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Worlds Apart
By Jaguarin


Part 1

The daily challenges of using a wheelchair were mostly unrecognized by non-wheelchair users. It was frustrating having to face the same challenges every day, because disabled people needed to fight against ignorance, thoughtlessness and the little things that able bodied people take for granted.

Barbara loved shopping, but shopping was difficult because of the steep steps, up to eight inches high, leading into the shops and there was not enough room to maneuver around shopping aisles inside stores, especially when the aisles were cluttered. Christmas was the worst because there was so much stock in the stores.

Health problems such as muscle cramps and pressure sores from sitting in the wheelchair were another problem she needed to face. As were motorists, pedestrians and other road users. Using a wheelchair on paths and roads left her below the average line of vision, meaning that she wasn't always clearly seen by others.

Barbara brought her wheelchair to a stop beside the Hummer and opened the back door. The afternoon she had spent buying clothes had been pretty relaxing, she put the bags she had resting on her legs on the back seat. The blouses she had just bought were marvelous.

She wheeled back and closed the door.

It was then that she noticed the two big men standing at her side with baseball shirts and dirty jeans. It was clear they didn't appreciate the value of a good bath.

"Hi sweetie, you are pretty, you know?" the taller man said.

"May I help you gentleman?" Barbara asked with a calm voice.

"How about you give us the keys?" the one with blond hair said smiling.

"I don't think that is a good idea guys." She raised her eyebrow.

"I think it is the best idea for you."

"I don't think so."

"Are you trying to play with us?" The man with the most menacing leer asked leaning towards her.

Barbara moved her head back slightly, the smell of the man was repellant, "I'm trying to avoid you getting hurt."

They laughed.

"You are fun."

"Give me the keys," the blonde guys said. "I don't want to hurt you."

"You are the one who could be hurt."

The young man laughed. Barbara saw the taller man moving behind her.

"Gentleman, please." She said "I don't want hurt you…"

"You are too pretty to be in a wheel chair." The taller man smiled leaning close to her and touching her hair "But maybe we can have fun anyway."

She turned and faced him with hard look. "Never do that again"

"Oh… she's brave…" He chuckled "What are you going to do? Kick me?"

"Two mocha coffees, one with chocolate and an oversized coffee with cinnamon and milk caramel spread." The waiter said extending two cups of coffee to Helena. She knew Barbara loved the cinnamon on her coffee with caramel milk.

"Could you give me four brownies?" The brunette pointed toward a box.

The woman put them inside a bag and extended it to the brunette. "Ten thirty five."

It was the most expensive coffee in the city but, whatever, it was great.

"Thanks so much." The brunette said taking her change. She picked up a bag from the floor and exited the store with the coffees in a bag in her right hand. The day was cloudy and it was cold.

Barbara was waiting for her on the next block, she had said she would go ahead to put the shopping bags inside the hummer and look for some magazines at the corner store. She stopped for a few seconds to look at a watch in a jewelry store window.

It was a nice watch and in a few weeks it would be Barbara's birthday. It could be the perfect gift for her.

The problem would be paying for it. Lately the tips at the bar had been very poor. She sighed, maybe she could check, make some budget analysis and avoid buying clothes to get enough money to buy that wonderful watch.

Looking up, she noticed it would probably rain soon. She walked faster and when she turned the corner, she stopped in her tracks. Barbara was adjusting her seatbelt over her waist and there were two men moaning on the sidewalk close to the hummer. She raised her eyebrows and looked again to Barbara, who waved her hand at her. Helena moved inside the oversized vehicle.

"What happened here?" Helena asked giving Barbara her coffee and a brownie.

"Nothing." The redhead sipped bit of her coffee. "God, I love this coffee."

The brunette looked through the window. "Nothing? Then who beat the crap out of those boys?"

"I tried to convince them that stealing our car was not a good idea but they never listen. Mmmm" Barbara bit a piece of the brownie that Helena had given her. "This is delicious!"

"You always tell me not be rude." Helena sipped her coffee adjusting her seatbelt.

"Of course, you need to avoid hurting people unnecessarily."

"You broke a nose. How is that not being rude?"

"He stepped outside his limits."

"You could have waited for me. I like beating people that overstep my limits." The brunette munched her brownie.

"Don't talk with your mouth full of food. You had your hands busy." The redhead licked her lips and sipped another bit of her coffee.

"Who said I can't fight with my hands busy?"

Barbara put her coffee in the cup holder "I didn't want to risk my coffee."

"That's unfair." Helena took her cup of coffee

"Why is it unfair? You always have all the fun."

"Well, that's a point for you." The redhead started the Hummer.

"Of course, you always say you are the one with bruises. And look at me, not one."

Helena frowned. "Are you insinuating something?"

"Nothing." Barbara looked behind her to check that there was no other vehicle in sight. "Just that you need to improve your training in defense."

"Ha, ha, very funny." Helena sighed "Were they following you?"

"I don't think so, I guess they were just walking around and when he touched my…"

"He touched you?" Helena growled angrily. She moved to open the car door, "You should have broken his arm!"

Barbara arrested Helena's movement with her free hand and put her coffee in the cup holder. "Hey, its fine, I already fixed it."

"But he touched you! No one touches you!"

"I know, just you." Barbara laughed and moved her right hand behind the brunette's neck to pull her in and gave her a soft kiss on her lips.

The soft caress numbed all of Helena's senses. Every time Barbara kissed her she felt as if she was flying and heard bells. She always thought it was a corny thing but now she knew it was real. Helena melted under the caress and kissed the redhead back.

After long seconds of tender touches Barbara moved a few inches back. Helena was smiling at her with a dumb expression.

"Whoa… that was a kiss…" she mumbled.

"Silly." Barbara chuckled.

"Another one?"

Helena walked inside Barbara's penthouse. The red head had gone out dating a new guy she had just met. It sucked and the worst was that Helena had encouraged her to do it. Barbara spent hours alone just working, trying to save the damn city and the lives of people she didn't know and probably would never meet. So she had encouraged Barbara to try something different, to go out, enjoy life and the older woman had listened her. For a bright second she had thought that maybe Barbara would see her but no, she had arrived happily at home saying she had met a handsome new professor and he had invited her to dinner.

She knew it was not polite, but her curiosity was strong and so she had followed Barbara and, crap, the man really was handsome. He looked like Brad Pitt. Even she felt attracted to the guy, and she liked girls.

Barbara would never see her as a woman and more with a gorgeous man like that at her side.

Helena felt restless and sad, in moments like these she sometimes liked to be inside Barbara's home. She could smell her everywhere, feel her in every corner. She stood in the middle of the living room and touched the arm of the couch with her fingertips.

The movement of her hand stopped when her fine hearing detected someone crying with soft sobs.


She walked toward the bedroom. What was Barbara doing here? It was supposed to be dating Brad Pitt… again. She walked slowly toward Barbara's bedroom, the door was slightly open and she saw the redhead lit just by her table lamp. She hesitated a few seconds, the other woman looked so beautiful. God, she really loved her. She never thought love could be like this.


The redhead wiped her face and turned her head. She didn't want Helena to realize she was crying. "Helena? What are you doing here? It's late…"

"I… I fell asleep on your couch…" the brunette lied "I'm sorry…"

"Don't worry," Barbara transferred herself to the bed "its fine… And it's late, if you want you can stay in the guest room."

Helena stepped inside the room "Why are you crying?"

"I'm not crying."

