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NOTE: As Jean gave me a line to run with for part 2, I asked her to give me a line to kick start part 3. She gave me 2 options. I couldn't decide which option to take, so I did them both. And then did a third option because it was in my head at the same time!
Just to try and make things not quite so confusing, B'Elanna's thoughts are marked with // , Seven's thoughts are marked with ~. My part picks up after the second dotted line.
DEDICATION: To Jean for the options, Deejay for also doing sequels and Wyndy for the challenge.

Want 3a
By Rebelgirl

Please don't let her be playing me. I couldn't stand the humiliation.

Go up to her and tell her how I feel. How hard can it be? She's just kissed me in the middle of Engineering, it can't be any worse than that.

God I want her. But I want her to love me. I want her to need me.//


"Yes Seven?"


B'Elanna turns around as she answers Seven. B'Elanna stops dead in her tracks as she turns, captured in Seven's eyes.

//Kahless, her eyes... she does love me//

Seven steps into B'Elanna's space until they are barely a breath apart.


\\ What am I doing? If I kiss her, there's no going back. There's no denying anything. If I kiss her she'll know that I love her too//

~What do I do? Did I make a mistake by kissing her? Why is she not moving away from me? Can she really want me too? ~

\\ Do I make the first move? Will I frighten her if I kiss those lips? Those full, pouty, gorgeous lips? What if I'm wrong? What if she came here to apologise? What if. Kahless, stop with the `what ifs'. I want her. I need her. //

~ Why is she hesitating? Have I misjudged the situation? I want her so badly. I need to touch her again. I need to feel those beautiful lips. I want to taste her. Why am I doing nothing? ~

\\ She's so close. I can smell her. She smells clean. She smells wonderful. Oh my God, she smells aroused. That wasn't a mistake in Engineering. That wasn't a set up. Kahless, she *does* want me. //

~ Should I bridge the distance? How will she react if I kiss her again? Does she *know* how badly she's affecting me by standing so close?

Those lips. She is Omega. Her lips are so soft and tender.and I never want her to stop. She's touching my face, tracing my cheek, the implant above my eye. the one on my face. I'm malfunctioning. My heart should not be contracting this rapidly. Her touch. I can't think. I can't think clearly. I cannot analyse anymore. I just. I just want more. ~

\\ Those lips. Those full, luscious, divine lips. I can hear the blood rushing through my ears, pounding through my body, pulsating my core. Gods, I'm on fire. The skin on her face is so soft and smooth. The implant over her eye is almost warm to the touch. Gods I want every part of this woman. I need every part of this woman. There's going to be no mistake. I'm not running this time. I can't run from this. I can't run from her. I. I can't even think anymore. God, those lips. //

The End

Want 3b

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