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By Rebelgirl

Streaming challenge

1) 20 minutes continuous writing ONLY, excepting disclaimers and stuff.
2) No corrections or adjustments afterwards - it's left as it's written.
3) Wyrdy kindly gave a pointer as to what it was to be about - one of the ladies daydreaming about some aspect of the other.

I think that's all - that's all I used anyway.

Oh - and one more thing - \\ indicates thoughts!

\\She's striding across Engineering. Totally focused. Totally in control. This is her domain. Her territory. She is the ruler of this place.

Her staff hang on every word she says. They're jumping and moving, following her orders almost before she's finished speaking.

Her presence is overwhelming. She *is* Engineering.

How can someone so diminutive hold so much power, so much control over all those around her? She is brusque, impatient, quick to anger and easily displeased. Yet those she works with treat her with respect. They're in awe of her intellect, her ability to see solutions before most have even got to grips with the problem.

She inspires hard work, loyalty and commitment, yet makes no effort to gain popularity or kudos.

And she is so beautiful. Dark chestnut hair that frames an olive- skinned face. The ridges on her forehead betray her heritage and enhance her exotic complexion, serving as a reminder of strength and honour.

What does that black and tan uniform hide? Sculpted calves that ripple as she paces past the Warp Core again. A muscular back hidden under smooth, soft, coffee skin. Round, firm breasts with dark aureoles that surround her taut nipples. A triangle of dark hair that covers her sex, hot and tight and wet.

Why does she torment me so? How can she flaunt such beauty and power in front of me and yet have no clue as to what I am thinking; what I want to do to her; what I want her to do to me?

Could she ever direct those soulful chocolate eyes at me and see past my own defensive arrogance? Will she ever want to know me better? Is it possible for her to ever think of me as something other than a drone, or Borg or Janeway's pet? Yes, I've heard her comments. I know what she says to Mr Paris and Ensign Kim.

I am not worthy of her attention, except to be the release for her anger. The vent for her hate. The focus of a rage that isn't about my own background but about hers.

I may be na´ve in my understanding of humanity but I am an expert in defensive barriers. I have lived behind one since I was separated from the Collective. So it's easy to spot someone else doing the same.

If I can see past her anger and bluff, why can't she see past my cold dismissiveness?

Perhaps it's a question of needs and wants. I need to see past her barriers. I want to feel her touching me, needing me, wanting me, loving me.

She won't see past my defence mechanisms until she wants to. And I have no idea how to make her want to... //

"Seven, are you ready with the power coupling converters?"

"Yes, Lieutenant. On your mark."

\\ I need to make her want to. //

The End

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