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Done in 19 minutes this time, except for the first few lines that were provided by Jean. My bit starts with the stuttering!!!

Want 2
By Rebelgirl

"Seven, are you ready with the power coupling converters?"

"Yes, Lieutenant. On your mark."

\\ I need to make her want too. //


"Now, Seven"

Seven leans over and instead of switching the power coupling converters, captures B'Elanna's lips in her own and kisses her. B'Elanna, while startled, responded - briefly - then jumps back and stares at Seven. B'Elanna's jaw drops and she traces her fingers across her lips...

\\ What was that? Why did I respond? I should really say something... but what?//

Seven just stares into those molten chocolate eyes, drowning in the depths displayed.

Both of them at a loss for words...

"Um.er.I.er.I need to check some calculations in my office."

\\ Oh God, oh God, I'm running away. I'm running away again. She actually does something that takes my breath away, that makes me feel things I *never* thought I could feel and I'm running away. Again.

Coward. Christ, it should be my middle name.

How can she spring that on me? How can she suddenly go from Borg arrogance and cold attitude to kissing me? Kissing me with such soft, tender, sweet lips.

And I kissed her back! What was I thinking? Hell I wasn't thinking at all.

Doesn't she know how much she infuriates me? Haven't I made it clear that I can't tolerate her presence? Doesn't she know how breath- takingly gorgeous she is?

And why the hell won't my heart stop racing?

Seven of Nine. Janeway's pet. Unfeeling drone. Humourless Borg. I've called her all those things.

But that kiss. Those pliant lips. She's turned me into a quivering wreck in three seconds flat.

Why? Why did she have to do that? It's been so hard to.so hard to *deny* what I've been feeling.

All the time I thought she was an `efficient, irritating drone' I've been able to keep a lid on my feelings.

Does she know? Can she tell that I want her? That I need her? That I. that I love her?

Oh God, I love her. I love her.

And now. And now I don't know what the hell to do.

Supposing she was just leading me on, or teasing me, or even worse, setting me up to look a fool. Supposing she has no real feelings for me at all.

No. She wouldn't do that. She's too honest to be duplicitous.

God, those lips. That touch. My heart is still pounding, I can hear it in my head.

What do I do?

What can I do?

I could be brave and talk to her. Admit my feelings. Tell her the truth.

What am I thinking? I can't do that. She'd laugh in my face. That blonde bitch is playing me.

Please don't let her be playing me. I couldn't stand the humiliation.

Go up to her and tell her how I feel. How hard can it be? She's just kissed me in the middle of Engineering, it can't be any worse than that.

God I want her. But I want her to love me. I want her to need me.//


"Yes Seven?"

The End

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