"Yeah, and I'm blonde." The brunette kneeled in front of her and rested her hand on her knee.

Green pupils fixed on blue with deep sadness, she was definitely crying, her eyes were red. Helena had never seen her so sad since Wade's death. "Barbara, it's me… Please… Did he do something to you? Tell me, if he hurt you I'll…"

"No…" the redhead bit her lips "I… it's just… I don't know, maybe today I'm having one of those days…"

There was a deep silence, Helena didn't say a word, she just kept holding Barbara's hand knowing the other woman needed time to talk.

After long seconds she felt Barbara squeezing her hand gently.

"I hate how some people look at me." She whispered "He is nice but… People ignore me because I'm in a wheelchair," she said. "What annoys me most is when people talk to the person I'm with and not me, it's like I don't exist. People don't understand how he could… look at me."

"Barbara, you are beautiful, you are an incredible woman. Anyone would feel proud to feel loved by you."

"Thanks Helena but… you say that because I'm your friend… and…"

"No Barbara, I see you as the woman you are."

The redhead chuckled and moved her head. "You never could see me as that Helena."

"Why do you say that?" Helena felt her heart pressed against her chest.

The older woman realized her mistake and moved her head, she had said too much.

"Barbara?" Helena looked for her gaze.

"You will never understand." The older woman bent her head.

"Let me try," the brunette whispered "Tell me."

Barbara's moist eyes turned to look at her, a tear fell from the corner of her eye. "You can't see it, you can't see me, you never would."

Helena looked her with puzzled eyes trying to understand.

"I love you Helena." Barbara noticed the confusion in her your young companion but it was too late to step back. "I love you with all my heart."

The young woman opened her mouth, speechless. She felt Barbara releasing her hand slowly.

"I don't know when it happened, just that one day… I realized I fell in love with you. I know you never will look at me, you are bright, full of life, young… complete…"

"Ba…" Helena tried to hold her hand.

"Don't…" the redhead interrupted her and arrested her movement "I understand, it's not your fault. I just have this feeling inside me that is hard to hide every day. It's so strong that I feel my heart wants to explode… I can't keep fighting against it. I have tried… but it is stronger than me. I just needed to say it."

Helena cupped the redhead's face with her hand. She didn't say a word, her eyes locked on the redhead's. They stared in silence for long seconds.

"You love me…" Helena whispered amazed. How couldn't she see it before? Was she so blind in her own thoughts?

"I don't want you to feel bad…" Barbara mumbled. Helena's face was so close to her and she looked stunningly beautiful, blue eyes were fixed on her with such devotion. "I don't expect or ask anything… I just… needed to say it."

Barbara didn't know what was happening, the brunette moved forward slowly and pressed her lips against hers. She gasped at the unexpected movement but couldn't resist the tender contact and kissed the young woman back. It was magic, overwhelming. The world seemed to disappear when she felt Helena's tongue touching hers, teasing her. Without realizing it, she had wrapped her arms around the young woman and pulled her against her. The kiss deepened and turned intense, demanding.

Barbara suddenly gasped and broke the kiss. Helena looked at her with a dazed expression, damn, the woman really knew what a kiss was.

"I'm sorry Helena… I couldn't…"

"I love you Barbara." The brunette hurried to say.

"Helena, I don't want you…"

The brunette took her hand between hers and looked at her expectantly. "I have loved you forever."

Barbara sighed "I don't want it Helena, I don't want your compassion."

"Barbara, look at me." Green eyes locked on hers "I love you, I don't know when or how, I just know it happened… when I moved to live out of the Clocktower it was because I couldn't stay so close to you, dying for you, knowing you could never love me back."

The redhead stared at her trying to understand. "You can't."

"Barbara," Helena mumbled, resting her forehead on hers and taking a deep breath. It seemed a dream to be so close to Barbara, to feel her skin touching hers "you always said that you hate when people don't look at you as a real woman. I see all of you," the brunette closed her eyes and rubbed her nose against Barbara, the redhead closed her eyes too, feeling her heart thump hard against her chest "I love what you are, what you do."

"I… I can't walk, I…"

"I love you as you are."

"But you are younger; complete… you are full of life and…" not thinking, the redhead began to move her face until her mouth was inches from Helena's, she could feel her warm and soft breath so close.

"I have been waiting for you forever." Helena leaned forward and kissed her.

This time the redhead wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed her deeply.


The brunette heard Oracle's voice on her earrings breaking into her thoughts. She had been lost remembering the first time they had kissed and had discovered they loved each other and that they had shared that secret for a long time. It had been a bit… awkward.

"Here, sorry, distracted." She was kneeling over a building.

<Looking at a gorgeous girl walking down the street?>

"Why would I do that when I have you?" Huntress smiled

<Are you flirting with me Miss Kyle?>

"No," Helena purred "I'm trying to seduce you Miss Gordon."

<Mmm, you trust so much in your skills.>

"Well, anything to see you naked on my bed… me touching you." The memory of Barbara trembling under her touch made Huntress feel excited. Maybe it was time to finish her sweeps. "I have a long list of naughty things I would like to try with you…"

A loud noise was heard. She turned her head, it was an explosion. Dammit, it seemed all the kinky things she wanted do to Barbara would have to wait a bit longer.

<What was that?> the redhead asked.

"Seems some guys think tonight is a good night for robbery." The young woman jumped to the next building and looked down. A group of men had made a big hole in a wall. "Okay, work time."

Huntress jumped down, in the midst of the thieves. She hit the man next to her. She ducked and moving her leg backwards, she kicked a second man. The brunette turned and hit another man hard in his face, so hard that he stumbled and fell backwards. She ducked and avoided a man hitting her on her head with a big stick, turning quickly; she kicked the man in his gut. Another man charged towards her but she used his own momentum to send him flying to the ground.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" a deep voice was heard at her side.

Huntress turned to her right and looked at a strange man dressed in a… silver costume? He looked so ridiculous.

"Are you a Flash Gordon fan?" she asked frowning.

"Why are you following me?"

The brunette turned around, she was alone on the street and the men she had just beaten were running in the distance. She looked at the strange man again and lifted her eyebrow.

"Are you talking to me?" she asked.

"Fucking bitch!"

"Hey, I'm no one's bitch."

He took out a strange looking big gun and shot at her. Huntress jumped to one side and rolled behind a car on the street.

<He is mad at you, what did you do this time?> Oracle's voice came over Huntress comms.

"Maybe he didn't like me hitting his friends." The dark haired woman said as she picked up a piece of glass from the floor and used it as a mirror.

< I'm calling the police right now.>

"You mean you haven't already?"

<You always say you want to have fun. >

"Yes but… Oh shit…" the brunette noticed the man throwing an object towards where she was hiding.

A bomb. She didn't think twice and ran as fast as she could.

<What's going on?>

The powerful explosion sent Huntress flying towards the hood of a car parked on the street and she bounced to the ground rolling against a trash container.

"Fuck!" she growled when her back hit the heavy metal roughly.

<Huntress! Are you all right?> Oracle couldn't hide the concern in her voice.

"I'm fine, busy right now."

The brunette turned and knelt on the floor pissed. This guy was playing rude, if he wanted a fight, she would give him one. She jumped to a second floor fire escape and looked for the strange man.

Had he gone?

She looked for him but he seemed to have vanished; she jumped to the next stairway and from there to the street.

"The moron is gone." She grumbled.


"A stupid asshole, he tried to kill me!"

<Every thief in this city wants to kill you.> Oracle said.

