uncomfortable, but feeling she must offer.

"You…d-don't have to…" Greenlee blushes.

"I didn't ask you that. I asked if you thought it would help you sleep if I stayed." Kendall looks at her feet.

There is only silence as they both contemplate what is being exchanged between them. Neither of them has trusted many people ever and never thought they would trust each other. Now, though, this is exactly what hangs in the balance, an exchange of trust and that means friendship.


"Y-yes…I think it would help…if you don't mind," Greenlee takes the plunge first.

"I'll stay if you agree to eat something…anything."



"Okay, I'll order up some French fries." Greenlee picks up the phone and dials room service.

"I'll go change and come back okay?" Kendall's voice shakes a little.


Kendall walks the hall to her room. She opens the door, walks in, closes it and leans up against it. She takes a couple of deep breaths and moves to her dresser. She pulls out a pair of old flannel shorts and a t-shirt.

'What am I doing?' She thinks as she changes, 'I guess I am becoming friends with Greenlee. Who would have thought it? Not you. Yeah, not me. I think you two are already friends so what does this make you? Shut up! I am helping her she needs to sleep and eat. I don't want her to throw away Leo's gift to her. Ah…but why not? What does it matter to you?' She looks in her mirror taking off her make-up. "It just matters. It has to matter to someone." She says to herself before she walks down the hall to Greenlee's room.

She opens the door, "Greenlee, its Kendall." 'Maybe she'll have fallen asleep.'

"Come on in,"

Kendall walks in and sees Greenlee sitting in shorts and a tank top eating French Fries slowly. Kendall smiles without realizing it.

"What are you smiling at?"

"I…I didn't know I was." She stammers.

"Yeah, well you are…stop it." She eats another fry.

"Okay," Kendall moves the smile to a grin. She sits down on the couch and waits for Greenlee to finish her fries. When Greenlee is about half through she starts to set the plate down, "No…you have to eat all of it."

"Damn, you are relentless." Greenlee bitches, but she eats the fries.

"Yep, but you should have figured that out a long time ago."

They sit in silence as Greenlee finishes her food. Then, Greenlee gets up to go to bed. She looks at Kendall for a minute then moves to the bed.

"You won't leave?" Greenlee asks in a small voice.

"I won't leave until you wake up." Kendall answers, "I promise."

"Okay." Greenlee crawls into bed as Kendall makes a bed on the couch.

It isn't long and Kendall hears Greenlee even breathing again and she drops off into slumber herself. Suddenly, a loud screaming pulls Kendall from her sleep. She takes in her surroundings remembering she is in Greenlee's room. She jumps from the couch and sees Greenlee thrashing about on the bed. Kendall moves to the side of the bed and grabs Greenlee up to her shaking her awake.

"Greenlee…come on wake up. It's a nightmare. You're okay…come on wake up!" Kendall finally yells at her.

"What?!" Greenlee opens her eyes, "Leo?…no can't be Leo…he's dead…dead…" Greenlee sobs out.

"No. I'm not Leo. It's Kendall. I stayed here so you would sleep remember?"

"Mmmhmm…don't want to sleep…Leo…over and over…"

"You have to sleep, Greenlee. Come on, I'll stay until you fall asleep."

Kendall pushes Greenlee to lie back down on the bed moving in beside her. She moves to lie away from Greenlee, but she isn't letting go of Kendall's shoulder. Not wanting to argue with the distraught woman, Kendall lays down with Greenlee's head on her shoulder.

"Leo…I'm sorry…Leo…" Greenlee mutters between hiccups as her sobs die down.

"Ssshh… Greenlee…sleep. He knows…He knows. Go to sleep."

It isn't long and both drift off to sleep again. In their sleep, as if by some secret pull, their bodies move together. Greenlee's head moves to the crook of Kendall's shoulder as her arm falls about Kendall's waist. Kendall's arms instinctively wrap around Greenlee holding her to her. In sleep, everyone seeks out safety and comfort from where they can.


Part 6

So used to hearing her alarm go off at 7am, Kendall wakes up a little after seven slightly confused. She feels unusually warm on one side and this isn't her room. It's very similar to her room, but it's not hers. She shifts and this elicits a moan from the lump causing the warmth. Suddenly, it occurs to her that she is in Greenlee Dupree's room and her bed. She slowly remembers what happened the night before. She takes in the situation this morning. Her arms wrapped tightly around Greenlee and Greenlee tucked up tight against her, head on her shoulder, and an arm around her waist.

