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By Finley


Tracey had had every intention of slowing things down once she and Kelly arrived at her apartment. She really had. A little wine, a little music, a little conversation…she wasn't known for being completely at the mercy of her hormones. She had class. She had self-control. She had the charm and the skills to woo a woman. She'd certainly done it before.

But the subway ride had changed things. A lot. Her already over stimulated brain tossed her a picture of Kelly – on the subway, one arm over her head, her breasts being hugged lovingly by royal blue silk. Tracey swallowed hard, remembering how hard she'd held on to the metal pole, afraid her hands would develop minds of their own and she wouldn't be able to control them if she let down her guard. Kelly had kept her on her toes, all right. Intentionally, as it turned out. Little hussy, she thought with a grin.

She'd fantasized about being with Kelly more times than she cared to admit. It started the very first day they'd met, and in each and every fantasy, there had been a slow, sensual seduction that had turned her knees to jelly. And now? she thought. Now that my fantasy has become reality? Can I keep my cool? Of course not. I turn into a frat brother. Try as she might, she could think of nothing but getting Kelly back to her apartment and ripping her clothes off. With her teeth if necessary. She was nearly salivating with anticipation, the thought of Kelly's body under her causing her to shiver with desire.

And that was a good thing. Anything to keep her from dwelling on the possible consequences of what they were about to do. Tracey had been compared to Jack McCoy on far too many occasions. She didn't want 'sleeps with deputy ADA' added to the list of ways they were alike. She also didn't want to think about the potential repercussions between her and Kelly afterwards. Kelly was a fantastic assistant. They worked well together. They had the same morals and values. They were a team, a good one.

This is stupid. This is such a stupid thing to do, Kibre. You're an idiot. The Voice of Reason kept berating her from inside her head, but her body just wasn't listening. Her feet kept walking. Her skin joyously registered Kelly's close proximity, soaking in the woman's body heat. Her sense of smell told her which of Kelly's many perfumes she was wearing today. Nope. The Voice of Reason was being ignored. Completely. And there would be hell to pay later. She was sure of it.

But all Tracey really had to do was glance out of the corner of her eye and everything was better. There was Kelly, walking briskly beside her, a subtle smile on her face, their shoulders brushing every few steps. They walked down the street to Tracey's building in silence. It would be obvious to any stranger that they had a uniform goal in mind. Tracey gripped her purse strap with both hands. Kelly's arms were folded over her chest. They didn't look at one another. Tracey knew the next time she glanced into those blue eyes, she wouldn't be able to stop herself so she kept her gaze focused on the sidewalk and willed herself to keep moving. Her building was only a few more steps.

"Ms. Kibre." The doorman tipped his hat as they walked by him, giving Kelly an appreciative glance.

"Good night, Carl," Tracey replied. From inside the elevator, she squinted at him, wondering as the doors closed if he'd actually winked at her or if it was her own paranoia.

She had no time to think about it, though, because the second the doors slid shut, Kelly was on her, taking her totally by surprise. Kelly backed her roughly into the wall, holding Tracey's face in her hands, and pushed her tongue into Tracey's mouth with authority. A groan rumbled up from Tracey's throat as Kelly thoroughly explored her mouth. Tracey barely registered the ding of the elevator. When she opened her eyes, she was leaning alone against the mirrored panel, breathless and dazed, while Kelly grinned at her from the fifth floor hallway.

"Coming?" Kelly asked, a wickedly mischievous expression on her face.

Tracey cleared her throat and stood up straight. She wiped the corner of her own mouth with a fingertip, regaining her composure with record speed. Arching one eyebrow at her companion, she stepped out of the elevator. "Not yet."

Kelly turned quickly, almost hiding the pink tint that suddenly flushed her cheeks, and tried to walk nonchalantly. By sheer luck, Tracey noted, she picked the correct direction. That luck ran out, however, when she went strolling right past Tracey's door – not surprising since she'd never been there. Tracey stopped in front of it and chuckled as Kelly continued walking.

"It's this one, Ambush Queen."

"I knew that." Kelly turned back and joined Tracey at the door, a hint of sheepish smile on her lips. Tracey grinned back at her. She could feel Kelly watching her hands as she inserted the key into the lock and turned.

