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By Finley

"Thanks, guys. See you on Monday."

Assistant District Attorney Tracey Kibre closed the door behind the group, leaving only one member of her staff in the room with her. The office was a mess – empty cups and dirty paper plates were strewn about – but she didn't care. This was a victory celebration and a well-deserved one at that.

"Better lock that." Deputy ADA Kelly Gaffney's voice seemed loud in the now-quiet room. She sat on Tracey's desk swinging her bare feet, the jacket to her black pantsuit hanging open casually to reveal royal blue silk underneath. She held up the only champagne bottle with any contents left. "We don't need security catching us drinking on the premises."

"Good point." Tracey turned the lock on the knob – the blinds were already closed – and held out her plastic cup so she could share in the last of the spoils. This had been a particularly frustrating case and she knew she should head home and get her tired body into bed, but she didn't want to. On most cases, there were many evenings when she and Kelly found themselves alone, just like this, late into the night, doing research, planning questions, discussing witnesses. This time, though, she'd hardly seen her deputy at all in private and she was a little surprised to realize she'd missed her. But Tracey was nothing if not stoic and in control. She was well aware of how much she enjoyed spending time with Kelly, of how much she wanted to spend time with her, but something within wouldn't allow her to think about why. In all honesty, she was afraid of the answer, so she just didn't go there.

"Champagne and pizza. Quite a victory banquet, if you ask me." Kelly laughed as she poured, filling Tracey's cup almost to the brim.

"Whoa. Are you trying to get me drunk, Ms. Gaffney?"

"Depends on how far it'll get me, Ms. Kibre."

Tracey didn't miss the flirtatious wink, and with great effort, she managed to let it slide. You have no idea how far you could get, she thought wryly. Kicking off her pumps, she smiled and leaned back against the front of her desk, Kelly's knee brushing her hip. "I'm afraid pizza and champagne were the best I could do on short notice."

"Well, it was good of you. I think it's really great that you acknowledge your staff at times like this."


"Definitely. Most bosses don't even think about it."

"I couldn't have done it alone. You were a big help."

They sipped their champagne in silence, barely an inch between them in the otherwise empty room. There were plenty of other places to sit, including three empty chairs, but they chose to stay where they were. The clock on the bookshelf ticked away the seconds, its hands well on their way to midnight.

"Tracey?" The champagne had forced Kelly's voice to a deeper, huskier register as the night went on, a fact that was not lost on Tracey.


"Were you worried?"

"That we might lose?"

"That he might get away with it."

Tracey snorted. "Andrew Soyen had no lawyer, yet he very nearly handed us our collective ass right in our own courtroom. That would have been indescribably bad publicity for this office. Branch would have had my butt in a sling." She took a large gulp from her cup and felt Kelly's blue eyes on her. She turned to meet them and her blood warmed in an instant. Kelly Gaffney had a way of burning right through any protective walls of bullshit Tracey might try to erect, a fact Tracey still wasn't sure how to handle. At the I-don't-believe-that-crap arch of Kelly's eyebrow, Tracey sighed, allowing her deputy the win. "Dana Berge did not deserve what she got and Andrew Soyen was doing much too good a job manipulating the emotions of the jury. Yes. I was worried."

Kelly paused, nodding, and then admitted, "So was I."

"Of course you were. You always worry," Tracey said with a grin, glad to be on less serious ground. "That's why I hired you: so I don't have to."

"Funny." Kelly bumped against her shoulder affectionately. "Seriously, though. You did an amazing job; it was really something to watch. Your arguments were thorough; you shredded his defense without seeming cruel to the 'poor guy with no lawyer.' You never came across as frustrated in the courtroom. You looked fantastic. The new suit, your hair, you just…" Kelly's eyes widened as her brain finally caught up with her mouth and realized she'd crossed a line. She abruptly stopped talking. She cleared her throat, studying the contents of her cup as though wishing there were more in it and less in her. Tracey watched in surprised fascination as a red flush crawled up from Kelly's chest, covering her neck and face.