'Shit! This is not going to be good. We have been here before. Can I possibly move without waking her up?' She shifts and this causes another louder moan, 'I guess not. Fuck Me!' She sighs loudly. 'Ssshh…you'll wake her and this is not how I want her to be woke up…although it feels rather nice to hold her…oh hell…what the fuck am I saying?!'

She feels Greenlee move closer to her. Greenlee's arms wrap tighter around her as Kendall sighs nervously. Kendall closes her eyes, 'Maybe if I lay here and pretend I am asleep until she wakes up… I can just let her move and not 'wake up' until she moves? Yeah…that will work and if you are lucky it will be suddenly okay to enjoy holding your boss in your arms…SHUT UP! This cannot be happening…nope not happening. This is what I get for trying to be nice.' Kendall groans out loud stirring Greenlee next to her. Kendall quickly shuts her eyes as she feels Greenlee's head lift from her shoulder.

"What the?" Greenlee mutters to herself before opening her eyes completely and seeing that Kendall is in bed with her. Last night comes flooding back to her as she remembers asking Kendall to stay and then falling asleep on her. "Oh shit." She whispers unaware that Kendall is awake.

Quietly, Greenlee slips loose from Kendall's slackened arms and moves to get off the bed at the other side. She looks down at Kendall sleeping and grins a little. 'Who would have thought she could look so innocent?' She shakes her head at this and moves toward the bathroom in the suite.

In the bathroom, Greenlee looks at herself in the mirror, 'She was so nice to you last night…and it was obviously genuine…maybe she can be a…a friend.' She swears she hears another voice answer her telling her it might be a good idea. Once again she turns to the bathroom mirror and smiles sadly, "I love you, Leo. I won't waste it." She wipes a tear and turns on the shower.

Kendall moves to the desk in the room and pulls a pen and paper out of the drawer. She begins writing as she hears the shower start. She has to get out now and avoid this morning scene so much like the one in the penthouse. She sets the note on the bed and lets herself out the door and quickly moves down the hallway toward her own room. Thankfully this early she shouldn't be interrupted by anyone. She slips up to her door and then Aidan's door opens.

"Hey Kendall,"

"Shit Aidan, you scared me." She turns to look at him.

"Oh. Sorry bout that. I just wanted to see if everything was alright down the hall. I overheard some screaming last night." He says quietly.

"Greenlee was having a nightmare. Sorry she woke you. She slept better after that."

"It was nice of you to be there for her. You two are getting along better then?"

"Yeah, I guess we are. Thanks for asking about her Aidan, but I need to get dressed. I have some shopping to do…"

"Yeah, I hear there is a whole big sale thing that goes on here on the day after Thanksgiving. Don't hurt yourself."

"Thanks Aidan. Talk to you later." Kendall slips into her room, "Shit, I hope she didn't wake anyone else up."

Greenlee steps from the bathroom in her robe and moves cautiously out to the bedroom to see if Kendall is still sleeping. Where Kendall had been there is now only a note left. Greenlee picks up the note and sits on the edge of the bed to read it.


Thank you for a good dinner and company on what would have been an otherwise lonely holiday. It was very considerate of you. I am glad you finally were able to get some sleep and please eat breakfast this morning. I am going to run some errands today since it is a paid holiday still for us. I suggest you find some way to relax and I will check in with you later to see if maybe you would like to have dinner. Have a good day no matter what you do.


"Thanking me for dinner when it was all her…something is definitely going on with that woman." Greenlee grins to herself as she moves around her room getting dressed. She sets the note on her desk and heads out for the day.

Kendall picks up the phone and looks at it resignedly before dialing. 'The only thing she can do is say no to you.' She thinks as the phone rings, 'and she would have every right to.'


"Bianca?" She questions.

"Kendall? What the hell do you want?!"

"Uh..p-please don't hang up…I n-need to talk to you…ask you about something…and it has to be you…please?" She pleads.

"Oh sure, it has to be me. What do you want to try and scam out of me about mom now?"

"No…I swear it isn't about Erica at all….I promise I won't even mention her…it's about…well…me sort of and you. Please just meet me somewhere…anywhere you want."

"This better not be a joke, Kendall."

"It isn't. I swear Bink. It's important."