There was a small hurricane lamp burning on an antique telephone table, casting a dim light on the foyer. Another was visible further into the living room. Tracey closed the door, engaged the locks, tossed her keys onto the table beside the lamp and turned to Kelly. They stood eye-to-eye, thanks to Tracey's heels. She felt herself immediately ensnared in the crystal blue of Kelly's gaze and she knew she wasn't going to last much longer. If she didn't get them to the bedroom soon, she was going to have her way with her deputy ADA right here on the floor of her entryway. Not that there would be anything wrong with that, she thought with amusement. Off the top of her head, she could think of any number of interesting locations or surfaces on which she'd enjoy having her way with Kelly. The kitchen counter, the dining room table, the shower, my desk, her desk, Branch's desk

Her musings were interrupted by Kelly's voice. "This looks like a really nice place, Tracey."

"I'm glad you like it," Tracey replied, taking Kelly's hand and leading her down the hallway towards the bedroom. "I'll give you the tour tomorrow. Right now, we're going this way."


Kelly was nervous, but the warmth of Tracey's smaller hand in hers, guiding her gently but firmly toward the bedroom was all the reassurance she needed. There was a part of her that wanted to walk more slowly, to take in her surroundings, to see how Tracey lived. She wanted to look at her knick-knacks, observe her taste in furniture, and see who was in the photos she kept sitting out in frames. She wanted to learn all she could about the personal side of her professional partner.

The other part of her, however, was shaking with anticipation. How long had she been thinking about Tracey in this way? How many fantasies had she entertained involving her colleague…many of them in the courtroom with Tracey actually sitting right beside her? This was, quite literally, the moment she'd been dreaming of.

Tracey's bedroom was dark, but the curtains were open and the moon was full, spilling blue-white light directly onto the large bed. Tracey couldn't have made things look more inviting if she'd set the lighting herself. Shafts of moonlight slashed across the wooden frame of the bed, making intricate patterns around the room from the shadows of the headboard and footboard slats. The down comforter was a deep eggplant-like purple with piles of fluffy pillows and Kelly smiled. It's exactly the color she would have picked for Tracey. Rich, elegant purple for an amazingly elegant woman.

Tracey led her to the bed. Kelly sat on the edge and looked up into the warm brown eyes that regarded her with hunger, sensuality, and a little bit of concern. She moved her hand to Tracey's hip and stroked it gently, the soft fabric of Tracey's skirt wrinkling under the touch.

Tracey bent forward and kissed Kelly's lips. It was a sweet, almost chaste kiss, but it made Kelly's heart flutter in her chest just the same. Tracey took Kelly's hands and ducked her head to catch Kelly's eye before she spoke.

"Tell me one more time that you're okay with this." Tracey's grip was firm. Her voice was low even for her, a by-product of her arousal, Kelly suspected, judging by the glazed look in her eyes.

Kelly smiled, hoping Tracey could see the certainty on her face, despite only the moonlight. "Tracey." She whispered the name, loving the sound of it, loving the way it felt rolling off her tongue. The look on Tracey's face was pure desire and so indescribably sexy that Kelly said it again. "Tracey." She reached up with both hands and caressed Tracey's face, rubbing the cheeks with her thumbs, reveling in the smoothness of the skin and the silkiness of the curls that brushed her fingers. She became painfully aware of her own ragged breathing. "Please." It was the only other word she could manage at the moment. One gentle tug on Tracey's head brought her mouth down on Kelly's.

Kelly fell backwards onto the bed, pulling Tracey with her. Tracey's weight on her made her almost giddy with want. The kiss deepened and became hungry, as if they were devouring one another. Tracey reclaimed the lead, a feral glint in her eye that told Kelly who was in charge. Much as Kelly wanted to have her way with Tracey, the idea of Tracey controlling things was just as exciting, if not more so. Tracey stood and pulled Kelly back to a sitting position. She pushed the black jacket off Kelly's shoulders, tossing it to the floor. She immediately ran her hands up Kelly's bare arms, over her shoulders, and down her chest.

"You've been teasing me all evening," she growled, covering Kelly's breasts with her hands. Kelly gasped sharply at the contact, felt her nipples tighten under Tracey's palms. "Hell, you've been teasing me for months."

Kelly raised her arms and allowed Tracey to pull her silk shell over her head. "Months?" she asked, surprise apparent in her voice.