"Huntress, Are you all right?" a man running down the street said.

"Yes, I'm fine Reese…" The brunette cleared her coat of dust "Did you see that guy?"

"Who?" the handsome man said.

"A weird guy in a silver costume."

"Uhh… no, I was busy with a truck we stopped down street." He looked at her forehead and took out a napkin "You are bleeding."

The brunette raised her hand to her head but he stopped her movement. "Wait…"

She growled when she felt the napkin against her skin.

"Easy…" Reese said cleaning it "You have a cut here…"

"That moron…"

"Who was that guy?"

"I dunno, he blamed me as if he knew me but I have never seen him before."

Reese finished cleaning her forehead and his hand touched her chin "You need to be careful."

"Are you worried for me detective?" Huntress cocked her head smirking.


Helena bit her lips smiling before asking. "How much?" The man was really handsome. It was a shame she just liked girls, otherwise he would be a perfect partner.

"Very much." Reese took her hand.

"And how much is that much?"

<Huntress,> Oracle voice said at her ear <the police are close.>

"Uh… sorry I gotta go." The brunette said stepping back slowly.

"See you soon?" Reese asked.

"Sure…" she winked to him.

Helena stepped outside the elevator at the Penthouse. She had looked for Barbara in the Clocktower but she wasn't there, it had been, weird… Red always waited for her at the Delphi. "The Carpenters" were playing on the stereo and Helena wondered how Barbara could like those old songs so much. She looked around and found Barbara having a cup of tea in the kitchen.

"Why didn't you wait for me?" the brunette asked.

"You had everything under control."

"Yes, but you could have waited for me." The young woman looked at her, something was off. "Did you hear that guy? He is nuts!"

Barbara gave a deep sigh and put her cup of tea on the table. "No, but I heard you flirting with Reese."

"Me?" Helena narrowed her eyes.

The redhead turned her wheelchair and passed close to the brunette who hopped back to avoid her feet being crushed. "You."

"I was just being nice." The brunette shrugged her shoulders.


"Okay, maybe I flirted a bit."

"You'd flirt with a broom in skirts, you always flirt."

Now she understood, Barbara didn't like it. "Are you jealous?" Helena asked amused as she followed her.

"I'm not jealous."

"It would be nice if you were jealous."

"Nice?" Barbara typed at her computer and programmed a scan of her files.

"I would feel proud knowing a woman as beautiful as you felt jealous about me." Helena said looking for her eyes.

The redhead laughed. Helena rested her hips on the desk next to the redhead, hands in pockets. "I bet you are jealous."

"I'm not."

"When you are jealous you get mad at me and avoid looking at me, like now."

Barbara sighed and turned her wheelchair to face her..

"Helena, why should I be jealous?"

"Well, because I'm beautiful, sexy…"

Barbara smiled amused and turned her wheelchair to the next computer. "Come on…"

Helena hopped and stood up in front of Barbara, resting her hands over the wheelchair's arms and leaned her face a few inches from the red head's. "Hey I haven't finished yet…"

"No?" the older woman crossed her hands over her chest "Okay, what else?"

"As I was saying I'm beautiful, damn sexy, hot and I was one of the most wanted bachelors of the city." Helena purred seductively.

"You were?" Barbara asked curiously lifting her eyebrow.

"Yeah, but I belong to you now…" Helena surprised the redhead by leaning in and kissing her on her lips with such tenderness that Barbara couldn't resist kissing her back. The touch was electric, overwhelming. She wrapped her arms around Helena's neck to pull the lithe woman against her.

The brunette moved slowly and climbed on the redhead's wheelchair resting her knees on either side of Barbara's thighs. She moved her hands toward Barbara's torso and began to caress it. Barbara pulled her harder against her and deepened the kiss. Helena's hands moved slowly up until she cupped one of her breasts and began to knead it gently. She loved Barbara's smell, her softness.

Barbara's hands moved below her blouse and caressed her back scratching her nails softly against Helena's skin. She found her bra and snapped it open. She didn't want any obstacle in the way of her exploration of the younger woman's body.

Helena broke the kiss and rubbed her cheek against the redhead. "I'm crazy for you." she whispered to her.

Barbara turned her face and bit her earlobe whispering against the brunette's cheek. "Show me."

Her words ignited Helena's senses and her eyes morphed to gold as she trapped Barbara's lips in an intense and overwhelming kiss.

"Love, look at the two of us

Strangers in many ways

We've got a lifetime to share

So much to say and as we go on from day to day

I'll feel you close to me"

"This is the first time…" Helena said moving her face back a few inches, regarding her lover with her eyes. She caressed her hair tenderly with the tip of her fingers.

"First time?" Barbara asked curious.

"That I agree with the lyrics of one of your old songs."

Barbara chuckled while Helena moved her arm below the redhead's legs and easily lifted her out of the chair; she began to dance them softly around the room.

"You are my queen…" the brunette said rubbing her nose against the redhead's.

"And you are my world." Barbara whispered pressing her lips against Helena's. "I want you…"

"Living room or Delphi?" Helena breathed heavily between tasting the redhead's lips.


"It would be fun do it here." Helena felt the redhead's teeth biting her chin. It was magic.

"It's uncomfortable…" Barbara moved her mouth to the brunette's neck.

"It's exciting."

"The last time we did it at the Delphi you fell off the desk." The redhead chuckled.

"It didn't hurt too much." The brunette purred on her ear. "Living room then?"

"Anything you want…"

99Barbara reached up to brush a few stray hairs off Helena's face. Her face moved closer and her lips prepared to join that red and inviting mouth. Barbara moved closer until her lips touched Helena's and her mouth opened slightly. Helena opened her mouth too and her tongue slid in.

Barbara shuddered and returned the caress with her tongue, after a few strokes, the kiss deepened and both were locked in a wet and fierce kiss filled with the electricity of desire.

*But time alone will tell

Let's take a lifetime to say

I knew you well

For only time will tell us so

Love, look at the two of us

Strangers in many ways

Let's take a lifetime to say

I know you well

But only time will tell us so

And love may grow for all we know*

When the kiss broke, Barbara found her back resting against a comfortable couch in the living room, Helena was atop of her and her lips were soon trapped in an intense and heated kiss. She was used to being in control, but when Helena kissed her she just couldn't think straight and all her thoughts were focused on loving this woman and losing all her inhibitions and fears. Her love for Helena led her to test limits she never thought she could test. It was something magical to breathe the scent of her lover, to feel her hair, her skin, her breath and her lips. Everything.

The room held love. It was this place, this fragrance, and this moonlight across the Clock windows that created the feeling of heaven surrounding them. Words didn't need to be exchanged, it was a sort of connection. While smooth, velvet lips brushed against each other in a loving touch; she never imagined something like this, she never thought love could be like this.

Love had been shared several times, expressed in more ways than one, sometimes pure and innocent, sometimes rough, violent, demanding, filled with want and passion, but always love.

Barbara took her time exploring Helena's body with her hands, with her lips, tasting and teasing.

Their lips met again, urgent and hot. Helena bit Barbara's lip. In response the redhead sucked on her lower lip and gently scraped her teeth across the sensitive skin. Helena began to feel moist with need.