"Fine. I'll meet you at the SOS in 20 minutes. If you aren't there I will leave." The phone clicks before Kendall can say thank you.

Twenty Minutes later Kendall spots Bianca walk in and waves to her. The younger woman just nods and makes her way over to the table Kendall is sitting at. She sits never taking off her coat.

"Make it fast Kendall. I don't like to waste my time." Bianca spits out.

"Thank you for coming…really Bink. Thank you. You didn't have to and I appreciate it."

"Yeah. Okay, what is so important?" Bianca softens a little at Kendall's gratitude.

"I need to ask you something personal…about yourself, but I have a real reason."

"Ask…it doesn't mean I will answer you though."

"O-okay…um…how did…when did you know…um…howdidyouknowthatyoulikedgirlsandnotboys?" Kendall spits out in one long rambling sentence. It takes Bianca a minute to decipher just what Kendall had asked, but when she did it wasn't pleasant.

"What is mom's life getting so boring that you have to dive into mine now to get a story to sell to the tabloids?!" Bianca stands as if to leave.

"Wait! Please, Bianca…d-don't leave…I don't know who else to ask…it isn't…not a story…" Kendall stammers out as tears slide down her cheeks.

Bianca looks at Kendall and truly believes her, "Sshh…calm down. Why are you asking me? What's happened?" She sits back down and tries to calm her half-sister.

"I…nothing…I…" Kendall stutters.

"Calm down…I guess I knew when all I could think about was this one person and I knew that I wanted to take care of that person and make them safe and loved. I knew that the feelings I had were love or at least infatuation and that it didn't matter that this feeling was for another girl. I don't know if that helps you. I just knew. The person I thought of before going to sleep and when I woke up and I always wanted them safe…well, that person was a girl not a boy and I knew…I just knew. Love doesn't know gender Kendall it only knows itself." Bianca smiles.

"Love doesn't know gender, but you were always attracted to girls right?" Kendall pushes.

"Yeah, never really was attracted to guys, but I know a lot of women who have been attracted to both and they say love is love not a gender, too. I think you just love who you love regardless of what sex they are."

"I see. So, it could be just like liking a guy. If you think of them like you said?"

"Yeah, why are you asking Kendall? Someone you know having feelings that are…wait…Kendall?" Bianca looks deeply at her.

"I…I find myself thinking of someone and their well being all the time even before myself for a change and I've never done that before…not even with Ryan. This person invades my thoughts all the time now. I go out of my way to make sure they are safe." Kendall bows her head.

"I see and this person just happens to be a woman right?" Bianca smiles comfortingly.

"I…never…yeah…just happens to be…a very beautiful, loving woman if given half the chance to show it."

"Damn Kendall, I would have never thought…" Bianca stops herself.

"What that I could put someone first before me or that it would be woman? It's okay Bink. I never thought it would happen either, but it has and I have absolutely no idea what to do about it."

"Do you love this woman?" Bianca asks seriously.

"I…I don't know. I feel strongly for her. I loved Ryan, but even he didn't come before me, but she does. I think of her before I ever think of myself lately." Kendall pauses and thinks to herself. 'Fuck…I love Greenlee Dupree. I do.' "I guess. Yeah, I guess I do love her. Shit!"

"Why is this a bad thing?"

"Oh well, because she is as straight as they come and not so emotionally available right now even if she weren't. So, once again Kendall Hart has found herself a lost cause for her emotional outlet." Kendall looks at the napkin she has begun fidgeting with.

"I'll be damned. I'm sorry Kendall. I never expected any of this, but I am sorry it isn't working out for you. It really is about time something did especially since you seem so sincere about it. I can see your pain." Bianca touches Kendall's fidgeting hands.

"Thanks Bink. Thanks for coming and listening to me. I suppose if you use this against me I will understand that."

"I wouldn't ever do that to you, Kendall. Not over something like this. For this you can call me anytime. Okay?"

"Yeah. Thanks." Kendall looks deep into Bianca's eyes, "Really thank you Bink."

"I have to go will you be alright?"

"Yep. I am just going to go shopping and go back to the Inn. You have a good day."

"I am going to try. Maggie and I are meeting for Nachos and soda."

"I like her. You should hang onto her Bink. She's a great girl." Kendall smiles.

"Yeah. I should, but it isn't like that. I'll talk to you later." Bianca moves out the doors of the SOS.