"Months." The expression on Kelly's face must have been more readable than she thought, because Tracey rumbled, "Oh, you like that idea?" Kelly nodded as Tracey reached around behind her and unclasped Kelly's white, lace bra. Putting her lips to Kelly's ear, she continued. "You like that I've been watching you for months?" She drew her tongue around the soft flesh. "You like that I've looked at you in those tight slacks and your button down blouses that you unbutton too low and wanted you right there in my office?"

Kelly swallowed hard, envisioning herself flat on her back on Tracey's desk, as Tracey's mouth carved a warm, wet path down the side of her neck and around to her throat. Tracey's voice had always done a number on her. Its timbre sometimes resonated through the room and Kelly could actually feel it vibrate in the pit of her stomach. Now, she could feel it vibrate in a much lower place. Her heart rate picked up speed.

Tracey continued to bathe Kelly's throat, pulling Kelly's bra all the way off. She pushed her backwards again and ran the backs of her fingers over the hardened nipples. Kelly whimpered.

"What's the matter, baby? Hm?" Tracey balanced herself with a hand at each side of Kelly's head and circled each nipple with her tongue, slowly and methodically. "God, your body is glorious," she mumbled.

Kelly's breathing was beyond ragged. She held tightly to Tracey's smaller body, realizing as she bunched fabric in her fists that Tracey had far too many clothes on. "You're driving me crazy," she rasped, tugging on Tracey's suit jacket. "And you're overdressed."

"You're right." Tracey bit lightly at one nipple, causing Kelly to inhale sharply. Then she stood and quickly shed her clothing, dropping everything to the floor at her feet in a matter of seconds.

Kelly blinked in wonder at the delightfully feminine body suddenly exposed before her, all curves and muscles and creamy smooth skin. She wanted to fall to her knees and worship it. "Tracey," she breathed. "You're so beautiful."

Tracey faltered for a split second, obviously touched by the comment. She took a deep breath and smiled at the half-naked woman leaning back on her elbows on the bed. "Yeah? You should see the view from here." Putting one knee on the bed next to Kelly, she reached for the button on Kelly's pants and helped her out of them. The white, lace panties followed immediately.

And that's when the urgency virtually dissipated. The two women lay side by side, nude. Kelly was on her back, one arm around Tracey, who was on her side looking down. Kelly had expected Tracey to plow forward, but she seemed more interested in taking it all in, almost as if she was mentally recording the moment and didn't want to miss any details. She ran her fingers lightly over Kelly's tummy, smiling at the slight quivering of the ticklish muscles there. She circled each nipple several times before gliding a fingertip directly over each of them. Her eyes sparkled every time Kelly's breath caught in her throat. She played this game for several minutes before she finally leaned forward and took one nipple into her mouth, suckling slowly, using both her tongue and her teeth. Kelly's groan was filled with relief and she threaded her fingers into Tracey's dark hair to keep her there.

There was something erotic, Kelly decided, about having a handful of Tracey's hair in her fist. Her body was on fire and everything Tracey did started a new, miniature explosion. She moved to Kelly's other breast, sliding a hand down Kelly's torso at the same time. When Tracey's hand reached the patch of damp curls, Kelly was sure her head might just blow off.

"Oh, my God." Her voice was hoarse. "Tracey."

"What's the matter, sweetheart? Hm?" The teasing lilt in Tracey's voice only served to push Kelly's arousal higher…a fact she didn't think was possible. She knows exactly what the matter is, Kelly thought.

"Please?" Kelly whispered.

Tracey was tonguing her nipple as she moved her own leg over one of Kelly's thighs and pulled it toward her, effectively opening Kelly to her questing fingers. "Please what, baby? What do you want me to do?"

Kelly groaned as Tracey's fingers skimmed over the inside of her thigh, not sure how much longer she could take such sweet torture, worried the anticipation alone might kill her. "Tracey." It was a fervent plea.


Tracey's teasing was both powerfully sexual and immensely maddening. Kelly used the grip she still had on Tracey's hair to pull her up and meet her eye. The surprised gasp Tracey let slip caused a surge of wetness from Kelly. "Please," she rasped, their faces only inches apart. "Touch me."

There was a beat of stillness, a moment of the most intense eye contact Kelly had ever experienced and she knew right then that she was lost with this woman. Then Tracey's mouth came down on hers at the exact same time Tracey's fingers pushed through the slickness between Kelly's thighs and Kelly was sure she would spontaneously combust from the pleasure.