"I just… what?" Tracey took a sip from her cup and studied Kelly, curiosity warring with trepidation in her mind, the pace of her heartbeat picking up speed. "Aren't you going to finish?"

"Um…no. I'd probably better not."

Tracey continued to gaze at her.

Kelly squirmed like a witness being cross-examined. "I'm sorry. Ignore me. I talk too much when I've been drinking." She chewed on her bottom lip.

"I don't mind listening to you talk," Tracey said, her voice gentle. "God knows you've got to listen to me often enough." She'd had a bit too much champagne herself and was feeling braver than she knew she should. Do not pursue this, the voice in her head was warning her. You know where the boundaries are and you know they shouldn't be breached. She was well aware of where this was headed, wondered if Kelly knew, too. She tried to focus in on the inner voice, but the heat coming off Kelly's body, so close to hers was distracting. Kelly's spicy-scented perfume wasn't helping matters, either.

Tracey had often wondered about her colleague. No boyfriend had been mentioned. No past boyfriends, even. Tracey herself had an ex-husband, but that was eons ago, before she knew that men were not her only option. Kelly was attractive and athletic with an open, friendly face and soft, innocent blue eyes. Tracey found her very appealing. They also worked well together and made a good team. Jeopardizing that was quite simply a stupid thing to do. Tracey knew that as surely as she knew the sky was blue and the grass was green.


The possibilities hung in the air between them, almost tangibly. They sipped their champagne and remained silent with the exception of Kelly's swinging feet, her heels softly bouncing off the front of the desk. After several minutes, Tracey clamped a firm hand on Kelly's knee to stop the sound. A small gasp escaped Kelly's lips before she could catch it – just the smallest intake of air – and Tracey turned to meet her eyes.

"I like you, Tracey," Kelly whispered, her tone almost apologetic and very clearly referring to something stronger than 'like.' She seemed relieved to finally say the words out loud. "I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't. But I do."

"I like you, too." Tracey replied, her hand still on Kelly's knee.

"I've tried not to, but I can't help it." Kelly made a face at the sound of her own voice, then looked at her cup in disgust and set it down, which made Tracey laugh. "God, I sound like I'm sixteen, don't I?"

"No," Tracey assured her. "No, you don't." She turned slightly so her hip was against the desk and she could see Kelly's face better. She left her hand where it was, her thumb moving in small circles on Kelly's knee.

"I'm just trying to be honest here, and I think maybe you've felt it, too."

Tracey nodded.

"I don't know if bringing it up is the smartest thing, but I guess it's a little late to be worried about that now, huh?"

Tracey nodded again, this time with a grin. "A little bit."

"You do feel it, though, don't you? This…" She made a gesture between the two of them. "This thing we have going on?"


"So…what do we do?"

Tracey took a deep breath. "What do we do? That's a damn good question and I'm not sure how to answer it."

"I mean, there are pros and cons to…acknowledging whatever this is. Right?"

"Right. A lot of cons." Tracey's eyes traveled the length of Kelly's body. "But a lot of pros."

Kelly swallowed.

"It's rarely a good idea to get involved with a coworker, Kelly," Tracey went on. "Rarely. You know it as well as I do."

"On the other hand," Kelly added, "we get along so well and we could be missing out on something really good if we take the high road, you know?"

Tracey conceded the point, noting with amusement that Kelly's focus seemed to be not on Tracey's eyes, but on her mouth. "So we're back to 'what do we do?'"

Kelly's tongue flicked out and ran across her bottom lip. She dragged her attention up to the rich brown eyes regarding her. "Do me a favor?" she asked.

"Of course."

"Make a decision."

Tracey blinked at her, taken off guard. "What?"

"Make a decision. Either kiss me right now or stop whatever it is you're doing with your thumb because it's driving me crazy."

"Oh." Tracey paused for several seconds. The corner of her mouth curled up slightly and she applied a bit more pressure to Kelly's knee, a spark of mischief in her expression. "This?"

"Yeah. That."

"This thumb?"

"That's the one."

"Driving you crazy, huh?"

Kelly closed her eyes for several seconds, and then opened them again. "Completely."