"I am in love with Greenlee Dupree. Oh God, Ryan. What have I done?" Kendall puts her head in her hands and cries silently at the table, "I guess we weren't meant to be after all not if I could fall in love with someone else and a woman besides. I'm sorry I hurt you Ryan."

Kendall leaves money on the table for her drink and leaves SOS wiping her eyes and resolving herself to keep her new secret to herself. 'Greenlee needs someone and she has decided to let me be that person. I can't mess this up by letting on to her how I feel about her. She'll never know.' Kendall moves out towards the mall and decides maybe some shopping is in order before a possible dinner with Greenlee.


Part 7

Greenlee turns the lock on her room door. She spent some time shopping and even managed to call a cleaning company to go in and clean the loft. It needed to be done. Something needed to be done about the mess there and she sure as hell couldn't do it. She still couldn't stand the thought of even walking back in there.

'Okay, I know he's gone…he's dead,' her mind reels as a tear slides down her cheek, 'I just can't go there Leo. It is you, too much of you, there.'

Greenlee moves to the couch and sits down removing her shoes. She leans her head back on the couch and closes her eyes. In her mind, she can always see Leo. There's Leo in New York and Leo in the Boathouse. Of course, Leo in the bedroom as well. Suddenly, she pictures Kendall in her mind instead of Leo.

'What the hell are you doing in here?' Her mind argues, 'Ahh yes…I know I am using you. I don't mean to you know. It is just that you offered to be there for me for no reason and it felt right to accept. I shouldn't let you be there for me so much. I mean I am just an evil bitch after all, but maybe you see more than that. Leo did. I guess someone else could, but why would you?' Greenlee pinches the bridge of her nose. 'We are too much alike Kendall to be becoming friends, but I guess we are.'

The telephone rings breaking her thoughts apart. Greenlee debates on answering it, but at the last minute picks it up, "Hello?"

"Uh…hello, Greenlee, I was just calling to see about dinner if you were interested or not?" Kendall's voice squeaks out.

"I…that would be great Kendall. Where would you like to go?" Greenlee agrees.

"I was thinking it might be nice if we went downstairs to the restaurant. It will be my treat…I'll even throw in dessert if you are good company."

"Oh, well. I don't suppose I can pass up dessert now can I?" Greenlee grins to herself just a little.

"Good then, let's say about an hour from now at around 7pm?"

"That will be fine. Shall I just meet you downstairs then?"

"Great. I'll meet you then. Later."

"Later, Kendall." Greenlee clicks the phone. 'I suppose it is a necessity to eat even if I don't feel like it.' She stands and heads for the bathroom to shower and get ready.

Kendall moves about her room trying to get ready, but her mind won't shut up and give her a moment's peace. She throws around dresses trying to pick the right one, but nothing seems right. This one is too dressy, but that one is too casual, and I wear that one to work a lot. Nothing was working for her not one thing at all.

"Damn it! This is so fucking not fair. I am not supposed to be gay, bi-sexual…whatever this is. I am not supposed to fall in love with a woman. I am most definitely not supposed to fall in love with anyone who is my boss and so much like me that we could kill each other every second of every day!" Kendall screams her frustration out at her closet doors.

She pulls out a very simple black dress and studies it for a minute. It is an old dress, one that she hasn't worn in ages, but it will do for tonight. It is good enough for company so it is good enough for dinner in the Valley Inn.

"You are the winner my friend. I will wear you to my torture session this evening and you will live through it just like I will." Kendall strips down to her underwear and places the dress on. She buttons the front up and looks at herself in the mirror, "Yeah, I look fine for a dinner with my boss…Shit."

As she stands there picking at her hair and reapplying her lipstick, she catches a glimmer in the mirror, "Yeah, I see you." She fingers the necklace bearing Ryan's mother's ring, "I suppose I know what I have to do with you. I'll do it soon, but for now…" she reaches up and removes the necklace gently, "I'm sorry Ryan. I never would have hurt you, but you left and maybe I didn't love you enough or maybe we didn't love each other enough…it doesn't matter now." She places the necklace on her dresser after kissing it gently. She then heads out the door and off to dinner.

Kendall sits at the table, having arrived early waiting for Greenlee to arrive. She fidgets nervously as she spies Erica enter with Chris. She does her best not to look in their direction, but it is hard especially now since he will be who she has to return the ring to.

