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NOTE: As Jean gave me a line to run with for part 2, I asked her to give me a line to kick start part 3. She gave me 2 options. I couldn't decide which option to take, so I did them both. And then did a third option because it was in my head at the same time!
Okay, here was my second option! This one I did in a totally different style again. It's pure speach only. I've never done this before either so apologies if it sucks!
DEDICATION: To Jean for the options, Deejay for also doing sequels and Wyndy for the challenge.

Want 3b
By Rebelgirl

Seven stares at the floor... her gaze never rising from the deck plating.

"I.. I... would like apologize Lieutenant... I don't know what..."


Seven finally dares to raise her head and glance at B'Elanna. "What?"


"Stop what Lieutenant? I was just trying to apologize for my beh.."

"Exactly - stop - do not apologize....", B'Elanna takes a step towards Seven, "unless you really didn't mean it." B'Elanna takes another step, stepping into Seven's space until they are barely a breath apart. B'Elanna captures Seven's gaze with her own and holds it, not releasing her. Both barely breathing....


"So, did you mean it?"


"Did you mean the kiss out there?"

"Y-yes. I meant it. I. I need you. I. you are truly beautiful."

"Me? No, not me. You're the one who's beautiful Seven. Kahless, you take my breath away."

"I am marred. I have Borg implants scarring my body. Marking me for what I was. For what I am. I am not beautiful, B'Elanna."

"You are in my eyes. You're. you're perfection. And I need you too."

"I have waited so long to hear those words. I have imagined this scene so many times. I always had an answer ready. but now I don't know what to say. Words seem. words seem inadequate."

"Then don't say anything more."

"But how can I explain how much I need you. how much I want you. how much I. how much I love you?"

"Don't use words Seven. Show me."


"Here. Let me show you."

The End

Want 3c

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