Kelly tightened her grip on Tracey as their tongues waged a battle with one another. She was in awe over the fact that this woman's body could be so petite and appear so fragile, but house such power and strength. At that moment, Tracey might have been six feet tall, and a hundred and eighty pounds.

Tracey's fingers were doing incredibly sexy things to Kelly, sliding and circling and probing through the wetness they had created. Tracey pulled back from the kiss just far enough to look into Kelly's eyes. Then she slowly slid her fingers in as far as they would go. Kelly shuddered as she breathed in, the passion in Tracey's face almost too much to bear. Tracey pulled her fingers out very slowly – achingly slowly – then pushed them back in at the same pace, never faltering, always watching Kelly's face.

"Oh, God," Kelly whispered, her entire body feeling like it was alive with electricity. She dug her fingernails into Tracey's back. "Oh, my God, Tracey. What are you doing? What are you doing to me?"

Tracey smiled, the feral glint back in her dark eyes, along with something else Kelly was too afraid to analyze. "You're so fucking sexy," she growled. "Do you know that?" Slowly in. "So fucking sexy."

"Tracey…" Slowly out. Kelly bit her bottom lip, squeezing her eyes shut. The realization hit her that she would never, ever say no to anything Tracey asked of her. Ever.

"A little longer, sweetheart." Slowly in. "Just a little longer."

"Trace…please…" Slowly out.

"Almost, baby." Slowly in.

Kelly thought she might cry, the sensations Tracey was causing were so good and so frustrating at the same time. "Please?" Her plea was nearly inaudible, and it was a request for permission. "Tracey? Please?" Slowly out.

"Okay, love." This time when Tracey pushed in, she allowed her thumb to hit the sensitive spot of slick flesh and she moved it in a lazy circle. She smiled down at Kelly. "Now you can come for me. Come on. Come for me."

It was all Kelly needed. Her back arched and she clenched her teeth, distantly worried that her spine might simply snap in two. A guttural moan was ripped from her throat – hoarse and deep – as every muscle in her body contracted. She was sure her grip on Tracey's hair had gone beyond painful, but she didn't care. Nothing mattered but this. This feeling in her body. This woman in her arms. Nothing else mattered. Nothing.

She had no idea how much time passed before she was able to pry her eyes open again. She was panting, literally, wondering if her breathing would ever return to normal, if her heart rate would ever slow. The first thing to fill her vision was Tracey's face. Tracey propped on an elbow, looking down at her, stroking her hair. Tracey's fingers still inside her, not moving, but definitely filling her. Tracey's face smiling at her, that impossibly white skin glowing in the moonlight. The expression was different, though. Gone was the glint, the power, the hunger. Replacing those things was an entirely different expression, one that elated Kelly and scared the hell out of her at the same time.

Her vaginal walls contracted involuntarily in aftershock, causing both women to gasp quietly, then chuckle. Tracey didn't say anything. She smiled down at Kelly for several more seconds, and then bent to kiss her softly. Kelly's hand was still tangled in the dark mass of curls and she was astonished to feel desire well up immediately. My God, she's turned me into a nymphomaniac after one orgasm. She almost laughed aloud at the thought, but Tracey's fingers stirred within her, and all coherent thought disappeared.


The clock was on the wrong side of the bed.

It was the first clue that Kelly was not in her own room. She squinted to be sure she was reading it correctly. 4:52 am.

Ugh, she thought. The birds aren't even awake yet.

Her mind began to hum and she knew instinctively that she wouldn't be going back to sleep any time soon, so she tried to relax and let her eyes adjust to the grayish blue light that signaled the coming dawn.

She was on her back in Tracey's bed. She didn't turn to look, but she could sense Tracey's body heat next to her, hear her even breathing. She could feel Tracey's arm flung over her stomach, Tracey's hand unmoving as it rested possessively between Kelly's breasts. She just wasn't ready to look yet. Looking would make it real and she wasn't sure she could deal with that. She kept her eyes on the ceiling.

Inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly, Kelly allowed the events of the previous six hours to flood back into her mind – the victory, the celebration, the champagne, the make-out session on Tracey's desk, the subway ride, the short walk down the street. It all came back and led to her being where she was now – in Tracey's bed at four in the morning, wide awake and confused. The aching muscles of her inner thighs served as a potent reminder of exactly what had happened and she grimaced when she felt yet another pang of desire hit her low in her body as she recalled how often and for how long Tracey had held her legs open. They'd gone at it for hours, like animals. She'd let Tracey have the upper hand for a while and was not surprised to find that the woman was reluctant to give it up. True, Tracey was much stronger than her petite frame would have people think, but Kelly still had two inches and twenty pounds on her. When Kelly had realized the only way she would be able to take the lead from Tracey was to take it, that's exactly what she'd done. She smiled now as she recalled how she'd literally picked Tracey up and flipped her onto her back. Momentarily stunned by the turnabout, the ADA hadn't been able to protest until Kelly's head was already tucked snugly between her thighs. Any objections died on her lips. Kelly shivered as she remembered the sound of Tracey's deep, gravely voice groaning her name, recalled the sensation of Tracey's fingers gripping her hair.

It was, by far, the best sex Kelly had ever experienced – with a man or a woman. That was the truth. She and Tracey had had phenomenal sex. And they'd fucked. And Kelly was almost certain – that very first time – they'd made love. Hadn't they? Her uncertainty bothered her, and then she did something stupid.

She turned to look at Tracey.

Her breath caught. My God, she looks so peaceful…so young when she's asleep. The thought was immediate and Kelly felt an unexpected lump in her throat. Tracey was half on her side and half on her stomach in the middle of the bed, causing Kelly to smirk at the fact that her colleague was a bed hog. They'd made a mess of the covers during their lovemaking, so not much was covering either of them. Tracey's right leg was on top of the purple sheet, her right arm tucked up under her pillow, and just enough of her ass was showing to make Kelly contemplate waking her up right then and there. Her mass of almost-black curls was beyond tousled, but it only made her look sexier. Her back was bare, the creamy skin calling out to Kelly, her shoulders rising and falling gently with her even, steady breathing. Kelly had never seen her so relaxed, so vulnerable.

Tracey's hand twitched slightly on Kelly's chest. Kelly looked down at it, studied it. Tracey had such amazing hands; Kelly often caught herself staring at them during a briefing or while Tracey took notes in court. They were small and feminine, but strong, the nails polished with a clear gloss. Carefully, so as not to wake Tracey, Kelly ran her own fingertip over the back of Tracey's hand, following the blue vein down to the wrist, then back up to the end of the middle finger, then down again. A sudden flashback of Tracey's hands and what they were capable of made Kelly shudder. Tracey's hands on her body, teasing her nipples, raking through her hair. Tracey's hands pinning Kelly's wrists to the mattress, holding her thighs apart, sliding over her, into her. Kelly closed her eyes against the memory assault, feeling herself growing wet yet again as Tracey's voice echoed in her head. "Come for me." Was there no end to the sexual power Tracey had over her? Kelly rolled her eyes at herself. For God's sake, she's not even awake and she's gotten me all hot and bothered.

She could be in trouble here. Serious trouble. If there was one person Kelly Gaffney knew, it was Kelly Gaffney. She of the Plunge in with Both Feet philosophy of relationships. Her college roommate used to tease her by telling Kelly that her Indian name was Falls in Love After First Date. "Why are you even bothering to pretend with men?" she'd asked with a grin after Kelly had spent a drunken frat party fielding the attention of three different guys. "You're such a lesbian."

Over the years, she'd grown to accept the fact that she had to be careful or she'd be sporting a broken heart on a regular basis. She was too open, too easy to read, and far too trusting. She'd been hurt a multitude of times, but now that she was a big girl in her late thirties, she knew how to protect herself. For the most part.

She turned again and watched Tracey sleeping soundly on the pillow not four inches away. You have no idea how badly you could hurt me. How the hell do I protect myself from you?

The tough, logical arguer within her took over, the one that got her through law school. What did she really know about Tracey Kibre anyway? Tough-as-nails. Hardnosed. No-nonsense. All those descriptors were used when referring to her. Kelly liked to think she knew better. Yes, Tracey could be tough, but she also had a fierce sense of justice and a surprisingly big heart buried beneath all that bravado. Not many people saw it; not many people chose to see it. But Kelly did. It was what she loved most about her partner.