She looks at her watch and sees that Greenlee should be coming in any moment. She turns to the door and there stands Greenlee dressed in a great top and dress slacks. Greenlee waves to Kendall as she spots her and makes her way over waving the manager off.

"I see your…never mind no need to bring her into this here. How was your day of shopping?" Greenlee settles into the chair across from Kendall.

"Yes, Erica is here and no we don't have to talk about her," Kendall shrugs, "My day of shopping was actually…well, it proved to be quite enlightening is all. I had an okay day and you?"

"I did some things that needed doing." Greenlee sips her water.

"Oh, so no relaxation for Mrs. Dupree, just work again. You should have a life…no…none of my business…Sorry." Kendall waves the waiter over.

They order and once the waiter leaves a short silence ensues until Greenlee finally picks up her wine takes a sip and then speaks slowly and quietly.

"No, I didn't work so to speak. I called the cleaners for the loft and then I went and did some frivolous shopping." Greenlee sets the wine glass back down.

"I'm sorry it really isn't my business." Kendall blushes.

"I think after last night…um…I think I made it your business so you have every right to ask," Greenlee whispers, "I never got to thank you for staying. Thank you…it was nice of you to take care of me. I'm sorry I wasn't a better dinner companion for you."

"You have been through so much Greenlee and if you needed someone to make sure you sleep and take better care of yourself then who better than your assistant, right?" Kendall tries to lighten the mood, "It was still better than not having anyone to spend the holiday with. Don't worry about it."

"Still, it was nice of you and I thought maybe my f-fr-friend was there helping me not my assistant…" Greenlee trails off sentiments always being too much for her.

"Friend? Yeah, I was sort of thinking that, too." Kendall agrees shyly as their dinner arrives.

The rest of the dinner is fairly silent except for comments on shopping and Kendall commenting that it was a big step for Greenlee to send cleaners to the loft. Greenlee admitted it was hard, but had to be done. Greenlee stands to leave along with Kendall.

"Thanks for dinner. It was nice of you." Greenlee smiles for real at Kendall and Kendall's heart jumps in pace.

"It was nothing. Someone has to make sure that you eat and start taking better care of yourself." Kendall smiles.

"I'll catch up with you later then. Perhaps sometime this weekend we can look at some of the color schemes for the new ad campaign?"

"Of course, Boss. As usual work, work, work." Kendall shakes her head.

Kendall watches discreetly as Greenlee walks out of the restaurant. She smiles to herself as she sees Greenlee holding her head up high like she used to. Kendall would like to think that maybe just maybe she had something to do with that.

'I can do this. I can help her and not let her know how I feel. I didn't even know until last night and surely that won't happen again. I am strong enough even if it does. I always could hide my feelings. I can do this.' She sighs and turns to look where Chris and Erica are just finishing their dinner. She makes her way to them.

"I'm sorry to interrupt." Kendall begins.

"Kendall, can't you just leave us in peace for once?!" Erica sighs out.

"I really am sorry, Erica. It will only take a minute and it has to do with Chris not you." Kendall keeps her voice even.

"Fine, Kendall. I am waiting what is it?" Chris sets his glass down looking at her suspiciously.

"I was wondering if you would just meet me in the lobby here in a moment after your dinner. I have something I need to give you." Kendall states calmly.

"I don't know. Something from you could be dangerous."

"You'll want this. Will you meet me or not?"

"I'll meet you. Go and get whatever it is you think I'll want from you and meet me in 10 minutes.

When Kendall comes from the elevators, there stands Chris with Erica right beside him. Kendall steels herself and walks up to them with her head held high.

"Here." She hands him a jewelry box, "I'm sorry I caused Ryan so much pain. I'm sorry I couldn't love him the way he deserved to be loved. You'll never know or believe how sorry I am, but I have realized that this doesn't belong to me. It should belong to the woman he decides to love and marry and I have come to terms with the fact that it won't be me. So, if I leave this with you, will you see that he gets it back?"

Chris opens the box and stares at the ring in it, "Of course, I'll return this to him, but what are you up to with this, Kendall?"

"I am not up to anything. There's no homing device, no strings attached. I swear. I just know that it should go back to Ryan and I hope you will see to it." Kendall holds back tears.

"I will. I…Thank you. It was the right thing to do, Kendall. I'm glad you can see that."

Chris pockets the ring.