Helena's left hand held both of Barbara's to keep them captive above her head. Barbara knew she could get loose if she wanted to, but she knew Helena wanted to take charge. Helena's right hand was between her thighs teasing through the material of her jeans. The intensity of the kiss increased. Somehow Helena's hand was now inside Barbara's jeans touching her sensitive flesh. She gently caressed the folds of her labia finding her center moist and hot. Her fingers playing her like a delicate instrument, hitting high notes and low notes with no difficultly. Barbara's breathing began to deepen…

Helena's mouth moved toward Barbara's right breast and bit it hard through the fabric of her sweater while releasing a deep growl. Barbara gasped and arched in pleasure When Helena turned wild in their lovemaking she was passionate, intense, but gentle; an erotic mix of roughness and finesse.

Helena moved back, she wanted to feel Barbara's skin with no clothes between them. She helped the redhead to remove her blouse and pants not stopping her kisses and touches until finally there was nothing between them, just their skin. She took a second to admire Barbara's body, it was so perfect, she leaned forward and with soft kisses, she traced the redhead's torso. She took her time tasting, feeling, letting her senses catch all the sensations surrounding them. She loved Barbara's skin, she loved her smell. She could recognize Barbara's scent from far away.She could smell the other woman in any corner, in any part of the house, on any object that belonged to Barbara. When she was restless she just needed to smell Barbara and the peace returned to her soul.

Barbara didn't know it, but when Helena had moved to live away from the Clocktower, she often took a piece of fabric that belonged to Barbara to feel close to her at nights. Barbara had only known about it years later when Helena had confessed the first night they had made love.

Helena moved further up to the hollow of the redhead's breast and licked it with soft strokes. She loved this woman, she had wanted her for years. Barbara had been her dream, her illusion, now she belonged to her. She was Helena's everything. She would die for Barbara, kill for her.

Barbara had her eyes closed, arms above her head, her long hair spread over the couch. Her nude body under the moonlight was a poem to Helena's eyes. Helena's fingers traced the redhead's arm and moved it down, her eyes following the movement. It felt as smooth as porcelain. Her hand cupped the redhead's breast and pressed the soft mound as she leaned to cup it with her mouth.

Barbara's moan was the most erotic sound she had ever heard and feeling her hands gripping her head only encouraged her to suck harder. She pressed the juncture of her legs against the redhead's thigh and used her right hand to pull Barbara towards her, moving against her with slow movements.

Barbara looked for Helena's eyes, she was being watched with a heated, predatory gaze that made her want for her to explode. She gasped, it was incredible. All the emotions that Helena made flow through her; sensations that she thought she never could experience again. With Helena it was easy to feel again.

More slowly than she wanted, Helena worked her way down the length of Barbara's legs, and buried her head between those legs with a growl of pleasure that made Barbara arch her back. She loved watching Helena make love to her, the way she explored each inch of her skin, the way she touched her.

The brunette moved Barbara's thighs over her shoulders and got lost in the taste of her lover.

Barbara gasped feeling a finger entering her and Helena's lips on her most sensitive spot.

Taking her time, the brunette slowly took her to the edge, taunting, teasing until she added a second finger.

It was like being in an alternative world, surrounded only by the air they breathed, feeling nothing, just Helena's warmth and touches. Every time she was with her, she took her to unexpected places and emotions, she could feel overwhelming sensations She could feel with Helena again…

"Please Hel…" she moaned.

Helena moved up, rubbing her body against her not stopping the gentle movement of her fingers. Barbara took the back of her head with her hand and pulled her to her lips, it ignited her desire to taste herself on the other woman. Suddenly her whole world exploded in lights and her cry, calling her lover's name, echoed throughout the room.

Helena pulled Barbara into her body and kissed her forehead whispering into her ear, "Sleep my love, I'll be here watching you sleep and will love you again when you wake up." She heard Barbara let out a contented sigh and then she heard Barbara's breathing slow as the other woman fell into a deep sleep.

After a long and wonderful night of sweet lovemaking, Helena felt really tired and incredibly happy. Barbara filled all of her senses. After long years of solitude, pain and hell, she had found a corner of peace, a place, a home. She had found love in an unexpected way. When she thought all was lost Barbara, as always, was the light that made her see in the darkness.


Barbara was perfect for her, she loved all of her, even her imperfections, they were what made her so wonderful, so unique…


Well maybe the only imperfection she wasn't sure she loved was the fact that Barbara loved to wake up so early.

"Mmmm?" the brunette mumbled snuggling closer to the redhead.

"Wake up…" Barbara's hand touched her shoulder.

"Just a few minutes more…" Helena snuggled her nose in soft red hair.

"Dinah is here." Barbara whispered releasing Helena's grip on her and sitting to lift her blouse from the floor.

"What?" feeling a bit disoriented, the brunette blinked. She was lying on the floor of the living room resting on some couch cushions. What were they doing there? "What is Dinah doing here? What time is it?" Helena reached for her watch.

"I told you it was not a good idea to stay in the living room." The redhead whispered.

Helena now remembered, she had taken Barbara to the living and enjoyed a wonderful night of passionate wild and incredible sex.

"Give me my pants." Barbara said in a soft voice.

Helena looked down, they were nude and their clothes everywhere, she heard Dinah calling for them downstairs.

"Barbara it's just nine o'clock and it's Sunday! What is she doing here?" she whispered sitting on the floor.

"I invited her to breakfast."

"On Sunday?" Helena asked while putting her blouse on quickly.

"It's the only day we are all free." Barbara buttoned her blouse "We need to distract her. I don't want her seeing us naked. What would she think?"

"That we had a wonderful night of sex." Helena winked at her, reaching for her pants.

Barbara rolled her eyes.

"I'm coming kid, give me a few." The brunette shouted.

"I told you I didn't want her knowing we are here." Barbara said in low voice glaring at her.

"Barbara asked me to buy some pancakes down the corner." Helena said to Dinah while putting on her pants.

"Oh, that would be great." The blonde said smiling as she looked up trying to see her friend, but the couch in front blocked her view. "What are you doing there?"

"Uhh… I fell asleep watching movies." Helena picked up Barbara's underwear and looked at her grinning. "May I keep these?"

Barbara hit her head with a cushion and took her underwear. "Just get her out of here."

"You didn't sleep with Barbara?" They heard Dinah's voice downstairs, "She will not be in a good mood then."

"Believe me kid" the dark haired woman closed the zipper of her pants and stood up "I did my homework pretty well last night." The redhead hit the brunette's back and she stumbled out of the living room picking up her shoes.

Dinah had turned to look for something in her bag "Where is Barbara?"

"Taking a shower." Helena looked back. Barbara was putting on her pants still glaring at her.

"I'll kick your ass when you get back." The redhead whispered to her.

"I love you too." Helena mumbled.

"Do you want to see my new mobile Helena?" the blonde asked.


Dinah moved a strand of her hair behind her ears then looked up. Helena jumped on one foot trying to put one of her boots on her bare foot.

"If you were with Barbara last night, why did you fall asleep watching movies in the living room?"

"You and Barbara ask so many questions, why do you want to know everything?"

"I'm just asking."

"Don't ask so much." The brunette jumped down the rail and landed close to Dinah. "Are you ready kid?"

"Yeah…" the blonde narrowed her eyes suspiciously "How did you sleep?"

"With Barbara that close, not much." Helena brushed her hair back with her hands and smirked.

The redhead arrested her movements when she heard the brunette's words, she really wanted to kill Helena… one day.

"Dad, I don't think…" Barbara said touching her chin with her index finger.

"Well I think it looks great." James Gordon said with his arms crossed over his chest.

"I'm not sure." The redhead moved her head.

