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Woman in Black
By Ann


The black car screeched to a stop, the passenger jumping from the vehicle. The driver quickly opened his door and yelled at his black jacket-clad colleague.

"S! Wait a minute. You can't go in there alone."

The redhead turned and faced the older man, clearly unhappy at being stopped from her goal. "I thought I'd already passed my proficiency test, K. Why are you here anyway?"

K smiled at a passerby and walked over to Scully. "Let's take this conversation somewhere more private."

Scully turned on her heel and headed towards the building. Opening the door, she entered and waited for her partner. The minute K stepped inside, Scully continued to plead her case.

"Kragon is after me, not you. Let me handle this."

"Department rules state that if an agent is threatened by a visiting alien, then a second agent must accompany the first to dispose of the creature."

Scully glared at K. "You made that up."

"No, I didn't. Article IV, section 23, line 5 states that if an agent is . . ."

"Alright, K; you win, but Kragon is mine."

K shrugged and followed the tiny agent into the elevator; their destination, Scully's apartment.

The sound of gunfire had both agents running from the elevator, guns drawn. Scully turned the corner to see a slim, short haired, freckled woman firing at Kragon. The former apartment manager had morphed from his 4 foot midget form into his natural form, a ten foot, two-headed, four armed lizard. He was advancing on his prey despite taking the full clip from her gun.

Scully raced towards the beast. "Kragon! You want me? Here I am, you yellow bellied, reptilian asshole. Quit picking on civilians!"

K smiled broadly. Scully had turned out to be his best student.

The large yellow lizard roared and stomped towards the agent. Scully grinned as she fired her weapon, the ray from her gun blasting the reptile into hundreds of pieces.

Lowering her weapon, the other woman's jaw dropped as she stared at Scully.

Scully had recognized the woman immediately. She'd just moved into the building, and Scully had been trying to figure out how to approach the other woman. Now that she'd finally met her face to face, Scully was going to have to use the neural neutralizer on the cute, freckled faced woman.

K watched his partner's shoulder slump. "Why don't you let me take care of this one, and you call in for the cleanup crew?"

"Sure, K." Scully nodded at the woman and slipped on her Ray-Bans as she stepped away to make the call. When she'd finished, K stood with the woman in his arms.

"Hey, S, I had to give her an extra blast. Let's put her in your apartment until everything is clear. You can stay with her, and I'll meet the crew."

Scully moved to her door. "What will I tell her?"

K smiled and stepped into Scully's apartment, heading towards the couch.

"You'll think of something, S."

The End

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