"Thank you. I know it is, but you should understand that it doesn't make it any easier to do. I…I should be going." Kendall turns to leave.

"Kendall, it was…well, you did the right thing." Erica speaks up from beside Chris.

"I know it was and I didn't do it for your approval either, Mother." Kendall stalks into the elevator, "I did it for me…and for Ryan. Goodnight."

Erica just looks on in shock as the doors close in front of Kendall. Chris looks down at Erica and hugs her, "Can you believe that?"

"N-no. I can't, but it happened. I don't know why or how, but something good was just done by Kendall Hart. Miracles will never cease."

"It is truly an amazing occurrence." Chris agrees as they leave the Inn returning to their new Penthouse.

Kendall stands outside her door, but instead of entering she turns and heads down to the bar. She needs a drink after sitting through dinner and then confronting Erica and Chris. It was the right thing to do and for once she did it for the right reasons. She walks into the bar and strides up to the bar itself.

"What can I get you, Kendall?" Aidan wipes the bar in front of her.

"I want a double vodka, ice and set up another behind it while you're at it." Kendall sits down.

"Tough night…I saw when I came into work. Was that your engagement ring you gave to Chris out there?" He asks while sitting her order down for her.

"Hmmm…yeah it was. I don't think its right to keep it anymore. I think I realized what you said that we didn't love each other enough was right. So, I did what I had to do. IT wasn't…wasn't as hard as I thought it would be." She wipes her eyes, "It felt good sort of to be able to stand in front of them and know I was doing the right thing."

"Yeah, I imagine that would feel pretty good." Aidan sets the second drink on the bar.

"It did, but it was hard." Kendall admits.

"I would like to ask you a question…you know friend to friend."

"Go ahead." Kendall empties the first glass and reaches for the second.

"What miraculous thing happened to make you realize what I said was true? Did you meet someone?"

Kendall almost spits out her drink, "M-meet someone…no…I just came to realize a few things is all."

Aidan eyes her suspiciously, but drops it, "Sometimes revelations do just happen." He smiles as he turns to another customer.

"Yeah, you have no idea." She whispers as she downs her second drink.


Part 8

Time passes as it always does in Pine Valley. December hits and the scramble for companies to put out new items come into full force. This, of course, had already happened for Kendall and Greenlee. Longer and longer work hours pile up on them as the unveiling of the new line approaches. Kendall finds herself falling deeper and deeper for the smaller woman who has become her world. There isn't a day lately that Greenlee Dupree isn't the first and the last person she sees. There have even been nights with Greenlee crashed on her side of the bed with Kendall sitting watch over her. She still has to remind her to eat, but not as often and it isn't such a fight as it used to be. Greenlee has even been known upon occasion to be overly nice to her, but of course, this just makes it harder for Kendall to try to move past her feelings. Today is one day before the huge new promotion for the new line starts. Kendall walks into the office, briefcase in hand and sees Greenlee looking at a photo of Leo.

"Morning, Greenlee," Kendall sets her briefcase down, "Tomorrow's the big day. He would be so proud of you."

"Hmmm…we'll see tomorrow who will be proud of me," Greenlee sets the photo down, "And I would say proud of you as well. You have done some incredible work here with me Kendall. Every late night you have been there right beside me. You have been terrific."

'If you only knew why I was really there every night. You would be so PROUD of me.' Kendall thinks, "Ummm…thank you. It means a lot to know you think I do a good job."

"Well, let's get this finished up and the final proofs out for tomorrow. Then, we just wait for the congratulations or the bomb to drop." Greenlee surveys the proofs in front of her.

"So, have you finished your Christmas shopping, Greenlee?" Kendall asks nonchalantly.

"I…I never started. I think Christmas this year will be just a moot point for me. I am making progress Kendall, but I am still in the Bah Humbug mood. No Christmas." Greenlee seems to stress this.

"Yeah, well. I can understand that, but it's a fun holiday. You can buy yourself presents when you know that hardly if anyone will buy you one." Kendall smiles sadly.

"Well, I suppose that is true." Greenlee sees the sadness in her friend's eyes.

"Yeah, Maybe Christmas can be sad, but it is only what you make it." Kendall muses out-loud.

The two fall into silence as they finish with the final details on the new campaign. Greenlee stretches looking at Kendall who is just sending off the delivery boy with all the finalities.