They were in her living room waiting for the coffee. The redhead had invited her father to lunch. She enjoyed spending Sundays with her family, and after a good meal they were going to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

Dinah had been with them since morning, enjoying a nice breakfast and then watching movies with Helena sprawled on the couch.

"I think it looks fantastic. Jim is right." Helena said sitting on the couch. Dinah sat next to her.

Barbara made a face and turned to see the brunette. "You are doing this just to win over my dad."

"I don't need to. I've already won him over." She winked at the redhead.

Barbara looked at her father who was to her left.

"Well, she plays a good poker game," he shrugged his shoulders. "And the whiskey she buys is great."

Barbara glared at the brunette.

"Not my fault," Helena protested knowing what that look meant. "When you go to do your extra-classes I'm bored."

"You could help me with my homework."

Helena hit the blonde with the elbow.

"Hey!" Dinah complained "I'm just trying to help"

"Well, you're not helping."

"Dinah is brave." Barbara said, "Your notes at school were not exactly the best."

"Uh… I didn't think of that, you are right." The blonde scratched her head.

"Wait a minute," Helena sat on the couch "maybe my notes were not the best but it was not my fault. I'm very smart."

"You hide it pretty well." Dinah smirked.


"Coming back to the main point of our discussion," the redhead said. "I don't think that wooden Indian will be a good idea for my living room. Dinah, help me with the coffee, it's ready."

The blonde stood up and went toward the kitchen to look for the pot of coffee.

"It was a good offer." The brunette said.

Barbara turned her wheelchair toward the kitchen. "That's the problem, you think that anything on offer is good. I'll never let you go out with Dinah to a flea market."

"Barbara, it's an original life sized ancient Indian wood statue." Helena stood up and waved toward the statue.

"Great, keep it for yourself then, but not in my living room." The redhead said.

"What should I do with the chief then?" Helena pointed the wooden statue. The Indian didn't look bad, in fact it was amazing.

"Trash?" Dinah asked sitting on the couch again.

"No!" Helena protested, "This is a delicate piece of art."

"Maybe dad will want to adopt it." Barbara suggested. She still didn't know what the young brunette was thinking when she bought that life sized wooden Indian, and she didn't want to. The sooner she could get that thing out of their home the better.

"It will look great next to my bar." Jim Gordon said admiring it.

"Hey," the brunette said to Barbara. "It was very expensive."

"You said it was a good offer." The redhead raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, this ancient Indian would cost $800, I bought it for just $400!"

"I think my father is right, that thing could fit well in his home." This was the perfect moment to get rid of that thing.

"I can give you fifty dollars for it right now." Jim said.

"Fifty? It cost me more than that." Helena tuned to see him extending his arms.

"Well, take it, or think about renting a room for 'Sitting Bull'." Jim chuckled lighting a cigarette.

"Good point. Barbara will kick you out with him." Dinah said amused.

"You are not helping." Helena put her hands on her hips.

"I'm not trying to." The blonde smirked.

"It's not a fair deal." The brunette crossed her arms. "Anyone would dream of having this piece of art."

"Not me." Barbara said waving her hands "Anyone want coffee?"

"Me!" Dinah said standing up "I'll go for it!"

"I never said it was fair."

"Four hundred."


"It's what it cost me."

"One hundred, no more."

"No way"

"One hundred, besides, I need to recover the two hundred dollars I lost last Saturday."

Dinah arrived with the coffee tray and Barbara took the pot.

"Where did you lose two hundred?" the redhead asked amused, it was fun seeing those two arguing like kids "Do you want coffee dad?"

"Sure honey."

Barbara bent to pour the coffee. Helena locked her eyes on Jim, they had been playing cards that day. Barbara hated when they bet money and she would be in big trouble if Barbara knew about it. Jim seemed to be reading her mind and he smiled.

Jim showed her his hand with his index up, mouthing "One hundred dollars, no more."

The brunette made a face indicating she would not accept that low offer and showed him four fingers.

He shook his head.

"Well Barbara…" Jim said looking at the brunette "Do you want the long or the short story about the Two hundred?"

Helena waved her hands at Jim. Was he crazy? Luckily Barbara couldn't see her because she was behind her back.

"Well, any way you want dad." Barbara took the pot of coffee and poured another cup of coffee.

Helena showed him three fingers, indicating three hundred dollars. He shook his head.

"Maybe the short one." Jim said.

"All right." She smiled at him while passing a cup of coffee to Dinah.

Helena rolled her eyes and waved her hands, she showed him two fingers and mouthed: "Two hundred, no more."

He raised his hand again showing his index finger.

"Dad?" Barbara asked.

"One… spoon of sugar please honey." He smiled at his daughter.

Helena shook her head and covered her eyes with her hand, she was so screwed. She showed him two fingers.

"So what happened dad?" Barbara asked giving him the sugar.

He lifted moved his moustache indicating a "no" to the brunette and scratched his cheek indicating to her with his finger a number one again.

"No!" Helena growled.

"No?" Barbara turned to see the brunette.

"No, no, I don't want sugar." The brunette hurried to say.

"You don't like coffee without sugar." The redhead frowned.

"Not today." Helena took the cup of coffee and sat on the couch next to Dinah.

"So dad…" Barbara took a cup and poured coffee for herself. "What happened?"

Jim looked at Helena. The brunette angrily mouthed "All right."

"Well, I went to the bar with the guys of the 5th station and we bet on the Yankees, they lost the baseball game."

"I've told you so many times not to do that." Barbara smiled amused.

"Yankees are always a big temptation honey. So Helena, Do you accept an offer of one hundred dollars for your wood Indian?"

"Yeah, yeah…" Helena sat and made a face when she sipped the coffee.Yuk, it sucked with no sugar.

"Are you sure you want it with no sugar?" The redhead asked looking her.

"I love it and… I need it now." Helena said. She had lost her investment of four hundred dollars.

"All right, I'll ask a friend help me take it home." Jim said.

"I'm sure Helena would happily help." Dinah took a cookie off the table.

The brunette glared at the blonde, she was going kill her.

"Oh that would be really nice Helena," Jim said "What about next Saturday?"

"I would love it if it could be today." Barbara took a sip of her coffee.

"I'd love to help." Dinah raised her hand.

"If you want to celebrate your next birthday I suggest you shut up." Helena growled taking another sip of her coffee.

"Helena, are you sure you don't want sugar?" Barbara asked the brunette, watching as she made another face.

"Believe me, there are more bitter things."

Helena looked at the redhead sitting behind her at the Delphi platform. Barbara rubbed her temples, she was trying to solve the new robberies around the city. They were all very similar to the one where Helena had stopped the man dressed in a weird "silver costume". Every time he was involved in a robbery explosions had happened with no explosives, it was really strange. She had being studying all the details and no accelerants were found in any of the rubble where the robberies had occurred.

She felt Helena's gaze on her. In fact she had been sitting backwards on the chair behind her watching her for more than twenty minutes. She used to do that sometimes and still Barbara was not used to it. Helena was sweet but when she had nothing else to do, she really got on the red head's nerves.

"What are you doing Helena?" she asked softly, adjusting her eyeglasses to her face.

"Watching you."

"Is that all?"


"Isn't that boring?"


"Don't you want to go and watch TV?" The redhead asked.

"I'm fine here." Helena answered.

Barbara tried another question. "Aren't you hungry?"

"Not now." Helena said not moving from her spot.

Barbara sighed and took a few seconds before asking "Don't you have anything else to do?"