But could she be wrong? Could she be building Tracey up in her mind to be more than she actually was? Why wasn't Tracey in a relationship? She had an ex-husband that Kelly knew of, but she had no other information about her colleague's love life, past or present. Maybe she brought people home just like this all the time. Maybe she didn't get involved, just had a little sex every so often to satiate the need. Maybe Tracey would wake up an hour or two from now and be surprised – or worse, annoyed – that Kelly was still in her bed. If they'd gone back to Kelly's place instead, maybe Tracey would already be gone. Maybe she would have snuck out in the middle of the night so as not to have to deal with things in the morning. Maybe work on Monday was going to be all kinds of awkward.

Oh, my God, Gaffney. You have got to get a grip! You're panicking.

She knew it, knew that's exactly what was happening, but she couldn't seem to stop herself. Her brain would keep on with the what-ifs like it always did until it drove her absolutely insane. She had to get up. She had to get out.

It'll be better this way, she thought as she slipped carefully out from under Tracey's arm and rolled silently off the bed. It'll save us both some time, we won't have to pretend this was more than a casual fuck. She won't have to worry about hurting my feelings. She moved around the room as quietly as possible, donning items of clothing as she found them. When she was all dressed and hoping she hadn't put anything on backwards or inside out in the growing light, she picked up her shoes and headed for the bedroom door. A dresser stood near it, a collection of variously sized framed photos arranged neatly on top of it. She stopped to look, squinting at them to make out the detail.

There was a black and white photo of a couple's wedding. Looking closely, Kelly could see that Tracey was the spitting image of the man. He was dark with intelligent eyes and a serious expression. The woman was lighter, gentler to look at, smiling. Next to that was a picture of four teenagers – three light-haired, bronze-skinned boys and one dark-haired, light-skinned China doll of a girl. Two of the boys were twins and the girl – quite obviously Tracey – was the oldest of the four. The boys looked very much like the bride in the photo and Kelly was surprised to see siblings with such different coloring. Tracey was definitely the physical black sheep. She found herself wondering about the ADA's relationship with her parents, her brothers. There was so much she didn't know and she was surprised to find that her lack of knowledge was disappointing. She wanted to know more. She wanted to know everything.

The third picture was of Tracey and a toddler at the zoo. Elephants were visible in the background as Tracey pointed at the camera, all jeans and sunglasses and smiles. Her hair was in a pony tail and she looked radiant, relaxed, and sexy. The child, a little blonde girl of maybe three, was looking up at Tracey with big blue eyes filled with love and adoration. The magic of Aunt Tracey, Kelly thought with affection. She looked back toward the bed at the beautiful woman asleep there and a single thought struck Kelly right between the eyes…one more what-if.

What if I'm wrong?

She closed her eyes against the onslaught of questions that berated her from within her own mind. What if Tracey's nothing like my fears? What if she's the best thing that will ever happen to me and I run away without even looking back? Isn't it worth the risk of some discomfort and a little pain to know for sure?

Kelly had no idea how long she stood there in Tracey's bedroom doorway, bombarded by thoughts, fears, worries, and desires. She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, then scrubbed both trembling hands over her face. She suddenly felt bone tired. With no idea which way to turn, she asked herself one question.

"What do I want?" She whispered it aloud. "What do I want right now? Right this very minute?"

And in an instant, she knew. The doubts were immediately gone, as if she'd never been so sure of anything in her life; they melted right out of her head and rolled off her body like oil.

She took another deep breath, let it out, and then proceeded to remove her clothing piece by piece, leaving it in a pile by the bedroom door.

When she was once again completely naked, she crossed the room quickly, as though her body was being magnetically pulled there. It felt like she couldn't wait to be back in Tracey's bed, back in Tracey's space, back in Tracey's world. The fear was still there and continued trying to poke its head out, but Kelly did her best to ignore it by sliding under the covers behind Tracey and burying her nose in those fantasy-inducing dark curls. She inhaled deeply, taking in the luscious scent of vanilla and honey as she spooned her body tightly around Tracey's. Her immediate arousal surprised even her. She stroked Tracey's hip gently.

"For a minute there, I really thought you were going."

Tracey's voice was such an unexpected sound in the quiet room that Kelly's body literally jerked in alarm. "I thought you were asleep," she whispered, accusation tinting her voice. "Jesus, you scared me."

"You scared me, too." Tracey hadn't turned to look at her, but she grasped Kelly's hand, bringing it to her lips, then pinning it against her chest.