"So, Kendall. I think we have earned taking the rest of the day off. There is only one week until Christmas and it sounds like maybe someone has to finish doing some shopping the way she was talking earlier."

"Well, now that you mention it. Yes, I do have just a couple more items I should pick up. What will you be doing?"

"I am going to go back to my room and relax with a cup of hot chocolate and look at some prints for possibly redecorating the loft. I still can't go back, but it doesn't hurt to look." Greenlee sits behind her desk putting on her shoes and turning off her laptop.

"This is true. I hope you do relax some Greenlee. You have still been pushing yourself too hard. Would you like me to check on you later?"

"No. I think I will be just fine. I will see you here as usual tomorrow for any possible fall out with the new line." Greenlee watches as Kendall nods and grabs her briefcase heading for the door.

"You know where to find me should anything come up. Good night, Greenlee." Kendall smiles sadly.

"Nite' Kendall." Greenlee watches her leave.

Kendall hits the street and starts walking back toward the Inn. She holds her coat together and stops in the park. She sits down on a bench and can feel unshed tears at the corners of her eyes.

'This is so fucking hard. I can't tell her I love her, but I can't just let her go down the drain so I can't stay away from her either. I just keep torturing myself every day. I am completely mental. I knew there was a reason why I didn't let people into my heart. It hurts to damn much.' Kendall suppresses a sob, 'and now she wants to forego Christmas. I can't let her do that. I have to do something to help get her into the spirit of things.' She sits up straight, "I am just going to have to push it on her and I need help."


"Bianca, I need some more help. Can you spare me some time?" Kendall asks hope in her voice.

"Uh…okay. I can meet you in say 20 minutes?" Bianca says confused.

"I would appreciate it. Can you meet me at the Inn?"

"Sure. I'll see you in 20." Bianca hangs up.

Kendall smiles and wipes her eyes. She is just going to have show Greenlee what Christmas with friends can be like. She marches off toward the Inn. She goes to her room, drops her briefcase and proceeds to change into casual shopping clothes. It is nice since she has this job with Greenlee to have some money for a change. She needs to buy Christmas for quite a few people, but she will need Bianca's help with at least one. She places her flats on and returns to the lobby. As soon as the elevator doors open, she sees Bianca come through the doors with Maggie right along side her.

"Okay, so we'll have dinner later," Maggie calls to Bianca as she gets on the elevator Kendall just exited.

"Yes, I'll call you when we are done." Bianca smiles and Kendall knows that she is in love with the other girl right off the bat.

'Bink never was very good at hiding her feelings,' Kendall smiles, 'That's the smart way to be I think.'

"Hey Kendall, how can I help you today?" Bianca smiles cautiously.

"Thanks for coming. I need to go shopping for some gifts and I could use some help." Kendall offers.

"Oh, shopping well, I am definitely ready to help with that." Bianca grins.

"Good. I n-need to buy some decorations and at least two really spectacular gifts for a special…" Kendall halts.

"Woman?" Bianca supplies.

"Well, yeah…not into the Christmas spirit much these days and I thought she should be so I am taking it upon myself to supply it. What do you think?" Kendall asks seriously.

"I think…I think that something is definitely happening to you Kendall and I think I approve." Bianca answers honestly, "Plus, I think that this woman is retarded not to see the trouble you obviously go to for her."

"Uh…um…Thanks Bink. Although, given the circumstances it is probably best she doesn't see it." Kendall drops her head.

"I think I know exactly what you mean." Bianca sighs.

"Well, I think anyone you are interested in Bianca would be very lucky to have you just so you know." Kendall squeezes her younger sister's shoulder, "Now, let's go shopping."

Bianca stares at Kendall surprised by the compliment, but nods as they head off to the stores. Many stores and a few hours later, Bianca and Kendall enter the jewelry store. Bianca eyes a very beautiful set of emerald earrings. Kendall walks up beside her.

"See something you like?"

"Actually, I was just remembering the day that Leo, Greenlee, and I came in here together. It was one of those rare days we were getting along." She smiles, "Greenlee pulled me aside and said she loved emeralds, but not to tell Leo, because she knew he couldn't afford them."

"Greenlee can surprise anyone sometimes can't she?" Kendall muses.

"Yeah, sometimes…just like you." Bianca smiles.

"Yeah well, don't get mushy on me." Kendall turns away from Bianca, "What are you getting your lady love for Christmas Bianca?"