Barbara typed a few more words. She tried to concentrate in her work but it was definitely impossible with a big cat behind her with her gaze fixed on Barbara. She inhaled deeply before turning to look at the brunette.

"Do you really enjoy just watching me?"

"Yes." Blue eyes sparkled.

The smile was sunshine, it was impossible be mad with her. Sometimes Helena really was like a big kid, How was it possible that this woman could be the dark crime fighter at nights?

"Well, what's the point in just sitting there watching me?"

"I love it."

The redhead cocked her head "Can you tell me what you find interesting about it?"

"You are hot."

Barbara couldn't avoid an amused smile. "Helena… you don't let me work."

"I'm not saying anything, I'm sitting here quietly." The brunette said sitting up in her chair. "You are the one who is talking."

"It's not that, you make me nervous looking at me."

"But I'm doing nothing."

"It's not necessary for you to do anything, it is just uncomfortable to have someone looking at every movement I make."

"Just turn around and imagine I'm not here." Helena rested her head on her arms on the back of the chair again.

Barbara rolled her eyes. Why she was so hardheaded? "That's not the point. "What would you do if I watched you all day?"

"I will be horny."


"It's true!" Helena said seriously.

Barbara moved her head, Helena was impossible.

"Hey girls." Dinah cheerful voice echoed in the place.

Thank Heavens. The rescue had arrived. A big smile appeared on Barbara's face. She turned to watch Dinah stepping out of the elevator. She'd never been so happy to see her.

"Dinah! Hey! I'm so glad to see you!"

"Hey kiddo." Helena extended her hand and hit her palm against Dinah's.

"How are you?" Dinah gave Barbara a kiss on her cheek. "I bring you donuts for dinner."

Helena took the bag and looked inside. "Why wait for dinner?"

Barbara snatched the bag from Helena's hands. "Be polite."

"I am."

Barbara removed her glasses and chewed absently on them. "Dinah, why don't you go with Helena to do some sparring while I finish this? We can have dinner when you finish."

"Hey, that sounds cool." The blonde said.

"Yeah?" Helena frowned.

"Yes, go," Barbara said turning to her computer again. "Don't worry about me and take all the time you want."

"May I at least take one donut?" The brunette asked the redhead.

"No, go train."

"Came on, Helena." Dinah pulled the brunette by her arm.

"All right, I'm coming, I'm coming."

"It was not funny."

"You are right. For me it was extra funny." The young blonde said, blocking the brunette's blow with her arm.

"I can't believe Jim blackmailed me like that!" Helena turned quickly and tried to kick the blonde in her gut, but the blonde jumped backwards. "Nice move."

"Well you deserved it," Dinah said "you promised Barbara you wouldn't bet on poker, and you did… again."

"It was just a game." The brunette extended her arms.

"But you were betting." Dinah tried to hit Helena but she caught her arm and swung her through the air. Damn, she was very fast.

"Not much." Helena sighed twisting her arm and pinning her down with her knee.

"You…" Dinah grunted trying unsuccessfully to free herself "took him for two hundred dollars."

"It was a fair game."

"That's not the point." Dinah moved quickly and broke Helena's grip. She rolled on the ground and stood up. "The point is that Barbara doesn't like you betting money."

"She doesn't know!" Helena extended her hands.

"That's what you think." The blonde pushed her hair back with her hand, sometimes she thought being a crime fighter with short hair would be a better option.

"Come on Dinah!"

"Must I remind you how bad you are at lying?" The blonde teenager charged towards Helena, who easily ducked and used her momentum to put Dinah on the ground again.

"You need to work more on your attacks." Helena moved her head.

She stood up and took a towel from the rack behind her. Dinah winced as she sat on the floor rubbing her back.

"And you need to think of better excuses." The blonde smirked "Barbara knows you have been betting with Jim."

"She doesn't know, if she did know she would kick my ass."

"I'm sure she will."

"Not if she doesn't know." Helena crossed her arms on her chest looking her.

"But she knows." Dinah smiled.

"No." the brunette protested.

"Of course she knows!" Dinah sat waving her hands "Helena she is Oracle!!"

The dark haired woman made a face and scratched her head.

"You're joking right? I mean, Barbara doesn't really know."

The blonde laughed and took a towel off the rack and put it around her neck, "You know her better than me."

"Yes, I know her." Helena frowned, "She doesn't know how to lie. I would know!"

"She is not lying!" Dinah was amused. "The one who is lying is you."

"She is! If she knows, she is lying by pretending she doesn't know."

"That wouldn't mean she is lying!"

"So what is it then?"

"Maybe she's expecting you to say something to her first."

"Why me?" the brunette frowned.

The blonde rolled her eyes, sometimes Helena was so stupid. "Because you are the one hiding things!"

"Is she crazy? I never would do that, she would kill me! What is she thinking?"

"I dunno!" Dinah walked toward the showers "She is your girlfriend, not mine."

"I know but…" Helena followed her "I don't want her to murder me."

"You are safe, she doesn't kill."

The brunette stopped at the doorway scratching her head. After a few seconds she looked at the blonde who was walking down the corridor.

"Dinah!" she shouted.

The teenager sighed and turned to see her friend.

"Do you really think she knows?"

Dinah chuckled and waved her hand dismissing her before walking towards the shower.

"All right, we are here," Huntress said, standing at the top of the building.

"They are there." Dinah said standing next to Huntress.

Both were on the roof of a two floor building. Below them a group of men were inside a jewelry store. The police alarm had detected a robbery in that store and Oracle sent them there. There were four guys

"That one is my silver guy." Helena said.

"He is very persistent."

<Careful with his weapon> Oracle's voice was heard.

Come on kid. I need to kick some butts" The brunette jumped down.

"I need buy a parachute." The blonde sighed running toward the stairway.

Helena landed on her feet at the back of the jewelry and stepped inside using the back door. Crouching she moved slowly until she was behind the "Silver man".

"Seems we meet again." Huntress said to the man dressed in silver.

"You??? Fuck!" he turned and pointed at her with his gun, but she kicked him and the gun fell to his side.

Another of the men charged against the brunette and she punched him back. Dinah appeared and with her telekinesis pushed another guy against the wall. A man jumped on Huntress' back and she turned hitting his back against the wall, he released her.

The man dressed in silver got his gun and shot the brunette, but he failed and hit a pillar. A big noise was heard and part of the ceiling began to collapse.

"I'll kill you!" He shouted before used his strange weapon and pointed to his side, a hole opened and he jumped inside.

Huntress grabbed Dinah and pushed her out of the place that was soon covered in dust.

h girls coughed.

"He is gone…" Dinah said looking around and cleaning her coat of dust.

Huntress eyes caught one of the henchmen running down street. "Maybe we can find a clue about him, come on."

The dark haired woman ran following the man. She easily caught him and pushed him against the floor. The man was coughing.

"All right, I got you. Now talk, Who's that Silver man?" She growled.


Helena pushed him hard against the wall, "No one calls me bitch."

The man didn't answer, he just kept coughing. The brunette removed the mask that covered his face, he was sweating profusely.

<Is everything all right Huntress?> Oracle asked.

"Why do people like to call me a bitch? I'm risking my ass for this city."

<Maybe you are losing your charm.>

"All right, I'm going to ask again, Who's that man?"

"I need… a doctor…

"This guy is sick." Huntress said narrowing her eyes feeling he was warm. "What's your name?"