Her gaze never leaving Kelly's face, Tracey took a step, moving to stand directly in front of Kelly, between her knees. Because Kelly was sitting, Tracey was actually slightly taller and she silently rejoiced. With her petite frame, she was rarely taller than anyone, but this position gave her a comforting sense of power. Sliding her hand up to caress the outside of Kelly's thigh, she asked, "What about this?"

Kelly nodded, her lips parting to help her draw a ragged breath. She wet them again with her tongue.

"Still driving you crazy?" Tracey's normally low voice cracked as she tried to keep hold of her own composure.

Kelly nodded again, her knuckles white where she gripped the edge of the desk.

"What do you want me to do, Kelly? Tell me." Despite her own heightened arousal, Tracey continued toying with her victim, sensing that Kelly was enjoying the teasing as much as she was. There would be no turning back from this, Tracey knew, and she was both elated and terrified. "Should I stop?"

Kelly shook her head emphatically.



Tracey's hand was stroking Kelly's hip now, her fingers digging into the flesh. Their faces were mere inches apart. "Tell me."

"Tracey…" It was a whimpered plea that sent a sensual shiver down Tracey's spine. Kelly's hands found the lapels of Tracey's red suit jacket and gripped them firmly.

"Hm?" Tracey brought her other hand up and tucked a lock of Kelly's blonde hair behind her ear, letting her fingertips drag down the side of Kelly's neck. "What should I do?"

"Kiss me."

"Kiss you?"

"Yes. Kiss me. Please?"

Grasping the back of Kelly's head, Tracey leaned in and brought her lips to Kelly's ear. Her voice barely a whisper, she replied, "Only because you asked nicely."

Their lips fused hungrily and Kelly groaned as she pulled on Tracey's jacket and tightened her knees. There was nothing tentative about the way Tracey pulled Kelly's hips towards her, sliding her backside along the desk in an effort to bring her closer as she pushed her tongue into the warmth of Kelly's mouth. Kelly moved her palms up Tracey's chest and neck to grasp the sides of her head, her fingers tangling in the silky, almost-black ringlets that tumbled down around the ADA's shoulders. Whimpers and groans mingled in the air; it was impossible to tell what sounds came from which woman.

After several minutes – and in desperate need of air – Kelly wrenched their mouths apart and leaned her forehead against Tracey's. Each woman was breathless, panting. Tracey's lips felt delightfully swollen. Kelly's fingers were still clasping a handful of dark hair.

"God," Kelly exclaimed, her voice full of wonder.

"Uh huh," Tracey agreed. She ran her fingertips along the exposed part of Kelly's collarbone, her lungs still heaving. "I want more of you, Kelly. I want more."

Kelly could only nod.

Tracey pushed one side of Kelly's suit jacket off her shoulder, exposing the ivory skin beneath the sleeveless silk shell. She nibbled at it; her tongue flicked out for a taste. She felt Kelly shudder beneath her. "Come home with me."

Kelly closed her eyes, reveling in the sensation of Tracey's warm mouth on her. "We shouldn't," she whispered.

"I know. Come anyway."


Tracey kissed Kelly's lips once more, and then took her by the hand while slipping into her own pumps. Catching Kelly's eye, she asked, "You're sure?"

The smile on Kelly's face left little doubt. "Take me home with you, Tracey. Right now." Her blue eyes boring into Tracey's brown ones, she added, "Hurry."

"Yes, ma'am." The message was clear. Tracey Kibre, a woman who took orders from only a handful of people, was suddenly scrambling to fulfill the command, grabbing at coats and briefcases and keys, finally leaving everything in a pile except her purse. "Come on, let's go," she said, tugging Kelly along by the hand. Turning to look at her companion, she stopped, reached out, and pulled Kelly's suit jacket closed. The tough, Alpha bitch gleam back in her eye, she ordered, "And button this up or I'll take you right there on the subway."

The air left Kelly's lungs as a surge of moisture dampened her panties. She buttoned her jacket, as instructed. Following Tracey down the hall toward the elevators, she seriously wondered if she had any idea what she was getting herself into.

I'm about to find out…

The End

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