"I…I don't have one."

"Don't lie to me like you do to her, Bink. I can see it all over you. I am just surprised she can't." Kendall looks at the shocked face of her sister, "So, what are you getting Maggie for Christmas?"

"How…is it that obvious?" Bianca blushes.

"It must not be to some, but I see it. I don't really know how she doesn't, but I can tell you love her…really love her, right?" Kendall asks.

"I…I do love her so much that I don't know what to do about it. Pathetic me. I always seem to fall for the one's I can't have." Bianca chastises herself.

"You should tell her, Bink. She may feel the same way."

"Oh, maybe you should tell yours."

"Now, there is a difference here. I know mine is straight. I never see Maggie going out with anyone but you or family…and that Tim thing was too funny…so how do you know?"

"I…I just can't."

"I understand, Bink. Who knows maybe one day she'll notice on her own, but it doesn't mean you can't get her a fabulous present." Kendall smiles mischievously.

"I already bought it." Bianca confesses.

"What did you get her?"

"I bought her a few things. I bought her supplies for college, some of the perfume she wears, and…um…I bought her a set of diamond earrings. She said once she always wanted a pair so…" Bianca blushes.

"So you just had to get them. I completely understand." Kendall whispers her purchase to the jeweler.

"So, tell me who is this mystery woman that you have switched sides for?"

"I…I can't Bianca…not yet. If I ever tell anyone, it will be you okay?" Kendall answers.

"I can live with that, but it doesn't mean I have to like it." Bianca smiles and turns to look at an entire set of Sapphires.

"You like Sapphires?"

"Yeah, they have a brilliance to them."

"Like you Bink…like you." Kendall watches Bianca blush.

"I'm just going to go across the street and get some coffee would you like any?"

"No thanks, Bink. I'll be out just as soon as I pay for my present." Kendall turns toward the jeweler as Bianca exits the shop.

"Yes, I would like to purchase the necklace from the sapphire collection as well as the emerald earrings. Oh, and is it possible for you to place those sapphire earrings on hold for another customer who I know will want to purchase them?"

"Why, of course, but we can't hold them for more than 48 hours." The jeweler answers wrapping her gifts.

"That should be plenty of time for her to come in. Place them on hold under the name Stone, please." Kendall pays for her purchases and goes to collect Bianca.

They enter the Inn and Kendall hands her bags to the bellboy to take to her room. She turns to Bianca and smiles.

"Bink, you have been such a great help today. I really appreciate it. I probably won't get to see you for Christmas so I wanted to give this to you now, but don't open it until Christmas morning…promise?" Kendall hands over a wrapped box.

"Kendall, I couldn't accept…I mean I didn't get you anything." Bianca takes the box.

"Yeah, you did Bink. You helped me and treated me like a human being and I almost felt like I had a touch of family today Bink so you deserve it. Besides, I really want you to have it please?"

"I…today was nice Kendall. Thank you. I hope we have another day some other time."

"M-me too." Kendall wipes at her eye, "Now, go call Maggie. You promised her dinner and I already made a reservation for you two in the restaurant on me. Uh..uh..no arguments. Now scoot." Kendall pushes her toward the phone.

Kendall turns to the front desk and writes a note and hands it to the desk clerk who places it in Maggie's room number box. She strolls to the elevator and this time it her who takes Maggie's spot on the elevator. Maggie walks to the desk and greets Bianca.

"Hey Bean. Where do you want to have dinner?"

"Maggie, you are not going to believe this, but Kendall made reservations for us here and is paying for it." Bianca smiles at her best friend.

"Wow. You two must have had some day. Yeah, she even bought me a Christmas present. I will have to think of something to get her. It was such a nice day. Let's go eat shall we?"

"Yeah, just let me check my messages." Maggie walks to the desk and receives the note that Kendall left for her. She opens it.


I thought you might like to know that the perfect gift for Bianca is on hold under the name Stone at the Pine Valley Jewelry Store. If you have any problems with the amount, not meaning to be crude, call this number and it will be worked out. Anyway, you have 48 hours to decide. Being helpful.

Someone who knows you care.

"Did you get a message?" Bianca breaks Maggie's concentration.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Nothing important. Let's go have dinner." Maggie pockets the note smiling and follows Bianca to the restaurant.

'Kendall Hart, I believe you may have found your heart.' Maggie thinks to herself.

Part 9

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