"How long have you been awake?"

"Long enough."

"Why didn't you try to stop me?"

Tracey was quiet for a long moment and Kelly wondered if she was going to answer at all. Finally, she spoke. "If you were so freaked out that you were going to sneak away in the dark without saying goodbye, what could I possibly have said to change your mind?"

Kelly felt the guilt rain down on her like cold water. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I'm just glad you came back." She pulled Kelly's arm more tightly around her and pushed her backside into Kelly's stomach, further fueling the fire burning in Kelly's center. Kelly freed her hand from Tracey's grip so she could dance her fingers across the soft flesh of Tracey's belly. Tracey sighed deeply, contentedly. Kelly let Tracey's body heat warm her and they were quiet for so long that Kelly assumed Tracey had fallen back to sleep. When she spoke again, the deep timbre of her voice reverberated through Kelly's body in that way that sent erotic chills down her spine. "Why did you come back?"

Kelly swallowed audibly, her hand still moving against Tracey's skin, and gave the question serious, deep consideration. Making a decision and wetting her lips with her tongue, she dove in with both feet. "I'm afraid that this won't be what I want it to be."

Tracey's body shuddered and Kelly wasn't sure if it was her words or her traveling fingers that caused it. Tracey's voice was barely a whisper when she asked, "What do you want this to be, Kelly?"

Kelly moved her fingers lower, skirting along the edge of dark, crisp curls that marked the path to hidden treasure. She nuzzled Tracey's ear, her tongue flicking out. "I don't want to scare you away, Tracey, so I'd rather not say right now."

"I think that's a cop-out," Tracey replied, stifling the groan Kelly's touch wrung from her throat.

"Maybe." She slid her hand down to Tracey's knee and parted her legs. Throwing her own leg over Tracey's, she pushed the ADA onto her back. Propped up on an elbow, Kelly looked down at the woman beneath her. Tracey's face had flushed a pretty pink and her pupils were dilated, her eyes black with passion. Kelly let her fingers slip into the wetness that she'd created. Tracey groaned again, arching her neck and pushing her head back into the pillow, her hand grasping blindly for the headboard.

"Look at me." Kelly's voice was low, commanding, as she felt Tracey's arousal coat her fingers.

Tracey blinked, trying to focus, the touch between her legs making it difficult. She found Kelly's blue eyes, looking down at her with such affection, warmth and hope. Kelly saw several emotions pass over Tracey's face: fear, wonder, uncertainty, desire, resignation, belief.

"That's it," Kelly said, nodding. "That's it, baby. I want you looking at me." I need to know if you can. "I want you looking at me when you come." Can you? I need to know. Please.

She moved her fingers faster, finding the familiar, easy rhythm that had pushed Tracey over the edge last night. She felt Tracey's breathing pick up pace, felt Tracey's nails digging into her shoulder. Tracey's back arched and she whispered Kelly's name, but still she kept her eyes locked on the blue ones above her.

Kelly felt her confidence growing, felt her pride swell as she pushed Tracey higher, holding her gaze fiercely, Tracey never trying to look away. Right here, baby. That's it. Right in my eyes. See me. Please see what this means to me. I need you to see it. And then she felt Tracey's thigh muscles tremor, felt her grip on Kelly's shoulder tighten, saw the bicep gripping the headboard stiffen. Her mouth opened silently and she held her breath as her muscles spasmed and the orgasm washed over her.

Her eyes never left Kelly's.

As Tracey's body relaxed, Kelly felt her own eyes fill with tears and she blinked rapidly, hoping to keep them from spilling down her cheeks. She looked away, not wanting her naked emotions visible to Tracey, but knowing she'd seen them anyway. Still breathing raggedly, Tracey caught Kelly's chin in her hand and turned her face back.

"Kelly." There was such tenderness in her voice that Kelly had a hard time not breaking into sobs right then. Tracey used her thumb to wipe away the one drop that had spilled over.

Kelly smiled and rolled onto her back. She pulled Tracey closer. Tracey took the hint and curled against Kelly's side, her head on Kelly's shoulder. Kelly breathed in deeply, let it out slowly, and then placed a soft kiss on Tracey's forehead.

It was there, she thought. I saw it. It was there in her eyes: possibility.

No more words were spoken. Soon, the only sound in the room was gentle, even breathing as they held tightly to one another and slept.


The End

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