"I don't belong here… I need a doctor." He said again.

"Of course, you belong in jail."

"You don't… understand…" the man said shaking. "He promised to take me back if I helped him…."

"Tell me his name."

"Mystic." Suddenly the man fell to the floor.


"Did you hit him?" Dinah asked arriving at the place.

"No, I didn't touch him."

The blonde knelt at the man's side. "Wow, he has fever…"


"He is burning, and he's dead."

"What??" Helena kneeled next to the man and touched his neck.

<What happened Huntress?"

"I don't know, he fell dead."

<Fell dead?>

"Yes…" Huntress touched his face "He's burning."

"A heart attack?" Dinah looked the brunette.

"I don't think so." Huntress observed him. "He said something about he needed to come back."

<We should check it later. Take some samples and come back here> Oracle said, <The police are close.

The next morning, Helena observed Barbara from the kitchen while drinking a glass of milk. At least from here she couldn't say she was annoying her. Barbara looked gorgeous as always, she was hot in every way. She was one of those women for whom being sexy was a part of her. The way she walked, the way she moved, looked, when she undressed… yumm.

She would definitely never tire of watching her.

Barbara was so beautiful, she didn't realize how many men turned to see her, not because of the wheelchair, but because she was an incredibly beautiful woman. Barbara had something that had always excited Helena. The red head had an incredible power over her, she could turn her on with just a smile or a look.

The brunette licked her lips. Maybe she should not go to work and instead spend a sweet night with Barbara. Suddenly she remembered her last conversation with Dinah. Did Barbara know about the Saturday afternoons Helena spent playing poker with her dad? Besides, it had just been a game. Truthfully, Barbara just didn't understand the excitement of betting on a game. What if Dinah was not bluffing and the redhead knew about…? Nah, she couldn't know, she would already have killed Helena, or at least asked Dinah to stay a few days in her old place. Barbara angry was not a good thing. Barbara always said Helena had a bad temper, but it was nothing compared to the redhead when she was pissed, the best move was to disappear.

Whether she liked it or not she needed to go to work. She didn't want to piss off Leonard again. Helena liked her job and she needed it, especially if she didn't want to depend on her dad's fortune. She put her glass of milk on the kitchen table and walked toward the elevator.

Barbara checked her monitor for the latest results from the samples that Helena had taken at the last crime scene. Again there was nothing, no traces, no chemicals. Just a few witnesses who had seen a guy dressed in a "silver costume". She tapped her chin.

"Are you still on that?" Helena asked from behind her.

"Hi, I didn't hear you." Barbara turned her head. Helena leaned to kiss her briefly on her lips.

"Something new?"

"I checked the place, there are electromagnetic alterations at the moment that he vanished in the hole you saw." She pointed with her index finger to the spot on her computer screen.

"All that lines are crazy on your screen."

"Yes, seems he altered the space to jump from a place to another."


More or less, I'm not sure." The red head moved back on her chair "This is weird Helena, the guy that died last night had all his cells destroyed."

"How is that?" The brunette observed the red head's monitor. "Did you find a record of him?"

"That's what is most weird." Barbara opened another window on her computer screen "He's alive."


"He is a criminal and is in jail now." The old woman showed her his file. "His name is James "Big boy" Harris."

"But If he is alive then who is the man that we caught yesterday and died? What about his body? I'm confused." Helena moved back on her chair.

"There is no body." Barbara turned to look the brunette.
"I'm not following you."

"The police reported that the body vanished at night."


"No, vanished, literally."

"You must be joking."
"No, it just vanished, they only found his clothes on the forensic table."
"This is ridiculous. What's happening here?"
"I don't have any idea." Barbara used her index to move her glasses over her nose "What did he say last night?"

"Nothing much, he said he didn't belong to here, that Silver Guy had promised take him back if he helped him once more."

"He was talking about your 'Silver guy'."

"I bet. He said his name is Mystic. Maybe he lived in another country and he wanted back there"

"He was born in South Carolina in 1982. So… to know what's happening here we must find him. I'll try to investigate a bit more." The red head exhaled loudly, "Are you going to work?"

"Yeah," the brunette said. "Double shift. I owe Leonard since I asked him for two days to look for silver guy. He just vanished, right?"

"Yes honey, I've never seen anything like this before." Barbara leaned back on her chair scratching her head.

"You look tired."

"I'm a bit tired, but this…"

"Why don't you go rest? You have been working so hard on this lately." The brunette put her hand on the arms of the chair, leaning in to look the redhead in her eyes, "You will work much better after a good sleep."

Barbara took a deep breath, maybe she was right, she had been so obsessed with all this that she really hadn't slept well in days.

"Come on," Helena said, winking at her, "besides, you will need all your energy… I have kinky plans for you when I come back."

Barbara smiled and raised her eyebrows. "How kinky?"

The brunette played with her tongue inside her mouth and smiled. She brushed her cheek against Barbara's and whispered in her ear things that made the redhead blush and feel warm between her legs.

Helena stepped back grinning licking her lips. "Wait for me."

"I will be…"

The brunette hummed happily and rested her back on the elevator wall pressing the button to go to the Penthouse. She was returning after a nice day at work. Barbara had said she would be at the Penthouse. She would be cleaning their home, she said she had been so busy working that she needed take a few minutes to clean and fix some items. It was rare for Barbara to keep herself busy with housework and Helena had found that Barbara looked cute doing it. She looked like a normal woman and not the extraordinary, brilliant and brave woman she was.

She smiled, she just wanted to take a warm shower and enjoy a nice evening with Barbara watching TV… she grinned, or doing another things.

The elevator door opened and Helena stepped inside the penthouse. She froze when her eyes found Barbara and Dick in a warm embrace, Barbara with a big smile on her face. What the fuck was he doing here? She felt the anger filling every fiber of her body, her jaw clenched and she and balled her fists.

"Helena, hey." Barbara greeted.

"What are you doing here?" the brunette asked coldly.

"He just came here to talk." Barbara turned to see her.

"To talk?" Helena narrowed her eyes and looked at him.

"I just came back to town, I came here to say hi." Dick said smiling at her.

Helena frowned, she was not stupid. He wanted to get inside Barbara's pants. She had seen Barbara crying so many nights for him, he used to appear and disappear without thinking of Barbara's feelings. He had made Barbara cry and she never would forgive him for that. He was never there when Barbara had needed his support in her most difficult years.

He had left and Helena had been there, always for her. It was when she fell in love with her. It was when she realized that Barbara was her everything, that without her there was no life.

Dick had returned when she had first started dating Barbara, after long months trying to convince her to take the next step in their relationship. Dick had tried everything then to make them break up and Barbara hadn't given up on her. She loved her more for that.

"It's a really nice surprise…" Barbara said smiling, resting her hand on Helena's arm and breaking her out of her thoughts.

"Sure…" Helena growled while eyeing Dick.

"He… wants to see if we can be friends."

"Friends?" That surely meant being with Barbara 'working' at Delphi, not snuggling on the couch.

She looked at the redhead "Can we talk?… Now?"

"Sure, Dick?" Barbara nodded to her visitor.

"Oh, sure, I'll wait for you upstairs." He said walking toward the elevator.

The brunette followed him with her eyes. As soon as the doors closed she turned to the redhead. "What the hell is he doing here?" she asked with her voice cold and hard.

"He wants to be friends, I told you."

"Come on!" Helena waved her hands at Dick's pathetic excuse.

