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By Finley

They rode the subway in silence, standing a barely respectable distance apart. Kelly gripped the handrail above her head and found her gaze drawn to Tracey's hand as it held a nearby pole. Tracey had great hands, feminine and manicured, yet strong and dependable, much like their owner. Just as often happened in the office, her mind began to imagine what it might be like to have those hands on her body. In her hair. On her breasts. Between her legs…

Catching herself and blinking rapidly, she managed to pull her eyes away and glance up. Tracey was looking at her. She didn't say anything. She didn't do anything. She just looked at Kelly with one corner of her mouth quirked up ever-so-slightly, like she knew something Kelly didn't. Kelly was unable to keep from fidgeting. She felt naked, exposed before her colleague and the feeling was not unpleasant.

"Stop it," she said anyway, her voice quietly self-conscious, but a playful smirk on her lips.

"Stop what?" Tracey asked, all innocence. Her voice was so deep; it was one of the things Kelly found most attractive about her. When Tracey spoke, Kelly could sometimes feel the vibrations in the pit of her stomach. Or other places.

"Stop looking at me like you're undressing me with your eyes."

"I am."

Kelly felt her face color slightly and her knees weaken at the implication. "Well, stop it."

"Why? That guy in the corner's doing the same thing. Why don't you tell him to stop?"

"Because he's not the reason I need new underwear. You are."

The slight arching of Tracey's eyebrow and the extra beat of silence before her response were the only clues that told Kelly she might be holding her own in this game. She smothered a grin and held eye contact with Tracey – not an easy feat – arching an eyebrow back at her in reply.

"Well," Tracey said, jumping right back in. "It's your own fault."

"Really. It's my fault that you're looking at me like that? How do you figure?"

"Please. Am I supposed to fall for this innocent maiden routine?" Tracey used her chin to point at Kelly's unbuttoned suit jacket. "Didn't I tell you to button that up?"

Kelly looked down. The royal blue silk shell beneath her opened jacket was the perfect compliment to her eyes. And it was tight. She'd unbuttoned it on purpose when Tracey wasn't looking. Now, with her arm up over her head, her torso was quite clearly on display for her companion. Just as she'd intended. She smirked, knowing she'd been busted.

"You don't miss a trick, do you, Counselor?"

"Not if I can help it. And certainly not when the view's this good."

Kelly swallowed, tightening her now-sweaty grip on the handrail and feeling her thighs clench involuntarily. "Are we almost there?"

Tracey looked away for the first time during the ride, a victorious grin on her face. "Almost."

The End

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