"Well, he called me by phone and asked to talk. He said he was sorry for all the bad decisions he had made in the past."

"Like abandoning you."

Barbara took a deep breath.

"He hurt you!" The brunette paced furiously. "How could you open the doors of our home to him after all the things he did to you?"

"You can't live with bitterness forever Helena."

"Believe me, it's possible."

"You need to live and forgive."

"You know I don't like him," the brunette growled angry. "Why did you let him in?"

"Dick asked me to forgive him." Barbara followed her with her gaze. She knew Helena had serious issues with Dick but she still had hoped they could be friends. "Dick just came to talk, to say he was wrong."

"I see, he wants to fix all the pain you felt, all your tears, with an "I'm sorry", very easy. Brave man!"

"Everybody makes mistakes Helena. He is honest and he wants us to be friends again."

"I don't buy that "friendship" thing. He is after your ass-"

"Helena!" Barbara glared at her.

"Well, he is." The brunette shrugged her shoulders.

"Could you please calm down, sit and talk properly?"

"Barbara! He abandoned you in your worst moments! When he returned a couple of years ago he got angry and called me a whore!"

"He already apologized for that. He really wants to be friends."

"After I broke his nose…" Helena stopped her pacing and turned to see the redhead. "You don't buy that, right?" Helena raised her eyebrows. "You do?"

The dark haired woman rolled her eyes, "Barbara!"

The redhead pinched the bridge of her nose. "You must trust me."

"I trust you, I don't trust him!" Helena said. Dick really pissed her off. "I hurt his manly pride because you didn't want to leave me to get back with him!"

"Helena, Dick is really sorry for all his behavior." Barbara waved her hand "All of us make mistakes, you, me. We are human, we must learn and forgive."

"Barbara please!" Helena sometimes wondered how Barbara could be a hard crime fighter, yet so clueless about love. "He is still in love with you!"

"No Helena, that is the past. Dick is not perfect," the redhead said softly "but he is a good friend."

"Yeah, he was a very good "friend"." Helena emphasized the last word and took a deep breath turning her back to the red head. Dick and Barbara had been lovers. Barbara was in love with her, yeah, she knew that, but just the fact that he had touched Barbara turned her crazy with jealousy.

Barbara understood the meaning of her words. The woman wheeled toward her and took her hand looking for her eyes. "He is the past Hel, you know that." She said.

Helena stared at her in silence for seconds. "I know."

"Can you try… for me?"

"Don't ask me that."

"Silly." Barbara pulled her arm to make her bend and steal a kiss from her lips. "I love only you."

"I love you too Red."

"He has been my friend, he will be continue to be my friend."

"I know, I'm not telling you who you can see or choose as friend, but… you and him… I just don't want to see him around you, in our home, Barbara, please understand…"

The redhead smiled at her "Let me talk with him."

Helena sighed and lowered her gaze.

"I promise I'll talk with him" Barbara traced her nose with her index "and say to him that if he wants to talk I'll be there for him. If he needs help, I'll be there, but that he must understand I have a home, a life now with you and that I want him to respect our privacy and our home, because you are my main priority. You are my life and my everything."

The brunette grinned.

"Is that okay with you?" the redhead asked smiling.

"Okay." Helena nodded.

"Well, I'll talk with him now."

The brunette made a face. Barbara raised her eyebrow.

"All right, all right." Helena stepped back, "I'll go walk around to give you time to talk with him."

Barbara held her by her hand. "Promise me you will not be flirting with girls."

Helena smiled and leaned in to kiss her on her lips in a slow and soft caress. Helena moved back and fixed her eyes on her. "You are my only girl."

"Liar." Barbara chuckled.

The brunette moved forward and kissed her neck. "Do you want me to show you how much I love you now?"

"Not now. You know I can't." the redhead closed her eyes enjoying the delicate touch of Helena's lips on her skin.

"Just ask," Helena movements were slow and delicate, she sat on the older woman's lap "and I'll kick Twinkie Wonder out of here."

"That's not nice Hel."

"Who says I want to be nice?" the brunette's hands caressed Barbara's arms. Her touch was sensual and created shivers over Barbara's skin. "I have kinky plans for you. Don't you remember?"

Barbara smiled "I was thinking of doing naughty things to you."

Helena's eyes snapped open and looked at the redhead. "Really? Like…?"

"I just can't tell you, very naughty…"

Barbara's soft and promising voice ignited all Helena's senses. "Can we start now?"

"Later." The redhead touched the brunette's cheek.

"Don't go, stay…" the brunette purred.

"You know I must fix this now."

Helena exhaled loudly and rested her head on Barbara's chin. "Crap, I need a cold shower now…"

Helena arrived very late, maybe later than she thought. She had gone to a newly opened bar and had found some old school friends there. She had a really good time, and knowing that Barbara's talks usually took a very long time, she hadn't cared about the hour. She went toward their bedroom and opened the door slowly, it was completely dark but she could clearly see Barbara sleeping on the bed, oops, her party night had definitely been long.

Dick's presence in her home had raised all her nerves and she just wanted to relax. She knew Dick and Barbara had been friends, before being lovers. Helena loved her and knew all about her past. She couldn't ask Barbara not to talk to him forever, but if she could keep him far from her home it would be great.

She removed her boots before walking into the bedroom and then the bathroom to shower. She smelt like cigarettes and she knew Barbara hated it, but it was impossible not to catch the smell in a bar full of people smoking. She took her time enjoying a long warm bath. Contrary to the tradition, she was a cat that liked water and really enjoyed the shower, especially the warm water. It helped her to relax her muscles and the tension in her body. She enjoyed the feeling of the soap over her body and rubbed every inch of her skin with a soft sponge humming happily.

After a pleasant 45 minutes she finished her shower and took a towel. The advantage of having short hair is that you didn't need to spend hours drying it, just a fast movement of the towel over your head and bingo! After drying herself, she found some comfortable clothes, a white cotton tank top and her underwear. She stood in the doorway and observed the redhead. She was sleeping peacefully, she really was tired.

Slowly she went to Barbara's side and moved under the covers. She rested her head on the pillow and observed Barbara's delicate features. Damn, Barbara was hot in her sleep. She was so lucky, she never thought Barbara could love her as much as she did, she was so passionate as lover. Every time they made love Barbara showed an unexpected side of her personality, she was no longer a controlled person. It had taken time but she finally had learned to open her heart and just let her emotions and desires flow freely.

She moved closer to the redhead and rested her head on the same pillow still observing Barbara, the way her chest moved with every breath, the peacefulness on her face. She could spend hours just looking at her. She never tired of looking at her or listening to her voice. Lifting her hand she caressed her long and soft red hair. Her fingers traced her eyebrows and slowly moved down, tracing her nose, and her lips. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, she was immediately surrounded by Barbara's scent. It was impossible to not feel a warm heat between her legs, her heart pounding hard against her chest, an incredible need to touch, taste, feel Barbara's skin under her fingers, her mouth.

She needed a shower again… cold.

Barbara needed her rest.

She moved forward and kissed her softly on her lips before resting her head on the pillow again. She closed her eyes and pressed her legs together to avoid feeling the itch there.

Damn, it was so damn difficult keeping her hands to herself when she had Barbara so close. Helena took a deep breath inhaling Barbara's scent again, all that mattered was here, her reason to be alive, the reason to keep going was laying next to her. Barbara was her mate, her everything, with her she felt at home. Slowly, the brunette fell asleep letting her dreams wrap her mind.

Part 2

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